A Bad Weekend Turns Good

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Author’s notes: This story contains drinking, drug use, anal and brother/sister incest, so if those things bother you, please do not read any further. Your feedback is invaluable to me, so please comment or message me with any constructive feedback or just to say how much you liked the story. All characters are over 18.

“Dude, your sister gives the BEST fucking blowjobs!” Tyler said.

I groaned. Tyler knew it annoyed me when he talked about his sex life with my sister so he made sure to bring it up whenever possible.

“I’m serious dude!” He continued “If there was an academy awards for cock sucking, your sister would definitely win the oscar.”

“Dude, I really don’t want to hear about my sister having sex. Can you stop bringing it up?”

“I’ll try, but she’s so hot, I don’t know if I can talk about anything else.”

I groaned again, put down my controller and got up from the couch.

“Where you going?” Tyler asked

“There’s no way I can sit here and listen to you while sober. I need a beer… or twelve.”

Tyler and I had been best friends since we were in grade school and despite the fact that he liked to push my buttons, I was really glad that he and my sister, Jenny, were together. We all gave each other grief but in reality, I love the two of them more than anyone else on the planet and I was glad they were making each other happy.

“Yo grab me one while you’re in there Mikey!” Tyler called out.

“What do I look like? Your fuckin’ waitress?” I yelled back but grabbed two bottles of Corona out of the fridge.

Heading back into the living room, I handed Ty his beer and plopped down beside him on the couch, taking a big swig from mine.

“Thanks.” He said “Now here’s your tip!” He moved the controller away from his lap to reveal his cock poking out from his open fly. I spit out my mouthful of beer in a spray. A bunch of it landed in his lap.

“Dude what the fuck?” He yelled, laughing.

“You’re fucked in the head dude.” I said, but I was laughing too. “That’s what you get for being a pervert flasher!” The great thing about Tyler was that you never knew what he was going to do next. My phone chimed. It was a text from Amanda; AWESOME. I got up again.

“You know a good waitress would help me clean it up!” He said, making a blowjob gesture with his hand.

“Guess you’re going to have to do it yourself!” I replied, making a jerking off gesture back at him.

I checked the message.

‘Hey Mikey. What are you up to this weekend?’ It said

‘I’m going to the Electric Winter Fest with Tyler and Jenny. Why?’

‘Oh’ She wrote back with a sad face emoji ‘I was hoping we could hang out this weekend…I really wanted to spend some time with you’

I pumped my fist. Amanda was one of the hottest girls I’ve ever seen. We met during our last year of college two years ago and I’d had a hardcore crush on her the whole time. About two months ago I’d finally gotten the courage to actually ask her out and we’d gone on a couple of dates. Things seemed to be going well but hadn’t progressed very far physically, a fact that I was really hoping to change in the near future.

‘I could get you an extra ticket if you want to go. It’s an outdoor festival and we’re staying all three days, so you’d have to camp out but we have plenty of room in the tent and there will be tons of great music.’ I replied.


‘Yeah no problem. I can’t wait to spend some time with you too!’

“Oh fuck yeah!” I said out loud.

“What’s up?” Tyler asked “You just learn gay marriage is legal?”

“HA HA. I just got a text from Mandy. She wants to hang this weekend.”

“What?!? Dude you can’t bail on Electric Winter!”

“I’m not. I’m gonna buy her a ticket.”

“Wow dude. You sure? Tickets for the weekend are like five hundred bucks.”

“Yeah I’m sure. Who needs a savings account anyway?”

“OK man. Maybe you’ll finally get laid so you can stop jerking off to your sister.”

I knocked his controller out of his hand just as he was entering a dangerous zone, and watched with glee as a whole army of Nazis unleashed on him.

“That’s fucked up dude.” He said.


Tyler and I hung out at my house playing video games and drinking beer until my sister Jenny got home from her job at the local pub.

“Hey guys. Starting early huh? Must be five o’clock somewhere I guess.” She teased, seeing the collection of empties we had on the coffee table in front of us.

Tyler often teased me about having a thing for my sister but he was wrong about that. What he wasn’t wrong about was how hot my sister was. Even though I didn’t have a thing for her, I had to admit (even if it was only to myself) that she was smokin’. She was often compared to the actress Natasha Lyonne and for good reason. She had the same style of reddish brown hair, a combination of frizzy and curly. Her face looked similar too; Jenny could pull off the sexy smolder and the kaçak iddaa fun loving, “up for anything look” equally well. Of course her body was one of the biggest similarities, somehow petite and stacked at the same time. She had a pretty nice ass and a shapely figure but with big tits, ones that were JUST short of being too big for her frame. Like I said, I didn’t have a thing for her (she’s my sister for crying out loud), but as a hormonal young man I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t occasionally appreciate the way she looked. This was definitely one of those times as she looked great in her work outfit, an all black outfit with a short skirt and button up shirt, the buttons unbuttoned enough to show some cleavage and visibly straining to contain it.

