A Weekend with Tara and Kara Ch. 03

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The Afternoon

Tara and Kara carried on, smoothly, like the morning was no big deal. I could barely think straight, images of twin asses, two mouths, cum splashing faces. I did not actually pinch myself, but still could hardly believe my luck. I buttfucked Tara, after all this time. Her twin was next. No ifs, or ands, just butts.

I finally put on soccer, Man City v. Liverpool, and relaxed on the couch. I was surprised when I heard the girls, “Bye! Going to town, back soon.”

OK, I blurted and went to get a beer. 9:30 a.m. beer and butt sex in my future, Liverpool up a goal. Nice… The morning went well indeed, and by 11:00 a.m. I was snoozing a bit. The girls were back now, but they did their thing and I snoozed until noon. “Wake up, sloth.” Kara poked me hard in the stomach.

“Ow, Jesus.” But I got up, grabbed a beer and went to the table. The girls were scantily clad, but clothed. They had sandwiches, and beer and chips. Nice! “Good lunch.” I said.

“Of course, sir. I got what you like the best.” She stood up, went around the table to me. “Today, is your day.” Tara teased.

Meatball Hero and fine cold beer, with salt and vinegar kettle chips. Heavenly. I satisfied my hunger, for food and waddled to the couch. Soccer was over, but college football was on. It was 1:00 p.m. when Tara and Kara came to get me. “Shower time!” Tara chirped. “Time to get clean, loverboy.” Kara added.

I was frog marched to the big bathroom, by the hot tub room. Once inside, I was stripped of my clothes, by the sisters, and walked to the shower. Tara and Kara helped each other remove their clothes. How hot is that?!?

They turned the water on; I was to the side so only splashed a bit with cold water. But it heated, in a jiffy, and the girls stepped in with me. Kara grabbed some body wash, and squirted it into her hand. Tara then took the bottle and did the same. As you would imagine, the cleaning session was so damn sexy.

They lathered themselves with the body wash, and used themselves as twin woman loofa’s, on me. Quite a sensation, wet and warm, with four breasts rubbing you, hands seeking your cock. I was hard again, and closed my eyes savoring the feeling. They deftly moved up and down in sync, and started to lather my body with their hands, still rubbing on me with their naked bodies. Kara went to my back and Tara moved to my front. The four small, soft hands stroked and scrubbed at me, and odd as it may sound, then did not say a word. It was so sexy. Kara was now washing my ass, spreading my cheeks and massaging the lather into all the crevices, while Tara cleaned my cock and balls.

They did their job silently, washing me from my head to my toes, and once I was scrubbed they stepped aside, grabbed the shower nozzle and rinsed me completely free of the suds. “Is he clean?” Kara said to Tara.

“Body, maybe. Mind, no.” I was facing them, hard as hell when they spun me around. Tara squeezed my dick as she did it. “Not yet, big boy.” Once I was facing away, I felt someone drop to their knees behind me. I just knew it was Kara. “How’s it look sis?” Tara asked.

“Visually ok, but we need further probing.” And with that, she spread my cheeks and licked my asshole. I nearly jumped out of the shower. “Calm down.” Kara scolded. “You didn’t think you were getting Tara and my tight little bottoms, repeatedly this weekend, without giving up some ass yourself, did you?”

“Um, it’s just…” I stammered, my senses reeling as Kara ignored me and licked my ass. “Oh shit.” I moaned as Kara worked her magic, licking and probing my clean back door. It was an amazing sensation. Tara cradled my balls and kissed me, not touching my raging boner. “Damn, I had no idea.”

Tara laughed in my mouth, “I know, right?” She moved around me. “My turn, Kara.”

They switched places, but Kara dropped to her knees in front of me. The water still rained down, as Kara sucked my dick and Tara licked my wanton butthole. “Jesus that is perfect.” I groaned. “But I want my strength for your ass Kara.” The girls continued for a bit, then the shower came to an end. We turned off the water and stepped out.

“Let’s dry each other off!” Tara said, grabbing the big white towels. We stood close, toweling each other dry. And as if on command, they frog marched me out of the bathroom to the bedroom, where earlier today I had fucked my girlfriends ass and then pulled out to come all over the twins faces. I was pushed onto the bed. “So, John. Kara and I did some shopping and bought supplies.” Kara had grabbed a bright pink plastic bag. “Kara probably gave the kid behind the counter a heart attack asking for guidance.”

