Raw Pleasure

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‘I’m running so late, hurry up and turn green damn you!’ Jacqui said under her breath while waiting at the lights.

She needed to be across town in a hurry as she had agreed to babysit for her neighbour that night. It was now 6.30 and she said that she would be there by 6.00 at the latest. She had also agreed to do a clients hair after work that night, not expecting it to take as long as it did. So now she was starting to panic about letting her neighbour down.

‘Finally!’ The light had turned green and she was on her way again. It’s funny how when you are moving, you don’t feel as much of the pressure, but when you are simply waiting at the lights with each second more pressure seems to build up.

It took Jacqui a further 25 minutes to get to her destination, so she arrived the best part of an hour late. Feeling really bad she raced up the driveway and knocked on the door, expecting her neighbour to be a bit angry at her delay. Instead it was quite the opposite.

‘Hi, can I help you?’ he said as he opened the door.

This was something that she had never expected. Who was this guy standing in her neighbour’s doorway, certainly no one she had met before. He stood somewhere around six feet tall she guessed, paling her five foot 2 inch frame in comparison. He had a reasonably athletic build, short blonde hair and bluish-green eyes. He certainly was a ‘pleasant’ surprise.

‘Um, hi, I’m the babysitter. I’m a little late…’

‘Yes you are’ he interrupted with a smile. ‘I’m Steve, Lisa’s brother. They left about half an hour ago and I wasn’t doing anything so got roped into covering for you I guess. Come on in and I’ll get out of your way!’ Steve added as he stepped aside to let Jacqui past.

‘I hope I haven’t kept you from doing anything tonight, you know, um, I mean you don’t look like the kind of guy that would be sitting at home on a Friday night.’

‘Nah, not tonight, wasn’t really in the mood for it. Had a rough day at work, so a night in front of the telly sounded like a better option, before getting called up to come around here!’ Steve replied. ‘So what’s your name if you don’t mind me asking?’

Instantly feeling flushed with embarrassment, Jacqui realised that she hadn’t introduced herself. ‘Jacqui, I’m Jacqui, I live next door.’

‘Well it’s a pleasure to meet you. I’ll guess you’ll be able to handle it from there though, so I’ll take off and leave you to it.’

‘Oh, can’t you stay a bit? These two will be in bed soon and after that I could do with the company, and if you’re only going to watch TV, then you could do that here too.’

‘Sure, why not. No point sitting at home alone I s’pose’

Steve settled back into the couch as Jacqui sorted the kids out and it wasn’t long before the duties were done and they were both sitting on the couch in relative peace and quiet.

‘Can I get you a drink?’ Jacqui asked to break the silence.

‘Yeah, that’d be great, I could kill a beer.’ Steve replied enthusiastically.

‘Have you eaten?’ Jacqui asked in reply as she got up, ‘I could go a pizza if you are keen?’

‘That sounds like a plan, I’ll give them a call now’ Steve offered.

It wasn’t long before a couple of beers had passed and the pizza had come and gone and they were starting feel a lot more comfortable with one another – albeit thanks to the beers! So much so that they didn’t realise that darkness had set in and they now sat very close to each other on the couch.

It wasn’t until Steve moved and his leg brushed up against Jacqui’s and an electrical jolt fired right through them both, like some sort of connection had just been made.

‘Ooh sorry.’ Steve offered politely

‘That’s OK, in fact it’s quite nice just sitting and chilling here with you rather than alone by myself as is usually the case. Can I get you another drink or anything?’ Jacqui replied trying to ease Steve’s guilt.

‘Yeah another beer would be great, thanks.’ Steve replied

So as she got up Jacqui pressed herself of the couch using Steve’s leg to assist and with that sent a signal to him that she wanted more.

Returning with a drink for them both, Jacqui settled back in beside Steve, this time a little closer still so their legs were touching. Jacqui felt like a teenager again with the nervous but excited butterflies fluttering through her body. Each one charged with a kind of energy that was making her more excited by the minute.

Within minutes the excitement was starting to consumer her every thought, She couldn’t help but feel urges toward Steve that were getting harder and harder to control. She knew if she didn’t do something that she wouldn’t be able to resist them much longer.

