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“Good morning, Abby.”

I was bent over small piles of sorted documents for Mr. C’s staff meeting at 10:00. I glanced over my shoulder while remaining in position. I gave him a big smile. I had hoped this would time out like this. “Good morning, sir.”

He came around the side of my desk as I sorted the last of the documents in the piles. He pressed on the jeweled end of the butt-plug I decided to add today. “Love your outfit, as always.”

I stood and turned, quickly scanned the room past him, and gave him a kiss on the lips. Despite all the sex in the office, personal relationships weren’t common and I was still concerned about how others might perceive the relationship growing with both him and Mrs. C. My outfit … despite the change in dress code that allowed Director level women (only Ms. Benson, currently) to wear covering bra and panties, manager level to wear a bra that allowed exposure of the nipples, and all women to wear very sheer negligees and gowns that fully exposed them underneath, I still tended toward the previous standard of fully exposed. Now, instead of being the norm it was starkly contrasting. Today’s ‘outfit’ was white lace garter belt, white sheer stockings, white high heels, and a white lace choker. And, yes, the clear jeweled end of the butt-plug.

He turned to enter his office as I returned to the sorting. I distributed the documents around the conference room table, made sure the flat screen was on and ready for anyone who needed it to link up for a presentation or something to share. I would attend the meeting but would sit just behind him. I then returned to his office and poked my head inside.

“Anything I can do for you, sir? The conference room is ready for your meeting.”

He waved me in. “I’ve been thinking about your dress code ideas.” Pillow talk. I was always nervous about presenting too many ideas for fear of overstepping the relationship but that was where my relationship with Mrs. C came in effectively because I always discussed with her first. She knew her husband. I sat in a visitor chair opposite him, slowly crossing my legs to flash him my bald pussy. I could feel the moisture developing and frequently wondered at such times if he could detect it. This was one man I was always ready to fuck. Thank God Mrs. C was supportive.

“You’re bound and determined to alter the office, it would seem,” he continued with a chuckle. “I think you are right.” He slid a handwritten page to me and I began scanning it. “Does this capture all the points you made?” I told him it did. “Good. Would you please clean it up, make … four copies and have Peterson, Pam, and Dan come in for a quick meeting?”

Moments later, I brought the copies into his office and saw Ms. Benson and Dan walking together whispering. Probably wondering what the unscheduled meeting was about. Mr. Peterson was the last to enter and Mr. C passed to each of them a copy.

“Another change to the dress code?” Ms. Benson muttered it rather than actually asking the question. She was in the latest modified dress code of bra, panties, and stockings. There was a smile forming on her mouth.

“Yes,” Mr. C responded. “It’s been pointed out to me,” and everyone looked at me as I stood just to the side of Mr. C whose hand was lightly stroking the inside of my left thigh, “that everyone on the floor is horny to take the job and enjoy what happens but the policy has always been chauvinistic and it doesn’t have to be.” When it was clear they all had scanned, read, and digested the implications, “Anyone have concerns, objections, or questions?”

Mr. Peterson looked directly at me when he answered, “I think you are correct, Joe. This makes it fairer. What about the sex?”

Mr. C quickly responded, “This doesn’t change anything but dress, though I suspect the implication on sex will become more balanced, too.” They all nodded. Dan, the HR Director asked about timing. “This is Thursday … I suggest it take effect immediately for those allowed more clothing and Monday for those allowed less.”

Ms. Benson was all smiles, “Thank you, Joe. You know every woman here understood and accepted the conditions of employment. And, you are correct that everyone, man or woman, are sexual-minded, but I think this will help in holding onto more women.”

She was, of course, referring to the turn-over of women after a couple years in the office. The new policy allowed for being fully dressed whenever promoted to manager or higher positions. But that was only part of the changes. There were major changes for the men, too. The new policy provided for: women AND men newly hired would be naked for the first three months; three months to one year women could add heels, stockings, thong, and sheer nightgowns, while men could add sandals, thong and open shirt. One year to two years, women could add panties and bra while men could add boxers. At two years, men and women could be fully dressed. The final statement on the policy reinforced that the policy change did NOT change the sexual interaction aspect of the office and was still encouraged. Privately, though, it was accepted that the blatant sexuality of the office might be affected.

