What a Trip Ch. 04

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Big Tits

What has come before:
This story finds our 18 year old protagonist reconnecting with his mother’s older sister on a visit to her home before he starts college in a nearby community. Turns out he’s a lot more grown than she expected and she’s a lot more… everything… than he expected.

All characters are over 18.


Aunt Linda had, undoubtedly at this stage, made her intentions clear. I wasn’t being too imaginative or too perverse… I was, perhaps, too long standing out by the pool though. That was an invitation that might not be offered twice, so like any gracious guest it was up to me to accept. And quickly.

I wrapped the towel around my neck and hopped up the patio stairs to the sliding door. The smudged rorshach of Linda’s ass was still quite visible. I slide my hand across the cold glass… for luck, not for comparison… and then opened the door. Standing in the living room, leaning against the sofa was my very naked, very attractive, did I mention naked, aunt. She had her arms crossed under her generous breasts and was tapping a foot in amused, if exaggerated, impatience.

“Okay kid, bring your tardy ass over here. We’re going to need a ground rule or two for this particular bout of rule breaking.”

I wasn’t quite sure what to think. The invitation seemed clear enough, but she was, without doubt, in charge so if there were to be rules, who was I to argue… particularly as I was only really thinking with the seemingly metal rod that had found its way into my swim trunks.

“First rule of Fight Club?” I muttered.

“You got it, dude. You never mention anything that happens on this trip. Nothing except a lovely visit in which I fed you well and showed you cultural tourist sites. We might even visit your campus. You read edifying books and thought of what you can do for your country. Clear?”

“I’ve always thought that public service was a laudable goal… Aunt Linda was inspiring.” I grinned.

She chuckled, “Good boy… you’ll go far. Mostly with me, this week, but, you know, maybe in life too.”

She dropped her arms to her sides tempobet giriş and stepped forward towards me. Reaching up she grabbed the ends of the towel hanging around my neck. “Now, Lil Bobby, I think we can see who is in charge, yes?”

I nodded and gulped rather too loudly. Her hands seemed to glow hot. We had both just been in a pool, but the heat between us was overwhelming me.

“Good. Now that we understand what kind of week you had on this visit, let’s see if we can figure out what kind of week I’m going to have… because, frankly, I hate museums and edifying books are overrated. I’d much rather fuck desperately and regret nothing.”

Her words came quickly and softly as she pulled me closer and closer to her body. In the end she was breathing into my mouth as she spoke and our lips touched. Linda’s tongue shot out and her kiss took on a slightly predatory feel as she ran her tongue along my teeth before capturing my bottom lip, nibbling with just a tad more pressure than I would have asked for.

I wrapped my arms around her, sliding my hands along her back, as I returned the kiss with the driving need that had begun to consume me. Her skin was warm and still just a bit wet. She was smooth and soft and writhing her body against me as our kisses became increasingly demanding.

Linda ran her hands up the sides of my face and with her fingers in my hair pulled me firmly back from our kiss. She looked into my eyes and said, “You will certainly spend a great deal of time learning what I need from you while you are here. But, right now, what I need. What you should be doing. What you will do. Is to drop those trunks and stick that cock of yours into my Very. Wet. Cunt.”

I blinked. Her words seemed to be punctuated by the throbbing I felt as my erection pulsated against my body. Before I could even think about what was happening, I skinned out of those too tight trunks and felt my dick fly out from my body, reaching for Linda. My aunt grabbed the towel around my neck and with a move that could have been right out of a Judo manual, rolled me onto the floor of her living room. tempobet yeni giriş Flat on my back and slightly dizzy from the drop, I felt Linda push her hands strongly into my chest and suddenly slide herself onto my bouncing cock. She was soaking wet and boiling hot. As she sank all the way down, her fingers curled and her nails dug into my chest. The sharp points of pain only accentuated the incredible sensual joy of feeling her completely wrapped around me. Linda was still, eyes closed, head back, breathing in the moment. Then, suddenly, one hand scraped her nails down the front of my chest, as her eyes opened and she took a deep breath. She looked down at me and began fucking me slowly, from base to tip… each gyration of her hips brought her to end of my trembling erection, threatening to slip off of me and before quickly sliding back down.

She hissed, “Listen, Bobby, you aren’t going to last long… hell, I’m not going to last long… but first I’m going to ride you hard. Then, I’m going to get off, and then… only then, you get to fill me up with your hot, sticky, cum. Clear?”

“Ugh. Argh. Uhhh,” was about all I could manage, as Linda slide one hand back onto my chest to support herself, and then used the other to trace a line from my lips, down my chest, across my stomach, and to the juncture that brought the two of us together. Her fingers stroked along the top of my cock, over the lips of her pussy to her clit. I stared in fascination as this beautiful woman began to smoothly and confidently fuck me senseless while simultaneously stroking her clit and pinning me to the floor. I knew that I couldn’t last, but from the look on her face, Linda wasn’t going to be long for this orgasm, either. Her breathing grew ragged and her fingers began to move faster and faster across her dripping cunt. I could see the tension building across her face, as she bit her top lip and then just as I thought she’d stopped breathing I felt her contract… all over. Her pussy gripped and tried to push me away, her arms began to shake and her face grew intensely focused. She opened her eyes, and screamed, “Fuuuuhhhh-ccccckkkkk!” tempobet güvenilirmi Her shoulders collapsed and her knees drew in towards her body.

“You’re turn Bobby…” She gasped. “Fill me up with that cum, doll.”

I reached up and wrapped my arms around Linda pulling her down towards me. Then, I flipped her over onto her back and drove my cock down fully into her. She wrapped her legs around me and seemed to lift herself off the floor meeting me thrust for thrust. This couldn’t last much longer, but I didn’t want it to end. I was fucking my gorgeous aunt on her living room floor and nothing had ever felt more right.

As I pistoned into her, she looked up at me and breathed, “You’re going to cum for me now, Bobby…” as she used both her hands to reach up and grasp my nipples firmly between thumbs and forefingers. She pinched hard and pulled saying, “NOW!” And my body answered to the real source of control in this relationship. I exploded in orgasm. My body shook and wave after wave of pleasure hit me. I collapsed on top of Linda and felt wrapped in the warmth of her body. I’m not sure I breathed for a full minute.

Linda’s hand swirled around in my hair and traced a line down my jaw to my chin. “See, that wasn’t so bad, nephew. Staying with your mean old auntie might make for a nice time, don’t you think.” Her grin was infectious. I might have been drooling.

“Aunt Ell, I think I can suffer through the unpleasantness of this boring book and museum visiting trip, if you can.”

“Good man. Now, we’ve just got to clean up this terrible mess you’ve made in my house.”

I chuckled. “What mess is that Auntie Dearest?”

“Oh, this one, my little rascal,” and she ran her hand down her stomach, through her dark bush and slipped a finger into her soaking pussy. She curled her finger inside of herself and then quickly brought it out and too my lips, gently pushing into my mouth.

“Eat up, loverboy. I’ll let you get away with the tasting menu this time, but in future – when I don’t have to devour you here on the floor – I’ll expect you to take your time and clean up your tasty, tasty messes when you’re done.”

You know, I think I’m going to love college life. And, I bet I could save a lot on dorm costs if I could find a roommate. Maybe someone in the family. Someone who would take a wayward nephew in… for a consideration.

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