A Hard Day’s Work Ch. 02

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As I returned to my truck a chuckle slipped out of my mouth, now I have seen it all I thought. Who would imagine that such a thing goes on in this ordinary house in this ordinary suburban neighborhood. As I drove to my next job my mind wandered back to that basement and all the things that went on there. Visions of women decked out in leather and vinyl, strapped helpless to the equipment while the voluptuous lady or should I say mistress of the house played with them. I didn’t really think about the men who had visited the chamber of submission but there were plenty of tapes of both sexes so I assumed that the woman was an equal opportunity dominatrix. As I thought about all this my cock once again grew erect in my pants, tenting the front out. I reached down with my free hand and stroked the length of my shaft through the material of my uniform. Thoughts of pulling over somewhere and unleashing the beast for a little self love ran through my mind but I was already approaching my next stop. Pushing the memories out of my mind finally succeeded in deflating my tool somewhat so it was safe to go to the door. It wouldn’t be very professional to arrive with a raging hard-on, at least not in my profession.

The woman who answered the door this time was about as opposite as you could get from the first one. Older by about 20 years, flabby and dressed in a baggy sweat-suit. Well, I thought, what did you expect, a show at every job? I entered her house and quickly got to work. It was a very routine job and my mind wandered once again to the basement room.

This time it was me I imagined in the straps, totally immobile stripped naked, while the blonde strutted around me. My mind dressed her in a cut out black vinyl bra, her large nipples exposed and protruding just begging to be suckled. Black lace garter belt with bright red straps held up a pair of fishnet stockings. Framed by the garter belt was a matching pair of crotch-less panties, exposing her large fleshy lips, swollen and red. Two thin strips of golden hair was all that was left of her bush, shaved in a vee pattern pointing down to her clit, fully erect like a miniature cock. Over the fishnets were the straps from the shoes I saw, wound around her full thighs and shapely calves. In her hands were two things, a ping pong paddle and a feather. I was shaken from this revery by a sound from the door of the room.

I was on my back with my shoulders and head inside the cabinet of the sink i was working on. Peering out I saw the large woman staring at me. Actually she was staring at my crotch and the large bulge of my dick straining at the fly of my trousers. Her tongue licked her lips as her mouth hung open, clearly she was in her own little fantasy. Her hands clutched at the fabric of her suit, opening and closing. Oh my god I thought, please don’t let her come on to me as I found her very unattractive and didn’t want to embarrass either of us. These thought made my dick wilt like balloon with a leak. I hurried through the rest of the job and made my way back to the truck.

I tried to go back to my little daydream as I was eating my lunch but every time I got back to the basement room it wasn’t the blonde but the blob that was there with me. Sensing the futility of further daydreams I finished my lunch and proceeded to my last call.

This one was more complicated than the other two so my mind didn’t have a chance to wander back to the dungeon. This was probably a good thing as I was afraid that the entire fantasy was ruined by the flabby woman. I finished the job and was on my way kayseri escort home when my phone rang once again. Answering it I was amazed at my luck when my boss told me that Ms. Falston had called and said I had left one of my tools at her house. Now I was sure I hadn’t left anything there but there was no way I was going to tell my employer that. “OK, I will stop by on my way home”.

By the time I arrived back at the Falston residence my dick was hard enough to pound nails. I mused on how I should handle this, act innocent and see what she did or come on strong. Thinking that she seemed to like to be in control I decided on the first course of action. There was one problem tho, it is hard to act innocent when you have a flagpole in your pants. I opened and reached into my water jug and grabbed some ice, clenched my teeth and thrust my icy hand into my pants. The shock of the ice against my hot throbbing member was intense, I half expected to see steam come rolling out of my pants. After a moment the shock treatment worked and my cock shrunk back to its flaccid size. Wiping the enormous grin from my face I approached the door and rung the bell. Ms. Falston answered the door but this time she looked wide awake and neatly made up. Her hair was tied back in a tight bun which really accented the sharp cheekbones of her face. A light application of makeup was applied also drawing attention to her finely featured face. This woman was a knockout! Instead of the summer robe she was wearing an ankle length gown which was buttoned up the front. It was very loose fitting so I didn’t get a chance to admire her fine body as I had done that am.

“Well ma’am my office said I had left a tool here?” I inquired.

“Um, that was a little white lie I told them so you would come back, she replied “this morning you were admiring my home theater and I was wondering if you would like to see it in action?”

“Absolutely, it looked like a top of the line system you have there I would love to see you ….. err it in action”. A small smile slipped across her face at my slip but she made no mention of it.

“Well shall we, and would you care for a drink? I have most everything there in that cabinet, help yourself”. “

Thank you, can I get you something?” “

“No I am fine at the moment,” she replied. As I walked over to the bar I thought to my self fine hell, you are way more than fine. Opening the large cabinet I was surprised to see a full line of top shelf liquors, cordials and mixers. Next to the cabinet was a mini fridge which upon opening I saw was stocked with a range of beers, both imported and domestic, several bottles of wine and two magnums of champagne. I made my choice and poured a healthy serving of Knob Creek Bourbon and walked over to the freezer and added a single cube of ice. I noticed that my host was gone and just as I was about to call out her voice drifted up from the basement.

“Come on down I was just turning on the system.” Steeling myself with a large swallow of the fine bourbon I walked down the steps while the liquor settled in my stomach producing a warm glow. The main lights were off in the room, the only illumination was several recessed lights dimmed down. Nestled in the corner of the couch and holding a large multi-function remote control was the blonde haired beauty I had been fantasizing about all day.

