Mum’s Friend Keen to Copulate

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Big Dick

Wiry unemployed cycling and personal fitness enthusiast Cooper Magee (22), is Clive and Anna Magee’s youngest child, a late arrival.

The Magee’s three other children, Meg, Nancy and Heather no longer live at home.

Glamorous Heather, in demand since the age of sixteen as an occasional model for a department store experiencing flourishing business thanks to booming online sales, and is in the final stages of completing a resort management degree.

Meg, the oldest child, is a corporal in the Army.

And boy-mad Nancy works as a florist and her consuming ambition is to become pregnant either before or immediately after marriage.

Cooper recently completed a BSc degree in automotive science.

While waiting to find employment in that crowded job field, he had been earning a living working in the family home garage repairing and upgrading bicycles. He specialises in electric bikes, owning three himself (urban, mountain and touring models).

Similar to his youngest sister Nancy, he is sexually focused and hasn’t managed to keep a regular date for long.

Mother Anna who works the afternoon shift, sharing a receptionist’s job at a small rural veterinary practice, arrived in the garage that Monday morning with a biscuit and Cooper’s 10.30 coffee.

They enjoyed an intimate mother-son relationship, with Cooper upon request, obligingly licking Anna’s pussy whenever she became overly horny when husband Clive, a structural engineering consultant, was away on a contract or was temporarily infatuated with a new female assistant in his office that provided architectural, engineering and land and quantity surveyor services.

Cooper loves his doe-eyed gentle mother and, obviously, would do anything for her.

Holding her coffee, Anna said, “I had lunch with Cindy Angus yesterday.”


“Ah, you do remember who Cindy is, do you? She’s been here several times.”

“Nope, can’t place her.”

“Coop, I quote your description after meeting her briefly for the first time: ‘Who was that babe with natural blonde hair and cute tits?’ You guessed she was about thirty.”

“Ah, yes. It’s a wonder dad didn’t attempt to get into her pants.”

Anna sighed and said that he did, twice to her knowledge before Cindy deflated him by telling him to fuck off when he began hanging around her.

“Yeah, my father is a real problem for you, eh?”

Anna sighed heavily.

“So, why are we talking about this Cindy, mum?”

Anna said that yesterday she and Cindy had a couple of Martinis before lunch and half of the bottle of wine during lunch and the conversation flowed beautifully.

Eventually Cindy giggled and asked Anna could they discuss something intimate.

“Affected by alcohol I said yes excitedly. Cindy, my dentist and who shares my interest in drama club backstage activity, asked had I ever allowed you to have sex with me. I truthfully said no, but added, almost.”

“We fell about laughing and then she looked serious and asked could I find out if you’d be interested in petting her.”

Interested, Cooper said cautiously, “And…?”

“I recalled you telling me she had cute boobs whereas you call mine heavy hangers, but assumed that you would be more than a little interested in those cute boobs.”

Somewhat aghast, Cooper spluttered, “You told her I had said that she had cute boobs?”

“Yes, darling. But don’t blame me for that; I was half-drunk. That’s all I revealed. I said nothing about you engaging in cunnilingus with me at my occasional request.”

“Understood. What did she say about my boobs comment?”

“She laughed and patted one of them and said how cute.”

“Well, I can’t fuck her as you might become jealous and that could ruin the cosy relationship you and I have.”

“Coop, she didn’t mention fucking. The word she used was petting.”

“Now, this is confidential and you must never reveal I’d told you this. She sniffed and said that her husband Mike was once again having it off with one of the women in their law office. Cindy sighed saying that boys will be boys and that apart from those lapses, their marriage was good.”

“Just like your marriage, mum?”


“Ah. The tolerance of women like your two is to be admired after you have thought deeply about the possibility of booting out your man.”

“I appreciate hearing that from you, darling. Getting back on track, I told Cindy to approach your herself.”

She’ll bring her daughter’s old bike over this afternoon for you to give it a good going over and says the gearing cogs sometimes slip out. Cindy rides it increasingly regularly for exercise and she knows that I work at the vet clinic weekday afternoons and that means you’ll be home alone.”

Cooper grinned and said, “You conniving bitches.”

Anna looked at him tenderly.

“Mum, don’t get your hopes up. The woman is at least thirty, approaching old age/”

“It’s called mid-age and actually, she’s thirty-six. But engaging with her would be good experience for you if she hits on you. You’ll really find out just İstanbul Escort how determined females can be when they set their mind to it.”

