Aquata Cove Ch. 39

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Ok, so I got tired of waiting, and reposted the chapter. There is NO sex scenes in this chapter. Just a couple of innocent, clean flashbacks reflecting upon a tender romance.


Chapter 39: Reunion

Adam zipped up his leather jacket while his shoes crunched on the gravel. Merrick follows closely, before playfully groping Adam’s jean rump. He smirked and turned around, right before Merrick kissed him.

“Come on~!” Merrick said, “Just skip work and stay home with me all day! I wanna see you do that, um… What did Jamal call it again?” He pondered, “A strip-tease?” Adam laughed.

“Babe, I’m no professional stripper. And the Captain will have my balls for bait if I played hooky.”

“Awwwww!” The merman moaned, “I’ve seen some of the humans dancing at the place Jamal works in. Wanna see YOU up there!”

“Hahahaha!” Adam lightly slapped Merrick’s cheek, “You fishy pervert~” Merrick giggled as he kissed him again. “MAYBE, sweetie.” Adam said as he stroked Merrick’s blonde hair, “I’ll think about it…” Merrick smiled as he felt Adam’s freshly shaven cheek. Adam smiled softly as he nudged his lover.

Merrick gently lapped Adam’s lips, very softly rubbing his tongue on the upper lip, pushing his lips on his lower lip, “Mmmm…” Adam tilted his head and rolled his lower jaw to deliver a passionate push into the kiss. He put his arms over Merrick’s bare shoulders as he closed his eyes. Merrick moaned weakly again as he put his other hand on the back of Adam’s head, before their tongues met in their conjoined mouths.

Adam slowly ended the kiss, one lap at a time. He rubbed his forehead against the other as their noses touched.

“I love you.” Adam whispered.

“I love you too.” Merrick responded.

Adam backed up, and rubbed Merrick’s shoulder, “I’ll be back in the afternoon.”


Adam took out his helmet, put it on, and straddled onto his motorcycle. He turned the keys to roar it into life, revved it a few times, before setting his feet to it, and driving off. He glanced at his rear mirror, and chuckled as he saw his boyfriend waving Goodbye from the driftwood wall-fence around the house.


“Ok, if you can please sign this for me?” Adam said as he held out his clipboard for the manager of the Claws & Hammers restaurant, having made the last delivery of live crabs on the first two hours of the day.

“Thank you,” He said as he signed for them, and gave Adam a $5 tip.

“Thank YOU sir, and have a nice day.” Adam tipped his cap to him, climbed back into his cart, and drove back along the dock. He parked the small vehicle along with the other carts, and hopped off. He sighed as he took off his cap to loosen up his hair, before putting it back on. Break time – he’s going to hit the dock for a quick catch for his break before getting back to work.

He walked along the Fish House, when he heard the Captain ranting, “Uh-oh…” He muttered, “Whose in trouble now.” He mumbled.

“Look, I ain’t turning over any of my Fishboys to some fancy-suit flunkies, ya got it?”

Adam passed by the Captain’s office, just thinking about going fishing.

“Sir, we simply need to have Adam Bryant come with us.” Adam froze in his tracks.

“Why? Has he done sumthin wrong?”

“That information is classified.”

“Then you ain’t gittin’ him. Simple as that. Now git out.” The Captain growled.

“We are not leaving, sir, until Mr Bryant comes along with us.”

“Then grab a seat, kids. Cause you in for a loooong day.”

“Sir, I should warn you we have a warrant to seize him from your establishment, whether you let him or not.”

“Yeah? Well I got a Restrainin Order for the two of yas.”


“It’s called a Harpoon!” The Captain said. Adam gasped, and hurried into the room.

“Captain, wait!” He said. Two men in black suits turned, and saw Adam come in. One of them turned completely around, looking directly at him.

“Who are you, sir?”

“I’m Adam. Adam Bryant?”

“Alright,” The man brought out a badge, “Agent Kevin Tyler, I’m with the Agency of Oceanic Research. I’m going to have to ask that you come with us.”


