An Old Friend

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Marcia is an old friend of mine. She lives next door and I’ve known her forever. We’ve been friends, enemies, strangers and friends, depending on our ages and the different stages of our life. Not boyfriend and girlfriend, but just a friend of the opposite sex. Someone who’s just there and you talk to them.

We were both eighteen now and currently good friends. We’d gone out on dates together but it was always as a group and Marcia and I were just loosely paired the way people do in groups. No commitment, and no guarantee we’d leave the party or whatever together. There’d been occasions when we didn’t and it didn’t bother either of us. Just friends, as I said.

It was spring and it had been a warm day. My parents had gone away for the weekend and I knew Marcia was home alone. Rather than both of us hang around our respective houses I wandered over to her place and asked if she’d like to wander down to the mall and look around.

She was agreeable, but glanced down at herself and told me to come on in and wait while she got a different top. Not that I had any objection to the top she was wearing. Like I said, it had been a hot day and Marcia was wearing jeans (tight) and a bikini top. I could, however, understand her not wanting to parade around the mall in a bikini top.

I wandered down to her room with her, expecting her to just grab a t shirt or blouse. To my surprise, with a casual admonition for me not to look, she half turned away and took off the bikini top. Don’t look, be damned. She had a wonderful set of knockers and I was looking good and hard.

“Um, Marcia, did I ever tell you I was gay?” I casually asked.

She spun around to look at me, her mouth open in surprise. I nearly had a heart attack at the full view I now had, breasts bouncing nicely with the force of her turn.

“No. I had no idea. How long have you known?” She sounded quite shocked.

“I probably never told you that because I’m not, so I was wondering what gave you the idea that I was.”

She blinked, looking puzzled.

“Why would you think that I thought you were gay?” she asked.

“Because,” I said, reaching out and lightly touching one of those lovely breasts, “when a lovely young lady, such as yourself, starts taking of her clothes in front of a young man, such as myself, it’s for one of three reasons. She thinks he’s gay and safe, she’s an innocent idiot, or she wants him to make love to her.

Now you don’t think I’m gay, and I’ve never thought that you were an idiot. Innocent maybe, but not an idiot. That leaves option three. You want me to make love to you.”

“What! You have got to be joking. I don’t, that is I wouldn’t, I mean, you wouldn’t, you’re just a friend. You shouldn’t be thinking things like that.”

“I know I’m a friend. Can you think of a friendlier thing to do? You have to know that you’re a very attractive young woman. Why the hell wouldn’t I want to make love to you?”

Marcia was now blushing, suddenly aware of her half naked state, and her arms were folded across her breasts, trying to hide them.

“I’m sorry,” she mumbled. “It didn’t even occur to me that you’d want to, ah, I mean, I didn’t think you were the type, ah, I’m not putting this very well, am I?”

“No, you’re not,” I agreed, letting my amusement show. “Are you trying to say that you didn’t think I’d be attracted to you that way?”

She nodded frantically.

“Then you’re low rating yourself,” I said. “Any man I know would be happy to seduce you. Why on earth would I be different?”

“Anyway, it was only my top I took off,” she said defensively. “It’s not as though I really stripped.”

“I know,” I said amiably. “That’s why I thought I’d give you fair warning before you took your jeans off.”

“I wasn’t going to take them off,” Marcia stated firmly.

“Mmm. I know. But what are your intentions now?”

I reached over and flicked the button at her waist open. A little tug released the zip a few inches, but that was all I did.

“What are you doing? You’re not taking them off,” she protested.

“Again, I know. I’m just making it easier for you to take them off. All you have to do is wriggle out of them.” I was all innocent smiles.

“Hah. You just insinuated that if I did that sort of thing you’d, ah, you’d um. . .” Her voice faltered and she blushed.

“True. If you do continue to take them down I will indeed ‘ah, um’ as you put it. So are they coming down or not?”

“You’re asking me to let you make love to me?” she said softly, sounding shocked and a trifle scared. “But I’ve never, ah, I mean I’ve never thought of you like that.”

“You mean you’ve never done it before,” I said calmly. “We all have to start sometimes and who better for a first time than a good friend who will be careful.”

“How about a fervent lover who thinks the world of me,” she snapped.

