Romance Ch. 02: Shared Champagne

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Romance 2 (Shared champagne)

They walked into a field of long grass and wildflowers. The sun’s heat felt like a coat enveloping them. He wore a short sleeve T-shirt and shorts, she wore a light blouse and short skirt.

“How about here for the picnic?” he said. She agreed, happy to sit at last. They had walked for nearly 3 hours. Both were hot, thirsty, hungry, and tired.

But It had been a lovely day so far, a Saturday following one of their many anniversaries.

Today they decided to celebrate simply with a walk in the country and a picnic.

They were on raised ground that overlooked a beautiful panorama of fields, distant wooded hills and isolated farm buildings. The air was filled with bird song, swifts slid through the cloudless blue, bees continued their investigations, butterflies darted to and fro.

They unpacked a knapsack and spread the contents on the ground, sandwiches, biscuits, olives and a bottle of, now rather warm, champagne.

He sat and looked appreciatively around. “This is better than any restaurant, a lot cheaper, quiet background music. And no dress code,” he said contentedly while taking off his T-shirt.

“Mean bugger,” she smiled. “You know I’m worth nothing less than a 5-course meal at the Ritz!”

He grinned, “you got that the other day. But surely you prefer the birds and the bees?”

“Happy anniversary,” he said, as he eased the cork out of the bottle.

“Happy anniversary,” she replied.

“No glasses to clink I’m afraid, we drink straight from the bottle.”

“You really know how to impress a girl, warm champagne straight from the bottle indeed!”

she teased.

“You were fine with the idea earlier,” he chided, “and don’t forget that kiss you promised.

5 years ago we first made love, and we’ve done just about everything possible since,”

he continued with a wicked grin, “but you’ve still not given me even a kiss outside of the house.”

She said nothing and felt a little uncomfortable. It was true, earlier she had promised to have a kiss and cuddle outside if they found a good spot. It was hard to deny this was a good spot, long soft grass, remote, warm sun baking the ground, but she was still nervous.

He said no more about it, he opened the olives and she unwrapped the sandwiches.

The next hour passed happily as they ate the food and passed the bottle between them, taking swigs and getting increasingly relaxed and tipsy.

Unusually she seemed to be taking more than him, “Oy you drunken sot, leave a drop for me,” he laughed.

“Don’t worry, you’ll get your fair share,” she said, grabbing the bottle again and taking another slug.

They chatted about nothing much, then sleepily laid down on the grass and enjoyed the suns warmth, gentle breeze and birdsong. She was perfectly happy, despite becoming increasingly aware that she would soon need the toilet.

She had completely forgotten about the promise and was dozing off when he wriggled closer and tried to kiss her. She objected “not out here!” and pushed him playfully away.

“Oh come on,” he replied, “there’s no one about, just birds and butterflies, it’s very romantic!” She wasn’t sure, though the champagne had reduced her inhibitions a little.

He picked up the bottle and took a final mouthful, there was a bit left that each had been too polite to finish off. The warm, sparkling liquid tasted like bottled sunlight, it emboldened him. He put his arm around her, pulled her close and gently kissed her. She felt liquid pass from his mouth to hers as he shared the last mouthful.

“No, someone might see!” she pulled away.

“See what?” he said getting annoyed now, “a man and wife kissing?”

He pulled her toward him again and crushed his lips against hers. At first she responded, her tongue entered his mouth briefly, but quickly withdrew.

“This isn’t right,” she said, “We can’t, not out here.”

“You promised,” he said, “for our anniversary, I’d get the champagne and you’d give me a kiss and cuddle outside.”

“Well, I changed my mind,” she huffed, “a woman’s prerogative, anyway I need to get to a loo, that champagne has gone straight through me.”

Suddenly, his mood darkened as he felt his hopes fade, romantic gentility drained out of him leaving anger, and lust.

“No more excuses,” he barked, “I expected only a kiss anyway, but now you’re going to get a lot more than that, you’re a filthy slut in the bedroom so why not out here?”

She was shocked but felt powerless as he grabbed her and forced her to the ground, he held her wrists down and lay on her. The thick, dry grass made a relatively comfortable bed, she tried to fight but his weight kept her down.

“You little tease, you should have been nice and given me a kiss,” he hissed in her ear.

Once again, he crushed his lips to hers, but this time it was his tongue that entered her, her teeth parted to allow it despite herself. He hungrily mauled her mouth, his tongue snaking inside and fought with hers. She could feel his hard on through his shorts as he rubbed against her. She began to feel aroused though still nervously looking about in case anyone saw them, but the field was not near any houses, and the grass was long.

She pushed her crotch up against his cock, her pussy straining to feel it through the layers of material.

