Sex Camp Ch. 01

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Chapter 1: Arrival

“Once again, welcome to Sex Camp! I hope all of you have the best summer you’ve ever had!”

Katie, the camp director, had just finished her welcome speech, and as the 300 male and female campers stood up to go to their assigned cabins, Jack reflected on what he had just seen and heard.

Although Katie had been trying to explain the purpose and rules of this particular Sex Camp, Jack had processed little of what she had said, due to his infatuation with Katie’s incredibly hot young body. She was in her mid-twenties but she looked not a day over 18 – she could easily have passed as one of the campers, who ranged in age from 18 to 20. Despite Jack’s distraction with her slim, toned figure and her incredible C-cup breasts, he was able to get the gist of what she was saying.

This Sex Camp was started as a way to help young college kids spend their summers in a relaxing way, while learning valuable sexual and relationship skills in the process. The main idea of the camp was that sexual promiscuity was encouraged – the counselors wanted every camper to explore and experiment with his or her sexuality in a free and open environment, away from the usual condemnations and taboos of society. Jack was just fine with this rather unconventional type of camp, and he looked forward to the many things that might happen over the next few weeks.

As Jack made his way to his assigned cabin, he took a few moments to absorb the rugged beauty of the landscape. The camp was located in the mountains of upstate New York, an area dominated by forests, mountains and sparkling lakes. This particular camp was nestled between two mountains on the edge of a small lake, allowing for hiking and camping activities in the mountains as well as aquatic activities in the lake. A former Boy Scout, Jack looked forward to all of these activities and more.

Finally he reached his assigned cabin – 304A. As he approached the tiny building marked “304”, he noticed that there were two doorways – one was labeled “A” and the other “B.”

I guess my roommate and I will have to share the cabin with the two other roommates in room B, Jack thought to himself.I hope he’s at least a cool guy. His roommate in college was from Iran, and the culture shock had caused more than a few problems.

Jack opened the door with his key and lugged his suitcase in before surveying the room. It was fairly plain, but very clean, with rustic wood floors and log-cabin style walls. Most of the furnishings, included the two huge beds, looked comfortable enough, but Jack did a double-take when he saw the bathroom. Not only did it contain a shower large enough to host a party in, but it also had a bathtub that was so wide and deep it was almost possible to swim in it. There was even a door in the wall connecting this room with the one next door.I’m gonna like it here, Jack thought, as he began to unpack his stuff.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door.Must be my roommate, thought Jack.

“Hold on a second, dude!” he called as he threw some clothes into a chest of drawers. He made his way over and opened the door. Standing in front of him was the most beautiful girl Jack had ever seen. She was tall (almost as tall as him, and he was six feet tall with his shoes on) and slim, but with enough body fat for a pair of perfect 36C breasts. She wore her light brown hair in a ponytail that cascaded gloriously down her back, reaching almost to her shapely ass. Her eyes were an indescribable color – somewhere between green and blue, like the color of a clear mountain lake.

Jack was speechless. He was not even expecting a girl to come knocking at his door, let alone the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. She looked just as confused as he felt, and his own confusion must’ve shown because after a few seconds she smiled and they both laughed nervously.

“I guess we’re both a little off-guard, huh?” she asked. “No offense, but I wasn’t exactly expecting a guy for a roommate.”

“None taken, I wasn’t expecting a girl,” replied Jack. “You sure you’re assigned to 304?”



“Positive. My info sheet even says who my roommate is – ‘J. Williams.'”

“Well that’s me, all right. So does that mean you’re ‘R. Wilkinson’?”

“That’s me, but you can call me Rachel,” she said, smiling. She extended her hand, and Jack shook it.

“Nice to meet you Rachel, I’m Jack.” Then, feeling bold, he rotated her wrist slightly and brought her hand to his face, kissing the back of her hand gently.

“Ooh, what a gentleman!” remarked Rachel with a smile as Jack released her hand.

“Well come on in, I guess we’ll be sharing this room for the next few weeks. Is everyone paired up with a roommate of the opposite sex?” asked Jack conversationally as he helped Rachel with her luggage.

“I guess so. It is a Sex Camp after all, right? They wouldn’t exactly be encouraging sex if they made the guys and girls sleep on opposite sides of Niğde Escort the lake!” replied Rachel.

“That’s a good point, I guess,” said Jack as he and Rachel continued unpacking.