“No. You definitely don’t want one of those for your first time. They’d be so frantic to take you that they’d make a terrible mess of it, probably hurting you badly and going into Escort bayan a premature ejaculation leaving you disappointed. No, I’m a far better choice. We’ve got the house to ourselves, so why not?”

Marcia looked a little indignant at my dismissal of a fervent lover.

“And what the hell makes you think you’d be any better?” she snapped.

“I may not be, but I’m willing to give it a try. Are you taking your jeans off?”

“I’d be an idiot to take my jeans off. I thought we were going to the mall?”

“We can do that afterwards, if you want. The jeans?”

“You’ve got a one track mind. How often do I have to say no?”

“Ah, you haven’t actually said no yet,” I pointed out. “Just dithered while you’re making up your mind. Take your time. I don’t mind you arguing about it while you decide.”

“By decide you mean do what you want,” she snapped.

I didn’t say anything, just grinned at her. She had forgotten her breasts were still bare, swinging freely when she waved her arms about. She had also not zipped and buttoned her jeans. Hopeful signs as far as I was concerned.

She was glaring at me, muttering under her breath. Something about maniacs with egos so large they probably got hernias trying to carry them. We seemed to have reached an impasse. She wasn’t taking the jeans off, but neither was she putting a top on. I can take a hint, even if she wasn’t giving me one.

I gently cupped a breast, just holding it while my thumb traced little circles around her nipple. Marcia gave a little jerk and looked down at the hand cupping her breast, seeing the engorged nipple enjoying the attention. She was flushed and breathing a little heavily, but she didn’t push my hand away.

Then she did. She slapped my hand away and stepped back, glared at me, and started wriggling out of her jeans. It was a joy to behold, watching her wriggle out of those tight jeans, and I almost laughed at her desperate bid to make sure her panties didn’t come down with the jeans. And all the time the jeans were coming down she was muttering about unconscionable brutes who took advantage of their friends, especially when the friends were helpless females.

Being the unconscionable brute in question I ignored the comments, stripping off my own clothes instead. Marcia was finally standing there in her skimpy little panties, looking at me with eyes that seemed to be very wide, taking in both my nudity and what it showed, which was how much I wanted her.

“Panties,” I murmured softly, and her fingers plucked at them nervously, making motions that she was going to remove them but still reluctant.

“Let me, please,” I said, sinking to one knee in front of her. My fingers hooked over her panties and drew them slowly down. Marcia’s fingers plucked at them for a few moments, trying to keep them, but then her hands fell away and so did her panties.

I ran my hand back up the way it had come, stroking along her long smooth legs, cupping her mound for a moment, to the accompaniment of a sudden intake of breath, and then continuing up to lightly brush across a breast and then settle on the back of her neck.

I drew her towards me and kissed her, easing her back towards the bed at the same time. Marcia kissed me back, tentatively at first and then with meaning, responding with passion to my sensual assault on her mouth. We sank down onto the bed, lips locked. I’m not even sure that Marcia realised that we were now lying down, although I suppose it would have registered when my hands started wandering.

I stroked her breasts, lightly massaging them, teasing them to life. Her nipples were puckered and I could feel Marcia pressing her breasts against my hands, wanting a firmer touch, which I was quite happy to provide.

After a while my hands wandered further afield, finally closing over her mound. Now I was starting to arouse her in earnest, coaxing her passions to a fiery life. It may sound strange but you might say it was a wet and fiery life. I could feel the heat rising from deep within her, and when my fingers finally slipped between her lips her soft inner flesh was hot and wet. Her inner lips were swollen, protruding and flowering, wanting more attention. Marcia was writhing under my touch, more than ready to progress to the next step.

I eased her legs farther apart, moving between her thighs. My erection was swollen to bursting point, eager to dive into her passage and take possession. Marcia was flushed and staring – at me. And I mean me, not my cock. Her eyes were locked on me, seeking reassurance, which she seemed to get. I could feel her relax just that little bit more, waiting for what was to come.

What came was a shout.

“We’re back, Marcia. Are you home?”

Panic gives a girl strength and speed I found. Marcia had pushed me off her and was almost fully dressed while I was still scrambling off the bed. I hadn’t known a girl could get dressed so fast, especially in such tight jeans.

I was still scrambling into my own clothes, cursing to myself, as Escort Marcia called back down to her parents.