“Ohhhh, no ya don’t!” Captain moved over, and stood in front of Adam, “I ain’t letting a couple of suits drag one of MY employees to God knows where! You just get back in yur van, get the bloody blazes outta here!”

“Sir, we should warn you as well,” The other man said, “We are authorized to close your establishment if you fail to cooperate. We will close this whole place down if that’s what it takes.”

“Yeah, go ahead and try it, ya grunts,” Captain snarled, “I’ll first string the two of yas up for tresspassin!”

“Captain, stop, it’s ok.” Adam said as he stepped around the old, fat seadog. “Just, I’ll hear them out, this probably won’t take long”

“Adam,” Captain put his large hand on Adam’s shoulder, “Ya don’t have ta do this. My gut’s tellin me these suits ain’t no good.”

“It’s ok, Captain…” Adam said, Eryaman Escort “I’ll be back in a couple of hours, don’t worry about me.”

“Adam… I don’t trust these guys…”

“I’ll be ok, Captain.” Adam said calmly. Captain sighed deeply, before patting Adam’s shoulder.

“Alright. But I better see yur skinny ass by tomorrow, or I’ll have yur ass on a hook.”

“Yessir.” Adam nodded. He turned and faced the men, “I’ll come with you, but can I at least get changed first?”

“Yes, but we’ll escort you to the lockerrooms.”

“Fine…” Adam turned, and left the office, with the two men in suits following closely behind. Captain shook his head as he was left on his own. Something tells him in his head that he should’ve fought harder to keep Adam here…


Adam is walking down the hall with two security guards. As soon as he arrived, they had him change his clothes right on the spot, and watched right to where he stripped to his underwear, and had him put on a stiff white garment – it kind of felt like an inmate uniform. They confiscated his shirt, jacket, pants, his shoes, even his keys, wallet, and cell phone.

They came to a door, which opened to a plain old cell, with a small bathroom and shower connected to it, a meager cot at one of the walls. “This is where you’ll be staying.”

“Wait, wait, hold on,” Adam turned around, “Will you please tell me what’s going on? I feel like I’m being arrested here.”

“You’re not in trouble with the law, but we do need you detained here until further notice.”

“But WHY? Why am I here?” Adam asked, “I’m no Marine Biologist, or Ichthyologist, or any kind of expert. I’m just a delivery guy for fish.”

“That information is classified.”

“Oh come ON!” Adam complained, “You won’t even tell me that much?”

“I’m not authorized, Mr Bryant. In.” The guard said as he gestured for the cell. Adam sighed as he obediently entered the cell. While one guard locked the door, another picked up his communicator.


“This facility in particular,” Said Nigel to the young blonde male, “researches new and undiscovered animals of the ocean. We learn their biology, their anatomy, how they function, and how they influence the ocean.”

“And what does that have to do with me?” Merrick asked.

“Heh heh heh.” Nigel raised a brow, “Do you REALLY need to ask?” Merrick sighed, as Nigel reached into his coat, and withdrew three photographs. He laid them out for Merrick to see. One was of a beachhouse with a driftwood wall, with Adam carrying a naked Merrick over off the rock. The next one was Merrick laughing, wearing a white fishnet tanktop and white jersey shorts on a dock, and the third is of a blue and silver merman, laying down upon a rock over at Aquata Cove’s waterfall, “We’ve been tracing you for a long time, Merrick.”

Merrick stares at the three pictures – a cold heat played across his face as a dark chill fluttered about his body. His arms shook as he sat still, just looking at these photos. He glared up at Nigel with defensive eyes – there’s only one thing he can perceive that could have taken these pictures, “Are you the government? Adam told me of you – you’re the all-controlling power that humans bow to without choice. You group of humans do all you want without concern of the people.”

“Hahahaha, not exactly, Merrick,” Nigel said, “Agency of Oceanic Research-” A small beeping rang out from the man’s coat, “Oh, excuse me,” He took out his phone, and put it to his ear, “Yes?”

“We have secured Adam Bryant, sir. He’s in Cell #05” Said the guard.

“… Alright, that’s good”

“We will keep a close eye on him, and see if he shows any physical anomalies.”

