Surprise At The Drive In Ch. 3

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On the Way to the Drive-in

Fifteen minutes later we popped into the car and were off down the driveway. Deb was dressed in a semi-sheer blouse unbuttoned down to the middle of her cleavage. It was obvious she wasn’t wearing a bra. She also wore a black mini-skirt and a pair of sandals. She had dried her hair and had it rolled up and pinned in a French curl on the back of her head. Little wisps of hair had escaped and hung down sensually, framing the edges of her face. I, on the other the hand, wore only a pair of shorts and sneakers. I carried a t-shirt just in case, which I tossed in the back seat as we got in the car.

As I pulled away she scooted over and laid her head on my shoulder. Looking down into the front of her blouse I could see her full breasts, including those ruby red nubs I loved to suck on so much. Her hand as usual worked its way down over my chest, tummy and right under the edge of my shorts, but then pulled out like a shot. “Stop the car!” She demanded.

I hit the brakes, but before I could stop or say anything, she said, “No way! You get that underwear off right now.”

I looked at her incredulously, my mouth hanging open.

“Close your mouth… If I’m going almost naked,” she said with a smug smile, pulling up her dress to expose a completely bare beaver, “then you need to provide me with the same opportunities. So, stop the car and get those undies off. ” I looked at her in disbelief and she finally added a soft, sweet, “Pleeease.”

I put the car in park, pulled off my shorts and underpants and started to pull my shorts back on, when she added in a sensual tone, “You could leave those off too… and I would have really free access to all your parts. ” She snuggled up even closer, running her hand all over my genitals.

I thought about it, but decided against it. “I’ll tell you what. I’ll pull them back up most of the way, but leave them open to give you pretty good access. That way, just in case we get stopped, I can quickly fasten them up. And I’ll need to do that at the ticket booth any way.”

“Okaay. ” She acquiesced almost in a whisper and tone that said ‘but’, “however, I can’t play with your balls as easily… I guess there will be time for that later, though. ” Satisfied with that – I guessed – I finished arranging my shorts to give her as much access as possible and still be able to quickly fasten them up in an emergency.

“Now, we need to be even about this, so take off your blouse. ” Now it was her turn to look at me incredulously with an open mouth. “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, you know.”

“I don’t think so. ” She protested. “I sit too high in the car. Too exposed. No one is going to see you exposed down there, unless they stick their head inside the car. Besides, you can look right down the front of my blouse and see all you want. I need room to play. You have to keep your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road. ” She went on. “There will be plenty of time and nakedness for play later on when we get there.”

“Okay! Okay!” I interrupted, as I hit the gas. She laid her head on my shoulder. I wrapped my arm around her and pulled her close, while her hand fell upon my semi-flaccid cock and we were off.

We drove along quietly for a little while, when very timidly and softly Deb asked, “Would you like me better if I had big breasts like Joy?”

“Would I like you better?” I repeated her question, stalling for time as I tried to think of the best answer, knowing there was no right one. “No. ” I finally said, trying to sound definite. “I love you and your breasts just the way they are.”

She tilted her head up and kissed me tenderly on the cheek and then said, “Thanks. I love you so. You know just what to say to make me feel good. ” She hesitated, then continued, “But I can’t help but think that, as much as you like to play and suck on my breasts, that you would love it better if they were a lot bigger.”

I didn’t say a thing, hoping she would change the subject, because, of course, she was right. I would love it if her breasts were larger, but I’m satisfied with what I have and I couldn’t love her any more, either way. Luckily, the car turned quiet again.

After a few quiet minutes, I asked, “During your girl talk, did Joy tell you how she was able to get Tony up five times in only four hours?”

“Why? Are you nervous?” She teased. “We only have to get you up three more times by my count.”

“No, not nervous. ” I lied. “Just curious, that’s all.”

“Well, you don’t really expect me to kiss and tell do you?”

“No. I don’t expect you to kiss and tell. But, Joy has already kissed and told. ” I argued. “Now that she’s given it up, I’m sure she wouldn’t mind.”

“Well, I’m sure she would mind. Just like I would mind, if she told Tony what I told her in confidence. But, I guess I could tell you this much – that, she didn’t get it five times at the show. In fact, she only got it twice during the movies.”

“Well that makes me feel a little better. So when did Tony get into her the other three times?”

