A Series of Firsts Pt. 04

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Julie woke up in her hotel room to the alarm buzzing at 7:30am. Remembering the night before, getting fucked three times by three different guys, her nipples begin to harden and she feels a tingling in her sex. Then, suddenly, Fred’s irate phone call startles her back to reality.

Formulating a plan, she calls Fred.

She’s greeted with “What the hell do you want?!? You whore!” from Fred.

“Fred listen!” Julie pleads.

“Someone must have but something in my drink. One minute I was having a drink with my dinner at the hotel bar, the next think I know, it’s the next morning and I’m in my room. There’s a message from you calling me names! What’s going on?”

Fred goes ballistic, yelling “What’s going on??? You’re having sex with some big black guy, and you ask me what’s going on??”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about!” Julie responds.

Fred doesn’t answer, instead Julie gets a text from him. She looks at it and sees a pornographic image of her riding Enrique.

“Shit!” she thinks. “Those bastards took pics!”

To Fred, she says.

“I must have been drugged! I would never do that!”, mustering up some sobs.

“Ok, ok, I believe you!” says a gullible Fred.

“You should call the local police. Tell them what happened.”

Relieved that he’s bought her story, Julie tells Fred,

“I couldn’t. It would be too embarrassing. I’ll just be very careful and not go anywhere without one of my colleagues.”

They chat for a few minutes more, Fred promising to come home for a weekend soon, then disconnect.

“I can’t believe he believes that bull shit!” thinks a relieved Julie.

Down in the restaurant, David was telling Richard about this MILF that he had scored with the night before.

“When the rest of you went downtown after the dinner, I figured I would get a quick drink and call it a night. I’m sitting at the bar, watching tv, when this 40-something MILF sits down a couple of bar stools from me. Fucking awesome! Red hair, green eyes. Her skirt was half way up her great thighs. She struck up a conversation with me. She’s a sales rep for contractor. Down here alone. Hubby didn’t want to take off from work. Etc., etc., etc. Long story short, we went up to her room and the bitch wore me out! Cock sucking, tit fucking, anal, you name it! She’s having dinner with us tonight. Tell Julie she has to have dinner with us too. Who knows, might turn into a party!”

“Sounds like a plan.” Richard answers.

As Julie joins them at the table, Richard asks her to have dinner with them. She knows she really has no choice so she smiles and accepts.

A full day conference istanbul esc follows, broken up only by a working lunch.

After relaxing in her room, Julie showers and dresses for dinner. Over her tiny panties, she opts for a sleeveless blouse and a short flowery skirt she’d purchased in San Juan. She leaves the top three buttons of the blouse, displaying just a hint of her tanned, bra-less young tits.

When she enters the restaurant, she sees that Richard and David are already there, as is an older, attractive woman, clad in a white dress that highlights her tan.

Richard stands and pulls the chair next to him for Julie.

Nodding toward the older woman, Richard says,

“Julie, this is Karen. Karen, meet Julie.”

As the two exchange greetings, a waiter arrives with a bottle of champagne. The bottle quickly disappears and is replaced by two more as the two men keep the ladies’ glasses full.

As the dinner progresses, so does Richard’s hand up Julie’s thigh.

Her inhibitions diminished by the alcohol and the experiences of the last few days, Julie opens her legs and reciprocates his attentions by rubbing his crotch.

By the time the check arrives, Richard has slipped two fingers into Julie’s cunt and she is trying not to pant or worse, cum.

Unbeknownst to her, David and Karen are doing the same thing.

“Up to my suite for a nightcap?” Richard asks, or rather tells the group, leading Julie by the arm to the elevator, trailed by Karen and David.

When they arrive in Richard’s spacious suite, he turns on some music and pops open the bottle of champagne that’s chilling on the coffee table.

Swaying to the music, Julie asks first Richard then David to dance with her. They both shake their head no.

Karen goes to Julie, takes her hand and says seductively,

“I’ll dance with you.”

With Karen leading, the two dance at arm’s length at first, then closer, until Julie’s arms are around Karen’s neck and Karen’s hands are kneading Julie’s ass. Feeling Julie respond, Karen kisses her deeply, tongue searching for Julie’s.

Reaching between them, Karen opens the rest of the buttons on Julie’s blouse and gently fondles her tits, rubbing the nipples with her thumb. Taking her hand from Julie’s tit, lowers the strap of her dress and bra off her shoulder and pulls Julie’s lips to her right nipple. A gasp escapes Karen’s mouth as Julie suckles on her nipple. Holding Julie’s head to her tit, Karen uses her other hand to remove the straps from her other shoulder and wriggles out of her dress, leaving her in her lowered bra and heels.

Having been more than content to türbanlı escort sip their drinks and watch until then, the two men, as if on cue, decide to act.

Richard unsnaps Karen’s bra, allowing it to fall to the floor while David pulls Julie’s skirt and panties down to her shoes where she steps out of them.

