A Tease for Two Ch. 03

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I sat at the kitchen table, nursing my second cup of coffee. I was really getting too old for late Saturday nights involving drunken orgies. Ok, so that might be a bit of an exaggeration. It’s true that 38 isn’t really “old” – or at least I hoped it wasn’t – and I wasn’t that drunk last night. And it wasn’t exactly an orgy. Though with my limited experience in that venue, sex with another woman who was simultaneously having sex with a man was probably as close as I’d likely get to an orgy.

You would also think that after two nights of pretty awesome sex with multiple orgasms, I would be ready for a sex-hiatus. But recalling some of the details from the weekend was triggering a tell-tale tingling in my erogenous zones. And then, of course, there was the post-coital conversation with Liane last night. I closed my eyes for a moment as I recalled what she had suggested

“There are a couple of other things I’ve always wanted to try,” she said.

“Oh?” I responded, licking my lips and wondering what could possibly top tonight’s escapades.

“Well,” she continued before stopping and glancing at her husband. “Matt,” she said, placing a hand on his bare thigh where he was perched on the arm of the couch. “Could you give Kate and me a few minutes alone, please?”

Matt looked startled, but gave her a quick kiss on the lips and headed down the hallway towards the bathroom and bedrooms. I couldn’t help admiring his very well formed naked butt during the process. I returned my attention to Liane just as she turned back to me from having done the same and we exchanged a rather conspiratorial smile. She grabbed the throw blanket from the back of the couch and draped it over us. I was relieved – the wine buzz was abating and I was starting to feel a bit self-conscious being naked in the all-too-brightly-lit living room.

“I’m not sure how to say this,” Liane said, looking a bit uncomfortable. She paused and I wasn’t sure if I should wait or say something but I couldn’t think of a single thing to help. I had absolutely no idea what was on her mind.

“Well,” she began again, “You might have noticed that I’m – ” And she stopped. What? I thought to myself. Naked? Horny? Bi-curious?

I took a wild leap. “Shy?” I asked.

She smiled with relief. “Yes,” she agreed. “I’m really inhibited when it comes to sex. There are so many things that I’ve heard about or that I think Matt would like or that I’d kind of like to try, but I just don’t know how to approach it with him or how to do them and I’ve never felt like there was anyone I could ask before. None of my girl friends are the types of people to talk about sex and I don’t want to turn Matt off or freak him out or…” She took a breath. “But I feel like I can talk to you about this.” Wow. When she starts talking, I thought…

I smiled back at her, feeling a bit shell-shocked.

“Liane”, I said firmly, “There is nothing you could possibly say to upset or offend me or make me uncomfortable. I’m actually really happy that you’re willing to try some new stuff.” I nudged her gently with my shoulder under the blanket. “And I bet you anything Matt would be game too.”

“You’re right – I’m sure you’re right. I bet he’s been wanting more for ages,” she looked down at her hands, tensely clutching the blanket.

“Hey,” I laughed, “he doesn’t seem like a husband who’s been particularly deprived in the sex area either, so I wouldn’t stress it. But if there are things you want to try with him…” I looked away for a moment as my heart thumped hard, “…or with me – or whatever. Well, you should feel okay talking about it.” My mind began to stray to all the possibilities I had been fantasising about for months if not years. Was she thinking about strap-ons, perhaps? I’d always wanted to experiment with them but had never found an interested partner. The thought of fucking her with a strap-on, maybe while she sucked her husband off or…other combinations began to unfold in my mind.

A quick sideways hug from Liane brought my attention back to her. She had released her death grip on the blanket and seemed more relaxed. She let out a big sigh. “Ok,” she said. “First off – have you ever given a blow job?”

Now, sitting at the kitchen table, I chuckled quietly at the memory. I had tried to control my obvious surprise at the naïveté of the question as well as the nervous bubble of laughter that had threatened to burst from my mouth. After a deep calming breath, I had told her that yes, I had some experience in that realm. This led her to confession that she had never really given one before – not start to finish. She hadn’t avoided it for the stereotypical reason that she thought it was gross. On the contrary, she had no issue with having a cock in her mouth. But she was worried she would give a bad blowjob and was too scared to try. That, and she didn’t know what she was supposed to do when he ejaculated.