“Remember, darling, she’s feeling hurt that her husband at present is choosing to fuck another woman. She is just in need of a little comfort from a male. She called it petting but if you get to lick those cute boobs, who knows what might eventuate?”

* * *

The day was already heading for a hot one and before resuming work as his mother drove off, Cooper thought he would cooperate in this little ruse although it was unlikely to come to anything.

He removed his shirt, working in just shorts and sneakers.

Cooper was lifting a bike off the mechanic’s e-bike stand when he heard a gasp behind him, and turned, holding the bike and thus flexing his muscles even further.

“Oh hi, Mrs Angus. Mum said you would be calling. Wheel your bike in.”

“Thanks Cooper,” she said softly after managing to close her gaping mouth sufficiently to talk coherently and yet her tone suggested that her confidence was wobbling.

He said, “Mum has generated several customers for me and I truly appreciated her support.”

“That’s good. I-I don’t have a… an appointment.”

“That’s okay,” he smiled, and staring at her tits and added, “Especially when the customer looks as amazing as you do. Oops, sorry, you may not enjoy comment like that.”

Cooper placed the bike he’d been working on against the workbench and holding out both upturned and cupped hands said teasingly, “Bring them over to me.”

“W-what,” she said, looking down at her breasts.

“Push the bike to me and I’ll place it on to the stand.”

There was tension in the air, relieved by Mrs Angus when she said, “Oh, for a moment I was under the impression that you wished to cup my breasts.”

Well, that was preferable to an outright accusation. However, Cooper believed she was in a swinging mood and therefore he should be confrontational.

“Would you like me to cup them, Cindy?” he asked, using her first name suggestively.

“Omigod, you are becoming relentless. Cooper, I’m a married woman.”

“And that, I believe, is wilfully evading my question?”

For a moment, she froze like a deer on the highway caught in the headlights of an approaching vehicle.

He simply stared at her, to keep applying the pressure.

That tactic worked; her shoulders slumped.

She complained, “Why are you doing this to me?”

“You can answer that by telling me the real reason why you are here?”

Eyes downcast she said his mother had told him too much.

Ah, he thought noting that she had now fallen into submissive mode.

He offered the proverbial olive branch to ease the pressure on her and said, “She’s probably smarter than either of us perhaps think she is. She now has us clearly on the same playing field. You and I know that inexplicable attraction between the sexes occurs despite obvious differences.”

“Omigod,” Cindy said. “I’m so embarr…”

“Don’t be.,” Cooper interrupted. “I am most interested but first tell me about your problems with this bike.”

Cindy momentarily looked almost as if the sky had fallen in but appeared relieved when the younger guy added, “Don’t worry, I’ll be massaging your tits before you leave here, if that’s what you want.”

“I-I’m not wearing underwear.”

That outburst was completely ignored and Cooper refocused on her: “According to mum, gear shift unreliability is the main problem with this bike?”

“Gear shift problems? Oh yes,” she said, emerging from her confusion. “I often have such problems.”

“Have you been taught how to ride this bike properly?”

Cindy said, “Yes, my daughter gave me a couple of fairly intensive lessons and I believe I’m quick on the uptake.”

“And you know the golden rule is to keep pedalling when changing gear when riding?”

“I think so.”

“You think so.”



Cindy asked what he’d meant by that ‘hmm’.

“You appear less than certain.”

She snorted and said he appeared bossy.

Cooper said stiffly that he would check out her bike, turning his back on her.

She said meekly, “I appreciate you are only trying to be helpful and friendly.”

That drew a huge “Hmm” response.

“What does that mean?”

“It means I think you are a clever babe as I’m now feeling I really wish to help you to ride this bike with perfection.”

“Oh, you’re a sweetheart,” she cooed.

That appeared to be ignored.

“Please go inside Cindy and make us coffee and bring it back here while I begin to clean out gunk in the cables and gearing and make necessary adjustments. You need to be aware that this bike is a model made in the early-stage development of e-bikes and sold reasonably cheaply compared with today’s prices.”

“Ah, you are saying latest models are best and spending more equates to better quality and performance?”

“In the main, yes, and you are indeed a smart cookie. Careful selection Kadıköy Escort is paramount.”

“How many of these bikes here are yours, Cooper?”

