A New Way of Seeing Things Ch. 14

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(This story takes place in a fictional world. Any similarities to people or things in the world we actually live in is coincidental.)


Tim and Gwen swam after the chores were completed that Saturday. Much to her husband’s pleasure, there was nothing but beautiful skin under the robe she walked up to the pool in, and he discarded his trunks as well. The couple happily splashed about for some time, their nakedness fueling their arousal until they made their way back down the house and their bedroom.

Much of the next day was spent at her parent’s house for family dinner. Gwen kept looking for an opportunity to ask Alison exactly whether Jason had seen the contents of her boots, but the lack of privacy made that impossible. She spent the afternoon certain that her son-in-law was somehow looking at her differently, as if he saw her in a different light. The Slut dismissed the thought as paranoid but made a note to save the idea for fantasy material later. To both her distress and relief, her mother treated her as she always did, and true to her word, Natalie did her best to run interference and form a united front.

Gwen was in the office the next morning when she heard the sound of a vehicle crunching up their gravel driveway. The inventory report on the screen in front of her had her full attention, and she was late in moving away from the keyboard to investigate. The sound of a car door slamming, followed by a call of “Gwen, you up there?” echoed through the open garage bays below.

“I am!” she replied, her mood brightening at this unexpected visit from Natalie. There was the sound of quick steps on the rough wooden stairs, and her sister-in-law’s head poked above the landing.

“Day off, out running errands,” she explained as she finished her climb and hugged her sister-in-law. “Thought I’d take a chance and stop by.” The two women compared notes on the previous day’s gathering before Gwen suggested they walk over to the house where they could talk in more comfort.

“Thanks, but I’ve got a bunch of stuff to do today. I just wanted to drop this off for you—I think I know what you can get Tim for your anniversary.” Natalie pushed a red leather-bound photo album into Gwen’s hands.

“It’s a nice idea, but we sat for a family portrait a couple of years ago,” the tiny brunette replied. “Remember? The photo you have on that table in the study?”

“Yeah,” Natalie replied slowly. “These aren’t that kind of photo. Take a look.”

Gwen flipped back the heavy cover to reveal the first shot. It was of Natalie, or rather, a reflection of Natalie as she looked into a carved-oak framed mirror. Her hair and makeup were perfectly done, accentuating the woman’s face rather than changing it altogether. An unbuttoned white shirt covered her shoulders while a loosely-knotted red tie contrasted against the pale skin it lay upon.

“Oh, my.” Even though there was nothing particularly lewd or obscene about this picture, it was obviously not intended for general viewing. She looked up at Natalie, who conspiratorially raised her eyebrows and glanced purposefully at the album, prompting Gwen to turn the page.

The next photo was still from behind her sister-in-law but now from a lower angle, the focus on the woman’s back rather than her reflection. The shirt hung loosely, obscuring the curvaceous figure Gwen knew lay beneath, and ended just below where the curve of her butt began, the tail hanging off the firm globes like a short drape. Black high heels added a certain naughtiness. Gwen admired the shot for a moment before slowly turning the page.

It was of Natalie from the same angle, but her hands were now on the dresser before her, bending over ever so slightly as her reflection looked back over her shoulder. The shirt rode up accordingly, just enough to expose the lower separation of her cheeks, enough to hint at a lack of underwear without confirming it.

“I had these taken for Adam, for our anniversary, a couple of years ago,” Natalie offered quietly, “it’s a kind of photography called Boudoir.” Gwen nodded but didn’t look up, intent on the pictures she held in her hand. An urge to turn the page and see what was next fought with her desire to preserve her sister-in-law’s modesty.

With an effort, she looked up. “These are absolutely beautiful, but why…?”

“I had these taken for our anniversary,” Natalie repeated, “as a gift for Adam. I thought maybe Tim would like something like this from you?”

Gwen’s eyes widened in understanding. “Oh, no, I couldn’t do that,” she demurred, pushing the open album back at the smiling woman before her. “You look incredible in these, but I could never look that good. I’d probably end up looking like a cheap prostitute or something. This just isn’t something I could do.”

