A Step Out Of Time

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It was late as she drove home. It had been a long day full of meetings and she was looking forward to just tumbling into bed and getting some sleep. She swore to herself as it started to rain. She hated this road at night in the rain. She saw a car pulled up beside the side of road with the hood up. A man was peering under the bonnet, his coat held over his head.

She was going to drive on, but she knew that the chances of another car coming down this road were pretty slim, and they were miles away from the nearest garage. She slowed and stopped her car.

“Do you need any help?” She asked as she put down the passenger’s side window.

The man looked at her gratefully.

“Do you have a phone? I could call for help.” The man had an accent she found interesting. She judged him to be a few years younger than herself.

“You’re not likely to find any help tonight. Nearest big city is about 40 miles away. You’d be waiting a long time. Can I give you a lift somewhere?” She asked.

“I was on my way down the south coast.” The man shrugged.

“Look you’re getting saturated. Jump in.” She suggested. They exchanged names. He held out his hand to her as he sat in the passenger’s seat. She took it, feeling his firm grasp.

“There is a motel in the next town. Perhaps you could stay there? The guys at the garage would probably be able to help you out in the morning.” She suggested. “I’m a local…. I could put a good word in for you.”

“That seems the only option. Wait a minute. I’ll just get my things.”

She sat patiently as the man retrieved a suitcase and travel bag from the back of his car. She wondered if she was being wise, she’d been warned about picking up hitch-hikers, but this man was well dressed and spoken, and she’d noticed the way his wet jeans were beginning to outline his lower body. She thought he was quite good looking. She decided she could safely deliver him to the motel and be on her way. She’d been stranded once on this same road and knew it was not nice spending the night in the car waiting for someone to drive past and hoping they’d help.

“Thanks. I appreciate your help. I haven’t seen another car for ages.” He remarked as he stowed his things on the backseat of her car. “How far is it to the next town, then?”

“Its just a small village. It is probably about half an hour from here. There’s not much traffic on this road at night.” She shrugged. “We’re pretty isolated. Price you pay for living in the country.” She laughed.

They talked easily for a time about their work. She was glad for the company, it made the driving easier.

“When are you due home?” He asked her casually.

“Actually I’m not expected until tomorrow. I was meant to stay overnight…” The words were out before she realised. She found herself wondering what he might suggest. She found her heart beating faster, her palms were suddenly sweaty.

“Can I buy you a drink when we get where we’re going? Just so I can say thank you?” He asked.

“It might be a bit awkward.” She shrugged. She wanted to agree but she knew she would be spotted if they went to the local hotel. “I live in a very small community.” She offered by way of explanation.

“What if you come to my motel room? No one would see you there.” He suggested. “You’re a lovely lady. I’d like to get to know you better.”

She felt his hand on her knee. She glanced over at him. He smiled at her.

“I would like that.” She said softly. “But there are drawbacks to living in such a small town. Once I drive into town, everyone would know I’m home. If I didn’t go home…” she shrugged. A mischievous smile crossed her face. “There is a mattress in the back of the car. I took the kids camping last week and haven’t taken it out yet. There is a secluded spot down by the river…”

“I did want to see more of the countryside.” He chuckled. His hand continued to caress her leg, running from her knee up her thigh, stopping just short of her black skirt, and then returning.

“I haven’t Kıbrıs Escort been parking in years…” She pulled the car onto a dirt track and followed it for a mile or so. Finally she brought the car to a stop. She turned the engine off. Only the sound of rain could be heard. It was pitch black outside.

She undid her seatbelt. His hand was still running up her leg, this time he didn’t stop when he reached the skirt, he pushed his hand under the fabric. She wore no panties and his hand found her pussy. He teased her lips open, ran his fingers over her clit, and then slowly began playing with it.

She felt his fingers playing with her. She’d been wondering if this was a sensible thing to do, but threw caution to the wind. She decided she wanted to step out of time and enjoy this man. It was something she’d never done before and she knew the opportunity might never arise again. She was determined to make this a night they could both remember.

She leant towards him and found his mouth with hers. She kissed him passionately, her tongue wrapped around his and slid with delicious delight. She savored the sensations. Her hands started to feel his body through the fabric of his shirt. She started undoing the buttons of his shirt, running her hands over the naked flesh beneath. She reached over to run her hands across his chest, running her fingers around his nipples, feeling the firm flesh under her hands. She knocked her arm on the console between them.

