After Mom’s Shower

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I stopped at Mother’s house to for a quick visit before heading out to dinner. I was early so I sat down at the kitchen table as she took her dog out for a walk. Grabbing the newspaper I leafed through the front pages, the sports and then the entertainment section. I was about to start looking over the local ads when she returned.

As she stepped in the door and let the dog loose she asked, “Do I have time for a quick shower?”

Glancing at my watch I replied, “Sure, I’m just reading the paper here.”

She headed back to her bedroom as I grabbed the ads, scanning for deals. As I opened the first ad I noticed the dog scratching at the door to the back yard. I got up, opened the door, let him out and settled back down to the ads.

“Where were we going to eat,” I heard my mother ask.

I looked up to see her walking into the kitchen wearing only a short robe. Surprised all I could think of to say was, “What?”

“I was not sure what to wear. If it’s fancy I’ll put Ataköy Escort on something nice.”

“Ah… I don’t know. Nothing too fancy.”

“Then jeans it is,” she replied turning.

“Oh, by the way I let the dog out. He was scratching on the door.”

“Oh my, is the back gate locked?” she asked quickly walking over near the sink and leaning to look out the back.

As she leaned her robe hiked up exposing her ass. Not really thinking I walked over and leaned beside her looking out the window too. Dropping my hand to my side it brushed my mother’s ass. My first inclination was to immediately jerk it away but instead, I cupped it, gently squeezing.

She turned her back to me but I wrapped my arms around her, moving my hand down cupping her furry mound. Pulling her to me I pressed against her ass as my cock came to a full erection.

Without a word between us, I moved fingers over her clit and slowly circled Ataşehir Escort the tiny nub until she began rocking her hips back and forth grinding on my cock. Moving my hands to her hips, I turned her around and knelt before her, burying my head in her crotch.

As she widened her stance for me I ran my tongue down her slit, working it inside her. My nose was buried in her soft hair and I breathed in her scent. As my tongue burrowed deeper into her pussy I soon tasted her, the tangy flavor made my cock throb.

I moved my hand up and as my tongue eased up to her clit, I pushed two fingers into her pussy. I began circling her clit with my tongue as my fingers slid in and out of her. She moaned saying, “So good, so good… oh it’s been so long since someone has touched me.”

Her body tensed so I moved my lips to her clit, sucking into my mouth while my tongue flittered over the delicate flesh. Suddenly she grabbed my Avcılar Escort head and pulled me to her pussy crying out, “I’m coming, yes, yes.”

Pushing my fingers deep into her I continued sucking her clit until I could feel the pulsations gently squeezing and releasing my fingers. I eased my head back leaving my fingers inside her until the pulsations subsided.

Pulling out of her I quickly stood letting my pants fall to the floor. Lifting her up onto the counter I leaned forward. Watching her guide my cock into her pussy I slowly worked it deeper, and then withdrew only to thrust into my mother again and again.

As I continued fucking her she unbuttoned my shirt and ran her fingers over my nipples. The electric pleasure shot down to my cock and with one final thrust I came spurting my cum deep inside my mother. Arching my back I kept myself inside her until my cock slipped out of her.

Only then, with my pants at my ankles, my wilted cock dangling between my legs and my cum dribbling out of my mother’s pussy did it suddenly get awkward. I quickly pulled up my pants and said, “We better get ready to go eat.”

My mother slid down off the counter and kissed me on the cheek whispering, “Thank you, I haven’t felt like that in years.”

I mumbled, “You’re welcome,” watching her walk back to her bedroom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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