Anal Training – Lesson #03

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I can’t wait to see you. I’ve already rented a room for us and I’m sitting here waiting for you to arrive. I have some wine, and some ice water, but that’s all in the way of refreshments. For equipment, I’ve brought along the third butt plug, the largest, along with some rope. I’m wearing very thin cotton dockers and no encumbering underwear. My shirt is open in the front exposing my modest amount of chest hair. I’m in loafers with no socks, very casual. I’ve instructed you to wear whatever you want as long as you have on nylons, garter belt and heels. Panties are optional.

After what seems like an eternity, I hear a knock at the door. I bound to it with anticipation. You are stunning! Dressed to kill. Low cut dress that you’re spilling out of, wide latex belt with matching purse and high heels. My eye immediately gravitates to your spectacular cleavage, then quickly up your smooth throat to your full lips. You’re wearing bright red lipstick. Oh my. My eyes must widen as you wink and smile. Then as you walk by me into the room, your tits bobbling with each step, I swallow hard. You are blowing me away!

Once in the room, we put our arms around each other for a hello kiss. Oh, those lips.

We have a seat together on the couch. You cross your legs and look at me like you’re my adoring student. Which, in a way, I guess you are. But I always feel like I’m the one enriched whenever we meet. You’re the one to be adored. The one holding all the cards. I’m just so much putty when I’m with you.

But I try to keep up appearances nonetheless, hoping you won’t notice how vulnerable I am to your overwhelming charms. I tell you that tonight will be your last lesson. Tonight will be your final exam. You tell me you’ve been practicing with plug

. You’ve used it until it feels small and now you want to move up to plug
. You are a prize student, a very quick learner.

I tell you to lay across my lap, which you do eagerly. Your soft body, while still clothed, begins to arouse me already as you seem to be in perpetual motion. Your legs wave slowly in the air as your voluptuous ass cheeks bobble beneath your dress, just like your beautiful tits that are literally spilling out of your dress. A shock goes through me at the sight of you. I put my hand on your leg at the knee, then move it up along the nylon to the stocking top and onto the flesh of your thigh. I push the hem of your dress up to expose your plump ass. God you’re gorgeous! You look at me as if to say, “It’s yours, Jack, all yours to do with as you please.” I spread your luscious cheeks to inspect your opening. You have a classically round asshole. One that looks like it was designed for what we will soon be doing.

I show you butt plug
, the two-incher. I let you lick Büyükesat Escort it before placing it up against your hole. You let out a barely audible gasp, as I push on it. It slips in smoothly until the widest part of the bulb encounters resistance. I push harder, you wince, but then relax nicely, letting it slip all the way in as you close around it. You’ve gotten by the hardest part.

This little sequence is a major turn on for me. Seeing your ass swallow that bulb and your sexy moaning have caused me to swell considerably. You can feel me pushing up through my pants. A hardening knob is now poking you from below. It’s aligned with your pussy so it’s not like it’s uncomfortable or anything. You wiggle a little to rub against it. You’re starting to get a sense of what is going to take place tonite. I pull out on the butt plug as I did in lesson

, then let it slip back in. Then repeat. You’re loving it. You’re really into the anal pleasure thing now. You’ve learned so much.

As before, I have you get up, drop your dress to the floor, and walk around with it in your ass. You look absolutely fantastic in your bra and the nylons, garter belt and heels. And with the butt plug between your cheeks you are practically sex on wheels. I’m nearly breathless.

You parade around for me, well aware of the effect your having on me. You can see my bulging cock in my pants and sense that I’m aroused more than at any time you’ve seen me in the past. You offer to unzip me to set me free.

I say, “Yes, please do.”

You bend down, your mammaries hanging down with you, and you remove my cock AND my balls from my pants. I still have the pants on, but my fully erect cock, with my hanging balls are outside my pants like an appendage completely separate from the rest of my body. I tell you to go sit on the bed. You clomp over to it in a most appealing way. Your flesh jiggling seemingly everywhere on your voluptuous body. Oh god! I tell you to sit down, which you love doing because it puts pressure on the butt plug, a sensation you’ve learned to appreciate very much over the last few weeks. You look back at me, with my cock and balls hanging out, and the blood rushes to your head. You’d love to get your hands and mouth all over them.

I tie your ankles, then your thighs just above the knees. I tell you to get up on the bed on your knees with your back to me. I tie another piece of rope to each rope around a thigh and let them lay beside you for the moment. Then I tie each of your wrists to those ropes. Your hands are at your sides and your wrists are tied to each thigh above the knee. I tell you to sit down on your heels and lean forward so your tits are against your upper legs. Your ass is Elvankent Escort sticking out behind you to very delicious affect. I see the butt plug bulb straining to escape your ass, but it can’t. I cinch up all ropes tying your wrists to your thighs. Then put one last rope around your legs so you can’t straighten them out. You are a bundle now. Your wrists are immobile and your legs are crunched up under you. Your head, neck and mouth are completely unencumbered, but you are otherwise immobile. Needless to say, you are looking as hot as hot can get.

