An Italian Holiday

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Greta Larsson a 27 year old Swede stretched back on the lounger. “I’m bored.” She said, “You won’t let me help you and there’s nothing else to do!” she complained. She had arrived at the villa in southern Italy three days before, to meet up with her 24 year old English boyfriend, who was doing some renovation work on his family’s holiday home.

David Jones, looked up from the wall he was building and sighed. “Look.” He said finally, “you know you can’t help with this bit, it will be seen and I’m not having my family looking at wonky brickwork and thinking I’ve built it.” He stood up straightening his back, brushing dust off his denim shorts, his only apparent garment. “Why don’t you put on one of your skimpy dresses and walk up to the village and tease the old men sitting outside the bar?”

“What if I find a dishy young man up there?” Greta asked with an innocent look on her face. “Should I tease him too?”

“Greta, tease who the bloody hell you like!” David exploded, “This will take me about another couple of hours, then I’ll come up and join you for a drink. OK?” He bent over his work as Greta headed into the villa.

“See you later then!” Great called out a while later. David looked up. Greta was wearing a blue polka dot dress which came to just below her knees. “And just so as you know what you’re missing….” She raised the skirt of her dress to show that she was naked under it. “Bye!” she called as she skipped out into the lane to the village. David grinned to himself as he carried on with his work.

David finished the wall, cleaned his tools and set off up the lane towards the village. He found a group of older village men sitting in the shade under the tree which stood outside the bar. Greta was sitting amongst them with her back to the village square. He nodded to the men, “Buon pommerigio.” They nodded and returned his greeting. Was it his imagination, or did they have somewhat guilty looks about them? Greta’s dress was pulled halfway up her thighs, but apart from a goodly proportion of her legs being on show he noticed nothing else. He went into the dark bar and ordered a beer. The Signora banged his glass down on the bar with some vigour and looked daggers at him. Puzzled, David walked outside.

Up to that point, he had not taken too much notice of Greta’s dress. Now he noticed the sundress had slits from each armpit to the waist and these slits were held together at the top by ties. The shoulder straps of the dress were of shoelace proportions, one of which was perilously close to slipping off her shoulder. The front of the dress was laced from the neckline to the waist. At least that was the design, the way she was wearing the dress meant that the lacing at the front had come undone revealing the soft mounds of her breasts to the old men in front of her. This effect was enhanced by the way she was leaning forward. As Dave stood opposite her, he could see almost her entire breast. The old men were mesmerised. Greta’s torso shook with laughter as she held a lively conversation in fluent Italian. David stood watching and listening, understanding only half of what was being said but he became fascinated by the strap of her dress. As she moved, it did not seem possible that it could cling to the slope of her shoulder any longer, it seemed to be defying the law of gravity, until very slowly it began to slide inexorably on to the top of her arm.

Inevitably it slid down her upper arm almost to her elbow, exposing as it did so more and more of her left breast. Greta seemed not to notice how much she was showing, so engaged was she in her conversation with the old men. A dark areola came into view followed almost immediately by a pink nipple, which David was amused to notice was fully erect. So, David thought, she was clearly aware of her state of dress and not, it appeared about to do anything about it any time soon. “OK,” he thought to himself, “if she wants to play, let’s play!”

He walked round the seated group and stood behind her. He placed his hands gently on her shoulders and bent down to kiss the top of her head. She looked round and up at him, smiled and ran her right hand down his cheek. She then carried on her conversation. Her movement gave David the ideal opportunity to slide the other strap of her dress towards her right shoulder. He then picked up his drink and resumed his old position near the door of the bar, whereupon he struck up a conversation of his own in his halting Italian with someone he knew. They both however were concentrating more on the progress of Greta’s second strap down her other arm. Soon it was on it’s way, Greta seemingly oblivious to what was happening. The strap dropped quite suddenly in the end and the top of her dress fell away exposing both breasts in their glory. For a few seconds, she even ignored that until in reaching for her drink, she “noticed” what had happened. “Oops!” she exclaimed and pulled both straps up to her shoulders, but not, David and everyone else noted into a fully safe position. She crossed her legs which had the effect of hitching the hem of her dress even further up her thighs. She clearly hadn’t finished her bit of fun yet!