Kara reached in and took out some cream. “Butt Butter. Check!” Kara said, and she placed it to the side. She pulled out two Cebeci Escort boxes. “Butt Plugs. Check!” Tara took them and started to open the boxes. Out came two more boxes. “Pocket rockets. Check!” She put the two small vibrators on the bed. Then Kara pulled out a long, medium thick, double ended red dildo. It was 18 inches long. “Big double ended dildo. Check!”

“We are going to do some exploration today, John” Tara said quietly. “You are not the only one getting fantasies fulfilled today.” She had the two plugs, one small and one quite a bit larger. “This one is for you.” Holding the small one out. “This one is for me.” Holding the bigger one.

“And this?” I asked, grabbing the heavy dildo.

“That is for us.” Kara said. “Think you got what it takes to make us come with that? It’s why we bought the vibes. A bit on the clit, that dildo in our pussies…or our asses if you manage to get us loosened up enough.” Kara winked.

“Yeah.” I said, feeling primal and strong. “I am going to fuck the hell out of your two and you will come.” I was confident. It was funny, but I flopped between confidence and strength and vulnerability and doubt. Was I enough to satisfy these vixens? “Let’s talk about my ass for a moment.” I grabbed the small plug. “What do you have in mind?”

“Lay down, on your stomach and trust me.” Tara said, softly. “You guys always want to plunder our buttholes, but rarely consider what it feels like to have it done to you. So, we are going to give you a taste, before you get to move into testing Kara’s ass.” She giggled. “Lay down and relax. It’s gonna be fine, I bet you’ll like it. And, I want to do it. And maybe, you get access to my ass from now on, as long as you give up the booty.”

“Yeah, she’ll take it easy on you.” Kara said. “Don’t worry, now, relax.” And I did. The girls were naked, amazing and on each side of me. They started the old fashioned way, by massaging my butt. It felt wonderful, and I was thinking to myself…’Why didn’t I ask her to massage my ass before? No wonder she likes it.’

I felt exposed, as the spread my cheeks and more than a bit vulnerable. It was cool, and breezy but then I felt sister crawl between my legs and nuzzle into my butt. Then a mouth descended and slurped at me. “Ohhh…” It was heavenly, and I shifted so my erection pointed up my stomach. I was get harder by the lick. “Hey.” I panted. “I need to lick an ass right now.” I lifted my head up. “Lay here in front.” I pleaded.

I heard Kara speak from my ass. “Go give him your ass Tara. Soon enough, we have our special fun.” Tara came over, kneeled facing away and spread her legs, splaying on the bed face down. She scooted her ass right into my face. I could barely move, covered by cheeks and hole. Tara ground her ass into my face, my tongue lapping desperately. My cock, untouched, glowing hot on my stomach. Kara kissed and licked and probed for what seemed like an eternity. It was so amazing, as I ate Tara her sister Kara ate me.

Then Kara came up for air. “I think you’re ready.” She sat up, and Tara scooted her ass away from my tongue. Tara went and sat the other side of me. “Take the butter and butter his little butthole.” Kara said, and my cock twitched. Tara took the cream and squirted some on her hand. She took her fingers and dipped, then dipped. She rubbed around my ass the way I do to her. Obviously, that is a good sign. Then one finger started to penetrate my ass. Tara was gentle and it did not hurt, just felt odd for a moment. Tara continued to push deeper with her finger, then retreat. I started to enjoy it, pretty quickly. I was surprised.

Tara removed her finger and Kara took over. She was also buttered, but more forceful. Not bad, but she went to the hilt quickly, making me grunt. “Do you like it John?” Kara asked, serious voice. “I can stop. Your call.”

“You know I like it. I need my cock freed. Please.” I was so hard and I rolled over on my back.

Kara took my legs and pushed them up, like I do to Tara so often. She went back to work with her finger. Tara cupped my balls and put one hand casually on my cock. She leaned in and whispered in my ear. “You get to fuck my sisters ass today.” And she fell with a slurp on my cock with her mouth. I was all in, and she was going at it. Then she stopped, and removed her lips from my cock. “But you need to wait, before you come, John.” Kara then pulled out, applied some more butter, and put two fingers in. “Oh shit, slow.” I said, as the sensation of being too full started to subside.

Kara was good, and I wondered briefly if she learned on dudes, or chicks and then if she stuck fingers up Brad’s dumb ass. She twisted and pushed and pulled in a rhythmic flow. Tara stroked me, but would not let me come. Her mouth Kolej Escort stayed off me, she just watched her sister finger me. Then, she took over my ass. “OK, ready to try the plug, baby?” She had already began lubing it, liberally.

