Texas Pit Stop

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“Come here, Big Boy,” Cindy purred as she sprawled out sideways across the bed. Her body, still warm from the shower, was growing warmer as thoughts of making love passed through her mind.

“Jesus, Cynthia. For God’s sake get some clothes on. Mom is expecting us downstairs for dinner in fifteen minutes.” Tom pulled his tan slacks up over his light blue boxer shorts.

“C’mon Tom.” Cindy batted her eyes at her husband of fifteen years. “It’s just a quickie. Beside, I can’t believe that in all your thirty-seven years on this planet, you have never fantasized about screwing in your parents’ house.”

“No.” Tom tucked his feet into his black size twelve shoes. He then knelt to the floor and tied the laces on his shoes.

“Not even when we were first dating?” Cindy rolled over onto her side and cocked her leg exposing herself to her husband. “As I recall, back then you seemed to want to do it in all sorts of places.”

Tom looked up briefly then turned away. ” I don’t know,” He stuttered. “Maybe once, but I don’t feel that way this second.”

“This second? Try this whole year.” Cindy dragged herself up from the bed. She slipped a red dress with tiny white polka dots over her head then buttoned up the front. She tied the bow around the waist then sat back down on the edge bed in front of Tom, who was busily wiping an invisible layer of dust off his shoes with a white handkerchief.

In one last attempt to get Tom’s attention, Cindy spread her legs in front of him and feinting innocence said, “Oops. I guess I forgot something.”

Without looking up, Tom reached into the suitcase on the floor beside him and pulled out a pair of white panties. He held them out in her direction. “Here you go.”

Cindy snatched the panties from Tom’s hand and yanked them up over her legs. “You know, it wouldn’t kill you to look at me every once in a while. I am your wife for God’s sake.”

“Meaning?” Tom rose to his feet. He folded the handkerchief in half and then shoved it into his back pocket.

“Meaning, we are supposed to be in love and be lovers.” A heavy sigh passed through her lips. “I thought this was our chance to escape, maybe find ourselves again and just be together for awhile.”

“We are together.”

“Yeah. Here at the Mother-in-law Convent of Chastity.”

“I guess am just not in the mood. Maybe tomorrow.” Tom leaned over and kissed Cindy on the forehead. “Do you want me to find you a bra?”

“No!” Cindy stood up quickly and headed for the bedroom door. “We shouldn’t make your mom wait any longer.”

That conversation was two days old, but the words were still fresh in Cindy’s mind. She had tried to forget it, but now on the drive home all she could do was think about it. “What else was there to do on the cross-country drive through Texas?” she thought to herself. The last radio station had faded out an hour ago, every mile of desert was basically the same and the only thing that broke up the monotony of the road was the occasional dead armadillo. Cindy slouched in her leather bucket seat. Maybe she would nap.

When she awoke several hours later, the digital clock in the car read 6:00 PM. Cindy sat up in her seat and checked the roadway signs. According to the itinerary that Tom had showed her, they were supposed to be stopping soon.

A highway sign passed by and the names of the upcoming towns did not register in her head. She gave a quick look at Tom whom seemed to sense her confusion.

“I decided to drive straight through.” Tom said. “We are only eight hours away now and I am sure we can make it home late tonight. I thought it would be nice to sleep in our own bed.”

Cindy said nothing and instead slumped back into her seat. Just great, she thought as the image of her five-acre ranch estate in the middle of Nowhere, New Mexico flashed in her mind’s eye. I go from the convent to solitary confinement.

Cindy took a quick glance at the dash. How long is this journey back to boredom going to take? The cruise was set at 77 miles per hour, two miles over the posted limit. Warp speed for Tom. Cindy stared at the face, of the man she had chosen to marry. He was humming tunes from his favorite Broadway musicals. Tom was Mr. No Risks or Mr. No Cajones as the Mexicans that worked on the ranch would say. He was a ‘vanilla ice-cream in a brown paper bag’ type of guy.

Cindy closed her eyes again. She could always escape in her dreams.

The sudden stop of the car jolted her awake. Cindy checked the dashboard clock. Three more hours had passed and the sun had long set behind a thin line of the horizon. The new moon that hung in the sky reminded her of the Cheshire Cat’s smile.

Cindy stretched her arms behind the headrest of the chair and pressed her feet hard into the floorboards, hoping to get some circulation back into her dormant muscles. “What’s going on?”