‘I’m gonna do something I don’t usually do’ Jacqui uttered in a quiet and Şerifali Escort scratchy voice.

‘Pardon?’ Steve said

Then Jacqui leaned in and kissed Steve, not just a gentle kiss but firm and wanting. This took Steve totally by surprise, but he soon found himself kissing her back, slowly at first then a little more deeply and finally quite passionately.

It was only a brief minute in reality but is seemed a lot longer to them before they broke the kiss and slowly pulled back from each other. Jacqui kept her eyes closed just that little but longer than usual, nervous to open them from taking that first initial risk. She needn’t have worried as Steve leaned back in to give her another quick kiss as a sign of appreciation.

‘WOW’ Steve said ‘I didn’t see that coming, not that I’m complaining or anything, I mean, that was nice, unexpected but nice’ He rambled.

Now the fire inside Jacqui was burning very strong and she wanted more, so without adding a word she leaned in and kissed Steve again, this time with a lot more passion, teasing his tongue with hers, kissing his breath away.

As they kissed Steve gently leaned back and they fell on top of each other on the couch, Jacqui on top of him, her hands now busy grabbing at his hair, at his neck as if she was trying to pull him into her.

Steve too moved his hands, but to Jacqui’s waist where he eased them up under her shirt where he could feel her naked flesh. They kissed deeper and deeper, both totally in the moment forgetting who they were, where they were and what they were there for! It was as if they were the only two people on earth and they had finally found each other after years of loneliness.

Steve found himself gently scratching his fingernails across Jacqui’s back and with each pass between her shoulder blades he felt her press herself a little further into him and every now and then a little breath would escape, which sounded more like a moan with each one.

Jacqui was getting very hot and she could feel that Steve was too, his pants containing a tempting bulge beneath her leg that she was imagining buried deep inside her.

They continued kissing and nibbling at each other on the couch, Steve’s fingers continuing to scratch at Jacqui’s back like a wild animal tearing at it’s prey. With each swoop from her neck to the small of her back Steve flicked over her bra strap, desperate to snap it open, but knowing that he wouldn’t feel right in doing it.

Jacqui started to kiss at Steve’s ears, then neck then slowly she moved downward, unbuttoning his shirt as she went. With each button she nuzzled at his skin and teased him a little further, first exposing his athletic but not overly muscled chest. From his chest she slowly and carefully moved her way down to his stomach, eventually opening his shirt completely, exposing his torso as she sat astride him. She continued to caress and tease his chest, but this time it was her turn to scratch at him, gently rubbing her fingernails through the small thatch of hair at his breastplate, up across his shoulders and back down, ensuring to pass over his nipples. This caused Steve to jolt beneath her thrusting his hips upwards and into hers sending waves of heat through her.

Leaning back down to kiss him again, Jacqui guided his hands to the clasp of her bra inviting Steve to set it free. He needed no second chance, expertly flicking it open and exposing her complete back to the touch of his hands. Steve continued to paw at Jacqui’s back like the hungry wild animal feasting for the first time in weeks.

Both totally consumed with each other and blind to the environment around them, they pawed at each other unable to satisfy their own desires until awkwardly they fell from the couch onto the floor, this time though Steve was on top.

Now it was Steve’s turn to unbutton Jacqui’s blouse. Staring deeply into Jacqui’s eyes, Steve reached down and took Jacqui’s left hand and slid it up so it was above her head. Then he repeated it with her right hand and placed it on her left hand. Jacqui now laid underneath him her hands as if tied above her.

Steve started at the bottom button to work his way up. With the first button he exposed her belly button, to find a diamante belly bar staring at him from her piercing. Up to the next button and he could see the underside of her bra and the lower parts of her breast escaping from the now loose bra. The third button freeing his view of her entire bra and the ample breast so delicately poised behind the flimsy material. Finally with the fourth and fifth buttons he had managed to open her blouse completely, leaving her totally topless save for the bra that sat loosely in front of him.

