A Beach Surprise

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There they sat, the two travel buddies, gazing out at the dying rays of the Sun, as it turned the sea as red as the wine they had poured out. Rather fancy for a secret beach in the middle of nowhere. Shyla and Roma both took another large swig of the wine, as one does after one is a bottle down already. The sun almost romancing their sensuous, petite bodies as the partly wet sand stuck to their toned, waxed legs. Their shirts still wet from the last dip in the ocean, the drenched fabric still clinging to their breasts and betraying those dusky, cold nipples. Roma settled down, resting on her elbows and leaning back, soaking in the aura, and shut her eyes.

Roma loved spending time with Shyla, and loved dirty dancing together more (no there wasn’t a romantic angle) – just for the fun of seeing the scandalised looks on people’s faces when they were entangled in a close sensual dance! Only yesterday evening had the onlookers at the beach shack been shocked! Shyla’s hands had been all over Roma’s belly, navel, all over her back and her legs as they performed to a sensuous beat. In turn, Roma’s lifts had her hands going onto Shyla’s thighs, ass and sternum. Sometimes one would wonder if ısparta escort they’re just putting on a show that was that spicy & irresistible? Or was there more to it?

Honestly, Roma had half suspected Shyla getting a bit too engrossed at times during the acts. But didn’t pay heed to her thoughts too much. After all, it had been a fine day with her all day today, and now Roma was relaxing with the setting rays of the sun hitting her shut eyes.

Then all of a sudden, out of nowhere, she felt a quick wet kiss on her lips. She shuddered a bit. It all went still for a while. She opened her eyes and saw Shyla staring at her point blank – an uncharacteristic, unimaginable lust dripping from her eyes. Roma took a moment to react. But weirdly enough, she was feeling hot even though the wind was blowing across her face. In front of her, she could see Shyla’s hair ruffling in it. The cool wind was hitting Roma’s sinewy body and her nipples had been hard all evening since the dip.

Roma tried to get up and move away. Shyla held her arm hard and pulled her down on the sand again, then started to run her fingers on her lips, then slowly to her earlobe, then down kars escort the side of her neck, onto her collar bone and then trying to reach lower. Roma pushed her hand away, even as Shyla noticed Roma’s nipples getting harder. And the cold wasn’t to be blamed alone.

Shyla was being insistent. She grabbed a handful of wet sand, then looking Roma in the eyes point-blanks, she smeared the wet sand slowly on her gorgeous body, from her chest to her boobs to her belly – she didn’t care about dirtying her thin shirt. And the remaining sand in her hand – with one thrust she threw it towards Roma’s torso. Roma shut her eyes and moved away a bit.

Shyla planted another quick wet kiss on Roma’s lips without saying a word. For some reason, their breaths could be heard more than the waves crashing on the beach. Weirdly enough, Roma seemed to like the wetness on her lips. Weirder still, she gave her lips a lick of her tongue.In an uncontrollable fit of attraction and without a moment’s thought, Roma held Shyla’s neck in her hand pulled her towards herself and locked lips. Eating into each other’s lips. Biting mercilessly and letting their tongues intertwine.

Shyla fondled kastamonu escort Roma’s shirt under which there was never another garment. Roma had her hand deep in Shyla’s ass cheeks as her tits continued to be fondled wild & hard as she continued kissing, biting and sucking. Till their shirts were off and Shyla got on top of Roma to take off her shorts. Shyla planted her crotch on Roma’s mouth, pushing into it hard as Roma’s wet lips enveloped Shyla’s cunt – her wet flicking tongue, going hard at her clit, flicking it left to right vigorously. The touch of her tongue made Shyla go into a swoon almost, as she held on to Roma’s hair and looked up at the skies, then closing her eyes and thrusting and clenching her crotch.

Those two naked bodies on the beach, their boobs bare and hard and facing the cold breeze, sprinkled with the soft sand, just like cookies are with sugar. No man had got her this turned on, this thirsty, this emancipated; and Shyla was being treated to the most thrilling, rapturous orgasm that made her pussy clench inside out as Roma licked her red and swollen clit, leaving Shyla exasperated and gasping for breath, hearts beating fast and loud, sweat pouring down her navel; before ultimately collapsing for a rest on the sand, in front of the setting sun.

Lying perfectly naked and covered with soft sand all over their bodies, they recovered from this secret, unexpected, unadulterated climax. A climax? Or was it the beginning?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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