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Up until a few months ago, I was strictly a heterosexual male. I was never even curious about having sex with another man, but after a divorce and several failed relationships I decided that I needed to at least explore the possibility.

So I decided to read up on man to man sex on the internet and check out some of the porn sites to see if I had any interest. When I got hard watching gay male anal sex videos, I knew that I was on to something. It looked like the best way to see if I liked having sex with a man was to visit one of the gay bathhouses. Before I could go to one of these bathhouses, I needed to read up on what kind of behavior was acceptable and how I would attract another man.

I am 5′ 9″ tall and weigh 180 lbs., which is maybe a little overweight, but I go to the gym regularly and have a fairly fit and toned body. On several of the gay porn sites that I viewed, I noticed that some of the guys had their nipples pierced with silver rings in them. I kind of liked the idea, but was not sure if I wanted to go to a tattoo and piercing parlor to have it done. So, once again I read online how to do it and ordered the supplies to pierce my own nipples.

When the supplies arrived, I took off all of my clothes so as not to get any blood on them and proceeded to pierce my nipples. It was really painful, but after I was finished I kind of liked the feeling of the weight dangling from my nipples. Over the next several weeks, I enlarged the piercings until I was able to insert 6 gauge rings in both nipples. It felt great, especially when I was at the beach and other people noticed.

I thought that I was now ready to go to my first gay bathhouse and at least get some attention. I chose one in Ft. Lauderdale and headed out. I wore a muscle shirt from Gold’s Gym, black running shorts and shower tongs. When I walked in there were two windows much like a bank in a small reception area. One of the guys asked if he could help me and I said that I wanted to spend about 4 hours in the bathhouse. He told me that a six month membership would cost $25 and that a private room was $20 for four hours. Since I had no idea what to expect, I said that would be fine and gave him the money.

I was given a membership card and was told that would be kept in a locked drawer along with my driver’s license and any valuables. I agreed and he gave me a small white towel and a key to my room. He then pushed a button which mad a buzzing sound and told me that the door was now unlocked and I could go in to the bathhouse. Once inside there was a small counter with a bowl with condoms in it and a glass case with other products. Another guy asked me if I needed any lube, and I said that I guess so and bought a small bottle for $6.

Now it was off to my room down a hallway that was dark with a lot of doors with numbers on them. As I was looking for my number

24, I noticed all of the guys walking around with only a small white towel wrapped around their waist. Some guys were leaning up against the wall next to small rooms with the doors open. I had read online about how in bathhouse etiquette that was an invitation to another guy who might be interested in them. There were other doors open and dimly lit that had guys in them naked and sitting up on their bed with their dicks in their hand and still others that were laying naked face down.

When I finally found my room, I unlocked it, opened the door, turned on the light and closed the door behind me. It was a very small room with a small table next to a single flat bed with white sheets on it and a small pillow. My heart was racing as I began to take off my clothes and wrap the towel around my waist. I put the key to the room on my arm with the elastic band provided and walked out of my room barefoot and naked except for this small towel.

I walked around to see what this bathhouse had to offer. Outside in the private courtyard there was a pool and a large hot tub with guys swimming and tanning naked. I was already getting a “chubby” and Büyükesat Escort new I was in the right place for me. There was a fitness room with all sorts of equipment, but nobody was in there. Then I came to the area where there was a sauna, steam room (grotto) and open shower area. I decided that I needed to take a shower and relieve some of the tension that I was feeling.

I hung my towel on a metal rack and turned on one of the showers and proceeded to lather myself with soap. As I was rinsing myself off a young man turned on the shower next to me. His body was almost completely hairless and he was lean and fit. I looked down at his dick and noticed a ring in it.

He looked over at me and said “Do you like it. I just had it pierced 2 months ago and I love it. I would have had my nipples pierced too like yours, but I model and it isn’t allowed.”

I said “It looks great! Didn’t it hurt a lot?”

“No.” he said. “I have been told by others that it doesn’t hurt nearly as much as having your nipples pierced. Touch it if you like.”

Well, he didn’t have to ask me twice and as soon as I grabbed hold of his dick it became hard. He tugged on my nipple rings and put his other hand on my naked butt. I also got hard immediately. He then said that he had to go because he was meting a friend by the pool, gave me a kiss on the lips and left the shower area. I couldn’t move for a moment because I was stunned by the kiss. I picked up my towel and headed naked for the steam room.

