An Unexpected Reward

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All the boys at the office liked Lisa. She wasn’t like the rest of us. Lisa was skinny, had really big tits, and she was easy. She liked it when others watched, she liked it when others joined in. “Why settle for one cock if there are two available? The more the merrier,” she used to say. She loved love.

All the girls at the office liked Lisa for the same reasons and for those few girls who weren’t interested in bumping pussies with her she would regale them with tales detailing the shape of Andy, the mail boy’s, cock. Or, how Mr. Taylor, her supervisor, and a regular of hers was a premature ejaculator, she still kept him on as a regular even though he was too quick on the draw because it was easy and it kept her performance reviews high. High performance reviews were the ticket to advancement and regular pay increases.

One Friday afternoon Lisa stuck her head in my cubicle, “Mr. Stinson and Ms. Evers just texted me. They want to meet in the conference room tonight at five.

I had just taken a sip of water, and struggled to swallow it quickly, “both of them?” I asked. Everybody knew that Mr. Stinson, our CEO, and Ms. Evers, our Director of Quality Systems, had a thing going. She was tall, thin and small chested with long legs. He was broad shouldered and ruggedly handsome with a square jaw and a narrow waist. We speculated constantly about how much time he spent in the gym.

There could only be one reason why they wanted to meet with Lisa together. It had to be a threesome. “Do you think that’s what it is?” I asked Lisa.

“I can only hope.” She replied. “Do you want to watch?” she asked. Those closets are in the conference room with the bifold doors. If you’re really quiet you could probably see the whole thing. If there’s anything to see.”

So it was agreed. I would hide in the conference room closet at about a quarter to five and Lisa would try to get to know Mr. Stinson and Ms. Evers, in a more biblical sense.

A little before five I watched from the closet as the conference room door opened and Mr. Stinson held it for Ms. Evers they both came in and took seats across from one another leaving the one at the head of the table open.

“Do you think this will work?” Stinson asked.

“I hope so.” Replied Evers, “She’s just what we both want, and we talked about this. We agreed to go for it.” There was a knock on the door and Lisa came in.

She must have changed her clothes. She looked really hot in a little black dress that was short without being too short. It had a scoop alanya escort neck that showed off cleavage but not too much cleavage. She had accessorized with three inch heels and a single strand of pearls. Her hair was piled on top of her head with a couple of curls hanging down, framing her face.

Ms. Evers stood, “Come on in Lisa, do you mind if we call you Lisa?” she didn’t wait for an answer she just kept on talking at Stinson slowly rose from his chair. I could see everything from the cracked open closet door.

“Please have a seat,” the CEO indicated the chair at the head of the table and Lisa took it.

“Thank you,” she said.

“Let’s get right to the point shall we,” Stinson said. He waited for Lisa to nod her head and then he went on. “We have a position opening here that we feel you might be perfect for, Lisa. The only thing is that it would entail working a lot of evenings and weekends. Could you be flexible enough for that?”

“Yes sir.” She replied

Ms. Evers jumped in, “The position would be a direct report to me with additional responsibilities to Mr. Stinson, sort of a dotted line on the org chart, if you understand what I mean?”

“Of course, ma’am.”

“We are interviewing you and two other candidates this week for the position.” Stinson took over again, “You’re the first one we’re talking to because, quite frankly, you are the one we would prefer in this role. If you should agree then we won’t even bother to speak with the others.”

Evers, “There will of course be a private office and a substantial increase in salary. Mr. Taylor consistently gives you wonderful performance reviews and we’ve been watching you. There is, of course talk in the company that we pay attention to as well. You appear to be uhm, intimate, with a lot of the people here and it would seem that you have all the qualities we are looking for.”

“Thank you ma’am. Just what would the job entail?”

“Honestly,” said Stinson, “We’d need you to do a bit of physical work but someone with your intellect is preferred. I think that it’s not a secret here, though we don’t talk about it openly, that Ms. Evers and I are seeing one another. Sometimes, often times, we would like to have a third party there when we are seeing one another. We think we’d like that third party to be you. If you are uncomfortable with this then please say so right now and we will move on to the other candidates.”

“I think I could be up for the challenge,” Lisa said.

“Splendid,” Evers smiled artvin escort and rubbed her hands together. “If you don’t mind, we’d both like to see you naked and perhaps, even engage in a bit of play.” She turned towards the CEO, “Don’t you think so, Roger?”

