A spot of sunbathing

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Like all my stories, this one is essentially true. We always play safe with strangers. Take care.


When we lived in France we were by the sea and had a choice of beaches within a short bike ride of our house. One official naturist beach and a couple of others with secluded areas that you could get an all over tan (and a little action too from time to time).

Since our return to city centre apartment living in the UK such enjoyment has not been possible and last summer I did find some parks that made, weather permitting, for good areas to catch the sun but the wearing of shorts was obligatory. Damn!

One day exploring the city I was intrigued by a multistorey car park and wanted to see the view from the top, perhaps overlooking the hustle and bustle of the streets below. The top 2 floors were closed to cars but still accessible on foot. I had great views and at one end, although it wasn’t a clear, bright sunny day, I found a spot that was not in any way overlooked and, thanks to some redundant traffic signage, would be secluded enough to catch the sun in perfect tranquillity.

I had taken in to account that such buildings were often places of anti social behaviour, either druggies and drunks, rough sleepers or the stairwells being used as toilets but as security was visible at the entrance, I figured they’d guess I was coming to collect my car.

A couple of weeks later, Dave and I had a day off together and so I told him of my find and persuaded him it was a better sun trap than the local park where we our peace was usually disturbed by ball playing adolescents. We packed a couple of towels and a pack of cool beers in my back pack and headed for the car park, following closely a couple heading for their car so it looked as we were all together, they headed for their car on the 4th floor and we climbed up to the 8th floor and the spot I had found.

It wasn’t long before the towels were laid out and positioned to get maximum exposure to our bodies and this being the north of England in September, sun cream was only applied to our faces. Even Dave stripped off once he had mentally surveilled the place and decided it was safe to do so, and I was soon face down, bronzing my arse and Dave was on his back getting some sun to his front including his small (but perfectly formed) shaved circumsized cock. After 20 minutes or so I cracked open a couple of beers, bringing Dave back to his senses from whatever day dream he’d been having. We were enjoying the moment and the eryaman escort clothing free sanctuary I had found less than 10 minutes by foot from our home.

“What do you think your doing?” said a voice, causing both of us to sit bolt upright and instinctively cover our naked cocks. (I’m shaved too and unless I’m somewhere nudity is the norm, my dick is the first thing I cover.)

Well there before us, or actually at the back of us now we had sat up, was a member of the security team. We didn’t really say anything but started to fumble for our underwear.

He started to laugh although we were quite embarrassed and didn’t find it a laughing matter.

“Chill, nobody knows you’re here.”

Naked and flustered, I asked what he meant and he said he noticed us on the stairwell CCTV and instead of clocking off and going home, when his colleague arrived to take over the later shift, he decided to come and investigate. I asked then if his colleague knew we were there too but he said not, it actually turned out to be a blind spot on the cameras his colleagues knew he used for meditating.

Meditating? A security guard? But he was slightly hippy like with long straggly hair and a goatee and I guess it takes all sorts. I asked him if he wanted us to leave.

“Hell, no,” he said, and so I asked him if he fancied a beer. He said yes and so Dave opened 3 beers. He sat down and removed his tie and jacket. He rolled a joint too which made me chuckle and he sat on the end of my towel and took a drag before offering it to us. Dave doesn’t smoke at all and I have been known to so it seemed rude not to. He then removed his shoes and (thankfully) his socks too, followed by his shirt. He was very wirey and pale and said he’d never meditated naked before, in fact I wasn’t sure his body had ever seen daylight as he removed his trousers and had clearly been commando from the lack of undergarment. I could see he wasn’t shaved like us two and I caught scent of his armpits, I adore sweat, as he lifted his arm slightly when he passed the joint back to me. His limp cock wasn’t cut and was also pale but I couldn’t tell how many inches it would be if it got aroused. He knelt up and put the joint out and I could see that little butt of his, not the hole or anything but simply the 2 cute cheeks of his pale smooth arse. In fact, the smoking had got me fuzzy headed and I was surprised to find my cock had swollen a little and I was semi-erect. I lay back sincan escort and looked at him as he turned round.

