Blackmail Impregnation

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All characters are over 18 years of age.


“If you’re not going to college, you need to get a job, save up, and move out of the house. All you do is sit around, play games with your friends, work out, and shop. And seriously, get out of bed, it’s 10AM.” Curt was lecturing his recently high school graduated 19-year-old daughter, Miranda. The problem with Miranda, she’s a bimbo or that’s what she wants everyone to think. Fact is, she’s wicked smart (she gets that from her mother) and knows how to manipulate people to get what she wants.

Curt felt sorry for her boyfriends. She exploited each of them, sucking every penny from their wallets until they were broke, then they were discarded like trash. However, in her defense, those boys wanted one thing, to get into her pants, so they willingly spent their cash on her while she led them to believe “tonight was the night” they were going to fuck her.

Miranda didn’t like what she was hearing, so she went into bimbo mode “But daaaddy, like I’m really busy doing those things, I don’t have time to look for a job. And besides that, mom makes all the money, so why should you have any say?” There it is! That’s her manipulative side rearing its ugly head. She knew how to push his buttons!

“And another thing, stop dressing like a slut around here and when you go out.”

“Hey, it’s not my fault I have this body and looks and I don’t see anything wrong with giving the world a peek.”

Curt just shook his head. Talking to her was pointless, she was going to do what she wanted. She threw the covers back exposing her bra and panty clad body for her dad to see. Curt glanced away as fast as he could, but he did get a good view of his daughter’s slim body. “Miranda, really! Stop it with the slut stuff! I’m your dad, not one of your boyfriends you like to exploit.”

She knew he got a good peek “ok, I’ll get up as soon as you leave.” Curt left her room closing the door behind him.

Miranda got out of bed and walked over to the full-length mirror. Taking off her bra and panties she admired her 5’10” frame. Her C cup breasts looked perkier than usual, probably because she knew her dad just got an eyeful. She fluffed her long blonde hair, smacked her plump dick sucking lips, and commenced masturbating. Her body was so hot, it turned her on.

Her phone rang, it was Danny “Hey buddy, what’s up?”

“Hey Miranda, remember what we talked about last week?”

“Yep, you think my dad is cheating with your mom, I remember.”

“Well, this morning mom mentioned she has to work late, dad and I are on our own for dinner. If I’m right I bet your dad is going out tonight.”

“Very nice, I’ll ask him. Call you back in a few.”

Miranda slid on some shorts and a t-shirt and went looking for her dad “Dad, where are you?”

“In the kitchen.”

“Hey look, I feel bad about earlier. How about we spend a daddy/daughter evening together? Go to the movies or something?”

“Oh sweetie, I’d love to. But I’m going over to a friend’s house to play poker. Maybe another time.”

“Ok, no problem. Have fun!”

Bingo! She walked back into her room and called Danny “Holy shit! He claims he’s going to play poker with some friends.”

“What should we do?”

“Tell you what, see if you can borrow Kevin’s car and we’ll follow my dad. We’ll see if he’s going to play poker or poke her.”

Danny chuckled “You’re so damn funny Miranda.”

“So let me know if you can get Kevin’s car. I’ll let you know when he’s getting ready to leave. I’ll bring my camera so we can document any mischievousness on their part.”

The plan was hatched. Miranda felt confident her dad was cheating on her mom and it really pissed her off. She was trying to figure out, if it were true, how best to leverage that information. She knew her dad was beholden to her mom, Cynthia. Her success as a divorce attorney allowed him to quit his job and become a house husband years ago. And for what it was worth, her mom loved him.

Around 5PM she heard her dad taking a shower getting ready for his “night out” with his friends. Kevin let Danny borrow his econobox car, her camera was charged and ready to go. She sent a text to Danny “On my way over”.

Her dad left a note in the kitchen for her mom “Going to play poker with the guys, don’t wait up. Love you, Curt.” It turned her stomach to think he was cheating on her.

It only took a minute to walk next door to Danny’s house “Hey Miranda, you ready?”

“Hell yeah. Tell me, if this is true, what are you going to do with the information?”

“I’m not sure. Right now, it’s hard to think past what’s possibly going on.”

“Yeah, same here. My dad’s becoming a real pain in the ass, wanting me to get a job and move out.”

“That’s hysterical, same here! Oh well, let’s see where this goes.”

“I tell you what, not that this is a legitimate excuse, but I can’t blame your dad for fucking your mother. She’s ridiculously hot! She doesn’t look her age at all.”