They continued chatting while both of them unpacked – Jack found he really enjoyed talking to Rachel, and that conversation flowed easily between them. Once both of them were all packed, Jack suggested they go for a walk around the camp while it was still light out. As they strolled along chatting, Jack found that he and Rachel had a ton in common. They talked animatedly about school, their friends and what colleges they were going to, and discovered that their colleges were only about an hour away from each other.

When they walked back into their room just as the sun was setting, Jack noticed that the occupants of the room next door were blasting their music far louder than was reasonable for this particular time of evening. After Rachel banged her fist on the door a few times and yelled at the noisy neighbors to turn the music down, Jack marched over and pushed the door open, with Rachel right behind them.

What they saw made their mouths fall open in shock.

Apparently, they were not the only coed roommates in the camp – their neighbors, a tall, broad-chested guy with short dirty-blond hair, and a petite but very cute red-haired girl were as well. What surprised them, though, was the position they were in. The guy was sitting on the bed with his pants around his ankles and his hand on the girl’s fiery red head while she sat on her knees and sucked his thick, hard cock all the way down her throat. She too had her shorts and panties down, and Jack could see her hand busily frigging her clit with a finger inside her shaved pussy as she bobbed up and down on her roommate’s cock as if it was her last meal. Jack watched in fascination as the petite girl deep-throated the guy’s huge cock, and he was only dimly aware of Rachel standing right next to him, also watching. He was so engrossed in the redhead’s remarkable blowjob that he didn’t notice Rachel’s hand moving over her own crotch and rubbing herself through her shorts.

Finally Jack snapped out of his trance and shouted, “Hey!” The guy looked up, confused. The redhead tried to turn around and say something but her mouth was stuffed full of cock.

“Can you guys turn down the music??’ Jack shouted again. The guy nodded absent-mindedly and picked up a remote, turning down the volume on his stereo. Jack quickly closed the door, noticing that during this entire exchange the redhead never stopped sucking her roommate’s cock.

Once the door was closed and the room was reasonably quiet, Jack looked over at Rachel.Something seems different about her, he thought. Her face was flushed, her eyes were big and wet and, he just noticed, her hand was absently rubbing her own crotch.Maybe she’s not the only one who got turned on by watching that, he thought. He decided to take a chance.

“What’d you think of that?” he asked. Rachel only looked at him and moaned softly. She sat down on the bed and began rubbing herself faster through her shorts. Jack sat down next to her and started massaging her thigh. She moaned louder.

“Did that turn you on?” he asked. Rachel only nodded quickly as Jack moved in closer.

“Did that make you horny, Rachel?” She moaned again.

“God, yes! I am so horny right now!” Jack leaned in and kissed her lips gently. Rachel threw her arms around him and pulled him in close, kissing him passionately and thrusting her tongue into his mouth. Jack responded by tongue-wrestling with her, and as they explored and tasted each other’s mouths he reached up and cupped her breast in his hand, squeezing and massaging it through her shirt. Rachel moaned louder, urging him on.

Jack broke off the kiss and lifted Rachel’s shirt up over her head while she held her arms up. Then after fiddling for a few seconds with her bra, he lifted it off her chest, allowing her full, firm, perfect breasts to come into full view.

Jack wasted no time – he leaned in and took one of Rachel’s nipples into his mouth, causing her to groan with pleasure. After flicking his tongue over it a few times he finally held it between his teeth and bit down lightly, causing her to nearly scream with lust. Jack loved the way her tits felt in his hands and mouth – they felt so firm yet so soft at the same time.

“Oh yeah, Jack that feels so good, oh I love the way you bite my nipples,” moaned Rachel as Jack sucked on her tits.

Jack kept his face buried in Rachel’s tits as his hands went to work unbuttoning and pulling down her shorts. As he began pulling her shorts down Rachel felt between their bodies and ran her hand along Jack’s now-hard cock, squeezing it through his shorts and stroking it up and down.

Rachel kicked off her shorts and pulled down her own panties as Jack pulled his shirt off over his head. Rachel finally leaned back on the bed, fully naked, Niğde Escort Bayan with her shaved, landing-strip covered pussy at the edge of the bed.

“Mmmm, Jack,” she moaned. “I need to feel your tongue in my pussy.”