It was dimly lit and filled with steam. There were little areas with tiled benches along the way. I chose on that was unoccupied, put my towel down and sat naked on it. I sat and watched the guys walk by, some with a towel on and others completely naked. I looked to my right and there was a young guy leaning forward with his hands on the wall supporting him in the little area next to me. He was naked and bent over slightly at the waist. I looked behind him and some older guy was holding him by the hips while he was fucking him in the ass. This was the first gay sex that I had seen in person and it was hot. The young guy caught me staring at them and just looked over and smiled. He seemed to be really enjoying getting fucked.

After a while the older guy quickened his pace and stiffened up when he came. He held his dick in the young guy’s hole until it softened and then pulled out. He was wearing a condom and pulled it off to discard it. They kissed and then left the steam room in different directions. I think that this was what they meant by anonymous sex. I had a hold of my dick the entire time and it was still as hard as a rock.

Just then some guy looked in to the area I was sitting naked and I nodded to him. He put his towel next to mine and sat down. He put his hand on my dick and started to stroke it. I did the same to his. This was the first time that I touched another man’s dick and, it felt great. It was hot, hard and was getting bigger as I held it. He leaned over and kissed the end of my dick and then licked my balls. I was really getting hot now.

When he pulled his lips off of my dick and raised his head, I moved to my knees between his legs. I moved my lips close to his dick and kissed the head much like the way he did it to me. I needed to put his dick in my mouth and opened my lips and moved my head down until I had it in my mouth. I began to suck it like a lollipop while holding the base of it in my right hand. My other hand was steadying myself on his thigh. The feeling was overwhelming. I was completely naked in a gay steam grotto on my knees between another naked man’s legs sucking on his dick.

My new “friend” was beginning to moan and move his hips up to feed more of his dick into my mouth. I had read about deep throating, but was certain that I was not capable of that yet. He moved his hands to the back of my head and held it firmly as he thrust his dick further into my mouth. When the head of his dick hit the Elvankent Escort back of my throat, I gagged a little and pulled my mouth off of his dick for a moment. When I did, I noticed that we now had an audience of several other guys stroking their dicks.

When I resumed my cock sucking he moaned more loudly and I could taste the pre-cum from the tip of his dick in my mouth. One guy from our audience moved behind me and grabbed my hips to pull me into the “doggy” position. He too was naked as I could feel his hard dick bumping into my ass cheeks as he rubbed my back and ass. He put his arms around me and grabbed my dick, which was now as hard as it has ever been.

My lover in front of me was quickening his pace and holding my head more firmly as he kept jamming his raging hard on further into my mouth. I gagged every time that his dick hit the back of my throat, but kept sucking it for all I was worth. At the same time the guy behind me was now rubbing his fingers over my butt hole. I wish that I had put some of that lube that I bought in there first. He simply spit on my hole and shoved a finger in. That was a new experience.

I felt like a pig on a spit being roasted…or in this case fucked. When he inserted a second finger in my virgin hole it began to hurt. He moved them in and out trying to loosen me up. When he pulled both of his fingers out of me, I knew what was next. He moved closer behind me and put the head of his dick on my virgin hole. I had no idea whether he had put a condom on, but with my mouth full of another man’s dick I had little control.

Just as the guy at my rear held my hips firmly and started to try and push his dick into me, the guy that I was giving a blowjob tensed up and held my head firmly as he shoved his dick into my mouth as far as it would go. He started shooting his hot cum into my throat. I had to swallow it or choke. His dick spewed so much cum into my mouth that I couldn’t swallow it fast enough and some of it was coming out the sides of my mouth.

As he stopped cuming, my focus turned to the guy behind me trying to shove his dick in my ass. He was holding me steady and pushing hard to get the head of his dick past my sphincter muscles. The pain was intense and when the guy in front pulled his dick out of my cum filled mouth I screamed in pain. He then released his grip on my hips and moved back.

He said “I guess that your hole is just too tight for this monster.”

I turned and looked and saw that he had one of the largest dicks that I had ever seen, and there was no condom on it. I told him that I was a virgin and that this was the first blowjob that I had ever given.

He replied “That was a pretty good blowjob for your first time, but if you are going to take it in the ass you need to practice honey”.