Danny Ankara escort blushed “Yeah, I know. Sometimes folks think she’s my “older” girlfriend.”

About that time, Miranda’s dad walked into the garage. They ran from Danny’s living room to Kevin’s car and ducked down, waiting for him to drive by. After he drove by, they popped up, put on their hats, and started following him.

About 30 minutes later he pulled into a fancy restaurant on the outskirts of town and parked the car. Sure as hell, Danny’s mom, Kate, pulled in and parked right by him. He opened her door, she got out, and they kissed. Not just a little courtesy “how are doing kiss” but a “I’m going to fuck your brains out” kind of kiss. Miranda was snapping away, image after image of her dads infidelity being stored in her camera while Danny used his parabolic antenna to capture their conversation.

“Hey babe, I’ve been looking forward to seeing you” Curt said.

“Me too, seeing you next door, I just want to jump your bones.”

They kissed again and walked hand-in-hand into the restaurant. Miranda and Danny watched them be seated, order, and eat their meals. They laughed, talked, and kissed throughout the meal, Miranda’s stomach turned.

“What a bitch my mom is! It’s actually happening, right in front of our eyes! Let’s see where this goes.”

“Agree, right now they’re just having dinner or whatever you want to call this. I want to see if they take it to the next level.”

Around 30 minutes later, Curt paid the bill in cash, walked her to her car, and opened the door for her. “Usual place?” she asked.

“Absolutely babe.”

He went to his car and waited for her to pull out. They exited the restaurant parking lot and headed south. Miranda and Danny pulled in behind Curt and followed them to a cheap motel. Curt exited his car and went in to get a room. He paid cash, got the key, and headed to the room. Kate removed a suitcase from the trunk of her car and followed Curt into the room.

“You have that new laser thing-a-ma-jig you can use for recording their voices?” Miranda asked while she snapped picture after picture of them entering the room. The coup de grace was Curt grabbing her ass as she walked through the door.

Danny aimed the laser at the window and turned the listening device to speaker so they could hear what was going on in the room. The laser was working perfectly, it picked up every sound in the room.

Miranda and Danny listened as her dad and Kate went after each other. They sounded like a couple of rutting animals. Apparently, Kate likes to get oral, they heard “eat that pussy” and “lick it harder” every so often. That was followed by wet slurpy sounds as Kate sucked his dick. Their orgasms were loud and sounded satisfying. Miranda was trying not to throw up.

Kate and Curt finally emerged from their room a couple of hours later looking tired, relaxed, and satisfied. “See you around the neighborhood. And I’ll really be seeing you in a couple of weeks, if you know what I mean” Curt said.

She smiled “This is fun. I really needed that. Although, next time, I’m bringing some toys.”

“Oh shit you’re hot, that works for me. I can use them on you while I recover, you nasty girl.”

It was Danny’s turn to be nauseous “Shit, did you hear that? I guess parents have needs too.”

“Guess so, but this is so wrong and it has been going on for some time.”

Curt and Kate left the hotel and drove home. Miranda and Danny waited and headed home. On the drive home, they discussed what they were going to do with this information. Danny knew that if his dad caught his mom cheating, there was no telling what was going to happen. She has a job, but only as a part time receptionist and her salary wouldn’t be able to keep up with the lifestyle she’d become accustomed to.

When they parked in front of Danny’s house “I’ve got it!” Miranda said.

“What have you got?”

“How to use this information and you can use it the same way.”

There was significant evil in her eyes “I’m tired of dad fucking with me, wanting me to get a job and move out. So, I’m going to blackmail him into impregnating me! That way, I can live there for as long as I want. Fucking asshole deserves what he’s about to get.”

Danny stared at Miranda with a blank look, tossing that idea around in his mind “Miranda, you’re a fucking evil genius! I know mom is addicted to money and there’s no way she’d survive without dad funding her lavish lifestyle. I know she might not like it, but mom is going to have my baby.”

Miranda finished downloading the pictures onto a flash drive and Danny was doing the same with the audio. They swapped flash drives, hugged, and went their separate ways.

Miranda tossed and turned all night, she was ready to get payback on her dad. He is a cheating scumbag and he’ll pay for fucking around on mom and being constantly on her ass. She’d downloaded the audio onto her laptop and put together quite the montage of her dad Escort ankara and Kate’s extracurricular activities. Finally, she heard her mom’s alarm go off and she knew that her morning routine only lasted 30 minutes.