“I’m up here, Mum. Brian’s here. You only just got here in time. We’re about to go down to the mall.”

Only just got here in time, hell. Marcia said that deliberately, smirking at me while she did so. We went traipsing downstairs, Marcia all happy and laughing, me trying to hide a sudden case of blue balls.

“My parents are away for the weekend,” I murmured as we left.

“Maybe, but your house is that way and the mall is that way. My parents might wonder if they saw us walking in the wrong direction.”

Her parents wouldn’t notice which way we went and we both knew it, but there was nothing I could do about it. I’d had my chance and now it was gone. Perhaps forever, I thought morosely.

We walked on down to the mall, neither mentioning the topic we probably both wanted to mention. At least, I sure wanted to. The taste I’d had just wasn’t enough. Marcia seemed quite happy that nothing had eventuated from our little bit of playing, but I couldn’t really fault her for that. I kept my mouth shut and tried to be my normal friendly blue-balled self.

As expected, we ran into others at the mall. A couple of guys tried to cut in between Marcia and me but I subtly fended them off. Or maybe not so subtly, from the amused looks that Marcia gave me. A bunch of us wound up going to the bowling alley attached to the mall. All in all, not a bad night.

As we were leaving to head home Marcia gave me a look and giggled. I damn-well knew why she was giggling and gave her a wry look which just made her giggle all the more. We strolled along, friends walking together.

There are two way back to our places from the mall. The long way, or take a short cut through the park. Being in a middle class urban area the park was quite safe, day and night, and neither of us thought twice of cutting across it. We just automatically turned when we reached it and headed on across.

The night was bright with a large moon and plenty of stars. No clouds, and the air was warm with a slight breeze, and even the breeze was warm. What they call a thawing breeze when it first arrives, melting the winter’s snow.

In the middle of the park there is this big old oak tree. Kids had been climbing that tree for the past hundred years, me among them. As we passed beneath it the night seemed to grow a little darker and Marcia pressed just a little closer to me.

I stopped, turned, took hold of her and kissed her. Marcia only hesitated for a moment and then she was kissing me back, quite enthusiastically. Easier for her this time than earlier, I guess, because she had clothes on now.

Now it is only human nature to push your luck a little. I figured I’d at least get in a feel of Marcia’s breasts and, tugging the back of her shirt out from her jeans I slid my hands up her back, meaning to see how she’d react if I unhooked her bra. The worst she could do was say no.

As my hands moved across her smooth skin Marcia pulled a little away from me. Not in rejection, but seeming to be waiting. I could have sworn I heard her giggle again. Anyway, my hands ran up her back, higher and higher until they were nearly at her shoulders. I blinked, lowered them and moved them round to the front where two lovely globes were waiting, nipples already erect, I noticed.

“Um, you may have noticed that I had to get dressed in a hurry,” Marcia said softly. “I had to make allowances.”

That was AOK by me. Her breasts felt wonderful. I paid them the attention they deserved, even to the extent of lifting up her top so that I could kiss them. Finding the top kept falling back and getting in the way I finally lifted it up and off, leaving Marcia topless in my arms. She didn’t object, just snuggling close and returning my kisses.

Human nature, like I said, is never content and always wanting more. A hand wandered down and flicked open the button to her jeans for the second time that night. Pushing my hand a little further down and the zip eased open. It was my intention to tease Marcia a little when my hand pushed further down inside her jeans. I intended to reach her panties and fiddle with the band, threatening to slip my hand under and touch her more intimately.

My hand sort of froze in place when I realise it had reached her pussy. I could already feel the heat coming from it.

“Dressed in a hurry, remember. Allowances made,” murmured Marcia.

Bloody hell. No bra or panties. No wonder she was dressed so fast. Sadly I withdrew my hand. It wouldn’t be fair to push the petting at this point.

Maybe I should have explained that to Marcia. She pulled a little away from me and I could sense she was bending over. Then it registered that I’d seen her moving like that earlier, while taking off her jeans. Before I could say anything she was stepping back to me, snuggling up against me again. Running my hands down her back I found nothing but soft warm skin, and my hands searched hard, not wanting Bayan escort to miss anything.

Maybe it was the night that was making Marcia bolder, but she unsnapped my jeans and slid down the zip, her hand darting in to find me.

