Seduced by a Friend

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Alessa Savage

My friend and I are both married, my wife and I are very close with he and his wife. As couples we have done a lot together, with very few secrets between us. We have skinny dipped a lot with them at their house, and have become very comfortable being naked around each other, even a little touching of each others spouse wouldn’t even raise an eyebrow. We have even gone as far as having sex in the same bed together. Never fully swapped, the farthest we would go is massaging.

As we started having children, things started to change with our wives. They didn’t want to do much of anything anymore, not even skinny dip. When this became more frequent, I started to see changes in my friend too.

My wife and I went to our friends house for dinner, and wine tasting. We decided in advance we would spend the night rather than drive home, knowing it would be a late night, not to mention safer after all the wine. After all the wine tasting, and the other guest left, my friend said to me, “the water is warm”, code for the hot tub is ready. I said, sounds good. I told my wife, grabbed my wine, and headed for the backyard with my friend, knowing our wives would follow. We got to the hot tub, and Van Escort started to take off our clothes, as our wives arrived. I asked the girls if they were going to join us, and one after the other, said, “no”. All the pleading in the world wasn’t going to change their mind, so we just accepted it.

We continued undressing in front of them, and stepped into the hot tub. A few minutes later my friends wife started yawning, and said, she was going to bed, my wife did the same a min or two later.

So there we were, naked and alone talking about the good old days when the girls were eager and willing to join us, and just missing the fun naked times together. Of course being guys we were being very sexually explicit, in our conversation.

Then my friend started telling me how the conversation was turning him on.

I just sort of laughed it off, and said, yeah, too bad the girls aren’t here now.

Then he was telling me how he has gotten himself off with the jets in the hot tub before, by putting the head of his cock up to the jet, and moving it back and forth in front of the stream. As he was explaining, I could see he was doing it at the same time. He told me Van Escort Bayan to give it a try. I resisted at first, but he kept egging me on.

I guess it was the conversation, the wine flowing through my veins, along with his prodding, I decided to give it a try.

I was doing it as he described, I told him it felt ok, but I think it would take a bit more than that to get off. That’s when he really shocked me, and said, “let’s just get each other off”. I said, “no, are you serious”

He said, it’s just pleasure, it’s not that weird.

I asked him, what exactly he had in mind.

He said, we can stroke each other.

I told him I don’t think so

As we were talking about it, I could see he was playing with himself under the water, and I must admit, I was a little too.

He said, he was getting hot, and got up to sit on the edge of the hot tub.

When he stood up, I could see he was fully erect.

I also got up and sat on the edge.

We sat there drinking our wine, when my friend said, again how horny he was. I could see him touching himself occasionally, and getting erect again. I was also horny and getting erect, but I wouldn’t say Escort Van anything.

Then he noticed, and said, looks like you’re horny too.

I made an excuse about the wine, being naked outside, for my growing penis.

Inside I know it was only partly that, the other part I have to admit was the thought of the getting each other off offer.

He was now spreading his legs stroking himself more openly.

He said, sure you don’t want a hand-job, I again laughed it off. But my cock hardened almost immediately. He then just reached over and grabbed me, saying just try it. As he started stroking me, I just gave in, and said “Fuck it”. I was so nervous, I couldn’t stop talking. I asked him if he had done anything like this before, he said once in college.

I was shocked, and asked if all he did was hand-jobs? He said, a little oral too. I was now fully be stroked, while he told me his college secrets. I was starting to relax more and more, and enjoying it more and more. We had now moved to the chairs by the pool. where he continued to stroke me, and I was now stroking him. then he got down in front of me and started blowing me. I said, Holy shit! you have done this before. He was even better than my wife.

I could take all of me in his mouth and when I came he swallowed every drop of me. I couldn’t believe what happened, and all I can think of is how I want it to happen again. What does this mean? Am I Gay? BI?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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