Same Time Next Year Pt. 02

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Daddys Girly

After an invigorating delay in the truck, we made our way to the hotel.

“So we ARE staying in a hotel? I was confused when I saw the camper hitched to the back.”

“That’s for tomorrow night – tonight we make our neighbors blush while we tend to each other in a more luxurious spot.” And so we definitely did. We tried to pace ourselves but, well – that wasn’t our style. We did talk; it was usually in a compromising position, but we definitely took time to get caught up on each other’s “real” life.

In the morning, bright sun peeked through the black-out curtains. “Oh god – it’s so late!” I was amazed – I never sleep in. Damn black-out curtains.

“What’s the rush? Do you have a hot date or something?”

“As a matter of fact, I only have 39 hours left with this magnificent naked body to my right and I don’t want to waste it sleeping. Options: We can talk, kiss, snuggle, or screw right now. Preference?”

“Wow, woman, you have gotten feisty this year! Give the woman a position of authority in a company and she runs with it…” For that, he gets a smack on his bare bottom. I have always been feisty and he knows very well I cannot let the dig on women executives slide so easily. I am strong all year in my work life – with him I get to be playful and if that includes putting him in his place well that’s just a perk.

“I wonder what is like to have you as a manager. Are you fair or a ball-buster? Do you stick up for your employees or throw them to the wolves? Most importantly, do they have any idea how sexy you can be when you are buck naked…” I start to lean in to him… “And how kinky you can be…?” I lick the outline of his lips… “And how good you taste…?” I run my cheek on his scruffy chin… “And how you make me forget anything else but pleasure exists in the world when I am inside you…?” I reach down and slowly stroke his cock so it will grow rock hard in my hand… “And how you act sweet because you are truly a nice person but then you become a vixen the minute I touch you…?” I kiss him lightly on the lips – gentle, loving, real. “Do they know you are the perfect woman?”

At that, I throw my head back and laugh – not perfect by any means, and he certainly knows it. “You are getting mushy, big guy. Be careful – I will start to think you like me.” He knows I want to change the vibe – too close, too nice, too much like a real couple which we will never be. “Come here and crawl on top of me. I think you need a back massage.”

“How is that possible if you are under me?” He gives me a skeptical look but still manages to slide the length of his body down mine. Complete heaven.

I wrap my legs around his waist and squeeze. “See? I have these strong calves and soft feet that will work on your lower back and ass sancak escort while my hands work your shoulder blades. All you have to do is put your head right here on my chest and relax into me.”

“Nun hut…” I have no idea what he says but with his face buried in between my tits and my legs wrapped around him and his hard dick nestled just outside my wet pussy, I don’t care. I caress his shoulders and stroke his sides over and over again. Years have gone by but the sensation of his skin on mine never gets old. Maybe it’s because we only get these stolen moments – maybe if we had it all the time it would be like most relationships and lose the magic when we touched. I stare at the ceiling rubbing this man I adore thinking my deep thoughts about the nature of passion and love and friendship and loss blah blah blah but I am interrupted by the sensation of slow and deliberate sucking. The more I recognize it the less I can think about anything but getting more of it. More of him. More of his mouth. More of his hands and neck and nipples and chest and before I know it I am melting in to him. No deep thoughts, just sensations pulling me into the one place I want to be. “Yes – please don’t stop doing that…ever…spend the next month licking that exact spot, please.” He stops just long enough to smirk and give me a soft lingering kiss on my lips.

“Say please.”

“Ok. Please keep sucking on one – or really, both of my breasts – for like, the next 3 minutes. Then move to my belly button for at least a minute. Then, dealer’s choice – surprise me.” He obeys but when my 4 minutes are up, he takes my leg and flips me over to my belly. I yelp and smile into my soft pillow. He hovers over my back – close enough for me to feel his warmth and ache to arch my back to meet his chest but high enough that when I am naughty and try to arch he can pull up away from me. So good at teasing me, this one.

He blows all the way down my back to the crevice in between my legs. He scratches the back of my thigh with his scruff until I open up – I don’t do it right away – I like his rough feel on my skin. Most the guys I date are clean cut so this is something I only get with him, and besides he is way better at it than they would be. He has always known what I like.

From the very first time I turned around and saw him completely naked in front of me – “Wow! That was fast. You’re naked!” – to the way he turned me on so much that night I could only look him in the eyes and wait for him to decide if he was going to push just a little deeper to be in me, breaking all the rules we had made for ourselves as good, responsible, married adults – then to the moment he pulled me onto his face and I let go of any sarıyer escort inhibitions I had about how I looked or sounded or tasted or acted – he has always known what I like. He kissed me the first time and I felt like I had finally found someone who could keep up with me – and even give me a run for my money. I didn’t need to hold back or apologize for being completely crazy about sex – the more, the louder, the sweatier, and the harder, the better.