“Ty’s been trying to get me drunk enough to put out. He said this whole thing with you has just been a way to get to me.” I joked.

“Not with Jenny looking this good!” He said, reaching up and grabbing her ass.

She playfully slapped his hand away. “Stop it, I look gross.” She said. “Let me take a shower and then I’ll join you guys for a beer.”

“I thought you said it was too early?” I asked.

“Yeah, but I don’t want you guys drinking alone, people will start to think you’re alcoholics.” She replied.

“Hey babe, grab me another before you go?” Tyler called out.

“Sorry, I clocked out of waitressing a half hour ago so get it your fucking self!” She playfully called back, turning to give him both middle fingers as she backed up down the hall.

“I gotcha bro.” I said, getting up and heading for the kitchen.

My sister joined us a little while later. Maybe it was the fact that I was six beers deep, but Jenny looked even better freshly showered and dressed in her sweats and t-shirt. She sat between Tyler and me as we sat around, drinking, talking and joking. Tyler had bought this house halfway through college with the money he made working his summer construction jobs, his dad co-signing on the loan for him. At a little less than a thousand square feet, it was pretty small, needed a ton of work and was just at the edge of the town we lived in. All of these factors made it completely undesirable for most other home buyers but perfect for what Ty was looking for: a cheaper alternative to university housing where he could hang with his friends and not worry about parents or landlords. He was able to score a pretty sweet job as a project manager for a construction company right out of college, so he was usually pretty flush with cash.

“You guys want to smoke?” Jenny asked, pulling out a baggie of weed.

“Only if you let Mikey roll it. You roll the shittiest joints.”

I considered for a second. “Fuck it. I don’t have work until 3 tomorrow. Let’s get high.”

“Attaboy Mikey.” Ty said.

We smoked and drank the rest of the day and well into the night. I don’t know what time it was when I passed out but it must have been well after midnight. I woke up to the sound of moans and carefully opened my eyes. Most of the lights were out and I was just barely able to see what was happening.

My sister was on all fours on the couch across from me, her sweatpants down around her ankles exposing her round ass. She had Tyler’s cock in her mouth. Tyler’s arm was reached across her body, his fingers working in and out of her pussy, making a lewd, wet, sloshing noise. My sister pushed her mouth all the way down Tyler’s cock, pressing her lips tight against the base as she deep throated him. Tyler let out a moan, this one louder than before. Jenny pulled her head up, my friend’s cock making a pop sound as it left her mouth. I stayed perfectly still.

“Shhhhhh. Don’t wake Mikey!” She whispered, glancing in my direction. I closed my eyes to tiny slits, hoping that the darkness would keep her from noticing that I was awake.

“He’s passed out babe. A jet engine couldn’t wake him up now.” Ty whispered back.

Jenny didn’t say anything, just went back to sucking Tyler’s dick, but he must have taken her warning to heart, as he was much quieter. Though my sister and Tyler had been dating for over a year, and I’d practically lived at his house, I’d never seen them do anything more sexual than kiss and grope each other. I could have moved, or said something to let them know I was awake, but for some reason (probably horniness) I didn’t. I stayed still and watched them through mostly closed eyes.

Ty wasn’t kidding when he said my sister gave great blowjobs. She worked his dick with her mouth like a skilled master, alternating between long, slow strokes, short fast ones near the head while she jerked the base and deep plunges where she took him into her throat. My cock got so hard watching them it was almost painful. Jenny pulled herself off of his dick with a gasp, putting her finger to his lips and whispered “Stay. Quiet.”

I watched as my sister pulled her sweatpants off the rest of the way, then straddled my friend, facing me. I got my first look at my sister’s pussy in my adult life. She was clean kaçak bahis shaven except for a thin strip of hair just above it and her pussy looked absolutely perfect.

“Turn around so I can suck your tits.” Tyler said.

“No way.” Jenny replied. “I want to keep an eye on Mikey and make sure he doesn’t wake up.”

“Don’t worry. If he does, he can just join us.”

“You’re about to talk yourself out of getting laid.”