Jack got down in front of her and ran his fingers along her wet slit. She gasped when she felt his fingers slide over her clit and between her pussy lips. He gently spread her lips apart with his fingers and pushed a finger inside her pussy, feeling her warm wetness. She moaned loudly when she felt him finger-fucking her.

“More,” she begged. “Put another finger inside me…I want to feel your tongue on my clit…”

Jack inserted not one but two, gently fucking her with three fingers as he lowered his mouth to her dripping wet pussy and ran his tongue over her clit, gently sucking on it.

“Oh God,” she moaned, writhing on the bed. “Yesss…”

Jack pumped his fingers into Rachel’s pussy faster as he sucked her clit into his mouth, thrusting his tongue inside her wet folds. She moaned louder and louder, almost screaming.

“Oh, Jack!” she shouted. “Keep going! Oh Jack I’m gonna cum!”

Jack kept finger-fucking her pussy and sucking her clit. When he twisted his fingers inside her to rub her G-spot and bit down lightly on her clit at the same time, she exploded into orgasm, screaming and writhing all over the bed. Jack kept his mouth firmly fastened to her pussy, drinking up all her sweet juices as she came.

Finally Jack sat up, looking at her. He moved up onto the bed and kissed her, letting her taste herself.

“Mmm…” she said. “I gotta say, I taste damn good.”

“I love the way you taste,” said Jack. “I’ll eat your pussy anytime you want.”

“Good, cuz I’ll hold you to it!” said Rachel with a big smile. She let her eyes wander down towards Jack’s crotch, where his hard cock was aching to break out of its denim prison. She slid down the bed towards the bulge in his pants.

“Well you did such a good job licking my pussy, maybe I should return the favor?” she asked mischievously, rubbing Jack’s cock through his shorts. Before waiting for an answer she unbuckled his belt and started pulling down his shorts. Jack stood up to allow her easier access, and Rachel remained seated on the bed, now admiring the huge bulge his cock made as it strained to be released from his boxers. Rachel grabbed Jack’s boxers and pulled down, causing his raging cock to spring up and hit her in the face. She squealed with delight as she got his boxers off, and then wrapped her hand around his respectable 8 inch cock, slowly stroking it up and down. She looked up into Jack’s eyes.

“Jack,” she said in a low, husky voice, “I want to suck your cock. Please can I suck your cock?” Jack smiled at her and ran a finger through her hair.

“Yeah Rachel, I want you to suck my cock,” replied Jack, getting more and more turned on by her dirty talk.

Rachel smiled and kissed the head of Jack’s cock, causing him to gasp in pleasure. She licked the head of his cock with her tongue before sliding the tip of her tongue all the way down to the base of his cock, and then all the way back up. She lathed the tip of his cock with her tongue as she moved her hand up and down the base of his shaft, slowly jerking him off. Finally she opened her mouth and shoved his cock as deep inside her mouth as it would go, getting as much of it in her mouth as she could. She looked up at Jack, her mouth full of cock, and then began using her tongue as she sucked him, slobbering all over his cock like it was her favorite lollipop.

She found her rhythm and started bobbing her head up and down on his cock, imitating the redhead she had seen earlier. Seeing the redhead sucking her roommates cock had made her incredibly horny, but now that she was doing the same thing she felt even more turned on. She started sucking harder and moving her head faster, all the while pumping the base of his cock with her hand. As she took more of his cock into her mouth, she ran her tongue along every inch of it, getting it soaked with her saliva.

Jack could not believe how good Rachel was at sucking cock. He had thought the redhead was good, but feeling Rachel’s talented tongue on his cock while she sucked him down into her mouth and jerked him off at the same time was almost too incredible to handle. He knew he would not last long, so after a few more seconds he decided to warn her.

“Oh, Rachel, oh God, I’m gonna cum!” Rachel moved her head even faster over his cock, stuffing as much of it as she could into her mouth. Then she moved a hand up to his balls and started massaging them as she sucked him off, and that did it.

Jack groaned deep in his chest as he started cumming in Rachel’s mouth. He shot his load deep into her throat. Rachel gagged, trying to swallow it all, but there was so much she just couldn’t. She pulled Jack’s cock from her mouth and aimed it at her face and tits. Jack shot rope Escort Niğde after rope of hot, sticky cum all over Rachel’s face and chest, covering her with his white jizz. When he finally stopped cumming, Rachel let go of his cock and rubbed his cum all over herself, massaging it into her tits and smearing it all over her face and neck, as if she were applying suntan lotion. Jack thought she looked incredibly hot covered with his cum, but knew she probably shouldn’t sleep like that. He pulled her to her feet and kissed her deeply, tasting his own cum inside her mouth.