“Well… ummm… that’s Bostancı Escort just it… ummm… ” she stammered, as I kept glancing at her in anticipation. This was beginning to sound juicy. “I really shouldn’t be telling you this… but… well ah… Tony didn’t get her three more times.”

“What? What do you mean by that?”

“I’ve told you too much already.”

“No. No!” I exclaimed, becoming exasperated. “You can’t leave me hanging and wondering like this. ” “Alright. ” She gave in. I could tell she was just dieing to tell me. Very quietly, like she was trying to keep someone else in the car from overhearing, she continued, “Tony only screwed her twice.”

“You’re kidding. Who else was she fooling around with?

“Come on. You can’t figure that out. Brad of course.”

“You’re kidding. Brad did her three times? Or is there more?”

“I guess as long as I have told you this much, I might as well tell you the whole story. Only thing is Marjorie doesn’t know anything about this.”

“Okay. But I don’t know Marjorie or Brad for that matter. Only what you have told me about them at work and so forth. And I wouldn’t be talking about it with her or anyone else anyway.”

“No, I guess not. ” She said reluctantly. “Well, here it is. Joy said her and Tony got it on once during the first movie and so did Brad and Marjorie in the front seat. So to spice things up during the second, they decided that one couple would describe what was going on in the movie, while the other couple performed.”

“You mean while they performed the other couple were watching them?” I asked in disbelief, but noticed that my cock was getting noticeably more rigid. Deb wasn’t really stroking me at this point, more or less she was just holding me and occasionally running a thumb or finger over the head. So the image of one couple looking over the seat while the other couple was acting out an x-rated movie scene was immediately very stimulating.

“I guess. But they are probably used to that according to some of the other stories Joy has told me about them. They go to secluded beaches, etcetera and are making love in sight of each other fairly often. Anyway this gets better yet. ” She promised.

“Well, tell me more. ” I teased.

“The plan had been that at the end of each scene the couples would change roles. However, during the first scene the couple on the screen are joined by another couple. After a little foreplay they swapped partners. So Tony and Brad discuss if they’re going to do the same. Joy is all for it, but I guess Marjorie wasn’t too keen on the idea, but they went ahead and swapped anyway. Now, Marjorie doesn’t know that Joy told me this.”

“Ah, Joy tells tales out school, eh. ” I remarked.

“Yeah, she sure does and it even gets better.”

“Hard to believe, but go on, this is sounding good.”

“Yes, I can tell. ” She said and squeezed me hard indicating how she could tell. “Well, anyway, Brad and Joy got it on in the back seat. Joy was bubbling when she told me about this, saying how much better the sex was, because Brad’s cock was so much bigger than Tony’s.”

“So, I take it that was Joy’s second screwing of the night? How did she get three more? And did Marjorie do it with Tony?” I asked as images of the night before ran through my mind.

“I guess they did, but Joy never really said and Marj, well she wasn’t in on this part of the conversation. As far as the other three times, this is the good part. Brad drove and for some odd reason he took Marjorie home first. Then while Tony and Joy were necking and fooling around in the back seat, Brad drove them to Joy’s apartment. Tony’s car was there, so they both got out.

“Joy said that all the way home, although she was necking with Tony; all she could think about was Brad’s big cock. “

Looking down Deb’s blouse, I could see she was getting turned on as well by the story telling. Here nipples were definitely perking up as I asked, “She actually said Brad’s big cock?” I couldn’t believe that girls talked that crudely. I guess I was a little naive.

“Yeah. ” Deb responded as if to say, what’s the big deal, but added, “That was her exact words.”

“I’m sorry, I just didn’t think that girls talked that… that… crudely. Like us guys talk.”

“You’d be amazed. When girls are together by themselves they are every bit as vulgar, if not more so.

“Anyway, I guess she couldn’t get the size of Brad’s cock out of her mind all the way home. So, before she got out of the car she asks Brad if he wants to come upstairs with her and Tony for a night cap. He agreed and the three went up stairs.

“Joy said that once they got up to the apartment she excused herself while Tony mixed drinks. She changed into a teddy and a sheer lacy nightgown. When she came out the guys whistled and made all kinds of appreciative comments.

“She said she turned around a couple of times and slid up to Tony, began rubbing his crotch and then asked Brad, ‘You didn’t get a chance to see Tony and me screwing around, like we say you and Marjorie. Would you like to watch Kadıköy Escort us now?’ Then she asked Tony if he would mind. Of course both of them were all for it.”

