A Hot Visit with a Neighbor

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It was my first residence alone in a long time. When we divorced there was no house and fortunately no kids. It was a pretty amicable split. We had lost the spark and found that we were growing apart. She moved across the country and I found a nice two bedroom townhouse in a nice neighborhood with good amenities. There was a pool and the association fees took care of snow removal and exterior upkeep.

I was settling in quite nicely. I had tried the bar scene and had even taken a few women home but so far hadn’t found anything permanent. I was starting to get to know some of the people in the same row as me. Cary was another single guy. He noticed that I was single as well. One Friday night he invited me over for pizza and a movie.

I noticed the rainbow sign and few other things that told me Cary was probably gay. He said as much when he saw that I spotted those signs. We talked about a variety of things from my divorce to some of his relationships and found out that in relationship’s there wasn’t that much difference between gay and straight. Cary was about my height and age, both being about 6′ and mid thirties. He worked not to far from the residence so either walked or biked to work.

When the conversation worked it’s way around to sex, Cary was pleased that I shared blunt things with him about my sex life and he told me about his. His last relationship had ended about the same time as my marriage.

“So you’re probably as horny as I am.” I said.

“No doubt.” Cary smiled at me. “How about if I pick a slightly different movie than I originally planned.”

“Sounds fine to me.” I said, sitting on his couch.

He went into his bedroom and brought back a DVD and a book. He set the book next to me and went and put the disc in the machine. The book was the “Joy of Gay Sex”.

Cary smiled as I saw the title. “Go ahead and look. I know that straight guys are curious about what gay guys do.”

“Instruction books are good.” I picked up the book and flipped through some pages. It was organized by topics alphabetically. I soon found a picture of two guys fucking. It was a graphic painting that show the cock of one man sliding into the ass of another man. I found other graphic paintings including ones of fellatio. There were a number of pictures of guys with hard cocks.

“Finding in interesting?” Cary asked, sitting next to me.

“Yes, it’s not been something I’ve picked up in the past.” My cock found it interesting as well, it was hard as a rock.

“Cool, since were both horny guys, I think you might enjoy this too.”

The DVD he put in was a bisexual porn disc. After the bare basic start, the sex started, the first scene was two guys and a girl. First the girl sucked them both then took one cock up her pussy and sucked the other. Then the guys started on each other, with a little kissing, then cock sucking and then one of the guys fucked the other in the ass.

Cary had moved closer to me. I felt his hand on my thigh. I didn’t move it. I glanced down and saw that he had a raging hard on, just like me. The next scene was a gay one with three guys. They again started with kissing and cock sucking and soon moved on to the fucking.

Cary had continued to move closer and his hand was moving further up my thigh and was now moving up and down. Cary’s closeness felt good.

“Tom, you don’t mind that I’m touching you do you?” Cary asked.

“No not at all.” I said, taking a moment to find my voice.

“Do you like the DVD?”

“Yes.” I said. Watching the screen where one guy was servicing the others with one cock in his mouth and the other up his ass.

Cary moved his other arm around my shoulder and moved closer. His hand was now closer to my crotch.

“Have you ever done a threesome?” I asked.

“Yes.” Cary answered. “I hope that you are 1xbet yeni giriş ok with what I’m doing here.”

“Ummm, yes.” I answered. “It appears that you are trying to get me to try gay sex with you.”

“That was a rather blunt answer.” Cary said. “Are you open to the idea?”

I watched the screen for a few moments. The screen had a close up of a penis pumping in and out of the guys ass. My cock was hard as a rock and Cary’s arm and hand felt very good. I reached down and moved Cary’s hand to cup my erection and balls. His hand felt very good on my cock and balls.

“Yes, I think I would like to give it a try.”

Cary moaned as he fondled my cock and balls through my clothing. “Great.” he said.

Cary used his hand from around my shoulder and turned my head closer to his. His face was close, he moved his lips to mine and kissed me. I returned the kiss opening my mouth. His lips were different from my ex-wife’s in that they both roughness and softness. Cary began to kiss me with more urgency. I returned the passion. I guess my latent bi side wasn’t buried very far. Cary also fondled my cock and balls running his hand around and over my erect penis. I reached down for his and felt his cock and balls through his shorts. I was amazed at how hard his cock felt. His balls were fun to fondle.

Cary broke off the kiss and stood up. He stripped off his clothing. I stood up and did the same. Cary shut off the DVD and turned off the lights in his living room and held out a hand. I took it and he led me to his bedroom.