“You want to fuck do you, you want to fuck in a field?” he growled.

“No, no we should stop,” she protested, halfheartedly.

“We’ve only just begun,” he said, reaching down with one hand to unzip his fly and dragging out his hardening prick.

He raised himself till the cock head rested against her lips.

“Suck it,” he commanded, and she licked it, tasting the pre cum, then parted her lips and took it into her mouth.

He was kneeling over her now. Trapping her head between his knees he held it up with one hand so that he was able to get his cock further into her mouth.

Moving his hips slowly he eased it in and out, enjoying the site of her lips locked around his rigid shaft.

“That’s my little slut, do you want me to fuck your mouth?” he said.

“mmmmmm hmmm,” was all she could say.

He started thrusting faster. She could feel his penis grow harder, her tongue lapping at the smooth head. He pushed till she thought he was going to try and force it down her throat. She could taste his sperm mixing with her spit and the champagne he’d shared, creating an obscene, creamy cocktail. She could barely breath but he didn’t care.

“I want you to choke on my cock,” he grunted. He thrust till she did, coating his cock in thick drool. She was angry, but excited.

“Oooh yessss, choke on it, you want my cum, you want it?” he demanded.

“MMMmmmm,” she gasped.

“You’re a cum bitch aren’t you? you want men cumming in your mouth, cunt and arse!”

“Mmmm mmmmm.”

“Well, this man wants your cunt,” and with that, he withdrew. She heaved in air but managed to gasp, “No, please, not my pussy, someone may come.” She looked around again, was that a person the other side of the field?

“I’Il cum for sure,” he sneered.

He quickly turned, still holding her down. Sitting on her chest with his back to her he pulled her skirt up, her panties down and off, ripping them in a frenzy over her walking shoes.

Pussy fully exposed, she couldn’t deny it felt heaven to have the hot sun kiss it and the warm breeze caress it.

He put his hand in his shorts and yanked out his balls. “Lick them,” he commanded, pushing them to her mouth. She took one between her lips and slapped her tongue against it.

He bent over and stabbed his tongue into her pussy.

It was then she became aware again of the state of her bladder.

She was getting desperate to go now, and the additional stimulation only made it worse.

She felt full to bursting, but tried to ignore it, it could wait till later when she could go in the woods.

She prayed no one would come past. An innocent walker out enjoying the sun, bird song and butterflies dancing like mobile petals, suddenly confronted by the sight of a woman, legs spread, pussy eaten by her husband while she feasted on his cock and balls.

What if the passerby were a young man, excited by the sight and unable to control himself? He might insist on taking part, he might take down his trousers and force his cock into her hole while her husband fucked her mouth.

2 men, taking her in a field, pumping into her again and again till they filled both ends with hot, creamy cum……..

She was excited by this fantasy, she sucked on his balls and strained her tongue up so the tip flicked the place where they met the base of his cock. She put her hands on his buttocks and pulled him tighter against her lips.

He loved the feel of her tongue on his balls, it felt rough, like a cat’s, it tickled and nearly made him cum, he tried to hold back and concentrate on her pussy.

She could feel his tongue probe deep into her, then retract and seek out her clit.

She ground her pussy into his face, urging him to concentrate on her sensitive spot.

Slowly she felt the stimulation build, a tingling, throbbing feeling centered on her clit.

It started to spread to her cunt and buttocks, she pushed her pussy up again to meet his mouth.

Not worried about her bladder any longer, or passers by, she became a lust crazed animal, just wanting release. He felt this change and urged her on, he slapped her rear.

“Lick my balls bitch, do you like the taste of my balls in your mouth?”

She moaned affirmation, “uhhhh huuu.”

He knew now he didn’t have to hold her down any longer.

“Take off your dress,” he commanded,” I want to see your pussy properly.”

She did as he bade, hurriedly, in a daze.

He took off his shorts and pants and lay on his back, totally naked now, hidden only by the long grass, his erection jutting obscenely up.

“Lie on me,” he demanded, she did as he asked, draping her legs over his shoulders.

She began sucking on his penis like a lollipop while his mouth was glued to her cunt.

He continued to dart his tongue inside her, pulling her to him, fingering her arsehole.

The feeling in her crotch grew and grew, she moaned and gobbled his cock, slathering it in spit till the sensation in her pussy and buttocks seemed to involuntarily force her upright and she was kneeling over him, allowing his tongue deeper penetration.

Now she was the one in control, his head trapped between her thighs, she straddling his face, jerking up and down.

Her fantasy stranger returned, this time it was the stranger plunging his cock into her mouth, while she smothered her husband with her pussy and felt his tongue deep inside.