Miranda got out of bed, took a shower, and wrapped her lithe naked body in her robe and waited for her mother to leave. A few minutes later she heard the door to the garage open and close and her mother drove off to work. She grabbed her laptop and headed into her parents bedroom, knowing that her worthless dad would still be in bed.

She stopped at the doorway “Good morning daddy, how’d you sleep?”

He rolled over, working to blink away the morning cobwebs “Oh hey baby, I slept good.”

“Oh, I bet you did” the scorn in her voice was obvious.

“What’s up?”

“Daddy, daddy, daddy you fucked up so now you’re going to impregnate your baby girl.”

“What the hell are you talking about? Are you insane?”

“Here, watch this” she said placing her laptop on the dresser and pressed enter.

Curt watched as still photos of him and Kate scrolled across the screen while audio of their fuck session played in the background.

“How’d the, what the…”

“What’s the matter, cat got your tongue?” She said as she moved toward the bed, dropping her robe on the floor.

“There’s no way in hell I’m going to impregnate you! I’m your father damn it!”

“No, you used to be my father, now you’re going to be the father of our baby” she said as she slipped her hand under the covers.

Instinctively, he moved in the opposite direction.

“Oh, don’t be shy daddy, your baby girl knows how to give good slurpy blow jobs, just like Kate.”

“Seriously Kate, I mean Miranda.”

“Okay dad, here’s the deal, you’ve become a real pain in my ass with this job and move out bullshit. I’m not getting a job and I’m not moving out. I’ll just show this little presentation to mom. You know she’ll destroy you and your pathetic ass will be on the street and you’ll always be looking over your shoulder. After all, you know what she’s done to other guys that cheated on their wives. Imagine all that vindictive energy focused on you! Or, you can fuck your beautiful daughter and put your baby in her. Your call.”

He was weighing his options, she had him dead to right and she was correct. His wife would crucify him in court. His lush lifestyle would come to a screaming halt and he’d pay the price. Meantime, Miranda had crawled under the covers, completely naked, her face inches away from his.

He was looking at his beautiful daughter, her long blonde hair framing her face, her baby blue eyes looking into his, and her plump dicking sucking lips ready to wrap around his dick. Gently reaching around his daughter’s head, he pulled her to him and kissed those plump juicy lips. He was going down a path of no return but once he tasted her lips, he lost control.

She reached for his cock, stroking it, he moaned with pleasure. “Oh daddy, I see you like this. Your baby girl knows how to stroke cock, doesn’t she?”

He was trying really hard not to enjoy what was happening, but her soft hand felt good on him.

“Just wait until you feel how good my tight, wet pussy feels wrapped around your dick. I can’t wait to have your baby.” She could tell this kind of talk of was turning him on, he was fighting it but she saw he was losing the fight. His full-on erection was proof of that.

She placed herself between his knees, lying flat on her belly, and looking him in the eye she licked the tip of his dick. Her tongue licking and flicking the edge and tip of his throbbing cock. Her hands playing with and teasing his balls. She proceeded from playing with the tip of his baby maker to full on sucking and stroking. He squirmed with her touch. She was getting turned on by sucking him and she reached down to her soaking wet pussy and started fingering herself. The powerful scene playing out in front of him was overwhelming. His dick started pulsing, precum oozing from it. “Oh no you don’t, I’m not going to let you waste any of that potent baby batter down my throat. You’re going to save that for when you fuck me” she said as she stopped sucking on him.

He realized he was only along for the ride, she was in total control. She moved from between his knees and straddled him, her wet pussy hovering above his engorged cock. She slowly lowered her pussy onto the tip and swirled her hips. The tip of his swollen cock getting coated by her wetness. Without warning she dropped her body onto his baby maker. They both gasped with the sensation. She sat upright on him and played with her erect nipples. “Oh daddy, your cock feels so good in me. I can’t wait until you cum in me. You know, I’ve never let anyone cum in me, you’ll be the first” she said, slowly rocking her hips.

“Fuck you feel good Miranda. Your pussy is tight and so wet, but this isn’t right.”

“Well, if this isn’t right, why is your cock so hard?”

“Shit Miranda, where’d Ankara escort bayan you learn how to fuck so good?”

“Oh daddy, I’ve had many many guys. I may appear to be a prude, but once a guy gets a taste of my skills and pussy, they’ll do anything to get back in.”

