The Cat and the Kitten Ch. 05

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Edited by Spencerfiction. With thanks.


“I can’t believe you fucked Stacy!” Lynn hissed as they got in the elevator and she poked at the button forcefully.

“I didn’t think it would be a big deal to you, Lynn,” Will said uncomfortably. He had decided it was best to tell her where Lauren had got it out of him the night before.

“You’re fucking me, you ASSHOLE! Remember?!?!”

“Yeah, but it’s casual sex isn’t it? At least I thought it was supposed to be. I didn’t think I wasn’t supposed to be with other women. I’m still dating Heidi as well, remember?”

“I don’t give a fuck about Howdy but I don’t want you fucking my friends, Will. Jesus!”

“It was a one night stand, ok?”

“Yeah, right.”

“I swear to God, Lynn. I’m not going to jeopardize being with you to be with her. She got me downstairs that day she was over and before I knew it she was giving me a blowjob. She stopped then and made me promise to fuck her if I wanted her to continue.”

“That slut!” Lynn looked at him with shock.

The door opened and they went to the cafeteria to get coffee. Lynn was wearing a tight sleeveless top with a knee length tight grey skirt, black nylons and black high heels. Her ass was well defined in the skirt and every guy they passed tried to steal looks at her. When they got to the line-up a young guy was walking back with his coffee and just could not help but stare at her. She had her long hair tied up in a tumble with gold hoop earrings.

“What the fuck are you staring at?” she snapped.

The guy peered back through black rimmed glasses. He was young, just around their age, and wore a white lab coat with his dress shirt and casual pants. His ID tag and keys hung from a lanyard around his neck and he actually had a pocket protector in the breast pocket of his lab coat with an assortment of pens. He had short, clean, but unkempt brown hair and he immediately turned bright red and hurried off with a horrified look on his face.

“Jesus, Lynn,” Will snapped at her, “Was that necessary?”

“Fuck!” She looked around to see how many people had seen the exchange, a few looked back with distaste. “You got me upset!” she hissed at Will.

“Get in control of yourself.”

“You better get in control of yourself as well if you want to keep our situation going, you understand?”

“Yeah. Ok, ok. That was mean though. That poor guy looked devastated.”

“You’re trying to make me feel bad?”

“I just feel for the guy, ok?”

“When I see him again I’ll apologize ok? Guys are always fucking harassing me.”

“He was just looking, Lynn. Poor guy probably wouldn’t even be able to speak to you.”

“Ok! Jesus.”

Their building was quite large so it took her a few days before she saw the lab guy again. She hurried down the hallway to try and catch up but tight dresses and high heels make running difficult. He got to the elevator and waited with a group of others.

“Hey! You!” she called as the doors were opening and there were still several people and thirty feet of hallway between them. All the people waiting looked over and his face immediately betrayed surprise and fright. “Oh. Hey. Glad I could catch you,” she told him as the rest of the people starting boarding the elevator, including several disappointed looking guys. He stood there fidgeting, wearing a plaid shirt and casual dress pants with the same lab coat. Lynn had her long black hair straightened today with a tight, earth tone short dress and bare legs.

“Hi,” he managed to squeak.

“Yeah so, ahhhh I didn’t mean to snap at you the other day. I was upset but it was rude and I apologize.”

“That’s ok.” He looked around nervously.

“Ahhhh Stephen Gage,” she read his name tag, she never wore hers so he was at a disadvantage, “of Research and Development. I should had guessed with the lab coat and all.”

“Ahhhh right,” he laughed nervously as he started to blush.

“Lynn Delaney,” she extended her hand, “of Human Resources.” His hand was cold and clammy when he loosely shook hers. “Are you nervous talking to me, Stephen?” she started to tease him, unable to control herself.

“I … ahhhh … well …”

“You don’t like HR types I bet,” she said, knowing that wasn’t the reason.

“No! I mean I don’t have anything against HR.”

“You must just be nervous because you think I’m a bitch, right?”

“What? No!”

“I mean you would think that, after how I acted and what I said, but I was just having a bad morning, you know?”

“I don’t think that. Really.”

“I think … maybe …” she gave him a flashing smile with gleaming white teeth, “Perhaps my looks may be making you a bit nervous?”

“Ahhhhh I’m just ahhhh not all that good meeting new people.”

“Awwww!” she tried to look concerned, “Well, now I feel even worse for acting like such a witch. I’m going to buy you a coffee at three, ok?”

“Ahhh you don’t have to do that,” he gulped.