“Does Tim like cheap prostitutes?” Natalie asked, smiling to show she meant no offense. “It’s something you couldn’t do before,” Natalie corrected, pushing the album back. “It’s something you can do now. C’mon, erzincan escort show your husband what a piece of ass you are. Cheap prostitute is a look I think you’d have a difficult time pulling off. Sexy as all hell wife and lover is one you’d be a natural for. Look, I got a bunch of errands to run yet, and I still have to pick up Tyler and get him to the dentist. Take a look at the photos and see what you think, then give me a call and we can start working out the details.”

“I can’t keep this! Won’t Adam miss it?”

“I told him I was letting a friend of mine borrow it to see what a shoot might look like. I can pick it up once you’ve said yes.” Natalie bent forward and kissed her on the cheek. “Gimme a call once you’ve had a chance to look through it and have some time to talk. Remember, this is going to be a gift for Tim, so not a word to him!”

Gwen snorted. As if she could tell her husband that she had been looking at sexy pictures of his sister-in-law! The blonde was hurrying down the stairs before Gwen could react. “But Natalie…” She stood there until her sister-in-law’s car could no longer be heard. Numbly, she sat back down at her desk and again looked at the open album before her. Picking it up, she began to turn pages. Natalie moved and posed about an elegantly decorated bedroom, giving broad hints as to what lay beneath the white shirt without actually revealing it. Eventually the shirt was removed while the tie remained for a few shots more, and yet still the photos were taken in such a way to accentuate her feminine lines but not reveal the entire package, a peek of a nipple here, the tuft of pubic hair there, but still far less than what Gwen had seen in person. Mischievous grins alternated with sultry looks, her seductive qualities obvious. The last photo was of Natalie lying on the bed on her stomach, looking into the camera, the dusk of the tops of her areolae just visible above the white pillows that concealed the rest of her breasts, while the curve and separation of her buttocks were presented in softer focus behind her.

Gwen turned the page, anxious to see more, and found a blank. She quickly turned past this, hoping it did not signal the end despite the edges of pages visible below it. She was relieved to find a new set for her viewing pleasure.

The scene had changed, and Natalie’s outfit as well. She was now outside in a flower garden profuse with blooms, trellises loaded with roses, hints of lush grass beyond. In turn, her sister-in-law now wore a shimmering forest green silk chemise, the sun and the color of her garment making her blonde tresses radiate light.

Again the photos progressed with her moving about the garden, poses hinting at much without revealing all. The chemise was eventually removed, flowers, greenery, and marble works serving as the only cover to her most secret parts. The last photo was a profile of Natalie’s face while she smelled a rose. A fitting closure, Gwen decided as she flipped the photo to find the back cover. A label pronouncing this the work of “Memories By McCall, Peachtree City GA” was affixed there along with a web address. A scrap of paper with some handwriting was taped to that.

She glanced up at the clock. An hour and a half had passed. She didn’t spend that much time looking at horse show photos, she thought ruefully. Perhaps a walk over to the house to clear her head was in order. The album was carefully locked in the cabinet along with the sex toy catalog, and she wandered across the yard.

Gwen mindlessly prepared a salad while she thought about Natalie’s suggestion. She had to admit, what the album presented was beautiful and erotic, but not in a pornographic sort of way. A short time ago, she would have thought it obscene and in poor taste; now, it was a sensual representation of the sexual creature that was Natalie.

But I could never look that good, she thought as she sat down at the table. Natalie’s beautiful, I’m, well I’m just a Mom. She began to imagine herself in the outfits that Natalie had worn, in the poses that Natalie had assumed before dismissing them as wishful thinking.

Gwen returned to the office and made the promised phone call to her sister-in-law.

“Hey Gwen, hold on a sec.” She could hear the sound of a door opening and closing, and then the sounds of traffic. “Tyler’s in getting his teeth cleaned. Well?”

“I can’t tell you how beautiful they are. How did you…”

“Liz suggested them. She’s done some modeling for the photographer and recommended him. Barry McCall, really nice guy, it’s a complete package—he’s got a location he loves for these, you pick the outfits, his wife does the makeup…I was in and out in about six hours.”

“They look so professional!”

“They are. Barry knows his stuff, he’s done a bunch of these. So, should I call him and set up an appointment?”