“This is hard to believe. ” I interjected.

“Hard to believe because you think she’s making it up? Or hard to believe because you wish it would happened to you?” She asked trying to put me on the spot.

“No! No!” I said immediately, trying to defend myself. “I’m perfectly happy the way things are. It’s just hard to believe she is so bold.”

“You think that’s bold. Before poor Tony even has his pants down, she tells Brad, ‘Maybe when Tony is finished with me, you might like to come finish the job. ‘

“Now that’s really hard to believe. If I was Tony I would be zipping back up and getting out of there for good.”

“You talk good. But I’m not so sure that if you had those big round boobs facing you that you would give up the chance to fuck her silly. Maybe afterwards you would walk out on her, but I doubt you would before. Besides, according to Joy, she already had his cock out and was lowering herself to her knees, when she said this to Brad.

“Then she took Tony in her mouth. And to make a long story short, Tony finally fucked her after she sucked him for a while to get him hard enough. And, as soon as Tony was off of her, Brad was right between her legs.”

“She told you all this?”

“Every word – but, in much more graphic detail. She said she told Brad as soon as Tony was off her, ‘Brad, get that big cock over here. Can’t keep a girl waiting when she’s hot. ‘

“Okay. Well, that’s four times. How does she get five? And where’s Tony when Brad is doing Joy?” I ask looking down her blouse again. I let go of the wheel just long enough to reach inside and give one of her nipples a little tweak.

“Stop that. ” She protested, slapping my hand. “Keep your hand on the wheel, there’ll be plenty of time for that later. “

And with not so much as a pause she continued saying, “According to Joy, Tony just rolled far enough to be out of the way and watched.”

“I’m not sure I could do that. ” I assumed, shaking my head, as visions of Deb being fucked by someone else raced through my mind; although, my dick was getting noticeably harder with those thoughts.

“That makes me glad. ” She said warmly, kissing me on the cheek.

“Now, after Brad’s done with her or is it the other way around. Anyway, they ask Brad if he wants to stay the night and sleep on the couch. He agrees and Tony and Joy go off to bed. Joy said that Tony was asleep in no time at all. She couldn’t stop thinking about Brad’s big cock. So after Tony started snoring she got out of bed and sneaked out to Brad. And this is where it really gets good.

“So, she sneaks out to the living room to find Brad is already asleep. She said she sat there for a while all frustrated and getting hotter by the second. Anyway, after about fifteen minutes of stewing, she finally gets up enough courage to carefully pull down Brads blanket. Luckily he was turned on his side facing her and went to bed naked as he was when Tony and Joy had left to go to bed.”

Not sure what to make of this, I asked, “She tells you all this… in this… this much detail?”

“Yeah. ” She returns in a tone as if to say why not. “And I haven’t even got to the juiciest part yet.”

“It’s just hard for me to believe you girls are discussing your love lives in this amount of detail. It’s like reading one of those letters in Penthouse Forum.”

I get another; “Yeah. ” with the same annunciation and meaning as you would get out of whatever today. And she continues, “Anyway, Brad is still asleep. She gets down on her knees and takes him into her mouth.”

“When you say him,” I interrupt, teasingly. “you mean his cock.”

Letting go of mine, she gives me a slap across the chest, but her hand quickly returns, as she continues her story. “She sucks on his cock until it starts getting harder and harder in her mouth, but he’s not waking up. So, she says that she started to really suck his cock even harder and faster and she hers him moaning in his sleep. But, now she is afraid he’s going to come in her mouth and she tells me – and these are her exact words, ‘I’m out there to get laid, not give him a wet dream. ‘”

“Incredible!” I remark. “When a guy tells tales out of school, it would be – I snuck out there. I ate her. Fucked her. And it was great.”

I get another slap. “That’s called bragging, not telling a story… So, she lets go with her mouth, takes a hold of him… his cock… with her hand, crawls up and starts kissing him until he wakes up. And to make a long story short, she crawls on top and gets her fifth fuck on the night.”

“Oh great. ” I act put out. “Now, when you finally get to the good stuff, you leave out all the details.”

To this I get slapped across the chest for the third time and she chides me in the teasing rhetoric we are in, by saying, “Well – it sounded from your last remark that I was going too slow, so I put in terms that a male could understand. ” And she gave Göztepe Escort me that – thank you very much – smile.