“Three, sweetheart, being urban, mountain and touring models.”

She flushed and said he’d called her sweetheart.

“It’s merely a term and you used it when I indicated I felt like coaching you to ride your e-bike expertly.”

“And you don’t think that I remain at leaner level after riding a hundred miles or more?”

“Cindy, to get optimum performance from an e-bike takes considerable knowledge and skill that perhaps you don’t yet possess fully.”

“Please proceed to assess and tutor me. I now appreciate being called sweetheart intentionally as it indicates you’ve softened your manner toward me.”

“Am I that bossy?”

“Perhaps it comes from a feeling of the need to lead.”

“Ah, mum sometimes tells me she will kick my arse if I continue talking to her as if I considered acting as if I were His Lordship.”

“Your mother is smart and that’s partly why we are friends. We share several interests. She said you possess a hidden softer and generous side to you that could rub off on me. You are free to cultivate me as friend but don’t expect to become my lover.”

“Sounds good.”

There was silence and she turned to go to make coffee.

“A great butt,” he called.

“That’s better,” she turned, smiling. “When you earlier said ‘sounds good’ told me nothing.”

Coop smiled and said, “I want you to ride with me this Sunday afternoon and for you to tell your husband about that arrangement beforehand. Say your cycle mechanic has made your cycle much easier to ride and you’ve asked him to improve you e-bike cycling technique from A to Z. He’ll ask how old am I and when you say twenty-two, he will probably relax about the arrangement.”

“Why do you say that saying that will make him relax?” Cindy asked, walking back closer to Cooper.

“Your husband will no longer be suspicious that I might be tutoring you to get the chance to get a leg over you, thinking that I’d believe our age gap would have me classifying you sexually as an older woman.”

“Omigod,” Cindy cackled, and turned to continue to the house laughing loudly, leaving Cooper eyeing the extra sway she was putting into her walking.

Later after she’d left happily after the ‘easier feel of my bicycle’ as she’d described. She had received some basic routine procedure instruction before leaving after paying $65 for Cooper’s work on the bike.

He watched her ride off wondering why hadn’t they kissed goodbye?


By not taking that chance probably left her concluding that he was he just the young guy who’d fixed her bike without sparking her libido because he lacked real interest in her.

He signed, knowing he had one more hypothetical notch in his pants belt representing a failed attempt to ignite a female’s interest in him sexually.

Fuck, there was even confirmation of that: they had not firmed on their next encounter although he had raised the possibility of pair riding on Sunday afternoon.

“She’ll gain the impression you lack balls, you wimp,” he muttered and kicked the leg of the solid workbench, hurting the toes of that foot.

An hour later, Cooper lay on a sun lounger in the back yard in just his underpants, soaking in late afternoon sunlight and sipping a beer to relieve pain in a couple of toes when he heard one of the roller doors of the garage activate, signalling the arrive home from work of his father.

Cooper put on his shorts and went into the garage to greet Clive and to invited him to join him on the back lawn for a beer on a lounger.

“Sorry, I’m home early to catch up on work in peace,” he said curtly. “Some other time.”

Cooper flopped on to his lounger and lay back thinking even his father couldn’t spare ten minutes to socialise with his son.

His mobile phone rang.

“Cooper,” he grumped.

“Oh hi, My Gallant Prince. I rode home as if I were on the silken road and my two-wheel coach performed faultlessly.”

“Excellent,” he said, allowing himself to grin and thinking her call was lifting his spirits.

“I was just about to remove my bra before showering when for some reason I thought of you.”

She paused, as if waiting for a reply or to allow images of her to develop in his mind.

He thought it, and decided to say it.

“Would you welcome me thinking of your upper body?”

All that Cooper heard was increasing heavy breathing from his ear under his phone.

Oh fuck, he groaned silently. He’d gone too far, too fast.


“Don’t you dare apologize. I think it’s good that you are interested in my physicality. For all I know, no other person is.”

He became aware he was developing a boner and he’d be a fool to tell her that. Time to switch the conversation.

“Let’s ride on the abandoned cycle circuit in the sou-west corner of Featherston Park on Sunday. It’s rare to sight people in that area these days. Kartal Escort Do you know the location?”

“Yes, it’s at my end of the park, not even 300 metres from my home. I’ll pack afternoon tea.”

“Great,” Cooper said cheerfully.