“Go ahead and make your selection and put it in the vcr on the left and come join me on the couch,” she said as I approached her. I went over to the the racks of tapes and picked one kıbrıs escort of the plain labeled ones with the title Patty and slid it into the slot of the vcr. Crossing the room I started to sit in the middle of the large sofa only to be stopped by her voice “Oh no come sit by me I want to show you how the remote controls all the functions of the system.” Sliding over a bit I settled down into the soft cushions about six inches from her. As i took another sip of my drink she rapidly pushed some buttons and the room went dark only to be filled with light from the large screen as the tape started.

The first image was the familiar room with the mats and apparatus. The camera must have been on the tripod as it was a static shot of the empty room. “Do you recognize this place? I know you do because when I came down here after you left I noticed the door wasn’t fully closed and I had made sure it was shut when I turned the water off. you were a very naughty boy to be snooping around my house while I slept.

I started to protest but she just smiled and shushed me. “Don’t say anything just watch.” I noticed that her voice had taken on a sterner edge and dropped down an octave.

My eyes left her face as a movement on the screen drew my attention. A short, petite redhead wearing absolutely nothing but a collar and straps around her wrists and ankles walked with her head down across the room and to the wall where the manacles were bolted high and low. Her tits were not large but perfectly formed without any trace of sag, the nipples already jutting out like two little missiles. From the camera angle I wasn’t sure but it looked like her snatch was as bare as a babies. “Oh that’s Patty, good choice,” a voice whispered in my ear. Glancing toward her I stopped when she snapped “watch.”

Back on the screen Patty was facing the wall and bending over at the waist as she attached the leg chains to her small ankles. Her pussy was totally exposed and it looked like it was glistening, the lips engorged and flaming red. Her ass was spectacular as it jutted out as she bent over, firm and nicely rounded. “Isn’t she just delicious?” the voice whispered again. Patty was now reaching over her head to cuff off one of her hands and then placed her free hand right at the remaining restraint.

“I am ready mistress,” a small meek voice sounded out from the speakers.

“Good slave,” a familiar voice replied full of authority and command, “your training is coming along nicely.” Another figure entered the picture causing me to almost choke on my drink which I had been sipping. What I assumed to be the lady of the house strutted across the room on impossibly high heeled boots dressed in a full length black vinyl cat-suit, complete with a black stretch mask which totally covered her face and head. In her hand was a short handled whip with multiple strands of what looked like leather. As she came to the immobile form pressed against the wall she jammed the handle of the whip between the shapely globes of Patty’s ass. “HOLD!” her voice rang out and I saw the cheeks clench up on the wooden shaft so it was suspended in the air like a little horses tail. It quivered while Patty held it with all her might, the strain making the muscles of her ass and legs pop out in sharp definition. “Don’t let it drop or I will stick it up your ass so it can’t drop,” the stern voice warned as the whip started drooping slightly. She reached up and fastened the last strap and stood back to admire her handiwork like an art critic in a gallery. The bound woman’s entire konya escort body was shaking from the strain and sweat started running down her back. Now I understood the stains on the wall there.

I was jolted back to the real world when I felt a hand roughly grab my very erect cock. “This is the only tool I am interested in right now,” she said, “if you are interested in finding out more and will obey me strip down and come back to join me. If not, let yourself out.” With that she stood up and shrugged the gown off her shoulders. My eyes nearly jumped out of my head when they saw what was hidden beneath.

Black leather straps made up the majority of the outfit with little chrome studs running in pairs down the straps. The widest strap encircled her wasp thin waist, cinched tight by a big shiny buckle. From this strap two thinner ones rose up her flat belly and barely covered her large aureolas, over her shoulders and crisscrossing on her back to join once again with the waist strap. Her generous breasts were flattened down some by these straps but were still stupendous. Going down from the waist belt was another wide strap witch covered the top of her mound but had a hole about two inches in diameter directly over her pussy. I realized this wasn’t so much for access to her womanly grotto as it was for holding a strap-on in place.

At the bottom of her pussy the leather split into three parts, one continuing straight around to be buried between the taut globes of her ass only to reappear at the top of her crack to rejoin the main belt. The other two strands wrapped around the tops of her toned thighs to reconnect with themselves with two shiny buckles. Her feet were encased in a pair of black leather open toed boots which went up to just below her knees. I took all this in in the few seconds it took for her to rise and turn towards the closed door of the dungeon. As she opened the door she turned and tossed something on the floor by the door.

“Put this on before you enter and DON’T KEEP ME WAITING!”

The authority in her voice sent a little chill down my spine and my mind raced. Do I really want to do this? I don’t know about putting myself under this woman’s control. I should just walk out the door and have some great stories to tell in the shop in the morning, not that anyone will believe a word of it. These and other doubts filled my mind but my dick knew the answer. It was so hard it was almost painful. I could feel the blood throbbing in the bulbous head and I was sure that a trace of pre-cum had already escaped the slit at the top. I stood up and mindlessly started to remove my clothes.

I glanced back at the still running video to see the little redhead astride the horse, her feet clipped to two d-rings at the rear and her hands cuffed together and tethered to a ring on the ceiling above and ahead of her. This put her body at a 45 degree angle to the horse. The lady, ( I still didn’t know what to call her) was standing behind with the lash from earlier striping the redheads butt. With each blow the girl flinched forward then fell back to the horse. It was on one of the forward movements that I saw the large phallus attached to the horse by the center strap with the cut out. It glistened from the girls juices as she rode it back and forth in time with the lashing she was receiving. Her face was a mixture of pain and ecstasy, her voice now moaning now gasping as tears ran down her face.

I hurriedly finished undressing when the sharp command rang out from the other room “GET IN HERE NOW OR GET OUT!!” Stepping over to the door I bent down to pick up the object only to find that it was a silk blindfold with elastic straps to hold it firmly in place. I slipped the blindfold over my eyes and was plunged into total darkness as I entered the room.

End of Part Two

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