The fantasy tipped her into orgasm. She gripped his head between her knees as the orgasm began. She felt the delicious tingling start to course through her body, but there was something new, a warm wet feeling between her thighs, a wonderful feeling of liquid release that intensified her climax, she dimly recognized she was peeing.

He felt hot liquid start to trickle into his mouth, salty acrid taste, a little at first but it quickly became a stream.

As her climax intensified she peed more, which in turn made her climax all the more intense. She thrust her pussy as hard as she could against his mouth as torrents of urine flooded out of her into him and covered his face.

He swallowed what he could whilst trying to breath. She didn’t care, like him before when thrusting into her mouth, she was lost in the totally selfish moment, enslaved by the depraved desire that gripped her.

“You like this?” she snarled, barely conscious of what she was saying,

“you want my piss?” “graaagraaagraaa…” he gargled, he the one unable to speak now.

“You wanted more champagne? well here it is. Nice and warm, I know you like the container!” She rubbed herself over his face, piss spraying out of her, his mouth filled with the warm recycled wine.

The feeling in her cunt became almost too much, she raised herself slightly. Now only the warm breeze caressed her pussy, but that just introduced a new type of stimulation and she continued to climax, moaning and shaking, piss jetting out of her spasming pussy, soaking the bottom of her blouse and splashing onto his chest and stomach and rock hard cock.

His cock throbbed, twitched, ejaculated a string of semen. Instinctively she stood up, turned around and squatted back down, positioning her cunt over his shaft she drenched his cock and balls with urine as he pulsed out sticky strands of cum.

“Ahhhhhhh,” he cried out, “you bitch, piss on me, use me like your toilet.” The liquid soaked into his pubic hair, ran down his balls and trickled between his arse crack.

He came and came, the sight of his wife naked from the waist down, bush dripping wet, jets of liquid shooting from between her red, throbbing cunt lips sent him into a frenzy.

He reached down, took his cock in hand, and pumped it.

Slicked with pee it slid easily in his fist, he angled it up and slapped the head against her streaming vagina. Her piss rained down on it and his cum spat up onto her.

He moved his hand to her pussy, felt the liquid run between his fingers, reached between her legs and plunged his middle finger, lubricated by pee and cum into her anus. She howled in shock and delight at the violation. This extra internal pressure produced a final explosion of pleasure that wracked her body. She jerked forward, supporting herself with her arms. He felt her contract about his finger as she convulsed and a last jet of piss splashed onto his chest.

“I fucking love you,” he moaned as he jabbed his finger into her tight, beautiful arse, wishing it was his tongue.

“I love you,” he cried as her urine trickled down his face, belly and buttocks.

“I love you,” he said as drops of now thin semen oozed from his penis onto his belly.

She stopped, totally spent, it seemed to her that she had been cumming and peeing forever, though it was only a minute or so in reality.

She remained on all fours over him, breathing in short, ragged bursts.

He carefully withdrew his finger and gently stroked her bottom and saturated pussy.

His cock was still hard. She bent down and took it in her mouth, sucked out the remaining cum then licked his balls and thighs and stomach, cleaning up as much of the semen as she could, an implicit “I love you” on her cum covered lips and tongue.

He pulled her to lie on top of him and kissed her. He could taste his spunk, she could taste her piss.

They held for a long time, lips locked in union, tongues tangling, exchanging the most intimate essence of each other until they sank into a doze.


After an age she woke, sat up and looked about.

She saw the mute green flecked with laughing yellow,

heard the air alive with the eternal celebration of now,

felt the gentle whisper that held the swooping and dancing and swaying,

(the quick and the dead),

between cool, hard heaven and warm, cushioned earth,

and felt mother cradle her in infinite arms.

She felt her nakedness, her oneness with all, her bottom and pussy tickled by the long grasses and kissed by the breath of life. Her breasts and belly caressed by her soiled blouse. She saw her dress and ripped panties lying in the grass some distance away, blown by the breeze.

She looked lovingly down at her husband, quick and dead, lying on his green and yellow bed. His penis gently pulsing, semi aroused, cradled against his thigh, the tip peeking out from the foreskin, leaking fluid. His body marinating in urine, cum and sweat, drying in the sun.

She bent close to his crotch and inhaled the gamey perfume, tasting it, taking it into herself, becoming one with all, and she knew,

“This is romance,

“This is paradise,

“This is now.”


“Eerrrrr Hello, excuse me,” a voice called her back to normality from a long way off, “Excuse me.”

She looked up with a start and saw a man and his partner standing by the fence.

“Do you know of a pub or something nearby?” the man called out.

“We’re desperate for a pee,” his partner added with a giggle.

“My husband will know of the best place,” She called back, “Come and ask him.”

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