“We’ve stopped.” Tom said.

“Thanks for the traffic report. Any idea why?”


“Wanna fool around? We could pretend Anadolu Yakası Escort we are at a drive-in.”

“Is that all you think about?” Tom glared at her.

Cindy lowered her head and covered her chest with her arms. She said nothing else. Fifteen minutes past and brake lights turned to parking lights, as the line of cars in front of them seemed to be settling down for a long wait. Tom shut down the engine and then reclined his seat. “We could be here a while.” He yawned and closed his eyes.

“How long do you think?” Cindy spoke in almost a whisper.

“As long as it takes, I guess,” Tom replied.

“And you not curious about it?”

“Why should I be?” Tom gestured with his thumb towards the back window. “When the time comes, the motor on that rig back there will fire up and we will go.” Tom yawned then said. “But, if your curiosity is going to cause you to explode, you can go out there and find out. I’ll be here.” The last few of Tom’s words came out slurred. He had fallen asleep.

Cindy remained silent as she thought about what Tom had said. It was one of the few times he had told her to do something that could even be remotely considered as dangerous; and going out on the highway at night was just that. A minute later she made up her mind, and she popped open the door to the car. The bright light flooded the compartment. Tom eyes flinched, then relaxed. His heavy breathing resumed, and he drifted back into deep sleep.

Cindy took one more look at Tom and then closed the door to the car.

Outside the car, the night air was cool and the dark sky seemed more ominous. She looked up and wondered if she had ever seen so many stars. She never went outside during the night at home. It wasn’t safe, Tom would tell her.

Next to her, a car door slam and she jumped. The driver of the car walked quickly into the desert and then disappeared into the shadows. Cindy stared off in the direction he had gone, wondering what was out there beyond the red glow of the lights that was so important. Several minutes later, the man returned. His walk was more relaxed and a content smile covered his face. He saw Cindy and gave a hesitant wave with his fingers.

Cindy smiled at her own ignorance as the realization of what had just occurred sunk into her brain. “Feeling better?” She asked.

The man gave a sheepish smile. “Much. Thanks.”

Cindy was sure that his face was bright red with embarrassment though she couldn’t see his blushing face in the pale light. The man got into the car and pulled out a map and hid his face from view.

Up ahead some blue and red lights caught her attention. She walked forward hoping to see what was going on, if for no other reason than to have some information to tell Tom when she got back to the car. Not that it really mattered; he didn’t care about anything other than financial reports and stock prospects anyway. It still would be nice to have something to talk about.

As she walked, Cindy looked at the cars she passed. They varied in size and shape, but in the dark, their colors appeared black. Cindy walked another 100-yards and passed a large tractor-trailer.

Isolated from the road and the heat of the idling cars, the night air was cold and Cindy wished she had grabbed her sweat suit jacket from the backseat of the car before she left. She swung her arms back and forth as she walked. “Maybe a little movement might help,” Cindy thought as she passed the truck’s cab.

“Certainly is a beautiful night for a stroll.” The male voice came out of the shadows.

The man took a step closer and became visible in the light of the rig’s yellow parking lights. The man wore a T-shirt and jeans. A worn baseball cap rested on his head while a pair of old boots covered his feet. He lit a cigarette and offered it to Cindy.

Cindy hesitated. “I really don’t smoke,” she said as she accepted the cigarette from his fingers.

“Yeah, me neither. I just keep a pack handy for when I get stuck in traffic.” He smiled and the lines of a lifetime of laughing appeared on his face.

Cindy stared at his face. His eyes, grayish blue, looked like the sky just after the rain, but it was his soft deep voice that made Cindy’s heart race.

She quickly shook it off the feeling. “Do you know why we’re stopped?”

“Some young hot shot flipped his rig.” The trucker took a drag of his cigarette. “Lucky for him, but unlucky for me, he walked away without a scratch.”

“God that’s awful. Cindy said as she stood up on her toes to try and get a glimpse of the overturned truck. Unable to see much past the long line of cars she relaxed back down.

Suddenly the wind blew and she shivered. Again, Cindy wished for her coat. She could always go back and get it. It was just down the road in her car. Cindy didn’t moved. She was frozen, fearful that if she moved he would disappear back into the shadows. She cursed herself for her high-school antics. How could a man she just met get to her Pendik Escort so easily? Hell,” she thought to herself. “He has only said four sentences.