HR was to immediately issue the new policy with the immediate affect on women and become effective on Monday for the men. They were the most impacted but it was agreed they would deal with any objections by transfers, if necessary. I personally didn’t expect any. My experience had been that most men who would be subject to the change already privately felt the policy was unfair to women.

When we were alone, Mr. C asked, “Will this change your approach, Abby? When I hired you, I gave you the option of deciding whatever dress you wanted.”

I leaned over him for a hug while being sure to press my breasts into the side of his head and face. “No, sir. The office, and Mrs. C, has brought out the exhibitionist in me. Even if I were the only one, it would be thrilling to be naked for you.”

“For me?”

“Always for you, sir.” He smiled and checked his watch. “We have time, sir.” Without seeking a response, I sank to my knees and swiveled his chair to face me. I undid his belt and pants, dug out his long, hardening cock from inside and quickly took it into my mouth and, after only moments, into my throat. A long semi-hard cock like his slipped into my throat and, as it hardened fully, I could feel it expand and lengthen there. We may have time but not too much time.

I stood, leaned into him for a kiss, then turned to lean over his desktop. With a look over my shoulder and my ass pointing at him, I asked, “Which hole do you fancy this morning, sir?”

I gave my ass a little wiggle and parted my feet further. My ass was filled with the butt-plug which was probably sparkling before his eyes and my pussy was probably parted slightly with the moisture of my anticipation evident between the lips. When his fingers took hold of the butt-plug’s jeweled end, I sighed. I wasn’t surprised in the least. What was once a fantasy for him was now something we shared as often as vaginal. He got plenty of vaginal fucking from Mrs. C and I was happy to relieve her of it, since she was too nervous to try it. I pulled open his desk drawer as he worked the plug out of my clenching ass. I gasped as the plug, the largest of the three I bought when I first started, stretched my hole and came out. I could feel the air rush inside as he took the lubrication from me, spread a generous amount around and inside, then felt him stand up behind me. There was a pause as he coated his cock, then I felt the bulbous head touch the space between pussy and asshole. I sucked in a breath, released it slowly, and relaxed in anticipation. The initial penetration was always a stretch but that was part of anal; a bit of initial pain was part of the anal experience.

As the head stretched my asshole and began entry bit by bit, I moan. I pushed back slightly toward him. It filled me, stretched me, and seemed to consume me as it moved moved ever deeper with each new push. I supported myself on bent arms and when he was fully inside me, I felt him lean over me to grasp a wildly swinging breast. I groaned and gasped as his thrusts became more forceful. I noticed movement outside the office door, looked up to find the VP of Marketing stop but turn away back in the direction of his office. I smiled and pushed back to meet Mr. C’s thrusts. The sound of moans and grunts and flesh smacking together filled his office. I could feel his cock swelling, engorging itself with blood and the initial pulse in preparation of semen shooting out. At this point, he leaned his body onto my back and I made my own body more rigid to support him as his other hand reached under and between my legs for my dripping pussy. Fingers slipped over my wet lips and engorged clit while his hand continued to maul my breast and nipple. He switched hand locations so the other breast was stimulated and my clit and pussy continued stimulation. He was a good lover, a considerate lover.

I felt his cock pulse and his release of semen shoot into my ass. The sensation was the final stimulus to send me over the edge to my own orgasm. I cried out, my legs wobbled but held, my head hung from my head as I lost focus of everything else around me but the cock spurting inside me and my body’s spasming, shaking, and ass and pussy clenching spastically.

After a moment’s rest, he held me tight at the waist and moved us back with his cock still embedded in me. With one hand to steady his rolling chair, he sat us down. His cock buried deep in my ass I shifted slightly and opened my legs so my knees were outside his legs. His hands immediately responded with soft caresses of my heaving breasts and oozing pussy, his cum locked inside my ass by his cock. I leaned my head back and we kissed. It wasn’t a casual ‘thank you for the fuck’ kind of kiss, but a ‘thank you for including me in your life’ kind of kiss.

That was when we became aware of a presence at the door, again. Mr. C called out, “Jason, what do you need?” I turned my head to the door to find Mr. Sorenson, the VP of Marketing, again. Mr. C didn’t removed his hand from my breast or his fingers from my pussy, his softening cock still lodged in my ass.

