A Whole New Woman

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Mark tried to explain it to his friend, and he realized it was futile, because his buddy was not able to get it.  “You mean,” and he squinted, “you mean she wants to, she really wants have sex with somebody else, and she really doesn’t care who it is?”

“That’s about it,” Mark said with a shrug.  “She thinks it will help her find who she is,” he said.   

“She is your wife, that’s who she is,” he said.  “Mrs. Marcus Grant.  She’s Mrs. Grant.  That’s who she is.   Simple as that,” he said.  

“Women need, at least some of them do, to find out who they are down deep, inside, what kind of person they really are,” he said to his friend.   “She wants to find out who she actually is and what she believes, what she wants in life, and what she personally likes doing.  You see she has always done what other people wanted her to do,” he said.  “Always.” 

“So why doesn’t she know what she likes to do?” the friend said, not understanding what his pal was trying to say, not being able to think deeply enough about people’s search for themselves to understand what it meant to them personally.  

“Don’t worry about it,” Mark said, realizing he was in a losing battle.   “It is just between the two of us, so nobody else has to understand it.”  The damage had been done.  His friend was fixated on the idea that Marks wife was “crazy” and nothing he could say would console him or convince him she was not certifiable. 

Mark’s wife, Claire, had decided she needed to experience things: to travel, to read, do things she’d never done, and one of those things was to experience sex that she never had, to be with other people, other men who could give her unique experiences she hadn’t seen before.  Claire, on the other hand had grown up in a small town, had been with only him, and had not been out of the county.  She was inexperienced and naive, and knew how unsophisticated she was.  She barely knew the names to her body parts, and she was nearly twenty when she found out for sure where babies came from.

She went online and found a facility that sounded promising. They vowed to design a program just for her, and assigned personal staff just for her. When she arrived they had her ten pieces of luggage taken to her room, then had her come down to an orientation meeting in the office.

“Here you will be assigned activities everyday for two weeks and you will leave here a new person,” the director told her.   “You will be given reading assignment you’ll be expected to complete everyday.  The activities are mandatory, but your social activities are totally up to you.  If you are asked to have sex with someone you are not interested in, then we advise you to politely decline,” the director said.  “There will be no Mercy Fucks here,” he said. 

She was given a program of activities and asked to read over it in her room.  Later, she read through the assigned activities and saw she was selected for some sexual exercises with a team of specialists and it said they were mandatory.  If she failed to comply then her contract with them would be voided and she would be asked to leave.

The first was a body defining naked massage in front of the other participants.  She had no intention of spending this much money without committing to the program, even as difficult as it seemed.  The second was a genital exploration she also had conducted before an audience.

Then something stood out to her. On her second day she was scheduled for a ‘sexual experience’ with another participant and a body washing, again in front of an audience.  There were things like: naked run, calisthenics, watching couples copulating, visual assessment, and individual sexual intercourse training.

She was a little intimidated by the assignments, but she was also eager to get started. She woke up the next morning raring to go and went down to breakfast at eight.  There were about ten other “guests” at breakfast in her groups, although there other groups in different parts of the facility, and she noted an exact split in genders, one male for each female.  She assessed the men and found them all attractive and about her age.  She figured that was by design and was eager to get started.  She had an omelet, some bacon, and orange juice and toast, then went into the lecture hall where her classes would be held.  She was put into a group with six men and six women, including her.  When her first session started they watched a film on the body, where a naked model was marked with marker, identifying each part of the body by name.  The film narrator detailed each body part with graphic illustrated sections telling about each portion of the body.

When the session began the instructor put them in pairs and had them do ‘feeling exercises’ where they massaged and identified the body part of their partner, allowing the partner to feel and explore Ataşehir Escort them freely.  Much time was spent on the genitals and they were in outraged to feel, massage, and taste the genitals of each partner.

It took a long time because as each pair explored one another, the others were instructed to watch.  It was actually very exciting for Claire to have her partner explore and inspect her vagina in a way no one had ever done to her.  When it was her turn she held, fondled, and caressed his penis with dedicated resolve, enjoying the feel and the taste, which surprised her that she liked it.   

It also aroused her incredibly when her partner, Jason, inspected, explored deeply, and tasted her vagina.  Pussy they called it.  She had never heard it referred to as a pussy, but she liked the term and became comfortable with the name quickly.

She realized she had never been naked before in front of one person at a time, but when she thought about it she recognized the fact that she had never been naked in front of anyone besides her husband before.  In fact she had never been nude around her brothers or sisters, not even her mother and father except when she was a baby.  She didn’t know if she liked sex because she had only had it with one person and that didn’t seem all that earth shaking.

The second morning after breakfast she was excited about the sexual experience session and hoped she had the same partner as she’d had the first day.  Before the session began they had a ‘naked’ run and she found it exhilarating to run naked with others.  She enjoyed the feeling of freedom it gave her and being with other naked people made her feel truly a part of their group.  