“But, if you want more details – Joy said, that after he woke and started kissing back, she slid up on top of him and guided him – I mean his cock – into her pussy and began fucking him slow and easy. ” She kept placing emphasis on the crude words, I guess, to give me a hard time for my comment on him versa cock earlier. I could tell she was having fun with it and it was spicing up the conversation. I was getting harder from hearing her use those words and when I glanced down her blouse, her nipples seemed to be swelling bigger as well. Instead of just rubbing my cock, she was actually stoking me now. At least in between her love slaps to my chest.

Turning slightly she began kissing me on the neck and up near my ear, whispering in a deeper, huskier, more sensuous voice; she continued her story in present tense as if it were happening right then and there, “They continue kissing and slowly screwing, his big cock filling her more than any other cock she has ever had. Things are getting hotter and hotter and the thrusts are beginning to get harder and a little faster. The passion grows; their breathing becomes more labored. She loves the feel of that big, fat cock driving into her. She really likes the fact that she is in control, that she is the one bearing down on him, that she is really driving him deeper and deeper up inside her. Deeper than any other man has ever been. “

As she whispered the story, Debs own breathing began to increase and her stroking on my cock increased in speed and hardness. Deb went on, “She loves the feeling of being penetrated so deep and stretched so wide. She kisses him with more and more passion, moaning into his mouth, running her tongue in and out of Brads mouth in time with her thrusting, becoming more and more wrapped up in the moment. ” Deb paused and pulled herself up high enough to kiss me and demonstrate how Joy had kissed Brad the night before. After a moment or two of that she slid back down and continued whispering her story. “Brad feels those huge luscious breasts rolling over his chest, the hard ripe nipples penetrating into his chest. She is the hottest woman he has ever had. ” Deb’s hand was now running up and down my cock faster and faster. At the top of the stroke she paused long enough to allow her index finger to roll across the top of its head and slide down the back side; then to roll back over the top on the next stroke bringing a little bit of pre-cum with it to lubricate my shaft. Down her hand would slide to its base, her lower fingers trailing down to touch my balls and then to streak back up again to collect a little more of that pre-cum.

“They piston into each other with wild abandonment, thrusting and pushing, thrusting and pushing. Brad will last a long time. He has already cum three times tonight. This is a fuck that neither one of them will soon forget. How long can this symphony of sensual lust go on as they fuck each other in wild abandonment. ” Again, Deb rose up and slipped her tongue into my mouth and quickly returned to her former position.

“I’m so damn hot. ” She added now. “I’ve been this way all day. I can’t wait ’til we get there and you can cool me off a little.”

“I think you’re exaggerating the story. But it’s okay. I like it. And yes, you do sound a little wound up.”

“I might be embellishing a little, but not much. When Joy was finished telling me the story I had to go to the bathroom and get some relief.”

“Relief? What do you mean, relief? I wondered, although I had an idea what she meant, but couldn’t belief my wife to be did that kind of thing.

“You know. I had to play with myself ’til I came.”

“Wow!” I said, really amazed. “I’m learning all kinds of things about you tonight. I just didn’t think nice girls did that.”

“Are you kidding? All those nights before we started doing it. You would get me so hot. I friged myself to sleep more than one night… And some of those nights when we where making out at the apartment… before I was ready to give it up… and I would excuse myself to go to the bathroom… I was in there making myself cum, to regain some self control.”

“I had no idea.”

“Speaking of self control. Why don’t we adjust here a little bit?” Deb suggested, letting go of my cock. She took my hand from around her shoulder and brought it down between her legs. I new immediately what she wanted, but she explained anyway, “Play with me a little, while I continue the story.”

We adjusted our positions slightly so I could reach her vaginal area more easily. My finger slid into her wet groove without difficulty. I let it slide right over her clit and felt her shudder slightly. It descended still further until it reached her opening. Curling my finger, I let it slide in – up to about the first knuckle or so was all I could reach. Then I pulled it out and slid my finger up her gash until it crossed her clit again. Slowly I continued this manipulation, sliding my finger down between the engorged lips, into her love box as far as I could reach, back out bringing some lubrication with it and up that groove to caress her love button again. Then back again and again and again. She really seemed to like it; shuddering each time I crossed that bundle of nerves.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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