We came up with a plan for the afternoon.

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Matt was lying on his back on the bed, naked, with a blindfold, exactly has he had been instructed. Liane thought the blindfold might help with her inhibitions – at least somewhat – and the plan was to leave the lights on so she could see what I was doing. She had given him an overview of the plan and said he was “keen”. I chuckled to myself in recollection. Yes, men are generally pretty keen when offered a blowjob.

The dark blue drapes of the master bedroom were drawn, keeping out the afternoon sun as well as any potentially prying eyes, I supposed. Liane was standing nervously to one side of the bed, wringing her hands and darting wide eyes from me to her husband, who was clearly enjoying the anticipation, judging from the semi-hardness of his penis. She was wearing a long button down shirt though I wasn’t sure if she had anything on underneath it.

Well, I thought. First we have to get her relaxed.

I walked over to her and took both of her hands. I kissed her gently on the lips (I could get used to this, I thought) and asked, “You all set? Just like we discussed. I’ll take the lead.” I stroked her blonde hair lightly with one hand, letting it trail down her shoulder and arm, barely brushing the side of her breast.

She reached shyly for my shirt, pulling it over my head and letting it drop to the floor. I had left my jeans in the other room so I was now wearing nothing but my favourite blue lace Victoria Secret bra and matching panties. I had pulled my hair into a loose ponytail to keep it out of my way. I am nothing if not practical.

I moved closer to her, sliding my hands under her shirt to lightly stroke her back. She closed her eyes for another kiss and I pulled her towards me, pressing our lips and torsos together. I lost myself for a moment in the play of our tongues, my fingers feeling for the buttons of her shirt, desperate to feel her skin against mine.

The last button undone, I pushed open her shirt and moaned softly when I felt her naked breasts graze my chest. I cupped them in my hands, brushing against her nipples while we kissed, her hands resting on my arms. She gasped when I squeezed her nipple and I moved to her mouth again. She tasted faintly of mint toothpaste and her tongue felt hot as it twirled along my own. She reached around my back and I felt her unclasp my bra. She slid it down my arms and then our breasts were pressing together. I bent to suck at one of her nipples and she let out a low moan. I flicked my tongue at the other before running it up her neck to bite gently below her ear.

She ran a hand along my hip to my bum pressing our pelvises together and we kissed again more passionately, all tongues, teeth, and hands, gasping softly when either of us reached a sensitive spot.

I suddenly remembered the other person in the room and chuckled as I broke the kiss. Liane opened her eyes, looking at me questioningly. “Matt,” I said simply. “I forgot about him for a second.” I shrugged apologetically and told her, “Kissing you is rather distracting.”

She smiled and looked over to her husband. Though his blindfold was still secure, his cock was now hard against his pelvis and his hands were stiff at his sides. I guess we hadn’t been particularly quiet.

“Were you enjoying listening to us, Matt?” I asked, grinning cheekily at Liane.

“I’d love to be able to watch,” he replied somewhat wistfully.

“Now, don’t be greedy,” Liane scolded him, though she walked over to kiss him briefly on the lips.

“Hmm,” I began thoughtfully, “perhaps we could give you a bit more to listen to. Liane, why don’t you go lie down next to him?”

She moved around to the other side and lay on her back next to her husband, their hands barely touching. I slipped out of my panties and climbed on the bed near her feet.

“Let’s see if you can imagine what I’m doing to Liane just from the sounds,” I said to Matt. I spread her legs slightly apart and positioned myself between them. I blew gently on her hair and bent to kiss her inner thigh, running my tongue along it, moving slowly towards her pussy. I could smell her arousal and see that she was already wet. Looking up the length of her body, I could see that her eyes were closed but her head was turned slightly towards Matt.

Using my thumbs, I opened the folds of her vulva and I heard her sharp intake of breath as I moved my tongue softly towards her clit. I teased around it, first along one side and then the other. From the corner of my eye, I could see her hand clutching Matt’s.

I flicked my tongue over her clit once and she gasped. I dipped to her vagina, tasting her tangy juices and sliding them over her folds. I let one of my fingers play around the entrance of her vagina while I licked, teasing just inside. I could götten porno feel the heat of her on my lips, and paused to kiss her clitoris softly. It was already swelling from the attention.

