A European Adventure – Part 1

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The characters

Vicki, a gorgeous redhead

Wendy, an elegant older woman with graying black hair

Connie, a pretty Chinese girl

Sheila, a horsey-faced, but not unattractive brunette

Jill, a pretty blonde











I entered the room with Vicki and Wendy. It was low-lit, but I could make out the dozen or so people already there, reclining on couches, or standing idly and talking. No action was taking place yet but there was no mistaking the sexual atmosphere. All eyes turned on us as the men, and women too, gazed admiringly at the two ladies I was escorting. And for good reason, Vicki, a stunningly beautiful redhead, was wearing a long sleeveless black gown with slits on the sides that revealed her black stockings as she walked or if she stood in certain ways. Her neckline plummeted to reveal her impressive cleavage. Her hair was taken up and her jewelry made her look all the more alluring. Wendy was not to be outdone. In a kind of role-reversal for their ages, she wore an ass-hugging black mini-dress that, together with her four-inch heels, made her legs seem endless. She was slightly shorter than Vicki, but their one-inch difference in heels made them look about the same height. Wendy had raven-black hair cut in a bob just above her shoulders. Her hair was lightly streaked with gray, which just added to her sensual appeal.

We were all on the same mission: sexual abandonment. As they became more adventurous, both women had tried new experiences, each a little more daring than the one previous. They had already tasted each other and took much pleasure in each other and in our times as a threesome. But they also hungered for new excitement and new partners. Vicki was perhaps a little more nervous at the prospect of an all-out orgy, but Wendy’s encouragement had won her over. Wendy was after all the most experienced of the three of us. I still didn’t know whether her diplomat husband was completely ignorant of Wendy’s recreational life, or whether he didn’t care. She remained with him out of some dutiful courtesy, because it was obvious she didn’t find satisfaction with him. I think she started experimenting with the men she met at those embassy socials. I had no idea what a ride getting together with her was going to be.

With Vicki it was different. She worked as a secretary for a multinational corporation. She had a boyfriend when I met her, but she wasn’t inflexible. Wendy took an immediate liking to her. She had warmed Vicki to the joys of woman on woman sex, and was Vicki’s first woman as far as I understand. Watching them together was fabulous. I took great pleasure in delaying my entry into the fray when they were locked in a 69 or rubbing their crotches together, then I would join them, alternatively dipping my cock into one’s cunt and then the other, or from one’s cunt to the other’s mouth, or having one sit on my face and the other on my cock as they Frenched each other and stroked each other’s breasts, or giving one a good fucking while she ate the other woman’s pussy.

But tonight was going to be a watershed. I could hardly wait to see these two gorgeous women getting fucked from all angles by the men and women gathered in this lounge. A fresh-faced young man with dark hair came over first and introduced himself as Matt. He smiled broadly at us and welcomed us to the “club” as he called it. He introduced us to the rest of the gang, Charlie, a middle-aged man with a regal face and balding hair, Sam, a Spaniard with the kind of dark looks women go ga-ga over, Sheila, a somewhat horsey-faced, but not unattractive brunette, Jill, a pretty blonde, Bob, a wiry fellow with glasses, John, my namesake, but built like a tank, Eddie, a young blonde guy who looked like he came off the beach, and a few French guys whose identities kind of merged, Thierry, Willie and Gerard. Looking beyond them I saw an incredibly pretty Asian girl. Noticing my stare, Matt said, “Oh, excuse us, that’s Connie, She’s still kind of shy, but she’s great.”

I smiled warmly and moved forward to take her hand. She smiled demurely and said “Hi.” I stayed with her and chatted as the others mingled. Charlie was fixated on Vicki and she seemed to be responding well to his charming manner. Wendy gazed around her like a queen wondering who she would bestow her favors on. She grabbed Eddie by the hand and led him off to one of the couches. They sat down and she, not one to mess around, began flirting immediately. She put her hand on his leg and joked with him, then leaned over and kissed him lightly on the mouth, moving her hand to his crotch. He put his hand over hers and returned the kiss.

“I’ve been with older ladies before, but you’re one of the most beautiful,” he intoned.

“You’re nice,” she replied and stroked his hair. Then she got up and swung a leg over his, sitting back down on his lap. She took his head in both her diyarbakır escort hands and closing her eyes, kissed him deeply. His hands went around her waist as their tongues duelled.