I like soft, I like romantic, I like loving, I like intense – but too often the partner who likes it that way can’t do both – and I want it all. In bed at least, he gives me all of it. We briefly considered that this connection meant we could move into something more but I have always known I was not the “forever” choice. He is restless with a wandering eye. I like knowing I get his full attention during our yearly visit – I don’t have to compete during these 4 days. He is totally mine and we revisit traditions that are unique to our relationship. It’s a piece of him his wife doesn’t get, one that doesn’t live in his lust for other women in his life.

His rough cheeks are working their way into the space between my luscious thighs. My legs are strong but soft – no bony thighs here. I have curves where they should be – and his face is now nestled into that warm, musky place – tongue probing so gently I can barely feel it. He wants me to ache for him. Doesn’t he know I do that all year long? I move back a smidge so his mouth is pressed where I want it. He should pull back and tease me – but he has no more resistance. It’s been a long year for him, too – and full access to a woman who will give as much as she receives is too much for him. He pushes forward even more and forces his wet tongue deeply into my cunt. I let out a deep moan – he is pulsing his mouth on my pussy – licking, probing, circling – fuck, I can’t think of all the sensations all I can do is feel. Sounds escape my mouth, I scream into the pillow – uncontrollably raw. His nails are digging deep into my hip to keep me in place – god knows I don’t want to stray from his tongue but I am wiggling all over the place. I need him so badly – I can’t get enough of him.

He trails his beard up my back, scraping me all the way. I will have rug burn there long after I leave him – a delicious reminder of this moment. He grabs my hands and pushes them up above my head. He licks my neck, my ear, buries his face in my hair. We are uncontrollable now. At last I get relief with his deep thrust into my desperate pussy. I need him connected to me – pushing so deep into me my brain is of no use – all I need is this man whispering “yes yes” in my ear while he gives me what I want. He wraps his sefaköy escort hands, still entwined with mine, around my chest so he is above me. I may not be able to walk for a week but right now I just want more. More fucking, more screaming, more grabbing. He places his hands on my shoulders and goes for it – his ramming is getting me so close but I am not there yet. I lean back and find his mouth, twisting just enough to taste his on mine. Biting down on my lip and sucking hard, he gets me off. I let the pain mesh into my orgasm so that my whole body is alive.

“Baby, I love you. I love us. Don’t stop.” His voice is softer now – he is coming out of the fuck bubble we were just in.

“I won’t stop – I can’t even if I want to. My body wants you too bad.”

“Oh my god – what are the hell are we going to do? I can’t wait another year to be with you. If I could…if we could…”

I slow our rhythm way down and let him bring up the topic we always need to address at least once per weekend when we meet. One of us always wonders “What If?” and rather than being a mood-killer, we let ourselves fantasize for a little while. It’s like playing house…only way more naked.

“Can I just move into your cute little house and find a job in town doing something with my hands and make you happy?”

“Yes, as long as you will grill with me and teach me to use a power saw (is that what you call it?) and brush my hair before we go to bed at night. And, I will bring you coffee in bed and meet you at noon for a sexy lunch break and clean up all the little hairs you leave in the bathroom sink.”

“I can teach you anything. You with power tools – damn. And a bikini top, maybe? And we can drive new places with no set destination every weekend and sing on top of our lungs, laughing at your weird version of the lyrics? Will you let me show you off in a revealing dress when we go out to dinner, and then you pretend to need convincing to stay out late to go dancing with me?”

We keep going. We get out every possible dream we have been pondering for the last year – we know in our hearts that every unfulfilled desire can be met by this person in our arms right now. There is no disappointment over an unpaid bill or confusion over who promised to get the kids from soccer practice. No frustrations or mundane details. In this world we are carefree and alive with only each other and ourselves to please. It’s a great life if you can get it.

By now we are nuzzling with the sheets tangled around us, our breathing finally normal again. He strokes my back – up and down, up and down – with the edge of his thumb nail. He reaches down to kiss my forehead every few sentences – we need to break off this fantasy before it turns sad but right now it is fun to dream. I end with “Yes, I promise to eat the hottest peppers you can find at least once so you can test my personal limits. Every pore of my body will emit heat. Happy now?”

“Perfectly. Now, about that idea of pointing in a random direction and singing on top of our lungs…remember that trailer I have hitched to the truck?”

To be continued…

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