“Sorry, Joe, Ms. Thomas … I know the meeting is in a few minutes but I wanted to give you a heads-up on something we need to discuss.” He handed a sheet of notes and I took it from him and held it for Mr. C to scan … his hands were occupied, something that caused me to blush at the blatant display before the VP at a serious moment. It was regarding one of the most important outstanding projects, the Greater Mountain West project. I leaned back and whispered to Mr. C that this was the project that had a very healthy profit margin and he had argued for a reduction.

Mr. C nodded. “Greater Mountain West … what’s the issue?”

“We aren’t low. Close … maybe a point, but we aren’t low. And, you know how Harrison is.”

Harrison is the CEO of Mountain West Consolidated, a huge development company covering much of the mountain west states. Mr. C nodded, again. “Yes, I know. It seems I also recommended a margin a bit lower than you decided to go out with.” Embarrassment. It had been Mr. Sorenson’s decision, largely based on strong recommendation from his group because of concerns a widely known difficult customer to deal with. They agreed I would make copies of the notes and the staff would discuss it as part of the upcoming meeting.

After Mr. Sorenson left, I eased off Mr. C’s cock with a soft sigh escaping my lips. He lightly held my hip as he sought the butt-plug and reinserted it into my ass. I turned and smiled at him. Didn’t want any dripping cum down my thighs during the meeting, apparently. As I reached the door, he called out.

“Abby.” I turned. “I don’t know how you remember all these details but you can see why I wanted you.” I thanked him and he continued, “You should think about college. I think you could be running your own company.”

“Thank you, sir.” I squeezed my anus and felt the plug and his cum inside. I smiled devilishly, “For now, sir, I am quite happy to be serving … hmmmm … underneath you.” He shook his head while cleaning his cock, then getting himself together. “Fifteen minutes, sir.”

I cleaned up Mr. Sorenson’s notes and printed eight copies for the meeting. I was headed for the conference room to distribute the notes when I saw Ms. Benson coming to the conference room. I stopped at the door and waited for her. She was fully dressed in a sharp business dress of skirt cut well above the knees and white blouse. Her dark bra was evident underneath. I held the notes in my left hand and fumbled with my right to unbutton one more button of her blouse.

“Just because you are able to be dressed does not mean your inherent sexiness can’t be displayed a little.”

She laughed. “I guess you’re right. Thank you, Abby.” I looked at her questioningly. “Everyone knows who it was that influenced this change. There are a lot of women who wasted no time in getting dressed.”

I smiled. “I kept thinking about all the good women leaving after a couple years because they got tired of the exposure. Turnover can ruin an otherwise good group.”

She reached out and took one of my nipples between her thumb and forefinger and gave it a little tug. “What about you, Abby?”

“Oh, no, ma’am.” I leaned close to her. She didn’t release the nipple. “I’ve discovered I like being touched, groped, stared at, and … well, fucked.” She laughed a little too loud and covered her mouth. I confided, “I wonder if I will ever get tire of being this way.”

We saw other VP’s and Directors headed our way and she helped me distribute the documents to the folders I already had placed at each of the eight chairs that would soon be occupied. As I was finishing, one of the other VP’s caressed my bare ass as he passed behind me. I looked up and smiled at him. In any other office, my response might be to being greeted verbally.

Mr. C called the meeting to order and I took my seat along the wall behind him but not directly behind him so I was still visible. He got the meeting going with the Greater Mountain West project. He had Mr. Sorenson review the project for everyone, then went into the concern and discussion of risks before ending with ideas for action, if any. He ended with, “As you are well aware, Joe, Mountain West Consolidated has always been reluctant to put others into a bidding war so it is difficult to get a new price into them. Even if they were to accept it this time, they probably would feel compelled to go to the others for new prices.”

“I don’t think I heard a recommendation in there,” Mr. C commented.

There was a pause. Nobody else was venturing in. This was a marketing/sales situation. “You’ve had some success with Harrison, haven’t you, Joe?”

Mr. C was silent. I could tell he was weighing something. Then, “I have … managed to use my knowledge about him in the past, yes.” Another pause. “This would be a sweet project if we managed it properly to avoid the risks of dealing with them contractually.”