The rest of the group was still socializing, but were also paying attention to what was happening. Some sipped from their wineglasses as they looked on. Jill had slipped an arm through Thierry’s and looked expectantly at him. Charlie was monopolizing Vicki, but other men hovered, wanting their share of her. Charlie whispered in Vicki’s ear and led her over to a couch.

Meanwhile Matt had come up behind Sheila, pressing his crotch into her behind as she giggled. She was intently interested in what was happening with Wendy and Eddie. Eddie slipped Wendy’s dress straps off her shoulders. She wasn’t wearing a bra underneath and her beautiful big breasts hung free. He stroked her breasts, moving his thumbs over her nipples as she sighed and rolled her head back. Then she looked down and unzipped his pants. She reached in and drew his cock out through his Y-fronts, stroking it lovingly. Eddie groaned and looked at her lustingly. His hands went back to hips as he leaned forward and licked, then sucked on her nipples. Wendy’s hands were still tucked between them, feverishly rubbing his cock. She announced, “I’m ready,” and let go of his cock while she raised herself slightly. She pulled her skirt up around her hips and, not wearing any panties, exposed her thick black bush. Some of the group had moved around to the other side of the couch so they could see the action more clearly. Wendy’s hands went to her pussy lips which she stroked from either side, then opened, revealing the slick inside. Eddie was staring intently at her pussy. Wendy lowered her pussy, just anointing the head of Eddie’s cock. She rubbed herself in small circles around the glans, teasing him. Eddie was breathing more heavily, but waiting patiently with his hands on her upper thighs. Then Wendy slid down, completely enclosing his cock in her vagina. She rested like this for a while, leaning forward and embracing him tightly, then leaning back and lightly holding his shoulders, began to bounce up and down on his cock. Eddie, for his part was doing well matching her rhythm. One of his hands played with her breasts as the other moved around her hip to her ass, gently squeezing the flesh. Wendy groaned in her contentment. She was happiest with a man’s cock buried deeply inside her.

I turned away for a while to take in the other attractions. Jill and Thierry were kissing passionately now, and Gerard had also moved behind Jill, stroking her back. I was looking forward to this.

Matt had Sheila bent over a chair and pulled down her panties. She stepped out of them with one leg and they fell around her other ankle. She was also wearing stockings and garters and I admired her clean shaven cunt from behind. Matt crouched to taste her for a while, spreading her cunt lips with his fingers and licking at her. She closed her eyes and tossed her head, but every now and then turned to look at Wendy and Eddie.

I didn’t want to miss out what was happening with Vicki so I moved closer to where she and Charlie were. He was kneeling on the floor where she was sitting, and holding one of her stockinged legs up which he was running kisses over. She still looked slightly anxious but also aroused, glancing furtively at the other scenes in the room. Charlie put her leg back down and gently pushed her knees apart. Her dress fell in between. Charlie, keeping his eyes on her, lifted it and then put his head underneath. She gasped as she felt him move towards her intimate area, not knowing what to do with her hands, alternatively lightly touching Charlie’s head beneath the cloth and stretching them out to hold onto the couch. Charlie didn’t remove her panties but tongued her through them, while he stroked her thighs. Vicki looked at me and I stared back at her, inflamed. Just seeing another man with her had me rock-hard. I wanted in on this but I bided my time. Bob and Sam were also watching this scene develop with stiff cocks, while Willie and John were waiting their turn with Wendy.

Wendy was by this time pumping up and down furiously on Eddie’s cock, and I could see their mingled fluids making his cock glisten.

Matt was inside Sheila from behind now, stroking steadily in and out of her cunt. Her face was contorted and she was urging him on, clutching the back of the chair. She still had her dress on so I couldn’t see her tits yet. Matt just stroked her back and her bare ass.

Thierry was naked on the floor and Jill was squatting over him. I was lucky enough to see first entry as she lowered her cunt onto his cock.

I turned back to Wendy to see her give a last few heaves as she came, crying out loud. Eddie groaned and spurted into her, his semen running out the sides of her cunt. She rested down on him again and leaned forward to kiss him tenderly on the lips. John and Willie came on either edirne escort side of Wendy and helped her off of Eddie’s cock. She smiled and embraced Willie, her sopping cunt pressing against his rigid, but still clothed cock. “Where do you want it, dear?” she asked. He grabbed her and maneuvered her to a table, laying her back on it. He tore out of his clothes quickly and spread Wendy’s legs. He pulled her closer til his penis was in thrusting distance, then entered her hard and fast. She gasped, her mouth open and her head back.