“You’ve a mattress back there?” He asked as they disengaged from their kissing. She nodded mutely. She pushed her seat back and leant over to the back seat. She took his things and placed them on the floor. She felt his hands caressing the back of her legs, caressing her thighs as she leaned over and pulled down the back seat of the station wagon. She clambered over between the front seats and began to unroll the thick foam mattress. It took up most of the back of the car.

“How’s this?” she looked to him with a smile.

“It seems perfect.” He nodded.

“Come here then.” She suggested.

He too climbed over the seats. She was sitting on the mattress, her legs tucked beneath her. He sat beside her, reaching his hands out to undo her jacket. She helped him take it off. She wore a lacy black bra. He smiled as he realized she was very well endowed. She was pulling off his wet shirt. They took a time to undress each other. She ran her hands over his body. She smiled to see his massive hard cock. She reached out to caress it.

“This is a step out of time. I want to feel all of you…. I want to taste you. I want to do everything and anything with you, here tonight. I’ll never have this opportunity again. Do you understand?” She asked him carefully.

“I think so.” He shrugged. “Where do you want to start?”

“I want to give you pleasure. I want send your senses screaming.” Her hands had been caressing his cock.

“I can handle that.” He replied wryly.

“I want you to lie back and enjoy.” He complied, a smile on his lips.

She moved herself so she could kiss him again. Her hand still ran over his cock, traveling up and down his length with slow deliberate strokes. Her mouth was warm and inviting. Her tongue caressed his. Her kiss became more passionate. She moved her body against his. He felt it slide across his naked skin. She moved lower down his body. Her mouth made a trail down his jaw, down his neck, across his chest. He felt his nipple being slowly outlined by her tongue. Felt it being drawn into her mouth and played back and forth. He felt her soft sucking, felt her hand working his long cock faster and faster.

She heard a low moan escape from his lips. She loved the feel of his body beneath her hands, beneath her tongue. She moved down lower, making wet kisses trail across his stomach and down. She deliberately went to the side of his cock, kissing his hair, kissing the tops of his legs. She moved herself so she was positioned over him. He watched her, her mouth Kıbrıs Escort Bayan made slow kisses all over his groin, kissing his balls, and then slowly slid with wonderful wetness up his hard cock. Her tongue slowly slid up and her mouth enclosed his head. He felt the liquid heat of her mouth slowly descending further and further down his cock.

She felt his wonderful cock filling her mouth. She let her tongue flick across his head, before plunging back down upon his length again. She loved the feeling and the taste of his cock, loved the clean smell of him. She was tempted just to bring him with her mouth, but she wanted far, far more than that tonight. She wanted it to be slow and lasting… a night to remember.

“Give me your hands.” She whispered. He felt her guiding his hands to her breasts. Felt her moving herself so they hung down around his cock. Felt them wrap around his cock, felt her bringing his hands together around her breasts. He ran his cock between her breasts, feeling the twin mounds encasing him in their flesh. He felt her mouth and tongue on each thrust slowly running over his head.

She felt his cock fucking her tits. She took his cock into her mouth at the end of each stroke, loving the feeling of his wet flesh gliding along her sensitive skin. She felt the first signs of an orgasm begin to shake her body. She closed her eyes and let the sensation rise. He felt her quivering. She was hot and horny and seemed to love to pleasure him, without any need for stimulation from him. He smiled to himself, knowing that once he did get started on her she would be so responsive. He wondered how far she’d let him go.

“Come back up here.” He suggested.

She slowly moved back up his body, kissing him as she went. Her mouth met his and she lingered a long time just kissing him, feeling his hands caressing her breasts, loving the sensations that coursed through her body.

He rolled her so she was on her back. He kissed her mouth then moved himself to mirror what she had done to him, kissed her jaw and her neck. He lingered a long time suckling on her nipples, taking each of their pink hardness into his mouth and playing them with his tongue. She was moaning in delight, shivering in anticipation as he moved lower and lower down her body. His hands caressed her pussy. She felt his fingers parting her lips and dipping into her wetness.

She called his name. Her voice was urgent. He heard a soft whimper and moan as his tongue came to her clit and slowly ran along it. He felt her shivering again and again as his fingers delved into her heat. She rode his tongue and fingers, loving the wondrous feelings they generated throughout her body. She just let herself enjoy the sensations; she wanted nothing more than to stay like this. She wanted to have him licking and fucking her pussy all night long. To feel the orgasms that coursed again and again through her body.