“I’ve talked to Pam about that.”

Pam leaned into the table, looked at Mr. Sorenson, then turned her attention to Mr. Peterson before turning to Mr. C. “I can have our best team reassigned to take the project, Joe.” She looked past him to me, “Especially if we can get an assist from Abby from time to time.”

Mr. C spun in his chair to consider me. I shrugged my shoulders and added a nod. Anything for the team. He turned to address Mr. Sorenson, “I need to think about this, if I think there is something I can do without creating any other issues. Mountain West is a good client in other projects. I don’t want that jeopardized in the process.”

The meeting continued with several other issues for discussion, several times I rose to whisper into Mr. C’s ear with a detail he missed. It was funny. This was far from the first staff meeting where I was naked with them, but this time, now that so many other women were now dressed, I felt much more aware of my nakedness as I bent over near him and my breasts hung and swung below me. I glanced up and saw Ms. Benson watching. She gave me a private smile. I think she understood what I was feeling.

As the meeting moved into the routine part of the agenda, Mr. C stopped and motioned me next to him. I was ready but still nervous. “This is a day of firsts, it would seem. Earlier, we introduced a major revision to the dress policy and I think it was about time for the change. We all understand why it was made.” I stood along side him and he put his arm around my hips, his hand softly stroking the other side. He looked up at me and I nodded. His hand slipped onto the back of my thigh, I parted them, and his hand slid inside my thighs and up to my pussy. I was sure the others could see his fingers playing over my pussy lips because every eye around the table was singularly focused there. Eyes began flicking from there to me to Mr. C. This was new. I had attended many of their meeting always dressed in the way that exposed me but nothing had ever happened in the course of the meeting before.

My hand had found its way to his far shoulder and as he rolled his chair back from the table, I slid my had over his shoulder, back and other shoulder. I then went to my knees on the carpeted floor and crawled under the table.

“Abby and I talked about this group, too, all of you. All of you have enjoyed this young woman’s body and mouth and she expressed that she has enjoyed each of you, as well as everyone else in the office. She has been a very popular woman in our ‘stress-relief’ activities.” I heard comfortable chuckles of agreement around the table as I sat on my heels below the table. “This originated by her idea, by the way. She thought this group might benefit from shared experiences like the people in the larger room do as most of you enjoy these activities in your offices even if the walls aren’t entirely private. Any objections?”

I recognized Mr. Sorenson’s voice, “You mean … a blow job while we meet?”

Ms. Benson qualified it, “And eat pussy?”

It seemed strange and normal at the same time that these high-powered executives used such familiar and coarse language.

“That’s the idea, yes,” Mr. C continued. “We flipped a coin and decided she would go clockwise.” There was a pause and I assumed there was a shared look with Mr. Peterson on his left. “The question we didn’t decide was if she just mouth each of you in turn or concentrate on a few to reach climax.” I put my hand on Mr. Peterson’s knee and he twitched in surprise though he knew I was there. “So, who votes for her moving around the table a minutes at a time?” I didn’t hear anything but several of them did move slightly. “Okay, then,” Mr. C responded. “Just move around the table, Abby.”

I couldn’t help it, I giggled. What might I possibly find myself doing next for the company? “Yes, sir.”

Nothing more needed to be said. Mr. Peterson slid his chair back, opened his slacks, pushed them to his knees and rolled back. I noticed the same movement by the others from my vantage point under the table including Ms. Benson who pulled up her skirt and pushed her panties to her ankles. I smiled as I looked around me: six exposed cock in varying states of firmness and one shaved pussy. Mr. C hadn’t moved but I guessed he considered this a gift to his staff. I was available to all of them (and the others) all day but this did feel different.

Before I even took his semi-hard cock into my mouth, Mr. Peterson sighed and gasped as my hands slid up his bare legs to grasp the cock at the base. The group was quieter than I could remember them and I suspected their attention was on Mr. Peterson’s reaction. A funny sigh-moan-chuckle escaped his lips as my tongue licked up his cock and my lips encompassed the helmet of his circumcised cock. After what seemed like no time at all there was a double-tap on the underside of the table which was our prearranged signal for me to move on to the next person. Mr. C would give me about three minutes with each person.