The trucker took another drag from his cigarette and blew smoke into the air away from her. “My guess is we’ll be here about an hour. The lights up there are the cops stopping traffic. We still have to wait for the tow truck to arrive and pull that idiot’s wreck off the road. After that they will let us go through.”

Cindy shivered again. The only parts of her that were warm were the fingers that held the glowing cigarette. She put it to her lips and inhaled. The acidic smoke filled her lungs and she coughed loudly.

The trucker laughed. “I’ll be damned. You don’t smoke, do you? Do you drink?”

Cindy handed the cigarette back to the man and tucked her hands under her arms, cradling them next to her body. “Not really.”

“Me neither. I just keep a bottle around when I am stuck in traffic.”

Cindy smiled. “My name is Cindy.” She held out her hand.

“Pleasure to meet you, Cindy.” The trucker grasped her hand. “I’m Steve.”

His palm was rough and warm. There was strength in it, but his fingers held her hand softly between them. His innocent touch made Cindy’s heart jump into her throat. She tried to calm her nerves. “Is that bottle close-by?” Cindy asked.

Steve’s eyes showed a hit of surprise at her question. “It’s in the cab.”

“Can we sit in the cab? I am really cold.” The words came as a surprise to her. What am I doing? Tom would freak if he heard she was drinking and with the trucker in his truck, no less.

Steve looked at a face and then at the ring on her hand. His look of surprise suddenly turned to skepticism. “Lady, is this some kind of setup?” Steve threw the cigarette to the ground crushed it beneath the toe of his boot.

Cindy quickly pulled her hand away. Her heart went from her throat to the pit of her stomach and she could feel the tears well in her eyes. “I am sorry.” Her voice cracked. “I didn’t mean to be so forward. I am really not like that. I’d better go.”

She turned away, hoping that she could fight back the sobs long enough to get out of earshot. How could I be so stupid? She cursed her feelings, her emotions and her desires to be held and touched.

Suddenly, she felt a strong hand on her shoulder. He spun her with both force and tenderness. Steve stared at her. “You don’t have to go.”

She could feel her heart race back into her chest. “Good, because I really don’t want to…” She moved closer as if drawn to him by some unknown force. Steve pulled her closer to his chest. She could smell the sweat and truck stop cologne on his T-shirt.

His lips fell upon her mouth and she accepted them without complaint. She could taste the smoke and coffee on his breath and feel his thick tongue penetrate. Her mouth grew dry as fear and excitement raced through her body. She needed this man.

Seconds later, Steve released her. They stared at each other in awkward silence and then he turned and walked away. For a split second, the yellow running lights drenched his body in a fiery hue and then he disappeared around the side of the truck.

“Was that it? Just one kiss” she thought as she watched him go. “Oh God. That can’t be it.”

She heard a door open and close. The engine of the truck came to life and a plume of smoke belched from the stack.

Cindy turned and stared out into the darkness along the road. Back there, was her husband and he was safe and boring. She took several slow steps. She could feel the tears stream down her face. The full force of her neediness was evident. There was no controlling the tears.

As she passed the passenger-side door of the cab, it opened. Resting on the seat was Steve. In his hand was a half-empty bottle of Whiskey. “You still want that drink?”

Cindy quickly stepped up into the truck and closed the door. A blast of warm air hit her in the chest. The faint smell of oil and exhaust was added to the sweat and cologne. She looked into his eyes, but found no words. Instead, she pulled him close and their lips met again.

He accepted her, but instead of pulling her close he tugged her backwards into the sleeping quarters behind the seats. Cindy went willingly. There was no going back now.

There was nothing feminine about the sleeping quarters. It was a tiny space whose only light was a small reading lamp. A bed supported on a wood fame containing three drawers occupied the majority of the area. A worn comforter lay in a heap in the center of the bed. The mattress was covered with a set of old flannel sheets. Several small pictures of mountain scenery were taped to the wall along side the bed. A small mirror hung above the foot of the bed. Below it was a thin wooden shelf that held a coffee cup filled with a razor, a toothbrush and a comb.

Steve smiled. “I don’t get many visitors,” he said as he pulled Cindy on to the mattress.