“Poor little thing,” she was murmuring while she stroked me. “Did you miss out earlier? These things happen, you know.”

Not so much of the little, I thought. Our ‘little’ friend was growing rapidly, happy to be receiving attention. While Marcia fondled me I started stripping. It was, I thought, a very nice night to be nude.

It wasn’t long before we were stretched out on the grass. I was dining lightly on Marcia’s breasts while my fingers were busy re-igniting the fires down below. Marcia was squirming softly under my touch, her hand still holding my cock, caressing it.

Then I was moving Marcia’s legs further apart, moving between them. I was lying on her, my cock rigid between us, letting her know what was about to happen.

“Maybe we’ll have better luck this time,” I said softly, my fingers coaxing her lips apart while I guided my cock between them. Marcia was breathing hard, pushing up against me, seeking to discover what was next.

The head of my cock was touching her, easing between her lips. They stretched a little wider, accepting me and closing upon me. Marcia gave a little sigh of relief as I started to push into her.

I’d almost forgotten that she was a virgin. The reminder came very quickly. I could feel myself butting against her hymen. My overwhelming desire was to just ram straight past it and take her, saying the hell with her feelings – she’d get over it. Saner councils prevailed, but it was an effort.

I pressed firmly against Marcia’s hymen, slowly bringing more pressure to bear.

“This may sting a bit, sweetheart, but it’ll only be for a moment,” I said soothingly, feeling her getting a little tense.

A little more pressure and suddenly something gave and I was moving into her passage. It wasn’t a war won without casualties, though. Marcia gave a small squeal of pain and bit my lip. Quite hard. I also made a small yipping sound.

“It’ll only hurt for a moment, you bastard,” she muttered.

“Not fair,” I grumbled. “You were at least ready for it, and I’ll bet it’s not hurting now.”

“Not fair, hell,” she muttered. “Ready for it! How can anyone be ready for a big fat cock ripping them to pieces? You should try it.”

For all her words she was already relaxing, starting to push back against me as I moved deeper.

“Well, is it still hurting?” I asked, but was grandly ignored.

With that initial entry over I pushed slowly but firmly home, feeling Marcia rising to meet me, eager for this new experience to continue.

Pushing, pushing, I could feel Marcia’s passage clinging to me, stretching, expanding to accept me. Slowly but surely I went deeper, filling Marcia while she made little sounds of appreciation. At the start, anyway.

“For god’s sake,” she muttered, as I pushed in even further. “How much of that damn thing is there?”

“Hopefully,” I replied, “enough to satisfy you,” and gave a firmer thrust, finally finding my balls slapping against her pussy.

“That’s it,” I murmured. “Now see if you can move with me.”

I pulled back, just a little, and returned, hearing Marcia giving a happy little sigh and pushing to take me again. Another little movement, with another happy response. This continued for a few moments, and I could sense Marcia getting a little frustrated. She was expecting more than she was currently getting.

This was my cue to get a move on. I pulled further back and then drove in a lot more firmly, eliciting a startled squeak from Marcia. But a pleased squeak, I noticed. Slowly I started extending the length of the strokes I was making, picking up the speed with which I thrust back in. Marcia was responding eagerly, lifting her hips to accept me, little sounds of pleasure and lust babbling out of her.

Of her own accord, Marcia lifted her legs and wrapped them around me, her fingers digging into my shoulders as we came together. We were moving quite a bit faster now, holding a nice natural tempo as we banged together. I held it like that for as long as I could, letting Marcia’s excitement build (not forgetting my own), pushing her down that road to her first orgasm. (At least, the first one initiated by a cock doing what comes naturally.)

Marcia was gasping and making eager little sounds, with those sounds starting to take on a desperate edge as she built steadily towards a climax. In the gloom beneath the tree I could only vaguely see her, but I could see that she was tossing her head from side to side. There was a pleading note to what she was trying to say, and I did my best to answer the plea.

I drove in harder and faster, picking up speed by reducing the length of the strokes. Marcia was frantic now, clinging tightly, almost screaming her need. I caught her head and held it still, covering her mouth with my own as I finally let fly, squirting hard into her, letting my seed splash deep within her. She shuddered, trembling with the force of her own climax, her voice a wail of satisfied want, and then she sagged beneath me, trembling slightly as little aftershocks continued to run through her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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