Charlie was now taking Vicki’s panties off, and she looked more relaxed. He had her stand up and turn around, then unzipped her dress. It fell to the ground. He turned her back to him and kissed her. She was pantieless, but still had her black lace bra on and with her sheer black stockings and the garter belt, it made her look all the more erotic. The other men were admiring her firm, tight ass, and when they could catch glimpses of it, her pussy with its auburn fuzz. Vicki didn’t shave at all, so her pubic hair grew abundantly over the mound above her cunt and along her cunt lips.

I had almost forgotten Connie because of her silence, but there she was standing next to me and smiling as we both watched. She leaned close and whispered in my ear. “You really like this one, yes?”

I nodded.

“You like to see her get fucked?” she continued.

“Yeah, because I get to be with her afterwards. She’s on fire after a good time with another man… or woman,” I added.

Connie smiled and looked back at the pair on the couch.

Charlie had Vicki seated again, but with her legs spread wide so he could ministrate to her cunt. He licked up and down her slit and nibbled at her pubic hair. Vicki was sighing and moaning. Charlie put his hands under her knees and pushed her legs up and out. She slid further down the couch. Her cunt was spread wide in this position and we all got a better look at what Charlie was doing. He slid two and then three fingers in and out of her vagina while tonguing her clitoris, and stroked her ass with his other hand. His middle finger pressed against her puckered little asshole and she groaned. He eventually pushed it in and she lifted her head. “Ooohhh!” she cried. He continued working his fingers into her cunt and ass until she came, shuddering. He lifted his hands and they were glistening with her cum.

Willie had meanwhile come in Wendy, adding his load to Eddie’s sperm. Wendy’s face was shining with sweat and she had her legs wrapped around his back. He leaned over her panting, sweat dripping off his forehead onto her tits, til John came over and nudged him. John stepped more casually out of his pants but his cock was ready to go. Wendy looked up, “Oh, you’re massive!” she exclaimed as she eyed John’s 10-inch member. John smiled slightly and said, “All the better to give you the fucking of your life.” He lifted her legs by the knees and pushed his cock against her cunt lips, which though loose from her prior fucking, were going to have to stretch to accommodate John’s size. He didn’t rush her, though, pushing in gently one inch at a time, til he was completely buried within her. Wendy sighed, “Oh, I feel so full. It feels so good. Fuck me!” At this John began his thrusting, and Wendy’s lips folded in on his inward thrusts and stretched outward as they clung to his cock on his exits.

I was trying to take it all in. Matt had come inside Sheila and she was on her knees cleaning his cock with her mouth. Jill was on all fours and Gerard was assaulting her cunt from behind, while she was sucking Thierry’s cock.

Connie was kissing my cheek and rubbing my erection through my pants as we continued watching Charlie and Vicki. Charlie was really lavishing it on Vicki, being much more patient and methodical than many of the younger men she had been with. He was now sitting down on the couch and Vicki was standing over him. Holding her hand, he said, “Undress me.” She knelt down and unbuttoned his shirt and slipped it off his shoulders. She took her time, wanting to make this as pleasurable for him as it had been for her. She then took off his shoes and socks and undoing his fly, had him wiggle out of his trousers. She pulled them down, then slipped her slim fingers around the waistband of his boxers and leaning forward to press her lips against him while he was still inside, pulled them slowly off. His rigid cock sprang free. The head was dripping pre-cum. Not yet touching it, Vicki leaned forward to lick it off, Then she grasped his cock with both hands and worked her mouth around the head. Watching her lovely hands around another man’s cock, her long nails gently caressing, was almost more than I could bear. Connie had meanwhile slipped her hand into my trousers and was fondling my erection.