Kara spoke, happily. “So, here’s the deal. You wear the plug, and then you work on us for a while.” Tara stuck one finger in, and used it to guide the tip of the plug in. “This is no biggie going in, trust me. Just relax.” And I did, and it went in easily. “See! Now you, get to use this.” And she held out the red dildo. “Pussy first, I think.”

I sat up gingerly, getting used to the small plug in my butt. It was only about 4 inches long, so it was not bad I thought. Tara and Kara both looked at me, and said, in unison. “On our knees, butt facing each other, OK?” Like I would say no. It was amazing as they backed butts up, so similar but so different.

I started lubing the dildo, but the girls were already quite wet. “A bit too close, Kara move an inch that way.” She did, and I rewarded her with the dildo, and as it plunged in, I stuck the other end in Tara’s pussy. I moved it slowly back and forth. It was intense, as I watched it entering one tight pussy, as it exited the other. “Wait!” And I rolled onto my back, gingerly with the plug in, and stuck my face below them. The view! I stroked it in and out, waiting for signs to speed up or slow down. The girls were oddly quiet, and almost in unison, they went on their chests, to free their hands. Right ones heading to their swelling clits.

“This looks so fucking hot!” I said, pumping the dildo back and forth, steadily into their pussies.

“Imagine how hot it will be in our asses.” Tara said.

“I can’t imagine. I will need help visualizing that.” I said, stroking them ever so much harder as they circled their clits the exact same way. They jerked off the same. Fun!

My cock was hard, and the plug now was warm in my ass. It actually felt great. “My ass feels good.” I said. I pumped more quickly, long strokes in and out, as Kara and Tara continued on their clits. They breathed heavier, I picked up the pace. I could sense the orgasms coming. They really started on their clits, and their bodies moved enough to make the stroking with the dildo more jolted, less rhythmic. Kara hit it first, bucking a bit and then Tara went off. Both moaned similarly, like fuck sounds in stereo and both rolled over onto their sides, flushed. I sat up, aware of my buttplug, and got up to get something to drink. “Need water, anything?” I said to the girls

“My god, that was hot Kara. No babe, I am fine.” Tara said to her twin. “Really fucking nice foreplay.”

Foreplay, I thought. Yes, this is brilliant foreplay. As I walked to the kitchen, the plugs presence was heightened. And I had a thought, a strange and naughty thought. I bet Kara would be really turned on, to use that double ender on Tara and I.

When I returned, Kara had left for the bathroom and Tara was lying on the bed, looking radiant and stunning and satisfied. “So, how does that dildo feel? Is it too big for an ass?” I questioned Tara, knowing that it was not. It was no thicker than I was, and I am not huge…obviously. I sat on the bed, aware of my plug.

“No, it is good. I think Kara will be fine, I will need some prep. You know, some open up and play kisses.” Tara sat up and kissed me. “Unless you have had enough ass licking.”

“Fuck no! I could do that every day. Hey, can I lick your ass every day now?”

“Maybe. We’ll see how good you are. An ass like this, is a reward for good behavior.” Kara returned and Tara left for the loo.

“So, Kara be honest. Do you think I could take that thing, in my ass?” I was blushing, which was odd. “You know, you use it on Tara and I?”

Kara smiled at me. “So you’re liking the back door action, huh? Not a surprise. So many dudes are into it. And yes, I could make it work. Just need to really loosen you up. That would be pretty fucking hot, John.” I shifted on my plug, feeling hotter by the moment.

Tara came back after a few minutes to see Kara and I laughing, and both look up at her at the same time. “Well, your bad boy, had an idea.” And Kara grabbed the dildo for effect. “He thinks, we could prepare him and the two of you, could share some double anal dildo action.” Kara waited for Tara’s response.

“Really John? Damn you are fuckin wild.” She leaned in and started to kiss me, my cock still mostly hard, the plug sending occasional ripples of feeling through my ass. Kara took my cock in her hands and stroked it, making it proud and hard very fast. The sisters worked me over, I was so worked up now, that I was starting to breathe heavily.

“God, you two. I need your ass now, Kara. Rus Escort Please, can I have it?” I was spoiled, I know that. I had come plenty, and had assfucked my girl, licked two sweet asses, had my ass licked, dildoed twins…I was spoiled and greedy.