He stared at Dave’s cock, a stare that lasted a while which I put down to him being slightly spaced out, and then he lay down, on his back like the 2 of us but in the middle of us. The warmth of the sun was great and my face felt flush from the smoking and the beer. I was aware that blood wasn’t only being pumped to my face and lifted my head a little to see Dave had an almost solid hard on.

I sat up very slightly and finished my beer, lay back down and Dave did the same. If I wasn’t mistaken, our new friend’s own cock was also on the way to being hard too and I was just about to reach over when Dave announced he really needed to pee. The hippy, who at this point had remained nameless, said not to go anywhere as there was a camera that picked up most of the rest of the space where we were with the exception of the blind spot we were in so I told Dave he could perform our party trick, the one we only seem to perform when there are only the two of us at the party. And with that, he knelt up and I hauled my torso on top of and over the hippy’s and took his cock in my mouth whilst Dave let a long flow of piss fill my mouth and pour down my throat.

“Impressive, never seen that before,” our new friend said. “Want some more?”

Like I needed asking! And certainly not twice. And so we played gay naked twister and moved round so his semi erect cock, a good 5 inches, was just in front of my face. I was on my elbows and edged forward so that I could reach around and cup his buttocks, pulling him in to my waiting mouth, and he relaxed, paused a moment and then turned on the taps. I gulped as he flowed faster than I would wish, I wanted to taste his offering which, thankfully, wasn’t too strong but the sensation of it flowing over my tongue was amazing and my own cock was rock solid and throbbing with pleasure. His stomach was flat and there was a dark line of hair from his belly button to his pubes. Dave had raised one of his arms and was licking the sweat from under an armpit before leaning in for some tongue on tongue action and finally i got to savour the taste of his piss as the stream slowed down to a trickle.

He pulled back from kissing Dave for a moment- though his hardening rod remained in my mouth- and said “I’m straight” before resuming the tongue tennis. Maybe he had been until now. Hilarious!

I stroked my etlik escort hands gently over his butt cheeks and Dave’s hands seemed to find the base of the cock that was sliding in and out of my slurping mouth, joining in the rhythm. I guess I knew from experience that Dave would be milking him in to my waiting mouth shortly and he has a way of encouraging and then stopping to maximise the delivery. I love it when he feeds me some stranger’s seed. One of my hands caressed his nuts, just an inch or so in front of my own wet chin, covered in the excess saliva I was generating from giving head.

I could hear and indeed feel him moan, as much as is possible when your mouth is giving and getting action from another and his butt cheeks clenched as the first spasm of spunk shot across my tongue, followed very quickly by a further two that almost filled my mouth and they were so quick I was taken by surprise, pausing before continuing the sucking and swallowing. The remaining 4 or 5 spurts were slower and smaller and he seemed to take more pleasure in their delivery, as if the first 3 were a necessity. And I held his cock in my mouth, licking around the slit until it was limp and almost impossible to suck any more.

I was horny as hell and the hippy started to get dressed so I lay there and Dave sat next to me as we watched him pull on his trousers and shirt, shoes and then vanish. In my bag was a sachet of lube which I reached for and gave it to Dave without saying a word- he isn’t surprised that my jocks, cockrings and lube pop up in jacket pockets, pouches or bags all over the place- and he opened the sachet and lubed his cock before leaning over and applying a generous amount, more than needed, to my arse before pushing his tongue in to my spunk tasting mouth and the end inch of two fingers in to my man cunt. It was my turn to moan and show pleasure and I raised my hips a lttle too. He came round and climbed on top, removing his fingers and lowering his tool in to my arse crack before his head found my well lubed hole. He slid in, slowly and gently and we rolled on to our sides so he could use one hand to wank my still throbbing prick.

I knew with what we had just seen and done, it wouldn’t be long before he shot so I tried to slow him down but at the same time I was eager to feel him pumping his jizz into my waiting arse. I rocked too, more forcefully so he would adopt my rhythm, less frenetic and one that I could control. And he shot like a rocket!

As he did so, my own cock, already more than moist and hard as hell despite not having had much attention, exploded too, all over the towel I had been laying on. Dave stayed in me until his cock softened and then he lay on his back briefly before we got dressed and headed back home to shower together and reflect on the unexpected benefits of an hour or two in the sun.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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