“I’m flattered you think I would look good like that, and I really appreciate the idea, I really do,” Gwen offered, “but I’m erzurum escort not model material. You’ve got the face and body for it, but me…I don’t think so.”

“Bullshit. You’re hot, Gwen, just get used to it. You’ve just never let anybody doll you up. Barry and Sandra—that’s his wife—do some pretty impressive things with women who are not half the looker you are. If you don’t believe me, go to the back of the album, look up that website and use the ID and password on the paper to sign on. Barry has some of his portfolio on there, including before and after photos. I think you’ll be surprised. Gotta go—looks like Tyler’s coming out now. You understand I’m not taking no for an answer on this, right? Take a look and we’ll talk later.”

Gwen sat there a moment after the connection was broken, finally deciding that the inventory report was not going to get done on its own. She pecked away at it for ten minutes until the call of the contents of the locked cabinet overpowered her.

Again she slowly leafed through the photos, first page to last, admiring the work of this Barry McCall, grudgingly admitting that if the sexuality coming through in his work excited her, it had to have driven Adam wild. She had reached the last photo when the Slut suggested that a quick session with her toys might be in order; the Lady loudly voiced her repulsion over the fact Gwen had become like a mare in heat just by looking at lewd pictures her sister-in-law.

She compromised by bringing up the website on the computer in front of her. A page of links to various wedding, special occasion, and senior portraits were presented, along with a link to a sign-in screen. She entered the ID and password, and screen refreshed with another category —Boudoir.

Gwen nervously moved her pointer to the photo of a middle-aged woman dressed in a sheer robe and hesitated. She had never intentionally looked at pornography, especially on a computer, before; did this count? Would someone find out if she clicked the link? With a deep breath, she pushed the mouse button.

The screen changed to a collection of thumbnail photos, each of a woman in some sort of lingerie, each with a name below the photo. Gwen smiled as she recognized Natalie in the bottom left, though on screen her name was Rebeccah. Even her sister-in-law occasionally displayed some caution, it seemed. Her cursor hovered over her picture, ready to click, but she stopped. She had already seen her photos; how about someone else’s? The feeling that she might be invading their privacy crossed her mind before she dismissed it. They must have given their permission to be on here. How brave…Gwen knew she would not allow him to put her pictures on the website…if she were ever to allow her pictures to be taken, which she would never do.

A thumbnail of a slight, ponytailed brunette caught her eye. Anita. The woman reminded Gwen of herself, younger perhaps, but the same build and hair color. She would start there.

She clicked, and a full-screen frontal shot of a much older woman dressed in jeans and a t-shirt appeared. It took Gwen a moment to realize that this was the ‘before’ Natalie had mentioned, and decided that the comparatively small size of the thumbnail must have hidden the woman’s true age and looks. She clicked the button to move to the next photo.

A woman dressed in a sheer white robe, the woman in the thumbnail, stood to the side of a large bay window, one foot on a bench while she bent over to adjust the strap on her sandal. The robe had parted to show her stockinged-leg all the way from ankle up to where the garter of the hose ended, the gown covering the skin where her inner thigh joined her hip. The top of the robe fell open enough as she bent at the waist to hint at a swell of flesh hidden in the shadows beneath.

Gwen moved back and forth between the before shot and this one, comparing. She wanted to believe it was two different women, that is was trickery on the part of the photographer, but she knew it was not.

The subsequent photos showed that again the model was artfully posed to obscure her most private parts, and while it became quickly evident to Gwen the woman had small breasts, smaller than her own, at no point were they ever revealed in all their naked glory.

As with Natalie, the model discarded the robe without suffering any serious compromise of her remaining modesty. Until the last photo of the set.

Gwen clicked, and the screen changed to a shot of the woman bent at the waist with her back to the camera, legs spread in a vee, arms resting on the sill of the bay window while she looked out to the garden beyond. The globes of her buttocks were clearly on display, and her sex would have been clearly visible between her thighs had the sunlight streaming in from the window not made the contrast between light and dark an effective cloak to her most private spot.