Tara stopped kissing me, and looked at her sister. “So, is it time or has he more to do to earn it?” I knew they were teasing. Kara was horny as fuck, and right now, freshly banged by a dildo, she was down to get sodomized.

“Oh, he has earned it. How do you want it?” Kara asked.

“Lay on your stomach” I commanded. Tara had moved to the side and Kara scooched in, and rolled onto her stomach.

“Give me a pillow for under my stomach.” Tara gave her one, and stepped off the bed. She looked a bit worried. “You OK Tara?” Kara asked.

“Yeah, I m not sure what to do?”

“I do.” I said. “Help me get in, guide my cock in after I lube her up. Then play with the plug in my ass while I’m fucking her.” I started to feel strong and like I could order things a bit. “Or you would straddle her back, so I can lick your asshole while I’m busy.” Options! Girls like options.

Tara kissed me, as she took the butter, lubed her hand up and rubbed it on my cock. “Here, put this on her butthole.” Tara said, squirting a bit into my hand. “She’s going to need it.”

My hard greasy cock, was ready as I inserted a lubed two fingers up Kara’s tight ass. “Wow!” Kara said. “Starting with two.” But she was not complaining. “You’re figuring this out, aren’t you?” I stroked my fingers in and out, and twisted them, in her ass. She was ready, in a short minute. “OK, I’m ready John.”

I gently removed my fingers, and looked at her lying there. Like her sister in so many ways. I spread her firm cheeks, her butthole smiling at me. “Babe, guide my cock in while I spread her cheeks. Fuck this is hot.” Tara did, putting my cock right at the entrance to her sisters anus. I started to push in, my flared cock head slipping past her sphincter quite smoothly. Kara sighed as I entered her, and I slowly but fully stroked into her, my cock embedding in her rectum. I then stopped and enjoyed the sensation. Kara’s hand moved to her clit, instinctively. Kara was silent, but I felt her contracting her asshole around me. She was milking it, and I was transfixed. “Damn Kara, milking my cock! Babe, I want you to fuck my ass with that plug.”

Tara complied, by moving behind me and taking the end in her hand and starting to pull. Things were a bit drier down there now, so she applied some lube after the plug had slipped out and started to move it in and out of my ass. The feeling was indescribably good, my cock deep in Kara and the plug stroking in my ass. I started to pull out and stroke into Kara, not forcefully, but steadily. Kara breathed in unison with the strokes. I pushed faster, but did not pound her. I wanted to savor this, and make it last. I was now an anal vet, and fast fucks were for the noobs. More and more Tara stroked me, and I stroked Kara’s lovely ass. Kara started to push back, a bit harder each time until she croaked. “Harder John.” And I complied. I started to more forcefully fuck her ass. Tara was having a hard time with the plug in my ass, but tried to keep it going. “Jesus, harder John, fuck me.”

Kara rubbed her clit, and I felt her body moving toward climax, but I was reserved. She came, her asshole contracting HARD on my cock. I stopped moving, deep inside, Tara still working my ass with the plug, in and out. Kara bucked up into me, making ‘unh unh unh’ sounds and then fell to the bed, my cock still deep in her rectum. I was worried I would have to stop, since she had cum so hard, but I didn’t. “Lay down, John. I am going to ride your cock until you explode. And she can get your ass better that way.

I pulled out, and Tara pulled out. I laid down, and Kara climbed on, facing away. She quickly slipped back on my cock. “Oooh.” She groaned as I started to pump. “No, I do the work. You lay there so she can get your ass.” I moved my legs up more, exposing my rosebud, and Tara applied more lube, but I stopped her.

“Use the bigger one.” I said. Tara complied, grabbing it and lubing it. She started to guide it in. She started to fuck me hard, in rhythm like her sister, as she pounded her ass on my cock. I had never felt this good, ever. I felt my orgasm building and knew it would be grand. Kara pounded and pounded.

“Oh god, it’s so god. I’m going to come in your ass.” I said.

“No, you’re not.” Kara said and she jumped off my cock. I instantly moved my legs up, giving Tara better access to my ass and Kara did something I thought was totally off the table. She started sucking my cock, the controversial, ass to mouth was happening to me, and I lost it.

“Oh fuck, your sucking my cock, shit.” And I shot so hard in her mouth, I thought I might lose consciousness. Tara could not move the butt plug, as my muscle ring clamped on the intruder. “Oh, oh, oh.” It was unreal.

I laid there, thinking. Shit, it is not even dinner time. What the hell is the main course going to be like, if the appetizers are this good?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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