After that was said, he gathered up his towel as did the guy whose cum I just swallowed and they move off into the steam. I wiped the cum off of my face, picked up my towel and headed for the showers. After cleaning up, I dried myself off and headed for my room. I was to say the least a little tired and decided to rest up before getting dressed to go home. Since my small white towel was wet, I hung it up on a hook in the room and laid down face down naked on the small bed.

I was so disorientated after my ordeal in the steam grotto, that I left the door to my room wide open. My clothes along with the condoms and lube that I had just bought was on the table next to the bed. While reading up on bathhouse etiquette, lying naked face down with lube and condoms next to you with the door to your room open was an open invitation for anal sex. I was completely oblivious to the situation and just fell asleep.

Someone walking by my room, noticed my position and must have liked what he saw. He came into the room, closed the door and removed his towel. He grabbed the bottle of lube and poured a generous amount on my ass and anal hole. He sat down next to Beşevler Escort me and began to massage my butt while working the lube into my hole. I was exhausted and remained in a semi-conscious state while he worked one then two then three fingers gently into me. It was like a sexual dream. I felt my dick getting hard as the stranger in my room worked his magic.

When he had sufficiently relaxed my anal muscles, he stood up and took one of the condoms and put it on his dick. I felt him get on the bed and lay on top of me with his hard dick rubbing up and down my ass crack. When he was ready, he applied more lube to his dick and my hole, spread my legs with his knees and put the tip of his dick at the entrance to my hole. As he applied some pressure, the initial pain awoke me from my sleep. I lifted my head up to see who was on top of me, but he pushed my head down into the pillow.

“Just relax and you’ll get the fucking of your life.” He said.

He then put his left hand on my belly and lifted me into the “doggie” position. There was so much lube on and in me that I could feel it oozing down my balls. He held my hips firmly and eased the head of his dick forward. I could feel my anal muscles being stretched and tried to relax. With just a little more pressure I felt the head of his dick stretch my hole and pop in. Earlier I had a man’s dick in my mouth and now I had one in my ass.

He held it there until I got used to it being in me, and the paid started to subside. While he was holding the head inside of me he noticed my nipple rings and started to play with them. I was getting hotter by the minute. Then he started to ease more of his dick into me. The feeling of being someone’s fuck toy was awesome. Each time he would move more of his dick into me, he would move it back out leaving only the head in. Then he would move more of his dick into me until I felt his pelvis up against my ass cheeks. I felt full and incredible at the same time.

He began to piston his dick in and out of me, slowly at first and then at a quicker pace. My dick was hard and swinging back and forth as were the rings on my nipples. I was on sensory overload. Then he began to smack me on the ass with his hands harder than any spanking that I had ever received when I was a kid.

“Take my dick in your ass, you little fucking whore!” he said. “I am going to fuck you like you never have been fucked”.

Little did he know that this was my first fucking, but I was sure that it would not be my last. I needed to tell him that he is my first.

“I’m a virgin and your dick is the first to ever be inside of me. Fuck me hard…I love it.”

Fuck me hard, he did. He kept slamming his dick into me until his balls were slapping up against mine. It was so exciting. He spanked me continually while he fucked me until my ass cheeks were on fire. I couldn’t hold it anymore, my dick exploded and filled the sheets below me with my cum. He just continued to pound his dick into me.

I decided that I needed to feel it all. I said to him “Take off the condom. I want to feel your hot cum fill my ass.”

“Are you sure?” he asked.

“Yes, just do it now!” I yelled to him.

He pulled all the way out of me, yanked off the condom and shoved into me bareback. The feeling was even better as he continued to fuck me. He pulled on my nipple rings until they hurt, kept spanking my now red ass cheeks and shoving his hard, hot dick deep into me. Finally his pace quickened, he held my hips firm and shoved his dick as far into me as it would go and started to pump his warm cum deep into my bowels. I was getting the fucking of my life and loving it.

When he was finished cuming, he collapsed on top of me with his dick still in my hole. I laid there with his naked body on top of my naked and thoroughly fucked body for about 15 minutes while we both recovered. His dick shrank and came out of my hole, which was now dripping his cum on to my balls and dick.

He then got off of me, gave me a kiss, put on his towel and left the room. My nipples hurt, my ass cheeks hurt, my asshole hurt and I still had the taste of cum in my mouth but I was a happy camper. My first trip to a gay bathhouse was a success by any standards, but most of all I found out that I indeed loved having man to man sex. Now I am open to any venue for gay men and I want to try it all.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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