“Shutting up…” Ty said.

It took everything I had to hold back a gasp as I watched my sister lower herself onto my friend’s cock, slick with her spit.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmm” She moaned slowly, her hand moving to work her clit as she started riding him.

My heart was pounding so hard in my chest, I worried they might hear. I could feel my pulse in my cock as it throbbed. Tyler reached around and pulled up her t-shirt, exposing my sister’s magnificent tits. They were probably the biggest of any girl that I’ve seen in real life, but were amazingly firm with perfect nipples and areola. She reached up and took off her shirt to give him easier access.

“Oh fuck Ty…” Jenny whispered, her breath quickening.

“Oh you feel so good baby.” He whispered back.

I watched as she slid her pussy up and down his cock, slick and shiny with her arousal. She picked up her pace, the couch starting to squeak as she bounced her ass up and down on his lap. Her fingers were a blur as she rubbed her clit.

“Oh baby, right there,” My sister moaned, seemingly forgetting her earlier warnings about being too loud “don’t stop babe, oh right there, I’m so close.”

“Mmmmmmmm yeah, cum for me baby. Cum on my cock.” Jenny was now slamming herself onto Tyler’s cock, her ass making a wet slap each time it hit his hips.

“Oh fuck, Ty right there. Don’t stop, oh right there. Oh fuck yes fuck yes fuck yeahhhmmmmmmmmm.” She tensed up and started shaking. Watching my sister orgasm on my friend’s cock nearly made me cum in my pants.

She worked her hips up and down in quick, hard strokes: once, twice, then held herself down as she shivered through her climax.

“Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.” She whispered, collapsing back onto Tyler’s chest, panting. She turned her head and kissed him deeply. “Your turn.”

Tyler didn’t hesitate, he just started pounding up into her soaking wet pussy. I could see the cream on his cock from making my sister cum. Each hard thrust forced out a tiny, quiet moan from my sister: “Hnh, hnh, hnh, hnh.” It didn’t take long.

“Of fuck babe, I’m gonna cum.”

“Oh yeah, cum baby.”

“Oh yeah. I’m gonna cum, oh fuck yeah, I’m cumming. HMMMMMMM.”

I could SEE Tyler’s cock pumping my sister full of his seed, his balls pulling up tight as his dick pulsed and twitched inside my sister’s pussy.

They stayed like that for a while, Jenny’s chest heaving as she laid back against Tyler’s chest, breathing heavily.

“I can’t believe my brother slept through that” She said finally.

‘If only you knew.’ I thought, my cock throbbing.

She turned to kiss Tyler again.

“Come on let’s go to bed.”

She let out a tiny whimper as she pulled herself off of him, a blob of cum spilling out onto his balls. Ty grabbed a couple of tissues to clean himself off and they made their way to the bedroom.

I waited as long as I could to try to make sure they were asleep. Then I jerked myself off to one of my biggest orgasms ever.


“Holy fuck dude. What was I thinking drinking so much last night?” I said to Tyler on the phone.

“Buck up buttercup. You slept most of the day anyway, what are you whining about?” He replied.

“Easy for you to say, you and Jenny have off today. You’re just lounging around the house like the bums you are.”

“Hey, don’t blame us for your bad decisions.” He said. “Oh don’t forget you promised Amanda you’d buy her a ticket for Electric Winter.”

“Yeah I know. That was the one good decision I made last night.” Actually I made two if you count my decision to pretend to sleep while watching my sister fuck my best friend.

“You coming over after work tonight?” He asked.

“Nah. I’m going to try and recover from this hangover and get started packing for the festival.”

“Good cause I plan on spending my night TAPPING YOUR SISTER’S ASS!!”

“Fuck you.” I said and hung up the phone, chuckling.

I texted Amanda: ‘Hey Mandy, I’m about to buy your ticket to Electric Winter. You’re still going with us right?’

An instant later her reply came back: ‘OMG YES!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! THIS IS GOING TO BE SUCH A FUN WEEKEND!!’

‘Yes it is’ I thought my mind immediately flashing to an image of what I’d like to do with her this weekend. I was shocked, however, to find that instead of Mandy, I was actually picturing my sister. I shook my head to push out the lewd image of my sister on all fours looking back at me as I plowed into her from behind. Where did that come from? I should be picturing Mandy, not Jenny.

Thankfully, illegal bahis a co-worker came over to me and asked if I could help them with a patient, clearing my mind to focus on work. As the day went on I found that I was able get my mind focused enough to fantasize about Mandy instead of Jenny. Mostly.