She casino oyna reached forward to pick up her drink, almost immediately her left shoulder strap slipped off her shoulder halfway down to her elbow, once again revealing almost all of her breast. There was a call from the door of the bar and everyone looked round. This involved Greta twisting round in her seat, pulling the hem up right to her crotch. It didn’t fall back much when she turned back again, so now one leg was exposed almost to her hip. She looked at David and asked him “like what you see?” in English. He smiled and said “is there more?

“Of course!” Greta replied and pull up her skirt on the other side, her peachy thighs now fully exposed. “enough?” she asked. David put out his hand palm down and rocked it from side to side, grinning as he did so. “Take me out tonight and I’ll do what you like.”

“Julie will be here tonight” He protested.

“it’s tonight or never!” she said somewhat sharpishly. Then, “She can come too!”

Julie arrived in time for dinner, Greta had cooked, and thoroughly sated, the three of them relaxed. Then David left the room. “David wants to take us out tonight.” Greta told Julie.

“Really?” Julie asked, “Where to?”

“Somewhere dark and dingy, so he can try to undress me in a public place.”

“Really?” Julie asked again, laughing. “I’d like to see him try!”

“Oh! He’ll try alright, but I might make it difficult for him. Are you up for it?”

“Up for what? Watching him undress you or letting him undress me?”


“Now look here!” Julie exclaimed. “First of all nobody is going to undress me in public especially not my brother!”

“I heard you were close – er… like very close?”

Julie blushed. “OK we may have fooled around a bit when we were younger, but it always stayed at home.”

“Like the time your parents were away for the weekend and you both spent the whole time naked?”

Julie looked shocked. “He told you about that? Yeah well it was a hot weekend….”

“In more ways than one!” Greta hooted.

“Like I said,” Julie said calmly, “It was hot weather and we were both in the mood for a bit of fun.”

“Like sleeping together.”

Julie blushed again, “I’ll kill him for telling you all this! We did share a bed and fooled around with each other’s bodies a bit, but we did not fuck!”

“You would have liked to though.”

“At the time, yes, but we didn’t!”

“Did you suck him off?”

“Aaahhmmm,” Julie sighed, “He has probably told that I did! And that he licked me out!”

“Was he any good?” Greta asked her.

“I guess you’ve probably found out for yourself by now.” Julie then admitted, “Yes he was very good, just about the best.”

Greta noticed with some amusement that Julie’s hand had dropped into her lap.

Greta reached over and kissed Julie on her cheek. “Thank you for being honest with me, I appreciate that. Now,” Greta straightened herself up, “lets go and get ourselves prettied up and dressed in very little for a good night out!” Julie took the hand that Greta was holding out and allowed herself to be pulled to her feet.

Just then David came back into the room not having heard anything that had gone on. “Are you two girls up for a night out in the big city?” They both laughed at that, because the “big city” was a medium sized town about fifteen kilometres away. It was a coastal town and supported a small number of nightclubs.

“Just you wait!” Greta told him, “You are going to have the two most beautiful women in Italy on your arm tonight!” Julie and Greta repaired upstairs to get ready.

Greta showered and walked into Julie’s room wearing only a towel. “Sorted out what you are going to wear tonight?”

“Not yet,” Julie replied, “I haven’t decided whether to go casual or dressed up.”

“How about daring?” Greta mused.

Julie hooted. “You never give up do you? How daring are you going to be, may I ask?”

“That’s rather up to you.” Greta replied. “I know that David wants me wearing next to nothing, but I’m not if you’re not.”

“So you’re saying that David doesn’t get his wish unless I match your mode of exposure.”


A little later, David was ready when the girls called down from the top of the stairs. “David! David!”

He walked into the hallway and was stunned. His sister, who he loved dearly was coming down stairs in a midi length diaphanous dress and tunic length jacket. He was pretty sure that he could see her lacy white panties through the chiffon material as she walked. “Wow Julie,” he stumbled, “you look….. you look so……”

“Exposed?” she asked with a grin on her face.

“Yes, but beautiful and sexy.” He held out his hand as she stepped down the last too stairs.

“I’m glad you like it, it belongs to Greta, and I’m wearing it so you get your wish.”

“My wish?”