He could feel her response; it made him want to bury himself within her. He brought himself up between her legs. He ran his cock around her lips, teasing her lips with his head.

“Do you want this?” he asked her softly.

“Oh yes, yes.” She replied breathlessly.

“Tell me.”

“Oh, I want your cock. Let me feel your cock in me. Let me feel it deep inside me. Give me your massive cock!” Her voice held a carnality that sent him to distraction. He wanted to ram himself into her, but still he teased her, letting himself slide between her wet lips, running his cock up to her clit and then back down.

“What do you want me to do?” he persisted to tease her.

“Oh, God! Fuck me. Fuck me hard. Fuck me so hard. I want to feel your huge cock in me. Fuck me!”

She felt his cock slide into her. She loved the slow filling as he pushed deeper and deeper into her. She felt him move back and then plunge himself once more into her heat. He felt her legs wrap around him, felt her depths caress his cock with delicious warmth. Felt her muscles tightening around Escort Kıbrıs him as she began to orgasm beneath him. She rode his slow strokes with pure exaltation. She felt every shred of her being hurtling towards release. She found herself quickening the tempo, found him responding with increased pressure. Found him working into her harder and harder. Felt his cock entering her, sliding and gliding with faster and faster strokes. She heard him breathing heavily.

Her body was quaking beneath him, she had reached that point where she felt orgasms rolling with infinitesimal ferocity across every fibre of her body. He tried hard not to let her movements take him towards his own release. Instead he slowed down his strokes, making them longer and deeper. Her wetness wrapped around him with fiery heat. He let her cum again and again, holding off on his response, until her quaking finally subsided. She was breathing heavily.

“Oh, my.” She muttered between breaths. “Oh….. don’t go.”

He smiled as he pulled out of her.

“Don’t worry. Its not over yet.” He chuckled in a low voice.

She felt him pull her on top of him.

“Ride me.”

“In a little while….” She smiled at him with a mischievous twinkle in her eye.

She kissed his chest, drawing his nipples into her mouth once more. She moved down to kiss his cock. She tasted herself on him and reveled for a time in the feeling of his hard cock filling her mouth. She moved down further still, she took his balls into her mouth and sucked on each one gently.

He moaned deeply. He felt his cum rising, but held back. He felt her tongue traveling down his balls onto the sensitive skin under his balls. He felt her tongue running around his balls. Then it was slowly sliding back up to enclose his cock again. He felt her sliding herself onto him, felt her pussy wrap around him once more.

She quickened her pace, she rode his cock with abandon, loving the feeling of it filling her, Her hands came to play with his balls. She wanted him to cum now. She wanted to feel him fill her. She wanted to feel him quivering in release, just as she once more was delighting in her own response.

He felt her descending on his cock. He felt her hands caressing his balls, and thought it was sending him towards heaven. He closed his eyes and abandoned himself to her. He felt the fury of her orgasm as she continued to ride him, felt her pussy urging him on, felt his balls tightening, felt his cum rising. He didn’t stop himself this time. He let go and filled her again and again.

“Oh!” she cried loudly, “Oh my god.”

He felt her shuddering response. Her back was arched. She rode his cock until she felt his cum filling her. She descended upon him a final time as they shared an orgasmic rush of pure lust. Their senses were screaming. Slowly her hand caressed his balls a final time. He felt her pussy’s wet heat still wrapped around him. He felt her slowly rise up and turn around. She lay down beside him, her breath still coming in short gasps.

“Thank you so much. You’ll never know what this night means to me.” She whispered as she kissed him gently on the lips.

He smiled at her, and wrapped his arms around her. He held her tightly against his naked body.

“You’ve been more than a good Samaritan tonight.” He chuckled. “Thank you for rescuing me. I think it would have been a cold and lonely night if you’d not stopped to help me.”

“I’m not due back until tomorrow.” She reminded him. “Perhaps we could stay here the night?”

“I think this accommodation is more than adequate.” He replied easily.

“Good. I’m not finished with you yet…”

He relived every moment of the night before as he watched the mechanic fixing his car. He could hardly believe what had transpired, he only knew that he’d met a truly passionate woman and that he’d love to see her once more. He also knew that despite his giving her his number and asking if she’d reconsider that he’d never get to revel in her delights again. She’d taken a step out of time last night. She’d indulged in delights with a complete stranger. She had fulfilled a fantasy and he’d been lucky enough to be the one who she’d found. They had sent their senses screaming, just as she had promised. He smiled to himself at the memory.

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