Raising Julie’s lips back to hers as she reaches down to roll her finger on Julie’s clit, Karen slowly backs down to sit on the couch, at the same time gently forcing Julie to her knees in between her legs. She leans over to kiss Julie again as she helps Julie to shed her blouse, leaving both women naked.

Karen slides forward so that her pussy is hanging over the edge of the seat. Slowly but firmly, Karen pushes Julie’s head to her pussy. At first tentatively, then with more passion, Julie tongues Karen’s clit.

Pulling her own nipples, Karen tells Julie to finger her while licking her clit.

Watching the two attractive red-heads having sex while snapping pics with his phone, David says to Richard,

“Fuck man! It’s like watching mother-daughter action!” as he sets his phone aside to quickly disrobe. Richard follows suit.

Holding Julie’s mouth tight to her cunt, Karen has a spasming orgasm, her juices soaking Julie’s face.

Almost immediately, David is kneeling behind Julie and, grasping her hips, vigorously fucks moist cunt. Julie almost immediately has her first orgasm, pushing back against David’s invading cock.

Sitting next to Karen on the couch, Richard pulls her head on to his stiff tool. She expertly gives him head, then straddling him, inserts his dick into her cunt. She rides him while, knowing she likes it rough, Richard alternately slaps her tits and bites her nipples. In the throes of another orgasm, Karen’s cunt grips Richard’s dick like a vice which send him over the edge as he fills Karen’s pussy with jism.

Increasing his pace, David shoots stream after stream into Julie’s young cunt, pulling out to sit on the floor.

Julie also sits on the floor, her back against the couch.

Karen slides off Richard’s lap onto the floor next to Julie and, ever voracious when it comes to sex, puts one arm around Julie and kissing her, plays with her nipples.

Slowly sliding her hand down Julie’s abdomen to her mound, Karen begins to seek out Julie’s clit.

As Julie’s nipples harden, Karen sucks and nibble on them, all the while rubbing Julie’s clit. Moving from Julie’s breasts, Karen licks her way to Julie’s cum filled cunt. She licks the juices, then goes to work tongue fucking Julie’s clit while her middle finger rubs the roof of Julie’s cunt. aksaray escort Having a sexually experienced woman perform cunnilingus on her has Julie humping Karen’s face at an ever-faster pace until she climaxes with a scream.

Karen leans back on her haunches, a satisfied look on her goo covered lips.

The girl-on-girl action has aroused both men. Looking at David, Richard mouths silently,

“It’s time to take her ass!”

Richard rises from the couch, helps Julie up, and kissing her, says,

“Let’s go to the bedroom.”

Leading her by the hand, Richard takes Julie into the bedroom, the bottle of champagne in his other hand. Smacking her on the ass, Richard propels Julie up onto the bed. He takes a swig from the bottle, then offers it to her. Still basking in the euphoria of her mind-blowing orgasm, Julie takes a big gulp.

Richard stands next to the bed and grabbing Julie by her hair, brings her lips to his already hard cock.

“What are you waiting for?” Richard demands. “Suck it!”

“You’re a dirty little whore, aren’t you?” David says to Julie, smirking.

Julie, on her hands and knees sucking Richard ‘s cock is turned on by the filthy names and by the sounds of Karen telling David to fuck her hard.

Removing her mouth Richard’s cock, Julie pants,

“Fuck me! Fuck me!”

Chuckling, Richard turns Julie so that she is facing the mirror on the wall opposite the bed. Kneeling behind her, Richard drives his cock balls deep into Julie’s gaping cunt. Keeping a steady rhythm, Richard pulls Julie’s head up by her hair.

“Look at you! Filled with cock! Moaning like a whore! You like being a little slut, don’t you?”

“Yes! Yes!” Julie moans, her breath coming in short bursts as she nears another orgasm.

Reaching to the night stand next to him, Richard dips three fingers into the jar of Vaseline he had placed there.

Continuing his assault on Julie’s pussy, Richard works one, then two greased fingers into Julie’s virgin anus.

Julie wriggles under the pressure in her rectum, reaching behind her to remove Richard’s invading digits.

Richard slaps Julie’s hand away, pushes her flat, face down on the bed and slowly forces his cock into Julie’s tight ass.

“Nooooo!” Julie howls.

“Yes!” Richard says, as he slowly pushes more of his cock in, reaching under Julie to rub her clit.

Richard, finally balls deep in the now so sobbing Julie, enjoying her tight ass.

As Julie gets used to the invading cock in her ass, she begins to enjoy the sensation of her ass full as her clit is rubbed by Richard’s thumb and his two fingers move in and out of her pussy.

She grinds her ass up and down, getting close to yet another orgasm

At the same time, back at home, Mrs. Nolan, Julie’s mom, her husband being away on business, has her bosses thick black cock deep in her ass…

To be continued.

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