She spent most of the afternoon looking through other portfolios, seeing everything from hints bursa escort of the forbidden that mirrored Natalie’s portfolio to women with their breasts thrust proudly at the camera and legs wantonly spread-eagled. She finally glanced at the clock and panicked a bit–the trucks would start coming back any moment. She hurriedly re-locked the cabinet with the album inside, then erased her browsing history and shut down the website. The Slut bemoaned the lack of time to take care of the itch the website had created while the Lady scolded her for wasting an entire afternoon looking at smut.

“Isn’t the air conditioner keeping up?” Cliff asked as Gwen came downstairs to greet the first crew back. “You look hot,” he offered, seeing the confused look on her face.

“Oh—Oh, yes, I guess it’s not. I’ll have to talk to Tim about getting a bigger one.” She looked at the muscular black man and flushed more as an image of him strolling across their pool deck naked and wet flitted into her mind. She took the offered paperwork from him. “Let me run this upstairs.”

Cliff watched her tight little butt move beneath the denim of her jeans as she ran up to the office. He had worked for the Nelsons a long time, and considered them both friends, but he was still a man, and had always practiced the philosophy of “look but don’t touch” When it came to her or any woman other than his wife. Not that Gwen had ever given him anything out of the ordinary to look at…but still, he took in what sights he could.

Thunderstorms and common sense prevented the couple from swimming after dinner that evening, and they instead made themselves content in front of the TV until bedtime.

Tim was under the covers first, staring at the ceiling and planning for the next day while Gwen was busy in the bathroom. He was surprised to see emerge completely nude, carefully placing her robe at the end of the bed before climbing under the sheet and grabbing her glasses and book.

“Not even a t-shirt?” he said with mock surprise, turning his head to look at her.

“Do you think I need it?” she asked, face showing her concern that she might have overstepped her bounds. “I just thought that if I can be like this in the pool, I can do it here.”

He laughed while rolling on to his side. “Makes total sense to me. Still quite the change though.” His hand slid under the blanket, to where he knew the soft skin of her stomach to be.

Gwen put down her book, now confident her unspoken invitation had been accepted and she might get some relief from the itch that had never gone away after her day in the office. “It’s quite the change, alright. But I have to admit, I kind of like it, not having to worry about being all proper and ladylike all the time, at least not in my own bedroom.”

“No place for proper and ladylike in my bed,” Tim grumbled. “glad you finally see the light.” His hand began to turn patterns on her silky skin. Gwen giggled, a sound Tim could never remember hearing before under these circumstances, and the couple’s hands and lips found each other in familiar and practiced ways.

The pressure his palm created on her mound and the gentle stroking of her slit by his fingers brought her to a rapid orgasm. Muscles tightened up and down her body, and her hand was no exception, clenching her husband’s length as she fought the urge to cry out.

She became dimly aware of Tim’s manhood bulling its way through her clenched fist, sliding back and forth as much as her stranglehold would allow. Gwen loosened her grip but his hand quickly flew to hers, closing around it while his hips twitched. He lasted a few moments more, his length sawing back and forth through her closed fingers before she felt the first warm jet of his seed splash against her belly and thatch. Tim strained against her hand, grunting quietly next to her ear while he emptied himself. A final heavy sigh told her he was done.

She rolled back to look at the pearly white streaks up her stomach and though her matted hair. They lay together for a long time, long enough for his deposit to dry. It was not washed off until her shower the next morning.

Gwen managed to get a fair amount of work done the next few days despite the distractions locked away in the cabinet behind her. The drawer was not always locked, however, and several looks at the website were followed by masturbatory sessions, each one featuring a fantasy revolving around her modeling just as those women had. She had briefly pondered bringing the rabbit out with her to save her the transit time between office and house, but dismissed it as too risky and too slutty. Guilt followed each of her orgasms as well, but it was not enough to discourage her from logging in and starting the process again. Still, she remained noncommittal when Natalie called on Wednesday to get permission to ‘set something up’.

Her sister-in-law managed to avoid bringing the topic up until they were onto the wooded path of their Friday morning ride, shirts and bras already discarded despite the cloudy weather.

“So, you gonna let me call Barry?”

Gwen smiled and looked down at the ground passing beneath her and Dart. “Natalie, I just don’t think I’d look right in that kind of picture. I mean, you know me, Miss Modesty…”

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