“Let’s jump in the shower and get you cleaned up,” he said.

Rachel pouted slightly – she liked being covered in Jack’s cum, but she was not about to pass up the opportunity to shower with him.

Inside the huge shower, under the warm, soothing shower water, Jack took the soap and washed Rachel all over. He stood behind her and ran the slippery soap up her long, toned legs and over her shapely ass, then washing her back and reaching around to caress and fondle her soapy breasts. Spooned up against her, with his chest against her back and his hand on her breasts, Jack grinded his rapidly-hardening cock between Rachel’s ass cheeks. Rachel leaned forward and spread her legs slightly, and Jack’s cock slid forward, the tip of his cock brushing against the slit of her pussy.

Rachel turned around and looked Jack in the eyes.

“You wanna fuck me?” she asked him directly.

Jack nodded. “Yesss,” he groaned.

“You wanna slide your hard cock into my wet pussy?”

“God, yes.”

“Good,” said Rachel and bent over slightly, leaning against the shower wall with her legs spread apart. “Me too.”

Jack moved up behind her and slid his cock up and down her wet slit, teasing her pussy with his hard cock. Rachel turned around and looked at him.

“Fuck me, Jack!” she said. “Fuck my tight pussy with that magnificent cock of yours!”

Jack guided his cock inside Rachel’s pussy and pushed it in slowly, filling her. He slid in a few inches, then pulled out. He leaned in and whispered in her ear:

“You ready?” Rachel could only nod her head yes.

With one swift motion Jack slammed his cock all the way into Rachel’s pussy, driving his cock into her pussy to the hilt. Rachel gasped as she felt him inside her – he felt so big. Jack started slowly pumping in and out of Rachel’s pussy, savoring the feeling of her pussy walls gripping his cock as he slid out and then back in, fucking her to a slow steady rhythm.

“Ooooh fuck, that feels so good,” moaned Rachel, frigging her clit as Jack pounded her pussy from behind. “I love the way your hard cock feels inside me.”

“Your pussy is so fucking tight,” whispered Jack in her ear. “It feels so amazing around my cock.”

Rachel could only moan with pleasure as Jack continued fucking her from behind, pushing her up against the shower wall. The cool tiled wall scraping against her erect nipples made her even hornier, and she humped back against Jack, trying to get as much of him as she could inside her.

Jack took his hands off Rachel’s hips and reached in front of her to cup her breasts in his hands, pulling her against him as he slammed his cock deep inside her. He pinched and pulled on her hard erect nipples, making her moan even louder.

Finally Jack pulled out, and turned Rachel around, kissing her deeply. Rachel kissed him back, sliding her tongue inside his mouth before pushing him onto his back, making him lie on the shower floor. Jack shivered as he felt the cool floor tiles against his back, but his chills stopped when Rachel straddled him and squatted down over his crotch. She took his cock in her hand and guided it to her pussy, lowering herself down onto Jack’s cock slowly, then moving up and thrusting down hard, impaling herself on it completely. She bounced up and down on Jack’s cock, her gorgeous tits swinging wildly as she rode him. Jack thought she looked so hot, riding his cock like a cowgirl with the warm shower water cascading down over her hot body. He reached up and grabbed two handfuls of her perfect tits, again twisting and pulling her nipples as she impaled herself again and again on his hard cock.

All of this was too much for Jack. He felt his orgasm building.

“Oh God, Rachel, I’m gonna cum!”

“Yes, cum for me baby, I want us to cum together, oh God, cum inside me Jack, please I want to feel you shoot your load inside my pussy, oh God!”


Jack groaned as his balls contracted and he shot his cum deep inside Rachel’s pussy. As soon as Rachel felt his hot cum splashing up inside her, her own orgasm overtook her and she too started cumming. Jack felt her pussy spasming around his cock as she came, and he shot more ropes of cum deep inside her, his whole body shaking.

Jack and Rachel finally both stopped cumming and collapsed onto each other. After a few minutes, Jack started gently kissing Rachel’s neck and behind her ears, enticing her to get up. They finished showering together and dried each other off, caressing each other gently and lovingly.

Finally they climbed into bed together, still naked, and, exhausted from their sexual activities, drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms.

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