When I arrived at the stocking clad legs of Ms. Benson, I lifted her feet and fully removed the panties. She opened her legs wider and slouched in her chair to put her butt at the edge. She gasped as my lips took her hooded clit between them and my tongue immediately flicked it. I generally avoid direct stimulation to the clit so soon but this was a different situation. Her gasp was quickly followed by moans as I slipped two fingers into her wet pussy. After a moment, I pulled my fingers out and used them to open her lips as I shifted my tongue to lap at her pussy and probe into her exposed hole.

After what must have been about 20 minutes, I moved past Mr. C back to Mr. Peterson but I stroked up Mr. C’s covered thigh to his crotch and patted it as I then retook Mr. Peterson’s cock into my mouth. It was then that I heard the conversation move to staffing levels and the question of need for hiring. They discussed other site needs and the other floors of the building before Mr. C asked about their office. Ms. Benson’s voice answered, “Dan and I have discussed possibly adding one position in the Project Group.” A discussion started.

I pulled my mouth off the cock I had been sucking. “Sir?”

“Abby?” Mr. C clearly wasn’t expecting a contribution to the discussion from me.

“Yes, sir … sorry but …” my voice sounding odd even to me from under the table, “… well, sir and ma’am, I think it might be prudent to hold off for a bit. What I am thinking is the new dress policy might affect the … what did you call it sir? … the ‘stress relief’ activities? Anyway, I think if Ms. Benson and HR tracked productivity over the next few weeks we may find that to be true.”

“What are you suggesting, Abby?” came Mr. C’s query from above.

“If we gain even a half hour each in the group out there, there will be an effective gain of more than a person and that is without the drop caused by training a new person.” I giggled, “And the possible disruption of a new naked body out there.” Everyone chuckled at the comment with full understanding of what it suggested. My mouth resumed covering the cock I had been working on and the reaction from above indicated to the group that I was done.

Mr. C, “Dan, that sounds like a good plan. Will you take the lead and work with Pam on tracking that for the next few weeks?”

I only paid half attention gaziantep escort to the rest of the meeting. I began sucking and stroking more diligently and managed to get two cocks to shoot into my mouth before the meeting ended. When it did, I was in for another surprise.

Mr. C pushed his chair back and signaled for me to come out. I stood next to his chair and his hand went behind me and between my thighs, again. He stroked my wet pussy. “Well … was this new meeting change of any interest to continue?”

Mr. Peterson responded quickly, “Absolutely but if I am correct only two actually got off.”

Mr. C looked up at me as his finger slipped into my very wet pussy. “What do you think, Abby? Suppose you can stick around for a while to help the rest of them out?”

“Ooooo … yes, sir!”

He left. I turned my attention to the executives around the table. There was a pause until Ms. Benson pulled her skirt to her waist and climbed onto the table and scooted down to me with her knees bent and spread wide. I looked hungrily at the spread pussy before me and had to lean over the table to get to it. That, of course, was an invitation and made clearly when Ms. Benson drew attention to that fact. Mr. Peterson was on his feet and at my butt as he was the closest. I was momentarily surprised when his cock thrust into my pussy, but who brings a tube of lubrication to a staff meeting? Maybe next time he will.

He fucked me hard, pushing my mouth into Ms. Benson’s pussy with each thrust. I wrapped my arms around her upper thighs for stability. I concentrated on the pussy at my mouth. I used my thumbs to open her lips and pull back the hood to expose her clit. I alternated from sucking on her clit and probing her hole with my tongue. All the while, I was being slammed by a cock.

Ms. Benson fell back onto the tabletop gasping and moaning as I added fingers into her pussy. Mr. Peterson slammed hard into me and I felt his cock pulse a moment before it climaxed, filling my pussy with cum. He was pulling out of my pussy but I continued tonguing and sucking on pussy and not disappointed when another cock quickly filled my pussy with a strong, deep initial penetration. Even if I wanted to glance back, I couldn’t because Ms. Benson’s thighs were clasped around my head as she raised her butt off the table and began shaking. I curled my fingers and began stroking her g-spot as I sucked hard on her clit. She exploded against my mouth, her legs flexing open and closed around my head, her stomach and legs shivering and quaking.