“Sure I don’t but I want Şerifali Escort to. I’ll meet you at the cafeteria at three, ok?”

“Ahhh sure.”

“See ya!” she clicked off, working her hips as she did.

When Lynn got back to HR the first thing she did was to pull Stephen’s file. “Holy fuck!” she whispered to herself and she looked through his marks, “This guy’s a genius.” She read the various correspondence from managers identifying him as a strong candidate to try and retain and the expected challenges with that as he was anticipated to get heavily recruited as he finished his undergraduate studies and went post-grad. It appeared some local think tank had already given him a full scholarship and several e-mails strongly encouraged his next contract include all post-grad university fees and expenses paid. “He’s getting paid that much!?!? That’s way more than me!” She closed the file and looked around while she drummed with perfectly manicured fingernails, “Hmmmmm.”

Three o’clock came and Lynn ensured she was a few minutes late. She spied him nervously waiting and walked over smiling. “Hi! Wondering if you were going to show. I was such a witch earlier.”

“Ahhhh did you ahhh have an argument with your boyfriend or something?”

“No. I’m single.”

“Oh. I just thought that guy you were with…”

“Will? No, his father and my mom are married.”

“Your step-brother?” he sounded a bit surprised.

“Well they have just been married for about two years. We never grew up together. He doesn’t feel like a step-brother and we don’t consider ourselves such. We just live in the same house. We’re friends a bit too, I guess.” Jesus, he’s clueless, she thought, he doesn’t know who Will is. “Come on, let’s grab a coffee.”

They sat at a table and she had to initiate conversation and keep it going. She learnt a great deal about him. He had a hard time looking at her and blushed whenever he did. He ended up spilling his coffee about half way through and she tried not to laugh too much as he was so embarrassed. He tried to mop it up with serviettes and filled his cup with them.

“Relax Stephen. It’s just a bit of spilt coffee,” she stood up, “Look, it was nice hanging out with you a bit. We’ll do it again soon, ok?”

“Ahhh yeah, sure ahhhh Lynn. I’d like that.”

“Come on. You can walk me to the elevator.”

A few days later Lynn was cheerfully walking from the elevator to the HR department. Will had slipped into her bedroom last night and had eaten her pussy for what seemed like an hour and then had literally fucked her brains out. He had left her naked and near comatose and was wonderfully smug about it the next morning. She almost walked by Stephen without noticing him.

“Ahhh Lynn?” he asked timidly.

“Oh, hi Stephen! I was just thinking about something else, sorry. Are you sweating?” He looked like he was about to faint. He didn’t have on his lab coat and his shirt looked like it was freshly pressed.

“I have this formal diner to go to from the Belmire Foundation that awarded me a scholarship,” he obviously had this all researched. “Two of my friends are also going and they have dates and we’re all at the same table and I didn’t want to be the only one without a date and I know I really don’t know you all that well but I wonder if you were free this Saturday that maybe you would go with me?” He actually breathed a sigh of relief when he finished.

“This Saturday, hey?” she asked him with a twinkle in her eye, loving how he was squirming.

“Yes. Ahhhh I know it’s ahhh just a few days away and all …”

“Well, I did have plans made.”

His face showed his disappointment and his shoulders drooped. He clearly had to work up his courage to ask her and she almost felt bad by continuing to toy with him.

“Ohhhh well, yes. Thanks anyway, Lynn. It was last minute and I don’t really know you. I apologize for bothering you. I’ll ahhh see you around.”

She couldn’t help but start to laugh a bit and he started to blush and spun to walk away. “Stephen wait!” she called but he kept going. “Wait!” she hurried after him on her high heels. She wore snug grey slacks today with a white silk blouse and matching grey blazer. “Stop! Fuck! You’re always making me run!” She laughed, looking around to see if anyone heard her swear. She was a bit taken aback when she saw his face, it looked like he was on the verge of tears. She actually felt herself uncharacteristically melt a bit. “I didn’t say no, Stephen,” she gave him a punch with her small hand in the side, “I just said that I had plans made, which I can change. I was just going to go out to a club with the girls so, yes, I’ll be your date.”

“You … you will?” he said through the lump in his throat.

“Sure. I love dressing up for formal occasions. You won’t mind if I look incredibly smokin’ hot, will you?” she teased.

“You look like that now,” he managed, as he started to grin and stand taller.

“Oh wow! Stephen! You İstanbul Escort dog!” she laughed, “Here. What’s your number?” She punched in his number and sent him a text, “Send me the dets.”


