Angel Needs A Make-Out Buddy Ch. 01

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This first story is dedicated to Ddysangelface who’s writing insipres me and for whose support I am gratful.

“What you need is a make-out buddy”

Those words caused me to stop in my tracks as I walked from the dining room back into the kitchen. I had overheard two of the waitresses talking in thier side station, so I stayed hidden around the corner and listened for more.

“What do you mean?” I recongnized the voice of Angel, our newest waitress.

“Well, it’s like a fuck-buddy, but you keep your clothes on” was the laughing reply that I knew to be Karen, our head waitress.

“OH!,Karen, you are sooo bad!” came the shocked reply, “I’ve haven’t kissed alot of boys, they always are trying to feel me up as soon as I let them have a kiss.”

“Do you mean that you are still a virgin?” now Karen sounded shocked.

Before Angel could answer I came around the corner and in my stern Chef voice declared, “Haven’t you two got anything better to do that chat about your sex lives?”

Angel’s cute face turned bright red with embarressment On the other hand Karen gave me a sly smile and said, “Why, Chef, I thought you liked to know all the ins and outs of our sex lives!” and gave me a playful wink.

“I’ll speak with you later about this” I said to her gruffly as I turned to stride back into the kitchen.

At the end of the night I waited patiently in my back office for Karen as I knew she would join me there as soon as she finished closing down the dining room. Soon Bayan Eskort there was a quiet knock on my office door and Karen quickly came thru the door, turning she threw the deadbolt and began to unbutton her skirt. I stood and dropped my pants, then settled into my chair. She and I had a regular routine. Carefully she folded her skirt into a small pad while i admired her high-cut red silk thong. Karen looked at me as she placed the folded skirt on the floor in front of me and knelt upon it. “I’ve been think about this cock all day” she cooed as she reached for my quickly swelling manhood. With a quick lick of her lips she opened her mouth wide and swallowed me whole. Taking her hand and wrapping it around the base of my cock she slowly pulled her head back and carfully raked me with her teeth. I grew to my fullness, my little head purple and throbbing. She held me tight in her hand and looked lovingly at the now wet head, a string of spittle ran from it to her red lips. “What a beautiful cock you have, Chef” she commented. Holding me she dipped her head to lick the underside of my shaft, rubbing me over her eyes and forehead. While under my cock she opened her mouth to take first one ball and then the other inside, washing each one slowly. “I love it when you’ve worked hard and they have that salty sweat” Returning to my hard cock she again took me fully into her mouth, pulled her head and hand back and was rewared with a drop of precum at the tip, Karen licked the drop away and smiled, Anadolu Yakası Escort “MMMMM, that’s just what i need!”

With that she began to suck me in earnest, her head bobbbing up and down in time with her hand jacking me, urgeing me to fill her wet mouth with my warm seed. I loved to watch Karen suck, she gave herself completly to the task. Soon her whole body was moving back and forth with her head, sucking loudly and moaning deep in her throat. I could feel the vibrations of her humming when my cockhead reached all the way back into her. Karen has this fantastic technique of six or eight fast, wet sucks on the lenght of my cock and then she will deep throat me and hold me in her depths for two or three heartbeats. “Come on, baby, give me that good cum” she begged when she had my cock out of her mouth for a split second. Her hand was a blur jacking my cock slick with her saliva, her other hand cupping and gently massageing my balls. She let her finger tip trace a line from my ballsack up between my ass cheeks to play with my hole.

“FUCK MY MOUTH! She pleaded, and I took her head in my hands to hold her in place as i roughly shoved my cock into her face. I could feel her nose crushed against my pubes. With another squeeze of my balls my cum began to erupt, shooting into her greedy, waiting mouth. Like the champion cocksucker she is, Karen drank it all down and continued to milk me as I slowly deflated.

At last she released me from her mouth and holding my Pendik Escort shrunked, wet cock in her hand she rubbed it over her face smearing her cheeks and nose with a mixture of my cum and her saliva.

“MMMMM, Thanks, Chef! You always make the best sauce! Now would you care for a slice of fresh, warm pie?” Karen asked in her playful manner.

I helped her to her feet and she quickly got on my desk top. I saw that her silk panties had turned a darker red from the pussy juice that was now seaping down her legs, her swollen lips were pushed against the material and the scent of sex filled my small office. Karen held her knees to her chest as she rocked back on her tailbone her legs spread wide for me, “Take a taste of this pie, Chef and tell me if it’s sweet enough” she giggled

I just love the way she makes fucking and sucking so much fun.

She had pulled aside the thin strip of silk and was slowly rubbing her slick, swollen lips.

“I have something special for you tonight” I told her as I opened a desk drawer, “this was on the produce delivery today” And I held up a dark green cucumber, it was at least twelve inches long, curved like a banana and I could barely get my hand all the way around its entirety.

Karens eyes widen with shock and amazement “Whoa, are you going to try to get that whole monster up inside me?” She asked somewhat fearfully. “If you plan to get that thing up my twat you better give me a good licking first!”

“We’ll just do what we can” I answered, “But I want you to tell me about that new girl, Angel, what’s her story?”

Staring at the vegetable in my hand, Karen said “OK, You eat and I’ll tell you about Little Miss Cherry Pants”

She thrust her pink hole at me as I lowered my head to breath in her aroma.

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