“That Greta should come out with us tonight wearing next to nothing.” She turned and called out “Ta da! Ladies and gentleman, we give you Greta!” Greta appeared at the top of the stairs wearing a dress just as see through as Julie’s but without canlı casino a matching jacket. A tiny sequinned bra and g string shone through the dress as if the material wasn’t there. The dress had a boat shaped neck which had slid off one shoulder to below her armpit. She pulled it back up on to her shoulder and the other side slid away instead. As she stepped down the first stair, the floor length gown opened up from hem to her waist revealing her toned and tanned thigh. She gave this show all the way down the stairs.

“Do you like the back?” she asked. She might as well have asked what back? The dress finished at her waist, the boat collar came round her shoulders and was tied in a single bow between her shoulder blades. “It can be adjusted to make it tighter or looser.” She told him.

“Any looser and it might fall off!” David exclaimed.

“I think that’s the idea!” Julie remarked.

David took another look and could see her bare buttocks clearly through the dress. Only the back string of her thong could be seen. “Julie is not wearing a bra tonight in case you want a quick feel.” Greta told him and when she takes off her jacket, you will see there is not much holding her dress on either.”

The Taxi dropped them on the sea front outside one of the few bars/nightclubs available. “Not here,” said David, “I know a better place.”


“More appropriate.” He led them into a basement club with smooth jazz playing, it was dark and smoky. A table was found, drinks were brought and they started to have a look round. When their eyes were more accustomed to the dark they could see a small dance floor in front of the even tinier stage where a trio were playing. Two or three couples were shuffling to the music, it could not be termed dancing under any circumstances.

“David, dance with Julie, I think she has something to tell you.” Greta insisted. David stood up and held out his hand for his sister. As she stood up, Greta said “Leave your jacket here Julie.” After a moments’ hesitation Julie slipped off the flimsy jacket to reveal her breasts almost spilling out of the bodice of her dress. This was held up by a pair of tiny beaded straps no thicker than a shoe lace.

David took Julie into his arms and his pressure lifted one of the straps upwards away from her skin. Julie saw him looking and smiled. “Like it?” she asked.

“Love it!” he replied. His cheek now touching hers, he whispered in her ear, “now what is you have to tell me?” Julie began to tell him of her conversation with Greta and confessed that she had told her everything. “Everything?” David whispered. The low murmur that came in response confirmed that was the case. “She has this ability to get you to talk doesn’t she?” Low murmur. “I found myself telling her everything the other day about we had together , before you came today.” He continued. “I am not worried about her knowing at all. I want her to know that if she and I are going anywhere, she must learn to accept our relationship and what you mean to me.”

Nothing more was said as they continued to move slowly around the floor, their bodies pressed together. Soon Julie felt an erection pushing against her belly. “We should sit down.” David suggested.

Julie shook her head and said, “No please don’t,” She pushed her pelvis into him and whispered, “I like it, carry on for a bit longer.”

David smiled, “You might get covered in sperm!”

“I know and I don’t mind, but you know that don’t you?”

It was David’s turn to pull her tight to him now and one of his thighs pushed between her legs, which offered no resistance. “it is a long time since I sucked you off.” Julie whispered, “and I think Greta would like to see it.”

“That can be arranged very easily.” David told her.

“Good!” then they walked back to Greta who was fending off one man who thought of himself as a lothario. She was being pleasant to him but the way she greeted David and Julie, let him know he was wasting his time. She took David in her arms and looked at him “All right?” He nodded and was rewarded with a big kiss. She looked at Julie “OK?” A smile and a nod brought her the same reward as her brother. The action took Julie by surprise. She was even more surprised to feel herself responding.

David had to go to the men’s room for “adjustments” He was in for a shock when he came back as Julie and Greta were dancing – together. “This is a really good night!” Julie told Greta.

“Really?” Greta asked as she slid a thumb under one of the straps on Julie’s dress. Julie gave a light kiss on the cheek as Greta slid the strap off her shoulder. She hugged Greta tight and gave her another kiss on the cheek. Greta wasted no further time and slid the other strap off her partner’s shoulder.

“You do know that it is only the pressure between our bodies which is holding up my dress!” Julie whispered urgently to Greta.

“Uh-huh.” Greta murmured in response. “I wanted you to know what it feels like, about to become naked in public. Do you like it?”

“I – I think so…”

“Do you find it exciting?”

“And how!”

“Is it turning you on?”

“Strangely, kaçak casino yes!”