Cary pulled back the blankets to reveal the sheets and climbed into the bed. He motioned for me to join him. I climbed in next to him and he rolled over on his side and pulled me to face him. We resumed kissing. I was amazed at how his body felt next to mine. It was hard and warm where my spouses had been soft. I felt his hard cock pressing against my body, it felt good. Cary moved his hands and arms around me.

“This isn’t freaking you out too much?” Cary asked.

“No, it’s different but very good.” I said. “I’m ready to go where you want to take me.”

“Cool.” Cary said. “I’ll make it as good as your fantasies.”

“That will be delightful” I said. I moved back to kissing him. We opened mouth kissed and tongue kissed. Then Cary moved to lay back, he moved down my chest and kissed the tip of my penis. He then slid his mouth down my shaft. I moaned.

Cary let my cock slip out of his mouth. “I’m going to suck you off, don’t worry about cumming in my mouth. Just let it happen. Then we can move on from there.” He smiled at me with delight.

I nodded ok and Cary moved his head back to my cock and took it back into his mouth. The warmth and wetness of his mouth on my cock felt wonderful. I was soon moaning with delight as Cary slid his mouth over my erection, licking the tip, sliding down the shaft and gently sucking my balls. He finally returned to straight forward sucking and soon brought me to the brink. I groaned as my cock shot it’s load into Cary’s mouth, my cum spurting over his tongue as he sucked all of my load in. I writhed a bit and lay back on the bed, amazed at the strength of that orgasm.

Cary let my limp cock slide from his mouth and smiled up at me. “So how was that?”

“Amazing.” I said with a sigh of joy.

Cary shifted on the bed and we snuggled. He kissed me some more. I reached down and felt his erect dick. It was hard on the inside and soft on the surface.

I looked over at Cary. “Anything you can tell me before I give my first blow job?”

Cary smiled. “Are you sure you’re ready?”

“Yes.” I said.

“Ok, watch the teeth and just do to me what you like done to yourself.” He said. “After a while you’ll get used to it.”

“Ok” I said. I kissed him again and moved my head down to his cock and moved 1xbet giriş between his legs. Cary shifted on the bed to get more comfortable.

I now had a man’s erect cock closer than I had seen one. I looked it over. It was a bit thicker and slightly longer than mine. His was circumcised like mine as well. I took the tip into my mouth and gently licked it, then took the shaft deeper into my mouth. I kept my teeth away and sucked on it like a candy sucker.

Cary moaned. “You’re doing good.”

I took more strokes, seeing how far I could take it in before I gagged. I found that I could get almost two thirds of his shaft in. I did this for a while, then licked on the head. I moved my mouth and licked at his balls, then took one in my mouth gently and then the other. Then i returned to taking the shaft in my mouth. I got a nice rhythm going and was able to not gag my self on his cock.

Cary moaned. “Yes, you’ve got it right.”

I kept up the pace. Cary soon moaned that he was getting close. I kept up my pace. I was looking forward to tasting another man’s cum. Cary soon groaned and I felt his cum spurt on to my tongue as his cock throbbed and pumped. I sucked harder to get it all. I managed to suck down most of it, getting a little on my chin.

I looked up at Cary. He smiled at me. “Tom, you have the makings of a top notch cock sucker.”

“Thanks, it was quite fun.” I said.

I shifted on the bed and we snuggled. Cary told me of some of his other gay sexual adventures. I got very turned on by a couple of group things he had done. I told him some of mine with my spouse. Cary was gently fondling my cock as we talked. The talk of sex soon had us both hard again. We rolled into each other and kissed more, getting hot again.

Cary broke off a kiss and looked me in the eyes. “I want to fuck you.”

“I’d like that.” I said.

Cary rolled over and I rolled over on my back and raised up my legs so I was kneeling with my head into the pillow. Cary got a bottle from the night stand and a dark hand towel. He climbed back on the bed and got between my legs. Then instead of a finger probing my rear hole, I felt his tongue gently exploring it. It was a fantastic feeling and made my hole ached for something in it, a feeling that I had not known before. I moaned very loud. Cary licked my ass for several minutes and then started fondling my ass with his fingers.

“How was that?” he asked.

“Divine.” I answered.

I soon felt a finger slide in. Cary worked it in slowly, then added a second one just as gently. Soon he was finger fucking my ass and working the lube in as well. I then heard him lubing up his cock. He slid his fingers out and I felt him rub his cock up and down my ass crack. I then felt his cock head at my asshole.