When her session began she was pleased she again had Jason as a partner.  They were told to at first just touch each other’s body and ‘get to know’ it.  She liked getting to “know” Jason’s body, after all she had liked the taste and feel of it the day before.  They were told to explore genital, oral, and visual sex with their partner.   Taking time to admire his or her body, to penetrate the vagina of the woman, and for the women to masturbate and pleasure their partner creatively.  

She and Jason went slowly, getting to know one another while they moved through the stages.  When the felt comfortable they began the genital portion of the exercise and Jason cautiously inserted his penis, they were encouraged to call it a cock, into her pussyfoot and she lay back and savored the feel of him sliding into her, filling her as she never been before.  Jason was much bigger than her husband and she wasn’t even sure at first if he would fit.  He did, quite well.   She especially liked that she came with him, since she rarely did with her husband.  

After she came she began to masturbate him and especially liked holding his penis in her hand and feeling it’s girth and fullness.  She liked to kiss the end and lick around the tip.  When he came she held his cock at her mouth as she had seen other women do, although she had never done it before.  As he came she drank him down with glee, swallowing his semen as it came, gulping and swallowing the slippery goo.  

The next day was the genital wash, and the women washed the men’s penises, and the men washed each vagina in a group, not a partner situation.    After the wash, they had an oral demonstration and then were encouraged to try the techniques on their partner.  She liked feeling Jason in her mouth.  The soft sensation of his penis, ah, cock felt really good to her.

The next day she was given a new partner, Julian, and he was lovely, positively gorgeous in Claire’s eyes.  He was tall, broad shouldered, and had a out-of-a-commercial smile.  He also, since they all were still nude, had the largest penis she could imagine, since she had only seen two: her husband’s and Jason’s.  Again, when he came she kept Julian in her mouth and gleefully swallowed what he produced.  He tasted different than Jason, more lemony, more pungent, less salty. 

On the next day, Wednesday, they were given a new partner, a woman, and told to explore and get to know their pussies.  They were told to explore them with their fingers, lips, and tongue.  To feel inside and to look for the G-spot.   Before they were told to begin with the oral ‘examination’ they were told to do a genital wash, making sure the vaginas were clean and free of discharge.  The men were paired with another man, but were told to only proceed if they felt comfortable sucking a cock.  She thought it was strange that they expected women to eat pussy but gave the men a choice.

Claire was teamed with Sherie and the two of them hit it off right away.  Sherie had a very large pussy with puffy lips and wide and open labia major.   Claire was fascinated by the other woman’s pussy, admiring it closely as she tongued and Anadolu Yakası Escort fingered it through out the session.  She enjoyed looking at it as she licked and sucked, thinking how fascinating the pussy was. 

When Sherie was doing Claire’s pussy, she loved feeling the other woman’s tongue on her clit.  She was learning the names of the parts of a vagina and actually loved to say them and let the names roll off of her tongue.  Clitoris.  She liked the way it sounded.  Labia minor.  Labia major.  She liked saying them. Before her parents just said, “Down there.”  Or they said ‘lady parts’ and things like that.  

She wondered if she was a lesbian because she liked doing and having another woman do it to her.  Although, she realized she also liked having a penis in her pussy and her mouth.  

In the afternoon they did naked calisthenics and she liked being naked a lot.  After each activity they would shower, the men and women together, and she enjoyed that a great deal.  They were encouraged to mutually soap and wash one another and the feeling of many hands on her body was exciting.  

On her fourth night, during their social time, one of the men came over and talked to her.  His name was Anthony and he came right out and asked if she would enjoy having sex with him.  “I think so, yes,” she replied when he asked her.    They went right to his bungalow and since they were already nude they just got right to it.  He asked her if she liked the top or the bottom and she said she didn’t’t know.

“Let’s try them both then,” she said.  “Which should we do first?”  They started with her on the bottom, but she found that fairly restrictive abandon decided she liked being on top the best.

“I thought you might,” he said.  “Many girls do.”

“Have you had many girls?” she asked him as she was bouncing on his hips.  

“Not many.  A few.  Three, actually,” he said as she bounced over him.  The next night she had dinner with Anthony and fucked him in his bed afterwards.

After the group session on Saturday, a woman named Molly asked Claire to join her and she had dinner with Molly, noticing that Anthony had found Susan and seemed to be enjoying her in his room, and after dinner Molly invited her back to her bungalow where they had oral sex on Molly’s bed, engaging in what Claire found was called sixty-nine, probably because of the position of both people she guessed.

She really liked sex with Molly, since she was a very attentive lover, spending a lot of time on Claire’s clitoris with both her fingers and tongue.  She lapped at Claire’s clit with long, slow strokes with her tongue.  It seemed to Claire that a woman would know what to do to a pussy more than a man might, at least naturally because she had one.  

During their second week they did a lot of group discussions where they talked about what they liked best and what they didn’t, what they thought worked best for a vagina or a penis and what they had come to know about themselves during the first week.  

Claire told them how much she liked being naked all of the time.  Many of the other people had the same reaction.  Molly said she liked especially being with the other women and Claire agreed, although she quickly added she liked being with the men as well.  

The next day they were asked to talk about their first sexual experience and how positive it was.  The people were extremely honest about their sexual experiences.  Don’t know what it is about groups of people you don’t know all that well, but people will be far more honest with strangers than they’ll ever be with friends.  

