Lost in You

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(The inspiration for this came story from a memorable night spent with a wonderful lover.)

I take you by the hand and lead you into the bedroom to a nice big bed and lay you down upon on it. I undress you piece by piece by piece enjoying the view as it unfolds before me. Your soft, smooth skin glows in the warm light coming from the candles that flicker throughout the room. I feel my heart beating faster as each garment slides from your body and drops to the floor. Once I have you naked I pile the soft fluffy pillows beneath and around you so that you can comfortably watch me as I undress for you.

I am much less patient in my efforts to remove my own clothes. The sight of you lying there fills me with desire and I can’t wait to be with you. My clothes end up on top of yours on the floor, an unintentional sign of things to come. As I walk across the room to join you I see your eyes sparkle while they gaze at me. I wonder if you are aware that your legs open slightly as I approach the bed.

Slowly, I cover your naked body with mine, and kiss you with long, deep and passionate kisses. Slowly, I work my way to your neck moving down it to your bare, sensitive shoulders. I slide my hands up your body, softly caressing as I go. My mouth moves in rhythm with my hands, both coming to meet on your chest. I cup your breasts with my hands and cover them with my hot mouth evoking little moans from you as I go. I pause every so often with my mouth to nuzzle them with my beard. I go back over them with my mouth, still holding them gently with my hands suckling and biting them very, very gently until your nipples get hard and firm and swollen.

Then, slowly moving my mouth and hands together I trail kisses down your sides and I feel you squirm and hear you moan knowing that you want more. I run my fingers across your belly, kissing your waist, sliding my hands around you and under, cupping your body and raising it to my mouth. My hands move down until they’re on your bare bottom raising your body up to my mouth again and again, very slowly, letting you squirm, but holding you firmly in my hands. Trailing soft, wet, tingly kisses down over your hip bones, I savor your beautiful soft curves. I linger over you, tracing a line with my tongue along the ridge of your hips down to the tops of your thighs driving you crazy, making you whimper even louder. I begin to smell your excitement, anticipating the warm, sweet wetness that awaits me.

Beneath me I feel my hardness beginning to throb and drops of my excitement beginning to leak from the tip of my cock.

Moving my hands from beneath you to the front between your legs, I find what I’m looking for. I lean up on my elbows to watch your reaction. Slowly I stroke your hair and feel it turn moist. I watch as your hips start to move, looking for me and my touch. Slowly I bring my mouth down so you can feel my hot breath, but not quite on you, yet. I move my hands from your hair to run up and down your thighs some more, then bring them back and stroking you with a single finger, opening you up to me. I feel the wetness and the heat, laughing softly to myself because you always seems to be that way for me.

I spread your smooth wet lips with my finger yet again amazed at their softness. Slowly, I move it in and out and up and down. With a finger inside of you and my thumb stroking just the tip of your clit I make you squirm even more. You’re swollen and hot and wet…so, so, so wet. I’m watching the entire time getting myself excited as I do. I gently replace my finger with my tongue, but I keep both for a little bit, not rough but teasing. Then more passionately I come down on you with my whole mouth working my way past your defenses opening you up to me.

I listen to you cry and whimper for me, spending just enough time to make you want me all night. Then I move my mouth slowly away with lingering kisses on your thighs. I replace my mouth with my fingers just Sivas Escort for a bit letting you know that something is still there. My mouth and hands slowly move back up your body coming back up to your breasts, making them hard again. I continue up to your mouth, kissing you passionately and deeply taking our breath away.

As we kiss I reach for your hand and guide it down to my hardness, wanting you to know the affect you are having on me. I feel your fingers wrap around me. As your hand strokes me I moan into your mouth as we continue to kiss. I feel the wetness dripping from me and your hand massages it into the tip of my hot, hard cock. You break our kiss and I feel your hand push against my chest, urging me to lie back.

I do as you wish and I feel you planting soft, sensuous kisses down my chest and stomach. I sense your hesitation and hear you purr as you lift my stiff cock with your hand so that it points upward toward your willing mouth. I suddenly feel an exquisite warm sensation engulfing me and I look down to see your beautiful full lips sliding over my swollen tip as my shaft disappears into your mouth.