Slowly he traced his fingers in the same direction that Göztepe Escort he had undone her buttons stopping to play with the jewels of Jacqui’s belly button ring and then up to the underneath of Jacqui’s breasts, tracing slow circles around the outside of them. He could see her nipples starting to harden through the lace of her bra with each touch. This excited him so much that he needed to feel these soft nubs of flesh beneath his skin and hands so he reached up and slid Jacqui’s hands down to her sides. As he did so he slid the straps of her bra down from her shoulders and off hers arms, free of her body.

Now they were both lying topless on the floor wanting more. Steve leaned in and started sucking and licking at Jacqui’s nipples, sending jolt after jolt straight down to Jacqui’s increasingly hot treasure trove. Her hands busily ran through his hair as he continued to lick and suck at Jacqui’s torso, slowly moving his way down to her belly button and the top of her skirt. As her started to open the top button he was stopped by Jacqui’s hand.

‘No, not here’ she pleaded

‘Where then?’ Steve asked, although it was more like a beg.

‘Ah, the spare room. NOW!’ Jacqui replied enthusiastically

They both got up and Jacqui took Steve’s hand in hers and led them to the spare room – right opposite the kid’s room.

Not turning on the light she led him in and sat on the edge of the bed and pulled him toward her. He was standing in front of her now, his bulge now right in front of her. Starvingly she unbuckled his pants and slid them down, followed shortly by his cotton sport boxers setting his hard manhood free.

With a gentle lean in she opened her mouth and started to take the tip of him inside her hot mouth and then gently she nipped the head with her teeth, allowing them to slide across the tip before releasing him. She repeated this several times until his cock had hardened even further and was now standing to full attention in front of her, where she started to lick the length of his shaft and down to his balls and back up again.

Taking his now very hard cock in her hands she gently pulled it down so she could take it all in her mouth, causing Steve to let out a deep and soulful moan of pleasure. Sliding her mouth off his cock she moved him to the bed beside her and eased herself up to stand in front of him.

Turning away from Steve, Jacqui unbuttoned her skirt and slid it down gently bending forward, teasing him as she stood in front of him in nothing but her Brazilian boy short style knickers. She turned around to face him and took his hands and placed them on her hips. With his hands in hers she slid them downward, taking her pants with them.

Steve leant in and kissed her navel then traced the outline of her neatly trimmed strip of pubic hair that stood there free in front of him. This drove Jacqui wild. She pulled his head into her as her tried to lap at her clit, wanting to taste her wetness on his tongue, but she wouldn’t let him.

Instead she pushed him back on the bed and carefully climbed on him, straddling across him on all fours, but making sure to keep her knees up so her wetness stayed just out of reach of his throbbing hardness below her. Jacqui kissed him slowly and deeply just like they had on the couch.

While they were kissing she slowly eased herself down until the tip of his cock was poised just at the entry to her cavern.

‘Wait’ Steve called ‘Don’t you want to use some protection?’

It was a valid question, Jacqui had never had unprotected sex before, never. Each and every time she was prepared. Could she afford to not be protected, she had no idea of who this guy really was, no idea of his sexual history, did he have any diseases? What about pregnancy, she certainly wasn’t ready for kids!

But there was something special about this guy, she felt safe, felt like it was ok. Also her purse was back in the lounge meaning that she would have to kind of kill the mood by going to get it. So she decided that tonight she would experience her first ‘el natural’ cock deep inside her. This made her even more excited, but a little nervous at the same time.

‘No, it’s ok I just want to feel you inside me’ She replied in a voice trembling with passion and nervousness at the same time.

‘Are you sure’ Steve added giving her on last chance to ‘be safe’.

With that Jacqui eased herself down onto him. Taking him in bit by bit, inch by inch until he was buried deep inside her just as she had wanted.

She had never felt such raw pleasure. Steve’s naked cock deep inside her. It was much more intense than anything she had felt before, the flesh of him against the flesh of her. No thin rubber sheath preventing the direct contact. No longer Ümraniye Escort did she feel the plastic of protection, just pure skin on skin inside her. It was such a raw pleasure. It felt so good, so natural, so naked, but most of it felt so right. She knew instantly that there was something special about this guy. They had a connection that she had never felt before. She also knew that she didn’t want this to end anytime soon!