“I don’t want to come in your mouth,” Charlie breathed. “I want to save it for your cunt.” Vicki looked up through her long eyelashes and obliged, straddling his legs between hers elazığ escort and lowered herself down on him. She held his cock with one hand and put the other on his shoulder. She was so wet she didn’t need to hold herself open, but slid down easily onto his cock til he was completely enclosed in her tight sheath. Charlie closed his eyes and groaned at the velvet sensation. Vicki slid up and down his cock and Charlie’s hands went to her head, drawing it closer so he could kiss her. With her leaned forward in this position I could see her asshole more clearly. I couldn’t take it anymore so I broke away from Connie and knelt on the floor behind Vicki’s undulating ass. She looked behind her, startled at first when she felt other hands on her, but then looked seductively at me and turned to kiss Charlie. I pulled her ass cheeks apart and admired her puckered pink-brown hole. It was still virginal. I ran my tongue down the crack, darting it at the hole, careful to avoid contact with Charlie’s penis sliding into her cunt just millimeters away. Vicki groaned at the added sensation and Charlie didn’t seem to mind, because it made her pussy clench all the more tightly around him. I continued licking at her ass and Connie came up behind me, loosening my belt and pulling off my pants. She tugged at my cock from behind for a while til I thought I was going to come, but she staved it off and lying on her back put her head between my legs, taking my cock in her warm mouth. She sucked me sweetly as I slobbered over Vicki’s ass. I pulled her wider as I drove my tongue inside her anus, enjoying the musky taste. She came again then, squeezing on Charlie’s cock with her cunt muscles and releasing fluid that ran down her crack and matted her hair. She felt behind her with one hand to stroke my head. I had a finger from each hand holding her asshole apart so I could get my tongue deeper inside her. She was gasping, “Oh, oh, oh!”

Charlie’s control was formidable. He still hadn’t come yet. “I want some of that,” he said. “I want to come there.”

Vicki didn’t quite know what he meant but he suddenly lifted her off his cock, a string of cum still reaching from her cunt to his cock, then he had her turn around with her back to him. She was ready to lower her cunt down on him again, but he had a different objective. He pulled her ass toward him and she squirmed. “What…?” But he pushed the head of his cock into her anus before she could object, holding her tightly. She tried to lift herself up but he clung tightly and Bob and Sam moved to help him, holding her arms and shoulders.

“No, not this time!” Vicki continued to protest.

“Oh, but your boyfriend made you so ready,” Charlie said, pressing ever deeper into her asshole, lubricated with her cunt cream.

Vicki grimaced and cried out. “Oh, you’re hurting me!”

“This isn’t your first time, honey, so don’t pretend,” Charlie continued. He finally loosened her bra and squeezed her freed tits. Her nipples were hard.

I was too aroused to intervene, and I held out that this little struggle was part of Vicki’s game.

Connie had also sat up to observe. “You can continue from the front,” she suggested.

I took her up on it, crawling closer to Vicki again as I watched Charlie’s cock, balls deep in her ass. He seemed to enjoy just resting like that for a while. Vicki squirmed. I started licking her wet cunt, enjoying the abundant juices she had produced. Vicki looked down at me through her squinting eyes and caressed my head. Charlie started moving his cock again, slowly then more urgently as he built up to his climax. I tongued Vicki’s clitoris. Vicki started coming for a third time, and I opened my mouth as wide as I could over her cunt as she flooded it with cum. Charlie spurted his semen deep in her tight ass. I saw trickles of it squeezing past Vicki’s sphincter. Vicki lifted my head to kiss me deeply, pushing her tongue into my throat. “Oh, that was intense, one of the most intense,” she whispered.

Charlie eventually softened and pulled out of her ass, stepping out from behind her and allowing her to lay back on the couch. The tops of her stockings were sopping with a mixture of sweat and cum. Connie moved to my side and without saying anything, began to lick the cum from around Vicki’s cunt and ass, before moving in deeper and sucking both holes. Vicki groaned again and stroked Connie’s hair. Connie pulled her own clothes off and lay on top of Vicki, her fresh cunt touching Vicki’s fucked one. Their breasts rubbed together, hard nipples abrasing. She kissed Vicki, spreading the taste of semen, cunt and ass to Vicki’s mouth while grinding her pelvis against the other woman.

“Do you mind feller?” I heard a voice say. Wiry Bob had his cock free and motioned towards the women. I moved away slightly to give him room. My turn would come, though I didn’t know how much longer I could last.

Bob traced his cock over Connie’s ass, leaving a trail of pre-cum. Sam had his cock over the girls’ faces, Vicki looked up at him and reached a hand out to grasp it. He leaned closer and she licked the head. Connie shared it as they ran their tongues up and down the length. Sam grabbed the back of Connie’s head and flung his head back, closing his eyes to the sensation.

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