“Martin. Someone from the company asked me out yesterday and I said yes.” Lynn told him when they all were at the breakfast table the following morning. She tried not to grin as Will looked over quickly.

“Well, we try not to do that too much. It can complicate business. Who is it? Is he in HR?”

“It’s just a date,” Lauren interjected, “Happens in work places all the time. As long as people can be mature and not let personal things interfere.”

“He’s this shy guy that just needed a date for this formal function he’s got.”

“He’s shy and he asked you out?” Lauren asked a bit in disbelief, echoing the thoughts of Will and Martin.

“Well, I was a bit rude to him one day, so I apologized and bought him a coffee. I guess he needed a date for this function so he took advantage of the situation and asked me. He’s a sweet guy, Martin, so I couldn’t just turn him down. He would have been devastated.”

“He’s the guy with the lab coat?” Will asked as it dawned on him.

“Yeah,” she looked over trying not to smile.

“Lab coat? So he’s in Research and Development.” Martin said,”What’s his name?”

“You don’t know all your employees, dear,” Lauren informed him.

“It’s Stephen.”

“Stephen Gage?”

“Oh, you know him?” Lynn asked innocently while knowing Martin was included on several of the e-mails on his personal file.

“I know you read his personal file Lynn. I’d be disappointed if you didn’t.” He chuckled as she looked down at her plate blushing prettily.

“You know him?” Lauren asked.

“He’s this bright kid they picked up in R and D. We’re putting together a package to try and retain him long term. The kid is developing advanced polymer formula on his home pc. So it’s the Belmire Foundation banquet you’re going to with him?”

“I think that’s what he called it.”

“Careful with this Lynn, ok?”

“I’m just his date, Martin.”

“He’s probably already in love with you.”

“Well, I can’t help how another human being feels. He would have been really upset if I had to say no. I could tell. He was probably waiting in the hallway for me for an hour. He would have gone to the thingie stag while his two buddies at his table had dates. He would have been crushed if I said no. And, you know, he seems like a nice enough guy.”

“I won’t, and can’t tell you who to date or who not to date, Lynn. Remember our talk. I’m telling you as the CEO, as the boss, to tread lightly with this guy. He could be a valuable asset for our company.”

“What talk?” Lauren asked, looking back and forth.

“I want her to train to be one of my, and one day Will’s, top executives. Business experience and University together, jointly, to train to lead my company forward to the future.”

“Listen to him, Lynn,” Lauren said softly.

“I will, Mother! I’m getting ready for work.”


Lynn had showered and was in her room in just bra and panties when Will slipped in. “What the fuck are you doing here, Will?!” she whispered giggling.

“Your mine!” he grinned as he closed the distance between them. “Not fucking Stephen’s or anyone else’s. You’re mine first!” he grabbed her and kissed her.

“Yeah?” she replied around his mouth as he pulled off her panties, “Well, I can fuck other people too. I’d fuck one of your friends if you had any!”

“That wasn’t nice,” he whispered as he kissed her neck.

“I’m not nice,” she grabbed his hand that had gone into the pocket of his sleep pants for a condom, grabbing it and throwing it away, “Now fuck me without a condom, you wimp!”

“Lynn … I …”

“Put that bare cock up inside my tight, wet pussy, Will. Feel it squeeze your cock. Shoot your load inside me.” She reached into his pants now and took out his hard, quivering cock, feeling the precum oozing from the tip. Knowing how ready and horny he was. “Fuck me. Right here.” She hopped up on her dresser and spread her shapely legs, catching him with her heels around the back of his legs and pulling him in. “You want to feel what my tight, wet pussy feels like without your cock being all wrapped in plastic, don’t you?”

“Yes,” he whispered as he stepped into her. She caught his shoulders and pulled him closer.

“My pussy hasn’t been fucked by a bare cock yet, Will. I don’t how what it feels like. If I’m yours, then take me. Be my first. Fuck me right, baby!” She grabbed his cock and pulled it up against her.

He grunted a bit as he felt her little hand grip him and then his little head getting pulled against her, even a little bit inside her. He heard his father’s warnings in his mind but God, he wanted her so bad! I can always pull out, he rationalized to himself, before pushing forward and feeling his dripping cock slowly squeezing inside her.

“Yeah Ümraniye Escort baby. That’s it!” She exhaled then and he gasped and when his head was pushed in he sank all the way into her. “Yeah! Oh wow! That’s it, Will! Fuck my little bald, tight pussy!”