“And, there’s no time like the present,” Roger Stinson said.

Lisa held her finger up to the side of her head and said, “I’ve got an idea, why don’t we all get naked together and then there will be less delay before we take it to the next level.”

Evers began shaking her head but Stinson was nodding his, “I think that’s a superb idea Lisa. Let’s do it!”

He stood and went to lock the conference room door. He started to disrobe on the way back to the table. Lisa shrugged her little black dress down under her shoulders, and then pulled it down the rest of the way. She wore no bra, only thigh high stockings and black lace panties; her legs looked great in those heels. I licked my lips as I watched her, watching them.

Stinson wasted no time removing his suit coat and tie. The white button down shirt quickly followed. He had a magnificent six pack and his pecs looked like he was carrying a slab of meat over each shoulder. A light covering of hair coated his body and I realized I was holding my breath.

When he dropped his trousers I could see that his dick was shaped like a pear; maybe 5 inches long and thicker at the end than at the base. I couldn’t remember ever seeing a penis shaped like that before. I thought it might be, no would be, interesting and fun. I wanted to play with it but I was hiding in the closet. I wiped the corner of my mouth and continued to take it all in.

Lisa pushed her panties to the floor making sure that her ass was visible to both Evers and Stinson.

Evers hadn’t moved.

“Come on Kelly,” Roger Stinson urged her. “Get with the program.” She removed her jacket and slowly unbuttoned her blouse. When she removed her bra and spun around, I saw that her boobs were beautiful. Smaller than I had thought they would be, but shaped perfectly. Balanced perfectly, as far as tiny titties go – there were none finer.

“May I have a taste of those?” Lisa asked. “Your breasts are so beautiful.” She moved over by Kelly Evers who pushed her chest out proudly and invited Lisa to go ahead.”

Lisa began with her nipples and ran her tongue around them several times before she locked her lips over one and began sucking. Roger Stinson watched and his cock began to grow. It made it to about seven burdur escort inches and then the base began to swell. When he was fully erect, the head was still bulbous but the base had plumped up, making the difference in girth less obvious. Lisa beckoned him over and he stood next to her so that she could stroke his dick.

As she worked it he unzipped the skirt that Kelly Evers was wearing and pushed it down to her knees. He didn’t lean down any further because that would have meant, Lisa letting go of his dick. He hooked his thumb on the waist band of Ms. Evers white cotton panties and he pulled them down, mid thigh. He got a huge smile on his face. Lisa looked downwards and stopped pumping Stinson’s cock, he didn’t seem to mind, it was almost as though he had been expecting it.

Lisa’s eyes got as wide as saucers as she looked down at Kelly Evers pussy and the tit she was sucking slipped out from between her lips. Evers spun around putting her back to the other two and exposing her front to me. I gasped and hoped no one heard me. Ms. Evers had a cock, and it was hard. It was at least ten inches long and stood straight and tall, like a redwood tree.

“I knew it,” said Evers. “You think I’m a freak. This was a bad idea Roger.”

“Let’s hear what Lisa has to say before you condemn the idea,” the CEO said. Turn around and let her see you again.

Lisa’s eyes were still wide and I had my hand clamped over my mouth in order to ensure I was silent and would remain undiscovered.

Evers turned back to face Lisa, “What do you think Lisa?” Kelly asked, and she and Stinson stood waiting for Lisa’s pronouncement.

Lisa didn’t speak. She dropped to her knees and took the proud penis in her mouth. She took it as deeply as she could and when she gagged there were still a couple of inches that she hadn’t been able to manage. She took hold of Stinson’s scrotum and gently massaged it while she worked furiously on Ms. Evers cock.

Evers stood still with her head thrown back and her eyes closed finally she looked down at Lisa. “I want to cum on your tits Lisa, finish me off and let me cum on your tits.” Reluctantly, Lisa popped the oversized dick out of her mouth and stroked it with her free hand. The end was pointed at her chest. Everybody was panting and breathing hard.

When she came, Kelly Evers came hard. She started to sag at the knees but grabbed Lisa’s shoulders and managed to steady herself.

When she was done, Roger Stinson dropped down next to Lisa and took the head of Ms Evers cock in his mouth. He sucked and licked any residue that may have remained. Then he stood back up and dangled his cock in front of Lisa, who took him in her mouth as well. I could tell by her enthusiasm that she was having the time of her life. I envied her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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