Julian said his first experience was with another male friend, although his second and what he preferred was with members of the opposite sex.  Many of the fellows agreed.  Their first experience had been with someone of their same sex, although most said they preferred it with females after that.  The instructor said that was common. 

Most of the women also said their first was with another woman, but more of the women said they preferred members of their own sex than with the men.  About a third of the women said they liked sex equally with both sexes.  No none in the group said they did not like sex with the opposite sex.  

When Claire got back to her room Julian and Jason were there and they asked her if she would like to take part in a threesome.  She answered quickly, saying she would love it.  She started with Jason in her pussy and Julian kissing and sucking on her nipples, which she loved.  When Jason came Julian took his place and slid in without much trouble because of the lubrication from Jason.  

Julian had heard about a double penetration in one of the sessions, and he asked Claire if she would be interested. “Of course I would,” she exclaimed eagerly.   Jason worked himself into Kartal Escort her anus and Julian filled her vagina.  It took them a while to figure out the best position, but soon they were situated right so one could slide in and the other could take his place in her other orifice.  It was easiest to start in her vagina and then the other man would work his way into her anus. 

When she came from the double it was with a loud grunt and a squeal.  She loved the feel of one cock in her pussy while another was in her anus and she could feel them just a short distance apart inside of her, rubbing against each other between the tissues of her body.  She decided she did like sex with two people at once and told herself she would have to do more of it, hoping her husband would go for it after she left the function. 

On her last day there was what they called the “free for all” and it was actually a no-holds-barred orgy, with anyone able to do anything with anyone that they agreed to do.  Many were taking part in multiple person combinations, with three or four people at once in one ball of flesh.  A few, and it was just a few, were in pairs.

Julian was with two ladies and another man and Jason was doing Claire and a woman named Sally with his hand.  By the time the free for all was over, most people had been with just about everyone else.  Claire had been fucked by at least four men and Molly had been with pretty much all of the women who weren’t impaled on someone’s dick at the time.  

At dinner they all met around the large table and, although they were still nude, most of the women wore leis over their breasts and the men had on palm woven hats the event organizers provided.   Molly wore a hat and a lei and had French kissed most of the women.  

Claire took stock and realized she had fucked nearly fifteen men and eaten four different women.  She found she loved the general taste of pussies, but she had found one that was just too pungent for her tastes.  On the whole pussies tasted lemony, although that did very with each woman.  

“I am a new woman,” she told her husband when she arrived home.  “I hope you like the one you have inherited.    I am a sex hungry wife with a taste for good pussy,” she said with a smile.  

Claire asked if her husband wanted to invite a friend over to celebrate her new personality.  “How would we celebrate? he asked her.

“By fucking your new wife,” she said.  “You could do it both at once or one at a time,” she said with a grin.  He decided he wouldn’t call the fellow he had tried to explain what they were doing to help her find herself.  He decided on his buddy from college, Ethan, and he called him and invited him to a celebration of my new wife.  “A liberated wife,” he explained, leaving out the details.  “You could be in for a weekend of sex.  What do you think?” he asked.  

“I will be over before you hang up the phone,” Ethan said.  He was almost right.  Ethan was at their door in less than ten minutes time.  He had never met Claire, but was enthusiastic when he saw her.  “Glad to finally meet you,” he said.

“Well, it is a new Claire,” her husband, Mark, said.  She just finished a program at the Hopkins Clinic,” he explained.  

“Is that the sexual program I have heard about?” he asked.

“Probably,” Mark said.  

“Would you both like to undress me, or do you want to do each piece of clothing separate?” she asked the two men.   Mark stepped away so his friend could start.  Ethan started with her blouse, then he helped her out of her skirt.  He then slipped her panties off, then removed her bra and stockings.  When Claire was nude she began kissing each of them, then she led them to the bedroom and sat on the side of the king-sized bed.  

Why don’t you flip a coin to see who gets my pussy first.  Ethan dug in his pocket and came up with a quarter.  Ethan won her pussy and she helped him to the bed and straddled him, which she had found at the institute was her favorite position.  

She fucked Ethan until he came with a grunt, then helped him off and got her husband in place.  Mark had not known what to expect from her time at the seminar, but he was pleased by what had taken place during the two weeks. She fucked them both twice, then blew each one and let both men eat her soggy pussy.  

When Ethan had left, she asked Mark if he liked his ‘his new wife’ and he kissed her as his answer.  “I may just make my way through all of your friends,” she said with a smile.  

“Well, honey, if you let me watch or take part, you can fuck ’em all,” he said.   She smiled and nodded that she just might.  That night she told him about Jason, Julian, Molly, and all of them she could remember, saying, “I fucked so many guys I don’t remember all of their names.  I remember Molly ate pussy really well.  She will give you guys a run for your money,” she said with a chuckle.   “Maybe we could invite her for the weekend.  She really has a tongue on her.”  That was two weeks Claire won’t soon forget, and the woman she became has left her mark in San Luis Obispo County, one that may just go down in history. 

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