“Are you ready?” Cary asked.

“Yes.” I said. “Go ahead and fuck me.”

“Ok, now just relax and visualize my cock sliding into your asshole.”

I felt he pressure as Cary pressed his cock head against my hole, I felt it open up as his cock head slid in. Cary then slowly slid the rest of his cock into my asshole.

“How’s that feel?” He asked.

“Very good.” I said, enjoying the full feeling of having my ass penetrated by an erect penis.

Cary pressed further into me. I soon felt his pubic hairs on my ass cheeks.

“I’m in all the way.”

“Ummm and it feels very good.”

“Yes it does,” Cary moaned. “You ass feels very good around my cock.”

I moaned back that it did in deed feel good. I thought about what was going on, I was naked with another man and his hard cock was penetrating my ass to the balls. I had crossed over a line with my sexuality and it felt so good, I knew that I was not staying back on the hetero side.

Cary began taking slow strokes. He slid his cock back, just leaving the tip 1xbet güvenilirmi in and then slowly sliding it back in. He did this for a few minutes. It got my ass relaxed and soon he began speeding up his strokes. He began moving his hips faster, I felt his balls as they hit my ass cheeks on the in strokes. Cary was soon moaning about how good my ass felt and I was moaning about it as well. I began moving my hips to the rhythm of his pumping and that was great fun. I soon felt a warmth building from my ass further into my body.

Cary moaned that it was good that I had sucked him off once or he would have came by now. He leaned into me more and his body felt good as it touched more of me.

Cary slowed his fucking and stopped with his cock deep in my ass. He whispered in my ear that it felt good, but he wasn’t ready to come yet. He slid his cock out and had me switch positions. I laid on my back and he slid a pillow under my ass and my legs up his chest. I watched as he repositioned himself between my legs, his hard cock glistening with the lube. He moved in and slide his cock tip up and down my ass cheeks and then slid it back into my hole. I watched his eyes as it slid in all the way. Cary was enjoying my ass.

He smiled back at me. “Damn but you’ve got a good ass there.”

“Thanks, I’m loving your cock in me.”

Cary took some more slow strokes. “I’m going to fuck you hard and fill your ass with my cum.” He leaned on his arms and began to take so long strokes with his cock. He kept the pace slow for a while, fucking me with nice long strokes.

Cary buried his cock to the hilt and stopped. “How are you doing?”

“Great.” I said. “This feels quite wonderful.”

“Cool, your ass was made for fucking.” Cary said. “I’ll have to show you a book about what you can do with your muscles to make it even better for your top.”

“Ummm sounds good.” I said.

“Do you think you can handle some harder and faster thrusts?”


“Ok, let me know if it doesn’t feel good.”

I nodded as Cary started moving his cock again. He started pumping his cock faster into to me. I could feel the impact of his body on me as he fucked. I felt the warmth return and started moaning as he fucked me harder.

“Oh yeah, this is good.” Cary groaned. “I’m not going to last much longer!”

“Oh my, fuck me good,” I moaned.

Cary continued to fuck my ass hard, his groans getting louder. I watched his expression change as he got closer. He took several more hard strokes and groaned as he buried his cock to the hilt. I felt his penis pump his cum into my ass as he orgasmed.

Cary collapsed on top of me and I wrapped my arms around him as he relaxed. I kept him close and he lay on top of me for several minutes with his cock softening in my ass.

After a while Cary rolled off of me and moved to snuggle up next to me.

“That was very good,” He said. “Thank you for letting me fuck your ass for the first time.”

I smiled at him. “You’re welcome and thank you for making my first ass fuck such a delight.”

“I take it that you enjoyed it?”

“Oh yeah.”

“So I can probably fuck it again?”

“Oh yes, and many more times.” I said. “It was better than I thought it would be.”

“Cool.” Cary said. “Let me get my breath and I can get you off.”

“Sounds fine,” I said. “But there is no hurry. I’m feeling quite good.”

We snuggled and talked. Not too long after that, Cary sucked me off. Then, we headed for the shower. It was fun playing with his body, soaping him up and letting him soap me up. That play got us both hard again. We moved back to the bed and Cary fucked me again, this time longer and in several different positions before he came. I stayed the night and the weekend. We spent it naked and having sex as much as we could. Cary fucked me in several different positions and showed me a technique to work on my as muscles. He also let me fuck him a few times. By Monday we were both drained and happy. We made a date for Monday after work to help each other with the stress of the day.

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