“ELECTRIC WINTER!! WOOT WOOT!!!” Ty screamed as he closed the trunk.

We were just barely able to fit everything we needed into his car. It turns out that packing for a three day camping trip takes a lot of stuff.

Mandy had arrived about an hour ago, looking absolutely stunning, as usual. Though I considered my sister hot, Mandy was on a whole other level. Mandy was the kind of girl who drew looks and stares from nearly everyone. She was often compared to Scarlett Johansson and it was a very apt comparison. Pretty much every time I saw her, I felt my heart speed up. To be honest, I was pretty intimidated by her, which was why it took me so long to ask her out. Today she was wearing an outfit that accentuated all the best parts of her figure: a pair of super tiny, cut-off shorts and a similarly small tie dye crop top shirt that ended just below her boobs and was cut super low. She topped off the “sexy hippie chick” look with a pair of heart shaped, rose colored sun glasses and a leather headband.

“Mandy, I can’t get over how good your outfit looks!” My sister said as we moved to get in the car.

“Oh thanks!” She said “You look nice too.”

“You look great, you look great, I look great, we all look great-let’s cut the gabbing and hit the road!!” Ty said and hopped into the driver’s seat.

“Ummmmm…excuse ME mister! If we want to spend some time talking about our outfits we’ll do so! Unless you brought your own tent to sleep in this weekend.” Jenny said with fake indignation.

“Uhhh, I meant, take your time ladies. We can go whenever you’re ready.” Ty said.

Mandy made a whip sound “Hwah-tish!” and we all laughed.

“I am whipped and damn proud of it!” Ty said.

Everyone piled in, Tyler and Jenny in front, Mandy and I in the back, and Tyler pulled the car out. Our weekend had begun.

“I hope you guys don’t mind some music.” Jenny announced to no one in particular as she plugged in her phone and put on a playlist. EDM music started pounding out of the speakers.

We all kind of zoned out to the tunes as Tyler pulled onto the highway. After a while, I stretched out my arm and put it on the seat behind Mandy. She turned to me and raised her eyebrows, then scooted a little closer and pulled my arm onto her shoulders. My heart started beating so fast I thought I was going to have a heart attack.

“Mandy, have you ever been to a festival like this?” Tyler called back.

“No. This is my first one. I’ve always wanted to though.” She replied.

“They’re fucking awesome. It’s like seeing a concert, going to a club, and watching a laser light show all at the same time.” Jenny chimed in.

“That’s dope.” Mandy said. “I’m so excited.”

“We’ve gone to every Electric Winter since it started. It’s sort of our end of the summer tradition.” I said. “If you like it you could join us next year too.”

“Oooo. Sounds good.” Mandy cooed. God, even her voice made me nervous.

“Wait a minute Mikey. Isn’t your tradition getting fucked up on shrooms and trying to dance with a fence post?” Tyler said.

I kicked the back of his seat as Jenny and Mandy laughed. “Fuck you dude! That was five years ago and it was the first time I’d done shrooms!”

“Chill dude!” Tyler said laughing. “Mandy is probably thrilled to hear you’re a cheap date!”

The rest of the forty five minute drive was filled with non-stop ball busting, story telling and joking. Tyler, Jenny and I shared our favorite stories from past Electric Winter Festivals, usually at the expense of one of the others while Mandy listened and laughed, occasionally chiming in with her own anecdotes from similar experiences. When we pulled up, it felt like we had only been driving for five or ten minutes. Honestly, I was sort of hoping it would have taken longer; I was really enjoying having my arm around Mandy and her body pressed against mine.

After a line to get in we finally arrived at our parking spot and started to unpack our stuff. Tyler and I grabbed most of the gear.

“Fuckin’ pack mules Mikey, that’s all we are to them.” Tyler joked.

“Awwwww, that’s not true babe, I need you to open jars sometimes too.” Jenny said, getting laughs from me and Mandy.

It took three trips, but we eventually got all of our stuff to the campsite and started setting up. Ty and I set up the tents. I finished pounding in the last tent stake and walked around to the front where the girls had set up some chairs. As I rounded the tent, I was greeted by the sight of my sister bent over the cooler, digging for a beer. I could see the tiniest hint of the curve of her ass underneath her dress. My mind involuntarily flashed to the memory of Jenny on all fours on the couch, her perfect ass out as Tyler fingered her.

“Do these big strong men need a cold beer?” Jenny said sauntering over, holding out two bottles of Sam Adams.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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