Cindy could smell Steve’s Kurtköy Escort scent on the bed. It was a smell of pure masculinity and it calmed and excited her at the same time further. She fell into Steve’s arms again. This time he pulled her close. As they kissed, Cindy could feel Steve’s hands along her back. The rough skin of his fingers tugged gently on the tiny fibers of her shirt as they outlined the strap of her brassier. His touch moved over the clasp and in an instant, her bra was open and her breasts were free.

Steve then pulled her shirt out from her pants and slid it over her head. His hands ran along her back. He massaged the muscles of her shoulders, soothing their need to be touched.

“Hmm” Cindy purred and pulled away. She pushed her chest towards Steve’s mouth and he cupped a breast in his hand then fed it to his lips. Her nipples rose as his tongue circled them.

Again, she moaned. It had been so long and now every part of her body wanted Steve’s attention. She tore at his cloths, but her clumsy fingers found it hard to get at his flesh.

As if sensing her frustration, Steve sat up. He removed his hat and pulled his T-shirt over his head. Cindy stared at the muscular chest. It was covered with thick dark hair. His stomach was flat and the rows of muscles flexed at relaxed with every breath. She leaned forward and run her tongue over his body, nibbling and sucking on the taunt flesh.

In her ear, Steve pants gave way to soft moans. Cindy felt his hands reach for her breasts. His thumb and forefinger found her erect nipples and she could feel him toy and tease them until she almost came from the sensation.

“Oh God,” Cindy moaned, but her pleasure was mixed with pain, for between her legs, her sex, lonely for so long, now throbbed and ached. It begged for attention and would not be satisfied by her hand this time.

Heeding the call of desire, Cindy quickly kicked off her tennis shoes and undid the buttons on her pants. She slid both her pants and her pleasure soaked panties to the floor. They rested in heap above her shoes. She then attacked the buttons of Steve’s jeans with wild abandon. She pulled and tugged at them until they yielded their long hard treasure.

Only after the buttons were opened, did Steve intervene and in one motion he pulled his pants over his legs and discarded them along with his boots at the end of the bed.

When Steve laid down again, Cindy got a good look at his manhood. It was erect and stood above his waist like a spire. Her heart skipped a beat and she seemed to gasp for air. It felt like she was seeing a naked man one for the first time and she longed to touch his cock and have his cock touch her.

Cindy reached out gently and cupped his sack in her hand. She felt the weight of Steve’s balls in her palm. She remembered how her sister-in-law had given her a set of steel, therapeutic orbs as a gift. They were supposed to relieve stress. However, when her desire for the feel of man grew too much to bear and she would roll them in her fingers of one hand as she masturbated with the other. The warm sensation of Steve’s testicles felt much better than her cold steel balls.

Cindy played with her new toy for a several minutes. Memorizing its shape, its feel and its color. It had been a year since she had held Tom’s and even then, he preferred just intercourse. Tom would never let explore his tool like Steve’s was allowing her to do now.

Cindy then ran he fingers along length of Steve’s cock. It was smooth and hard. Beneath the skin, she could see the veins that fed his thick meat. His cock was so perfect, so beautiful. Suddenly Steve flexed and his cock twitched. Cindy jumped. She had never seen one move so fast.

Steve chuckled. “I know for fact it doesn’t bite. But has been known to spit.”

Cindy laughed and tentatively grabbed Steve’s cock in her fist and gave a couple gently strokes.

“Oh Darlin’, that feels so good.” Steve moaned.

Cindy then lowered her mouth over the tip of Steve’s cock and down his shaft. Steve’s tool was thick and it filled her mouth, stretching her lips. She could smell his musk, feel the bristly hair on her nostrils and taste the salt fluid of his pre-cum in her mouth.

Steve moaned and whispered “Oh baby, that feels so good.”

Encouraged by his words she moved faster, sucking and kissing and enjoying each new sensation as it washed over her. She was in pure heaven.

As she sucked, she could feel Steve’s hands along her legs. Instinctively she spread them apart and a split second later; Steve’s hands were on her. His touch was light and knowing and she could not help, but to pause and enjoy the caress of his fingers as they danced over her pussy.

Within seconds a feeling of pure ecstasy washed over her. Her stomach tightened and her pussy contracted. The words “Oh fuck” filled her ears and though she had uttered them, her own voice didn’t sound familiar. Again, she trembled as a second wave of cum erupted from within. It was followed by another and then a fourth. She could feel the wetness soak her legs. All other sensations were snuffed out by her climax.

When she recovered, she found herself resting on Steve’s waist. His cock held tightly in her fist.

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