She made a quiet whimpering noise and I imagined she was hoping for more. I relented and began to bathe her clit in long slow strokes, pausing momentarily to suck at it gently before returning my tongue to flicking and licking it. As I slowly thrust first one finger, then a second into her pussy, I was sure Matt could hear how wet she had become. Her hips began to move in time with my tongue so I moved away from her pussy, not wanting her to come too quickly.

“I supposed we should continue with the agenda for this afternoon,” I teased her. Her eyes flashed open and she bit her lip, nodding with a small smile. I moved between Matt’s legs.

“There are two things to remember when giving a blow job,” I had told her this morning. “Actually,” I corrected, “three things.” I checked them off on my fingers. “You want to watch your teeth; use enough lubrication; and most importantly, you need to enjoy yourself.” I had smiled as I considered. “Giving a blow job can be an incredibly erotic and powerful sensation. There’s really nothing like it.”

I was looking forward to this. As much as I had enjoyed going down on Liane, I was craving the feeling of a cock in my mouth.

Liane sat up and moved closer to me, watching my movements. Just as I had with her, I ran my tongue along Matt’s inner thigh. He had neatly trimmed his public hair, for which I was very grateful. I stroked his balls with my tongue, circling closer to his shaft, tracing the line of the vein between them. He smelled of soap with that distinctive musty undertone that I found so arousing in men. I was already wet, but now my clit pulsed and I pressed my pelvis harder to the mattress.

I slowly traced my tongue along his shaft, moving closer to the tip and then pausing to circle and move lower again, teasing. On the next upward stroke, I used my tongue to brush against the edge of the head before returning to long slow strokes. I loved to draw this part out, imagining the anticipation he must be feeling, wondering if on the next stroke, I would reach the sensitive tip and suck him into my mouth.

A bead of moisture formed on his tip. My mouth watered with my own anticipation. I continued up the shaft to that droplet, licking it slowly and savouring the taste and slippery texture of it. I circled the head of his cock with my tongue before lowering my mouth onto him. He gasped. My tongue continued back and forth motions along his shaft as I moved his cock deeper into my mouth, reaching the back of my throat. I consciously relaxed my throat muscles and brought him deeper for a moment before sliding back up.

Liane watched me intently. She licked her lips and I gripped the base of Matt’s cock, angling it towards her mouth. Her turn. She mimicked the circular licking and the long strokes I had made with my tongue before sucking him into her mouth. She bobbed her head and I slowed her with my hand. “Gentle,” I told her. She returned to the slow licking.

I widened Matt’s legs and flattened myself to the bed, allowing Liane to continue her attentions on his shaft, while I returned to his balls. I could tell from his breathing that he was enjoying the activity and Liane seemed to be quite comfortable – and aroused, judging from the way she kept pressing her legs together.

I sat up and moved quietly off the bed. Liane looked up at me and I pointed to Matt’s blindfold with a questioning look. She considered briefly, then nodded. I slid it off and he blinked at the light. While still fairly dim, it would seem bright after being blindfolded for so long.

“Never say we’re not accommodating to your wishes,” I told him with a grin. He grinned back, his eyes moving from one naked body to the next.

“Liane,” I suggested, “put him inside you for a moment.” I could see that her cheeks were flushed. She obligingly straddled her husband, positioning him with one hand and sliding down his penis. She closed her eyes for a moment when he was fully inside of her and then started to move.

“Slowly,” I told her and she eased her pace, eyes still closed. Matt gripped her hips with his hands, watching his cock move in and out of his wife rhythmically. I knelt back onto the bed and leaned in to flick at Liane’s nipple with my tongue. She groaned. I rolled the other one with my fingers as I sucked and nibbled gently. I thought she might be getting close and I still had some plans for all three of us.

“Liane,” I said firmly, “stop.” I wasn’t sure if she’d listen to me but she did. She immediately stilled her movements and turned towards me. I smiled and leaned in to give her a kiss. I had intended it to be a quick one, but it turned into a much longer exploration of tongues and roaming of hands. Fingers found each of my nipples, rolling grup porno and tugging at them, one hand distinctly softer than the other.