It’s time for your final exam. I reach for the butt plug again, pull out on it to stretch you to the max again. In this position you feel like some of your insides might be coming out with it. But you hang in there. Your learning to love having your asshole stretched. After a few tugs like this on the butt plug, I go ahead and take off my pants, then proceed to rub my cock on your ass. Then down the back of your thighs. “O-o-o-oh,” you say, “That feels good.” I get up on the bed to straddle you, letting my cock and balls trail over your back. I then get off you to get in front of you. I grab your hair and guide your mouth to my cock. You go to work on the head with your tongue. You love me in your mouth. My cock was made for your mouth. Your luscious red lips grip it while I slip it down your throat. Your in the perfect position for deep throat. Your chin is up and your mouth and throat aligned for maximum penetration. Oh you’re good!

Your saliva is dripping from your chin as you suck me completely into you. My pelvis against your nose; my balls against your chin. You’re a dream. Those bright red lips, your slithering tongue, and that sucking action is divine. A woman for the ages!

Abruptly, I pull out to take care of more important matters. You didn’t quite get your fill of my cock, but you long for me to attend to your ass. I get back behind you again to exercise the butt plug. I give it a couple of tugs, stretching you more each time, but then pull on it until it slips out. Your gorgeous asshole stays gaped open. Oh that’s beautiful!

I now tell you that I have a surprise for you. I put my throbbing cock up to your gaping hole and slip the head in. It slips in smoothly.

You moan, “Oh please, all the way. Give it all to me, Jack.”

I push in slowly, inch by inch, to be sure you can take me. You’re doing wonderfully. I push more, my thick shaft disappearing into your dark hole. Oh it’s so warm and smooth. I pull back momentarily, then push all the way in.

You groan, “God that feels good!”

Your sphincter grips me tightly as I start to move in and out. My balls press against your wet pussy with each Beşevler Escort slow thrust. I’m penetrating your ass to your core. You’ve never known this sensation before. It is new, and it’s wonderful! It feels like I’m taking up residence in your body. All of me, splitting you in two. I pick up the pace. You groan. My balls, now slapping against your pussy, are driving you wild. You are overwhelmed by the whole sensation of being totally fucked in the ass!

You are getting hotter and hotter with each of my thrusts. Your restraints make it hard for you to push against me, but my man meat up your ass is all you need to push you over the top. Your grunting. Deeply. From way down in your being. You are experiencing the beginnings of your first full-cock ass orgasm. It feels like your insides are going to fly out. Like you’ll truly explode! It’s not localized to your pussy like you’re used to; it’s your whole body that’s going to explode.

We are both building now. My cock is reveling in every thrust I make into you. Your ass flesh rippling with each impact of my pelvis. What a sight! Pumping your glorious ass! Your squeals! Your hungry groaning! It’s all so delicious! My teacher’s work is nearly done. You have passed every test. And it’s so gratifying to see you enjoying it as much as you are.

I’m coming up fast. I’m giving you all the cock you’ve ever had. You are all the ass I ever want. Pounding you deep. I grab a handful of your hair and pull your head back like a rider yanking on the reins. You arch your back just right. Incredibly, I’m now able to penetrate you even more deeply. You give out a low grunt. Then another. Then with each thrust. You are in a kind of trance now. Pure ecstasy. You shudder. Spasms come over you. You are cumming from all the way down in your darkest recesses. Shaking. Jerking beneath me. Your ass cheeks squeezing my cock spasmodically. My balls banging against your soaked pussy.

Oh god! I’m going to cum too! I pull hard on your hair, twisting your head slightly.

You cry, “Oh yes-s-s! Give it to me! Oh yes, fuck me! O-o-o-oh!”

I ejaculate a massive load into your magnificent ass! Heaving and convulsing as I do. I can barely breathe! I’m gulping for air!

“Oh your ass! Your beautiful ass! You’ve taken all of me! And loved every inch! Oh the sweetness of it! I’m in heaven!”

I roll us over on our sides to take a few finishing thrusts. You are still gasping as I pump you some more. Ball draining pumps. The cum in your ass, so warm and wet, coats my cock as it slithers in and out of your new love hole. That is so nice.

I kiss the back of your neck, nibble your ear. Settling down, finally. I fondle your tits from behind you. I love my hands on them. They are so soft and fleshy. What comfort they offer, and what fun post-orgasmic play they provide.

Time to slip out of you and untie the ropes. Time to set you free.

We kiss. You thank me for opening your life to new pleasures. I thank you for giving so much pleasure to me. More kisses, then time to dress and depart. As we do, I’m already longing to be with you again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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