“Put your hand into the slit in my dress.” Greta told her. With some hesitation, Julie slid her hand into the slit and placed it on her partner’s hip. “Feel my bare bum.” She was told. “Do you like that?” she was asked.

Julie nodded and murmured “Yes – I do – a lot!”

“I would like to feel yours Julie,” Greta told her, “would you like me to?”

“Yes! I would – now!” Greta bent a little to scoop up the hem of Julie’s dress, in doing so, the bodice of Julie’s dress was now unsupported and fell away a little from her breast which was expose for maybe a second or so. “Oops!” Julie giggled a little.

“Don’t worry about it. You see more than that on the beaches every day!” Greta found that the tight lace panties Julie was wearing were too tight to get her hand inside. So she slid her hand round to the front and put her fingernail through the lace and touched Julie’s pubic hair.

“What are you doing!” Julie whispered urgently.

“Fighting my way into your knickers.”

“I’ll take them off”

“OK.” Greta answered and Julie disappeared to the ladies room holding her dress to her chest.

Greta joined David at the table. “Everybody could see her fondling your bum.” He told her.

“Do you mind?” she asked him

“Not at all. Where has she gone?”

“To take off her panties.”

“It was you who was supposed to be getting undressed in public, not her!”

“But this is much more fun!” Greta told him. “But I will take something off, what would you like the dress or the undies?

“Take off your undies – here!” David uttered thickly

“Snap the strings then.” She told him “I want you to do it! I need you to do it to me! And don’t stop people seeing what you are doing!” She stood up by him as he reached behind her neck and broke the string around her neck then the one across her back. He pulled the bra through the big slit in the front of her dress and held it high above his head. There was a cheer from someone nearby so David tossed it in that direction.

What are you doing?” Julie was back.

“He’s ripping off my undies!” Greta told her “It’s a pity you have already taken yours off or you could be next. Another time maybe?” Julie grinned in response and her grin got wider as Greta’s g-string followed her bra into the crowd.

“I haven’t danced with Greta yet.” David announced, “Come along Greta.”

“Why don’t you dance with both of us?

“At the same time?

“Yeah! Why not? You’ll make all the men here jealous.”

“Yes.” Said Julie, “Do it Dave, I think I’d like that. Apart from the fact that having got myself naked under my dress, I don’t want to stand around here as bait for all the predatory types, circling about.”

David gave in, “Come along then ladies, this had better be good!”

“It will be, brother it will be!” Greta chimed in.

“He’s not your brother.” Julie gently reminded her.

“And that makes a difference because?” Greta asked.

As it turns out, those watching had they known that one of the two gorgeous women dancing with that English chap was his sister, they would have been hard put to differentiate between them. They wrapped themselves around him in very sensuous ways, taking turns to dance in front, “with” him or behind, caressing him from the rear. At one point Greta had one of her legs clasped round his whilst her chest was rubbing against his back. Her high heeled shoe slid up and down his inner thigh. Julie, her head on his shoulder, slid her hand down inside the waistband of his trousers, which at some point had become undone. She was massaging with the flat of her hand the increasing hardness that she found down there.

Later when the girls had changed places, he reached up and pulled loose the tie which was holding up the top of Greta’s dress. It didn’t come completely undone but slackened sufficiently for the top to slide down both her arms to her elbows. Only the pressure of her body against his chest stopped the dress from falling away to render her topless. Julie had one arm over his shoulder from behind, the other round under his arm and was trapped between her brother’s chest and that of her friend. Greta saw that the strap on Julie’s dress would only require the slightest help to slide off her shoulder and make it’s was down her arm. That small assistance was provided and soon, one of Julie’s breasts was clearly going to emerge from within the confines of her dress. That it took so long to do so was a frustration for Greta but as they were all having such a good time, she was disinclined to do anything about it, “The right time will come”, she thought to herself.

Eventually they decided to call a halt to the “dancing” and resume the drinking, so extricated themselves from each other and made their way back to their table. One or two other guys came by and tried to make up a four, but they were politely rebuffed, all except one who wouldn’t take no for an answer. At the moment it looked as though things were going to get ugly, much to everyone’s surprise a couple of the staff, “helped” the man back to the bar, where it was clear that he was receiving a lecture on the way things were done in that club. Suddenly a round of complimentary drinks appeared on the table and the relaxed ambience was restored.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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