Moving her legs back down, she just laid atop of him, his hard cock inside her as she started to kiss him again. He kissed her back, thrusting his pelvis upward as he did, lifting them both off the bed. Her natural bodyweight pressing him deeper into her as he lifted.

They continued to do this for several minutes, kissing and thrusting, while also nibbling and teasing each other, as the passion slowly burnt between them. The limited movement making it all the more sensual as they stayed like that until it became unbearable for Jacqui. She needed to feel Steve thrusting into her, so she moved her knees up a little to give Steve a little room to do so from underneath.

‘Oh fuck me, fuck me deep and hard, make me cum, I need to cum.’ she begged.

There was no hesitation as he started bucking wildly at her from underneath, sliding effortlessly in and out of her very wet pussy.

With each thrust Jacqui panted until she was panting so fast that it became a throaty moan, and soon enough, as her orgasm hit her like an out of control train. Her moans turning to an intense cry of pleasure.

‘Don’t stop, ah, keep going, keep going’ Jacqui pleaded as she felt another rush building within her.

Steve then pulled out of her and pushed her gently so she knew to roll off him and onto her back where he could enter her from above and give her exactly what she wanted. Now he was on top of her Steve re-entered Jacqui again, and started to thrust with long slow presses from the tip of his cock to the full depths and back again.

He continued these long thrusts until he could feel the bursts of his own orgasm building up.

‘I’m coming’ he uttered

‘STOP’ Jacqui cried, ‘don’t do it inside me, no protection’

Steve kept his thrusts going for as long as he could before pulling out on the edge of losing his load. Quickly Jacqui reached down and took his slick hard cock in her hand and pumped it until he came all over her chest, delivering his seed in a series of shots until the hardness that had pleased her so much started to drain away.

Knowing that Jacqui still wanted more, Steve headed south and started licking furiously at her clit.

‘Oooh yess, that feels soo good, don’t stop, make me come again. God I want that.’ Jacqui whispered as she started to rub her hand across her torso, spreading Steve’s seed across her hard nipples, breasts and stomach.

Steve worked tirelessly on her throbbing clit, lapping at her sweet juices, which were flowing freely. Within minutes Jacqui could feel herself bucking against Steve’s tongue in ecstasy as she came for a second time. This time though it was a lot more intense and by the time it had passed, she was exhausted and just slumped n the bed.

‘WOW’ Steve said, ‘I should babysit more often!’

Jacqui giggled. ‘Yes you should, and I think that I might make a habit of being late! I should take a shower before your sister gets home, you mind?’

‘No, go right ahead, I’ll straighten up here and check on the kids’ Steve replied still smiling from the evenings events.

Within a few minutes Steve was dressed and the spare bed was straightened and he was sitting back on the couch, finishing the beer that he never got to touch, and reliving what just happened in his head.

‘Where’s Jacqui? did she not turn up at all?’ a voice sounded out from the kitchen.

Lisa had arrived home and Steve hadn’t even noticed, as he was lost in his dream world.

‘Ah yeah, she’s in the shower, she ah got a little messy playing with the kids tonight” Steve replied kind of truthfully recalling her chest glistening with his seed.

‘Oh Ok, so everything went ok? What time did she turn up? Lisa asked totally oblivious to Steve’s meaning

‘Yeah everything was fine; she’s really good with the kids! Got here about 5 minutes after you left ‘ Steve lied ‘Well I’ll hit the road then’ he added.

Steve got up and headed for the door.

‘Alright then, and hey Steve, Thanks for helping out tonight.’ Lisa replied.

‘Oh that’s ok, it was my pleasure really! I’ll see you on Sunday’

They had one of the kid’s birthday parties there on Sunday, so he would be back there for that.

As Steve was about to get into his car, he saw a car parked ahead of his with a personalised plate that read ‘J Quay’ and he knew instantly it had to be Jacqui’s, So he took a business card from his wallet and wrote ‘SUNDAY?’ on it and slipped it under her windscreen wiper. Then he climbed into his car, drove off still smiling and not really paying attention to where he was going.

Steve was thinking about Sunday!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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