“I can see why.”

She increased her gyrations, he arched his back driving deeper into her. “I’ve always wanted to get pregnant daddy, have my body curved, my tits filled with milk. I just needed to wait for the right man and you’re it daddy. You have the honor of fucking your daughter putting your/our baby into me. I’m so thin, I bet I grow a huge pregnant belly. Just think, you’re going to be the cause of my belly growing bigger, swelling each passing day. My tits growing bigger, filling with milk.”

They were both breathing harder, faster, their orgasms building. He was trying to fight it, but he was losing the battle. Her pussy was getting tighter, she was getting ready to cum. He could feel his dick expand, ready to release its load deep into her womb. “That’s it daddy, fuck your baby girl, spray your seed in your daughter’s pussy.”

That was it, he released his potent sperm into his daughter, dumping load after load. Coating her womb with his hot sticky seed. “Oh fuck, oh fuck your sperm feels so hot in me.”

She squeezed her pussy tight around him, coaxing every drop out of his balls. When they were finished, she collapsed on top of him. Both heavily panting “Damn daddy, that felt really awesome. You fucked your baby girl good, I bet my pussy is going to be sore.”

He cradled her head in his hands and deeply kissed her “Shit Miranda, I haven’t fucked a pussy so tight in all of my life.”

“Don’t worry daddy, I’m not going anywhere. You’re going to give me creampie after creampie until I’m pregnant.”

She crawled off her dad’s cock and stood up. His seed running down her leg “Well look at that, your cum is running down my leg.”

She took him by the hand “let’s go clean up in the shower. You can fuck your baby girl in the shower.”

Meantime, next door Danny knew his mom didn’t have to be at work until noon, dad had left for the office an hour ago. Laptop in hand, he walked to the closed door of his parent’s room, stopping and listening. He heard his mom moaning and what sounded like a vibrator, he opened the door and walked in. He had never seen his mom naked before and Miranda was right, she has a hot body.

“Danny, what the hell! You can’t just walk in here” Kate was saying as she tried to grab at the covers, but they were all on the floor.

His mom’s hitachi laying by her side. He stood there, taking in her body, wondering how good her pussy was going to feel wrapped around his dick.

“Mom, we need to talk.”

“We can talk, let me get clothes on” she said as she stood and wrapped a sheet around her.

“That won’t be necessary.”

“Really, why?”

“Here watch” he said placing the laptop on the bed and pressing play. He played the same presentation for Kate that Miranda played for Curt.

Kate watched as the pictures scrolled and the audio of her and Curt’s lovemaking played in the background. She watched, her eyes wide with shock.

“But, but why? What are going to do with this?”

“Frankly, that depends on you. As I see it, you have a choice to make. You’re addicted to money, I know the biggest reason you stay with dad is because he showers you with gifts and provides an extravagant lifestyle. What would happen if he left you? You’d lose all that money and your lifestyle would go with it.”

She nodded her understanding “And, what are my choices?”

“You can leave, divorce dad which I know you won’t do. Or, I can impregnate you.”

“But Danny, I’m your mother! There’s no way I’ll carry your baby.”

“Then pack your bags and get out.”

She looked around, he was right. There was no way she could make it on her own, she’d used her body and sexuality to capture the perfect rich man. And, to ensure he’d never leave, let him knock her up with Danny. It took some time and she worked really hard to get her pre-pregnancy body back. And now, her offspring was standing in front of her, blackmailing her into impregnating her with his baby. All because she had a fling with the neighbor.

“What guarantee do I have that this would always stay between us? After all, if I turn up pregnant, your dad has had a vasectomy, he’d be suspicious.”

“I did a little research, vasectomies are good but they aren’t 100%. I’m sure you could convince him he’s the father.”

“Come here” she said as she dropped the sheets.

Before walking to her he admired her 5’7″ perfect body. Her long auburn hair flowed around her, wide hips tapering to perfect legs. Her brown eyes sparkled and her breasts are perfectly shaped, she was the perfect trophy wife. He couldn’t help but wonder how she’d look 9 months pregnant with milk filled tits.

She dropped to her knees and took his cock into her mouth, he almost fell over with the sensation. she looked at him with those bedroom brown eyes “I guess you like what mommy is doing to you?”

All he could muster “Uh huh.”

She kept working on his cock, sucking and licking on it while it grew harder and longer in her mouth “Let’s move to bed son.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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