I’m amazed to feel myself getting even harder as you swirl your wet soft tongue around my cock. Your hand, firmly gripping my shaft, continues to slowly pump up and down, coaxing my passion from the depths of my body. My heart is beating faster and my breathing is becoming deeper. You are making me ache in a way that makes me crave more of you. As you feel my excitement building you move your hand lower, cupping my balls, gently squeezing them, feeling their fullness. The heat from your fingers as you massage my tightening skin is makes me more aware of that familiar sensation building from deep inside as the pressure to release grows stronger by the second. I run my hands through your hair, sweeping it back so that I can see your beautiful face as you continue sucking my cock. I am enjoying the aching sensation that you are creating inside of me.

I need you, want you, crave you. I rise up and resting on one elbow I place my hand under your chin and lift your face up towards me. I watch as my cock slips out of your mouth, your lips momentarily wrapped around the head of it before it slips totally free. The slick wetness of my cock is soon surrounded by the relative coolness of the night air which has replaced the exquisite heat from your mouth.

I place my hand on your shoulder and press against it causing you to roll over onto your back. Slowly I move myself between your legs. I am swollen and throbbing and wet at this point. I reach down and taking my cock in my hand I rub the tip of it up against you feeling our wetness mix together. I seek out your swollen clit with my cock head and gently pressing against you I make small circles around it. You beg me to enter you, raising your hips and opening your legs to me.

I slowly start to move into you, feeling your lips part and your heat pulling me in. Slowly, slowly I take myself out, teasing you causing your hips to rise up and want me back in. Then slowly and deliberately I slide back in and this time all the way as far as I can go. I rest for a second. I move my hands to cup your bare bottom, feeling your hips start to rock me. Then slowly we move together. I feel you wrap your legs around me pulling me deeply into you. I start to thrust deeper and deeper and deeper and faster and harder. I cannot distinguish where I end from where you begin.

I push up with my arms so that your chests are no longer touching. As I continue to move in and out of you I watch as your soft breasts sway, keeping the rhythm of our thrusts. Your eyes are closed and your mouth is slightly open as your breathing becomes faster and deeper. I kneel up and holding your hips with my hands I make sure that we remain together as I slide us as one to the edge of the bed. My legs swing over the edge and I’m standing on the floor as you unwrap Sivas Escort Bayan your legs from around my waist and lift them up and over my shoulders. Your ankles come to rest, one on each of my shoulders with your knees slightly bent, making yourself totally open to me.

My cock is buried deep inside of you as I continue to slide in and out, meeting your rising and falling hips with each thrust. I wet my finger with my mouth and seek out your clit. I gently massage it as we continue to make love. Your hips are moving up and down faster and faster as our passion mounts. I sense that you are getting close. Your legs are clenching tightly against my shoulders and neck. I feel you begin to contract around my cock and I can’t hold back anymore.

I thrust deeper and harder and faster until it feels to you like it’s a constant hot rush inside of you. Just as I feel your orgasm begin to shake you I shudder and explode. You can feel me pour myself out inside of you making it even hotter and wetter. I pump wave after wave of my cum into you, my cock pulsing and throbbing with each wave. I feel as though we have become one. Your quivering pussy clenches over and over again, as if you are trying to milk every last drop out of me.

Totally spent, you drop your legs from my shoulders and wrap them back around my waist. Your arm reach up around my neck and you hug me to your chest. With you still wrapped tightly around me I slide us back up onto the bed with your head coming to rest on the pillows. I lay still with you holding you and stroking you and kissing you lightly. We quietly drift off to sleep with me lying on top of you.

I awake a short while later finding myself still inside of you. I feel you breathing quietly beneath me. My face is resting on the pillow next to you. I feel it’s softness on my skin and I breathe deeply. You smell wonderful. I move my lips to your ear and blow my hot breath gently onto it. I feel you stir slightly beneath me.

I feel myself begin to harden again. The heat and wetness from our lovemaking is still there. Very slowly and quietly I raise myself up onto my elbows. Careful not to wake you completely. Keeping myself inside of you, I bend my head to your breast. I gently blow my hot breath over your nipple. As I do I reach out with my tongue and circle your nipple with it, teasing and licking it to an erect swollen tip. As I see it become hard I place my lips over your entire nipple taking it gently into my mouth. I suck your breast into my mouth as my tongue flicks across your nipple. Mmmmmm, you taste delicious.

I reach down with one hand and cup your breast lifting it up to me so I can take more of it into my mouth. I hear you quietly moan in your sleep as I continue to suck and lick you. Your hips begin to move slightly beneath me.