I dropped my head, my mouth slipping from the wet pussy, my forehead resting there as my own orgasm rose within me. I slipped a hand underneath and stroked my clit furiously and burst in orgasm, my pussy clenching in spasms around the cock driving relentlessly in and out.

After he came in me, I was encouraged onto the table on my back, my knees raised and my butt pulled to the edge of the table. Another cock pushed into me and my upper body was pulled to the side of the table where another cock was waiting. I opened my mouth and moans escaped before being muffled by this new cock. Then it was a stream of cocks, enough that I was sure the two men I had sucked to climax under the table had come back for more. I was limp when it ended, a steady succession of cock quickly, urgently fucking my pussy or mouth.

I was assisted to a sitting position on the edge of the table. My heels had fallen off at some point and my stockings had slipped down my thighs unevenly. Glancing down I saw a small pool of cum already formed under my gaping, used pussy.

I swung my leg over to the side of the table in an attempt not to slide through the cum and found Mr. C standing ready to assist me. “Have fun?”

I gave him a tired but real smile, “Ohhhhh … yes, sir. I think I might have been successful.”

He chuckled, “I know you were by the satisfied looks on their faces.” He handed me a wet-wipe and paper towel and the two of us cleaned the tabletop. He wanted to talk to me about the Mountain West project. He stopped, though, considered my appearance and added, “Maybe you’d feel more comfortable after cleaning up?”

I thanked him and told him I wouldn’t be long. I took a direct route for the doors and the showers. On the way, though, Mary intercepted me. She wasted no time in adding her bra and panties to her negligee outfit. By the time we were face to face, several others from the group also gathered.

Mary bubbled, “God, Abby … that was something.” I must have shown my puzzlement. “That gangbang in the conference room. We haven’t seen anything like that since …” she looked around at the others, everyone wearing smiles, “… since we all gangbanged you on your promotion. And the executives, too.” I gave them an embarrassed smile. I hadn’t considered that the whole room could see what was happening inside the glass-walled conference room. I leaned into her and whispered that we needed to get together … private time for us. She blushed but promised we would.

When I returned to Mr. C’s office, he looked up and smiled. “Feel better from your shower?”

“Yes, sir. Thank you. A shower and new stockings can make a whole new girl.”

He laughed. “When that’s about all you wear, I suppose.” I had taken a chair opposite him. I sat straight backed so my breasts stuck out and my legs were crossed, though I used the slow, exaggerated motion to allow him to glimpse my pussy. I decided before that if I am going to be blatant in my dress (undress) I may as well be blatant but still giving off the impression of being discrete. Quite a trick.

After looking over my body for a moment, he seemed to remember he wanted to talk to me. “Right … okay, I’ve been thinking about what Sorenson said about the Greater Mountain West project and Harrison. Harrison is a tough bird. He still maintains much of the power but his two sons are essentially running things. As I said, Harrison is tough, but … he has a strong weakness. Everyone does.”

“What’s his weakness, sir?”

“Women to be blunt.” He went on to describe that the old man likes women but has to be discrete about it because of his wife. Mr. C said he stumbled on it by accident but has used it in negotiation periodically by first arranging a hooker, then it escalated to higher class call girls and escort services. The problem, he said, was that the man continued to want more in the experience which ran it up to the escort level. Mr. C didn’t see how we could get the opportunity to negotiate without appealing to the man’s vide.

“Did you want to talk to me so you could suggest I do it?”

“I didn’t …”

“I’ll do it, sir.”

“What? No … I didn’t … I think you should think about this …”

“I have, sir. Just now. This will help the company, right?”

“Well, yes … but …”

“This will be a very profitable project that will be good for bonuses and shareholders, right?”

“Well, yes … but …”

“And … most important … this will make you happy.”

“Abby, my being happy has nothing …”

“It has everything to do with it, sir. I would have thought you would understand by now that I truly meant it when I said I would do anything for you. It’s the reason I am virtually naked more often than not. Mrs. C commented how much you like it.”

“You and Samantha talk often?”

“Only sometimes … girl-talk, sir.”

“Hmmmmm … how do I argue with girl-talk?”

“Exactly, sir.”

* * * CHAPTER 9: THE NEGOTIATION will follow * * * Thanks for reading.

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