“Thanks, and I won’t tell my husband exactly where we are going as he’ll possibly wonder why would I go to a near-desolate park with a male.”

Cooper’s brain raced him into quipping, “And what would his conclusion be?”

She snapped that either Cooper was playing being stupid or was just plain naïve.

A little miffed, he said he had been teasing and apologised.

Cindy said sweetly, “It’s me who should be apologizing. I’ve become so sensitive about my neglected body.”

“Understood, Sunday at 2 pm at the abandoned cycle track,” he said hastily, and cut the call before being tempted ask what did she mean by calling it her neglected body.

He patted his deflating dick gently, quite sure that soon she would be offering her neglected body to him, that is if she viewed him no worse than a sympathetic new friend who required incentives to exploit her carnally.

“Yeah man, proceed gratefully to be led by the nose,” he told himself.

Cooper packed up and put everything away and went to the kitchen to prepare and cook dinner ready for his mother’s arrival home around 6.45.

At 9.30, he awoke his mother who was dozing in front of TV and handed across her customary mug of white coffee and two rows of dark block chocolate.

Anna said, “You indicated earlier this evening that Cindy had come over and it went well. Are her boobs really firmer and better shaped than mine, as well as being smaller?”

“I have no idea. We were both nervous and at times a little abrasive I believe, but in the main we proceeded to obtain a good wave-length. I really had no idea how to talk to her and she was probably wondering throughout what the hell was she was bothering to hang around chatting to me while working on her bike.”

After sipping coffee, Anna said that was understandable. He probably had expected talking to Cindy would be as easy as talking to his mother.

“Yes and no mom and it was a little awkward for both of us. Neither of us mentioned sex or her desire to have her tits massaged while being spoken to tenderly and neither of us having a clue whether our initial encounter would lead to any level of intimacy.”

Anna smiled and said at least his attitude appeared to have been on the right track.

“Cindy was pleased with the results of my work, revealing riding felt much smoother with sharper responses to her use of controls. After coffee when walking back to her bike, she was swinging her hips rather liberally, I concluded.”

“Good boy,” Anna yawned. “If you become increasingly interested in her, you won’t have much time for me.”

“Bullshit, mom. Please remember it was you who alleged I might be dropping interest in you, not me.”

* * *

Cindy rode up to the waiting Cooper, sitting propped up by one leg astride his stationary bike on the weedy and pot-holed oval on its deserted circular running track.

“Hi,” she said to the gawking tousled blue-eyed blond.

“Hi,” Cooper said nervously, taking in the lithe woman with brown eyes, a generous mouth and well-moulded smallish breasts.

They smiled, but made no effort to touch. Both wore high visibility clothing, sunglasses and cycling safety helmets.

Cindy made the encouraging opening comment: “I suppose you are disappointed that I’m in a loose top and shorts, rather than wearing tight Lycra.”

“If you had worn tight Lycra, I may have fallen off my bike.”

They laughed.

Cooper said, “I’m riding one of my client’s bikes I’ve borrowed, that is very similar to yours. Let’s begin to ride and take care to avoid potholes and please follow my commentary as I explain my every move in detail.”

“Ah, great idea and it will speed my progress along positively,” she said, with Cooper making sure she caught him staring at her chest.

“Exactly,” he said approvingly, locking eyes with her. “You have clear understanding of what we are about in this instance.”

“Well, I’m impressed. You appear to be in possession of appropriate methodology.”

“I’ve been professionally instructed on how to instruct and have tutored quite a few cyclists, mainly children and somewhat overwhelmed adults, how to transfer from an ordinary bike to an e-bike with its more complex controls and to maximise the advantages e-bikes offer.”

“What else do you think you could teach me in other directions?”

There it was, he thought, sucking in extra breath. She’d knowingly or perhaps not, presented him with the opportunity he’d been thinking about.

And yet, he throttled back.

“Probably I could teach you nothing or very little, with you being much more experienced and worldly that I am,” he said, deciding to play it cool.

Cindy looked at him thoughtfully.

“Let’s move off,” he said authoritatively, thus breaking the awkward silence.

Thirty laps of the circuit later, they halted.

“Well?” he said, with the tone of tutor requiring precise feedback.

“Your narration was perfectly easy to follow and during it I picked up one or two of my customary omissions.”

“Only one or two?” he smiled, recalled periods of her near panic as she’d sought to recover to maintain a balanced momentum.”

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