Ever so slightly I move my hips so my hardening cock slides in and out of you. I feel our wetness coating my shaft making it hot and slick. I press myself into you so our hips are completely pressed together. I rub against you so you feel the pressure against your clit. You begin to moan more loudly. I feel you beginning to wake up.

Before you are completely awake I lift myself up and slide completely out of you. As you stretch out and open your eyes, I slide down your body and lie between your legs so that my mouth is just inches from your swollen wet lips. I reach out with the tip of my tongue and trace a line from the bottom of your lips to the top. I taste the hot, sweet wetness of you as you flow across my tongue. I rub my beard gently across your bare thighs as I spread your legs. I cup your bottom in my hands and lift you to my mouth.

I dip my tongue into you and explore you with slow but firm movements. I can taste us and its wonderful and it feels so good. I lazily lick you up and down and around and around, persistent but not in a hurry. I find your swollen clit, suck it between my lips Escort Sivas and slooooooowly circle it with the tip of my tongue.

As I get lost in your soft, swollen wetness I feel your hands reach down and gently hold my head. Your fingers run through my hair as my tongue slips in and out of your wetness. I feel the hard, swollen tip of your clit and I slowly flick it with the tip of my tongue I feel your legs tense and your thighs begin to gently squeeze against my shoulders. Your hips are straining up to meet my mouth and you are moaning softly with each caress from my tongue.

As I continue to lick your clit I slowly slide a finger into your hot, tight wetness. With my finger tip barely inside you I reach it up and slowly massage the spot that I know it will soon send you over the edge. I feel your walls tightening around my finger as I make small circular strokes. Your breathing has become heavy and your moans louder. I sense you getting close, but I back off and bring you down just a bit, wanting to prolong your “agony” for just a while longer.

The wetness is flowing out of you, sending a small hot stream down between your ass cheeks. I coat my fingers with it and as I begin to gently suck on your clit again I slip two fingers back between your lips and into your pulsing wetness. As you tighten around me I use my smallest finger to tease the puckered tightness of your asshole. My gently probing causes you to slightly flinch and squirm. The unexpected sensation of my finger causes you to suck in and hold your breath for just a second. As I slowly press my finger into your ass I feel your legs relax and you begin to open up to me.

Ever so slowly I slide my finger into your ass until it can go no further. I then begin to slide my fingers in and out of you at the same time. Your pussy is become SO hot and SO wet. Your tight hot ass grips my wet finger as you begin to press down against it wanting to take it into you. As I work my mouth over your clit and my fingers in an out of you, I reach up with my other hand to find the swollen nipple of your breast. I take it between my fingers and gently roll it and pull it to an even harder and tighter tip.

Time stands still as I get lost in your lust. I concentrate on the signs your body is giving me. Your breathing is getting deeper and faster, your hips are gyrating around and around, lifting to meet my mouth and then pressing back down to accept my penetrating fingers. Your sweet tasting wetness is flow freely over my mouth as my tongue plays across your throbbing clit. You are getting closer and closer to total release. I increase the pace and pressure of my lovemaking knowing that you will soon explode with a full body wave of passion. I look up to see the familiar rippling of your stomach muscles as your orgasm approaches. I smile to myself knowing that your are lost in the moment. Within seconds I feel you clamp down on my fingers and your legs become rigid and tightly pressed against my shoulders. Wave after wave of contractions press down upon me and I steady myself to keep my tongue in gentle contact with your wetness as I try to coax every last spasm from you.

I feel your trembling and hear your whimpering as your release becomes complete. You cry out as your body explodes in hot white heat. As I slowly remove my mouth from your clit your body sinks back down onto the bed. I tease you one last time by blowing my hot breath on your swollen lips as I gently slide my fingers out of your spent pussy and pulsing ass. You ever so slightly squirm as you feel my heat.

Your eyes are half closed as I crawl back up along your body and lie down next to you. I drape my leg across your hips and reach my arm across your chest. I pull your head into the space between my neck and chest and breath deeply, inhaling the scent of your sweet soft hair as it falls against my face.

I reach down an pull the cool sheet up over our bodies in order to preserve our heat and keep us close as we once again fall into a deep, sound sleep. As we drift off, I kiss the top of your head and feel your warm breath against my bare chest. I smile knowing that even the best dreams I will have tonight cannot match the reality that is us.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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