I finally broke away with an effort and said to Liane, ” We should clean him off a bit.” She looked puzzled for a moment but quickly caught what I had in mind. She moved to the other side of his legs so that we were kneeling on either side of him. I leaned towards his cock, holding her gaze and she did the same. We slowly licked his length, tasting her juices mixed with his. Matt was rock hard, pre-cum oozing from his tip. I wondered if he was having difficulty holding back.

I sat up, idly running my fingers along Liane’s back to the base of her spine and back up to tangle in her hair. She had taken his cock into her mouth again and was slowly moving up and down, holding the base with one hand. I needed her attention. I gathered her hair in one hand and pulled gently. She lifted up to look at me.

“Should we put him out of his misery yet?” I asked her.

She considered for a moment, looking first at Matt, then back at me. “Soon,” she said. “But there is one more thing we need to do first.”

Curious, but pleased at her initiative, I told her: “You’re in charge, then.”

Liane had that sly smile on her face that I was coming to enjoy so very much. “Get on your hands and knees, Kate,” she ordered. I moved to the centre of the bed and positioned myself as she had asked, wondering what she had in mind. She placed herself in front of me, legs bent, her head on the pillows and her pussy directly between my hands. Works for me, I thought. I lowered my head towards her, but she grabbed it with both hands.

“One more thing,” she said. “Matt, get behind Kate.” She bit her lip again for a moment before continuing. Her cheeks were very pink now. “I want you to – to fuck her – but I don’t want you to come,” she said all in a rush. She looked at me and asked quietly, “Is that okay with you?”

Hell yes, I thought, but said only, “As long as I get to lick you at the same time,” and grinned at her. She smiled back and said, “Yes please. I’d like you to make me come that way, Kate – please!”

She released my head and I lowered it to her pussy once more, just as I felt Matt press into me. I moaned with the first stroke and Liane echoed the sound.

Fuck. His cock felt so unbelievably hard. He moved so slowly, pressing to the very depths of me and pausing there as I pushed back against him, his hands gripping my hips. I ground my ass into his pelvis, relishing the full feeling in my pussy. It wouldn’t take me long to come, I thought.

I divided my attention between licking rhythmically at the hard nub of Liane’s clit and sliding my fingers in and out, matching Matt’s slow thrusts. I added a third finger and finally a forth, knitting them together and pressing into her up to my knuckles. Her juices were soaking into the sheets under her bum. She was writhing on the bed and I wondered vaguely what this must look like from Matt’s perspective and if he would be able to control himself when she – when we both – came.

With his cock deep inside of me, I felt something wet pressing against and then into my ass. Oh, God! I pushed back against his thumb, easing it deeper into my ass just as Liane pushed down onto my fingers.

I was going to come. Liane had grabbed both of her thighs, stretching them wide and I struggled to maintain my attentions on her with all the wonderful heaviness building inside me. She cried out and it was enough to send me over the edge. She came in a gush over my hand and I shuddered with my own orgasm, waves of sensation curling my toes.

Matt stopped his movements altogether, breathing very deeply. He was holding me firmly and I tried not to move, sensing that he was concentrating on not losing control himself. Liane’s orgasm subsided and I eased my hand away, looking up at her. She smiled at me, and said, “Wow.” Yup, I thought, that sums it up pretty well.

“Matt,” she said, “lie down on the bed again.”

He eased very slowly out of me with a quiet exhalation and moved to comply, lying next to her. His penis was rock hard and shiny with my juices. I cocked an eyebrow at Liane and she nodded.

“Your turn,” she said.

He grinned and replied, “I think those are now my two favourite words.”

Liane and I had decided that I would finish him off and she would watch my technique. She thought it would help her confidence to see it “in the flesh” as it were. I told her that I was completely confortable with that.

I knelt between his legs, spreading them slightly with my elbows and bent to his cock. I gripped the base with one hand and slid my mouth onto the tip. I could taste both myself and Liane on him and felt the heaviness start to grow again in my pussy. Liane moved down to sit next to me, watching my actions and idly stroking a hand along my back to my bum.

I eased my mouth down his length and back up, then focused on the head and tip, flicking them with my tongue. I stroked his shaft with one hand, alternating with long sucks while my other hand teased at his balls. I could tell it wouldn’t take him long, but I tried to draw it out, keeping my movements slow.

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