Afterparty Choking

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I met Sophie when I was 21. We were the same age. To this day, she remains the face I see in my mind when I think about the word “cute”. She was not beautiful, or pretty, or sexy. She was just plain adorable. Twinkling brown eyes, a mischievous smile, a tangle of short wavy brown hair, and a tan skin. All of this with a fit 1.55m body (5 feet I guess?), small tits, but the firmest, roundest ass I ever had the privilege to grab. It was torture to see her in her tight jeans, walking briskly to get to her class. That ass begged to be smacked and pounded… Of course, we met because we took the same classes. And of course, it wasn’t long before we were casually hooking up all over the place, especially after the parties she threw at her place, which a large house she rented with 3 guys.

It was at such a party that this story takes place. Well, more precisely, after the party. We had been teasing each other all night long, trying to be discreet (none of our other friends knew, and we wanted to keep it that way). I would take every occasion to run my hand over her tight ass, covered by a cute little white skirt… she would corner me for a deep and hasty kiss when I went to the bathroom… and I would return the favour by coming behind her when she went for more drinks, grabbing her hips and not so gently biting her neck… By the end of the party we were both pretty riled up, passably drunk, and looking forward to waiting out the last party goers to slip into her bedroom to relieve some tension.

Sure enough, the crowd started to thin out, and soon even the almanbahis adresi housemates had gone to sleep. We were alone, and making out like only supremely horny drunk students can. It was wet, sloppy, and utterly hot. The plan was originally to go up to her room, but here we were, standing in the center of a party-devastated living room, and neither one of us wanted to stop even a second. I ran my hand every where on her body, feeling up her tight ass and hips, feeling her writhe under my touch. Occasionally, I would take her face in my hand, holding her while I basked in her cute, sweet, adorable “why did you stop kissing me” look. After a few seconds, we would continue, with renewed fierceness.

It wasn’t long before my wandering hands started to run up her legs and under her skirt, discovering that she wore a thong tonight, and grabbing more fully her delicious ass. She started moaning through our kisses, and grinding harder against my leg… That always drives me insane… and even more so as she started to feverishly fumble with my belt. I was always astonished by how deft she was at unbuckling and unbuttoning men’s trousers. Before I knew it, she had my dick in her hand, and stroked it vigorously, while I felt her mouth pulling away from mine… She watched me then, with her sparkling eyes and her dirty smile, and she actually pulled me by the cock to the sofa where she sat and started to give me one of the most fabulous blowjob ever.

She pulled down my pants and started slowly, running her tongue from my balls to me shaft, nibbling at almanbahis adres the tip, occasionally giving it a teasing suck… But soon, it appeared that she was very hungry. And that she enjoyed her meal, if not very tidily. It became wet, messy and sloppy. She took my entire dick in her mouth, choking herself on it, drenching it in saliva, pausing every so often to look up at me while stroking it… And at all times my hands were tangled in her messy short hair, enjoying the firm grasp on her cute face. I would happily drenched her with my cum right there and then. But I wouldn’t have been satisfied. I wanted to fuck her, now.

I pulled her up, kissed her deeply, and flipped her over, running my tongue on her neck, my hands on her tits, hips, legs… Everywhere. She was still fully clothed, and I still had not touched her pussy… I love to discover sopping wet panties. And I wasn’t disappointed this time, as my hand slid between her legs… She shuddered violently as my fingers found her burning, soaking slit, letting out a low moan… The fingers of my right hand played with her already swollen clit, my hard cock grinded on her ass, and I grabbed her tit… But her tanktop and bra were quite annoying. In fact, our whole bunch of clothes were annoying. There was some sort of telepathic understanding, and we paused to get rid of them, and dropped on the sofa together.

The stripping had somewhat cooled us down, but within 10 second, she was on top of me, riding me with her slow, grinding moves of the hips I already knew and loved… She gasped and almanbahis adres moan, while I laid back, my hands keeping a firm grip on her ass… I drank in her frown of ecstasy, her panting mouth, her perky tits… And slowly, ever so slowly, the rhythm started to build up, while she lifted her ass higher and higher to impale herself on my rock hard dick. I started to pump harder with my hips, thrusting deep when she came down on me. And almost instinctively, my left hand went to her throat, her delicate, thin, delicious throat, and I started to gently choke her.

I had never done this with her before, and even if I knew she liked it rough, I didn’t know if she liked it that rough. But any doubt in my mind was assuaged when I found out she actually pushed herself on my hand. She choked herself on my hand, riding me deeply… I was fascinated by that adorable girl that was gasping for air while I fucked her. I don’t know how long we kept it up…We fell in a cycle, with rising intensity while she choked herself, until her pussy clenched on my dick and she tensed completely… and returning to slow grinding as I let her breathe… It felt like hours. I remember putting a finger in her eager mouth at one point, only to find it completely dry. I don’t know how many time she came, but I remember distinctly how she whispered “I can’t take any more…” I didn’t come in her, but I was never more pleased to finish myself. It didn’t even matter any more : my pleasure had been complete in seeing that cute little button impaled on my dick, gasping for air, sweating and moaning, her eyes wild and her mouth dry…When we had recovered, I told her about how surprised I was that she had liked that kind of play. She told me, with a little smile “I told you not to judge me by my cover”. And indeed she had. Never forgot it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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