“Oh wow! That feels so incredible!” he grunted as he slowly started to fuck her, her tanned legs jacked up around his waist.

“Mmmmmm that’s right … feels so good …”

He put his hand into her thick black hair and put his forehead against hers as he fucked her, “God Lynn, I can’t last long. I need to cum!”

“Me too! Do it, Baby!”

“Should I pull out?”

“Don’t you fucking dare! I mean it, Will!” She locked her legs around him tighter.

“Oh God!” he groaned as he felt her tight cunt squeezing on him, “I’m gonna … oh God! Yes! Oh Lynn!” he grunted as pleasure buzzed from his cock and he felt his sperm flood up inside her. “Oh God! Oh God!”

“Yeah, Will!” she hissed into his ear. I feel it! OH GOD!” she bit into his shoulder and clutched him with her arms and legs as she came as well.

“Oh God, Lynn! I … I came inside you!” he gasped as he pulled back and his cock came out. He looked down in near disbelief as he saw a rivulet of cum run out from between her tight, pink pussy lips.

“I’ll say! I think you filled me up.”

“Oh God. Say, you’re on the pill, right?”

“Pill? Ahhh well no, not really.”



“Jesus Christ, Lynn! Are you fucking kidding me?! I thought you were on the pill!”

“I never told you that. Anyway don’t worry. I’m probably not going to get preggers. It was just one load of sperm, right? Although it did feel like a rather impressive one.”

“Jesus, Lynn!”

“Listen, you better get out of here now. Mom may come looking. We have to leave soon.”

“But …”

“No buts. Listen, we’ll talk in the car, ok? Now get!”

Lauren was waiting for them downstairs. It appeared she wanted to make sure they left every morning before she went to work herself. Lynn came down with a loose summer skirt and blouse.

“Going to church, Lynn?” Lauren asked smugly.

“One shouldn’t dress like a slut every day, Mother,” she replied while looking down at the tight short dress Lauren was wearing.

“If you got it flaunt it, baby,” Lauren smirked as they went to the garage.

“You were just kidding about the pill, right?” Will asked worriedly as they drove.

“I feel different,” she replied happily as she rubbed her belly.

“Jesus, Lynn! Stop it!” He hissed as sweat beaded on his forehead.

“Well some of your little swimmers must have made their way to my eggs by now. Surely. I am nineteen and I think I may be ovulating. And you deposited an awful amount of sperm inside my little pussy, Will. The chances of you being a future daddy have to be somewhat high.”

“You’re just fucking with me,” he said he gripped the steering wheel with white knuckles as she laughed delightfully.


Will couldn’t concentrate at work and didn’t last a half hour before leaving and driving home again. A very short search of Lynn’s room turned up her birth control pills and he grinned as the weight of the world eased off his shoulders.

home now n know ur shittin, he texted her smugly.

hahaha had ya goin ya dope

u shouldn mess wit my mind like that

u know I luv u

me too but stop messin wit me so much

awww but serves u right 4 thinkin Id want 2 trap u or some stupid shit like that

dad made me promise to use condoms all the time no matter who I was wit

yeah well lets trust each other more


e-mail me when you get back so we can talk about this


now get the fuck outta my room and stop messin wit my stuff


Lynn went into Will’s office smiling, shutting the door behind her, “Don’t get excited, I’m not here for sex.”

“Damn!” he grinned looking at the way her hips swayed in the loose skirt.

“Ground rule time I think, Will.”

“Errrr ok.”

“So, we have a unique relationship.”

“We do.”

“And from our conversation with Martin it may be long term.”


“The sex is amazing.”


“Jesus, Will, I hope you eventually plan on offering some more to this conversation!” she rolled her deep chocolate eyes, “So, I hope we’re going to be lovers forever. But we’re not getting married to each other and our relationship will always be relatively secret. But respect me, Will.”

“I think I do now.”

“Well, tell me you love me when you fuck me from now on.”

He smiled as he got up from his desk and went around to her. He held out his hand and she took it as she stood. He encircled her in his arms and kissed her tenderly, “I love you Lynn. Always.”

“That’s better.”

“I can have sex with other women though, right?”

“Jesus, you’re fucking horny! Just be discrete and don’t expect I won’t be doing the same.”

“Having sex with other women?!” he asked excitedly.

“You know what I mean.”

“Gonna fuck Stephen?”

“Jesus! Do you think he’ll be able to get it in me?” she giggled.

“Maybe not!”

“It might take him a year to work up the courage to kiss me.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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