“… Carry on.” Nigel closed his phone, and put it in his pocket.

“What was that?” Merrick asked.

“Just maintenance check, it’s nothing,” Nigel said, “Now, where was I?”


Adam huffed as he looked around his cell. It’s sort of cramped, and there’s really nothing else in here other than the bed and the bathroom, not even a nightstand.

“Can I at least get a TV or something??” He called out. No response, “I’ll settle for a coloring book!” No answered. Adam groaned as he rolled into the cot, and just looked up at the ceiling.


Adam huffed as he bounced the racket ball against the door, catching it, and throwing it again. An old security guard was nice enough to give him this little ball to play with. Yeah, that’s a show of human decency – give him a little ball to… Bounce around a cramped room. Hey, at least he could take it to the bath and pretend it’s a round rubber duck.

He bounced it once against the door. Twice against the door. Thrice. He was about to throw it once again, when he heard the door click from the other side. The door opened to a guard.

“Alright, let’s go. We’ve got a job for you.”

“Oook?” Adam said as he got up, and followed the guard out of his room.


Adam had a dread Sincan Escort feeling as he looked upon a desk full of Fish House cans, hooks, tackle kits, oil containers, and what seemed to be frozen or fresh game fish and shrimp.

“We have arranged for you to sustain your employment with the Fish House Cannery,” The guard said, “You are to report here and manufacture the merchandise here while you are detained.”

“Wait, how long am I supposed to be doing this?” Adam asked.

“As I recall, it is a FULL-time job. So I would assess for 8 hours.”

“What??” Adam groaned as he looked at all of the hooks, materials, and various supplies. Long, tedious, boring, perpetually never-ending, “What if I run out? Can I at least leave for break?”

“You’re not authorized to go about on your own. If you wish to go somewhere, one of us have to be with you at all times.”

“Why? What’s this all about?” Adam asked, “You guys locked me in here for about 2 days now! What about my roommates? One of them is a convicted felon under the law, and I have to be there for when his monthly councilor stops by for a progress report!”

“I’m sorry, but I’m not at liberty to say anything about your home.”

“Why not?!” He said out, “As far as they know, I fell off the face of the Earth!”

“We’ve notified them that you have been detained for classified reasons. The only thing you need to worry about is putting this merchandise together.” The guard reported.

“Please, just tell me SOMETHING!” Adam persisted, “Am I in trouble with the law or something? I feel like I’ve been arrested and put in jail!”

“No, you haven’t. We just need you here. When the time is right, we’ll notify you.”

“Hmph…” Adam shook his head, “Great. Fantastic.” Adam huffed as he went to the desk.

“Someone will come and bring you lunch in a few hours.”

“Great.” Adam said as he took a sardine can, and opened one of the frozen boxes. The guard, shook his head, feeling bad that he’s now allowed to fill this guy in on what’s going on, but Nigel will have his ass if he lets in one clue.

-Ten Days Of Captivity-

“Nnnnnhhhh…” Adam groaned as he worked the next fly hook, and placed it into the container with other colorful fly hooks.


“Gah!” Adam hissed as a sharp bit of metal severed his skin on his finger, “Dammit…” He took up the Neosporin tube, and a band-aid to patch his finger up, “Guess this is karma punishing me for stealing the occasional thing for Belinda.” He mumbled tom himself.

Once he finished up the pack of Fish House fly-hooks, he leaned back in his chair, and sighed. “Nnnnhhhhh…” He moaned as he closed his eyes, “What am I doing here…” He leaned his back a little further, until the edge of the chair pushed against his spine.


“Ah yeah…” He said as he cracked his back. He stayed at the position for a couple of minutes, just pushing for that meaningless few moments of procrastination, “Well…” He leaned back forward, and continued on the next set of fly-hook materials, “At least the Captain can’t complain that no one’s on Canning Duty…”

-Three Weeks Of Captivity-

Yuri walks into the house, carrying in the email. She sighs as Roxas purrs and nudges her legs, “Hey, Roxy…” She said as she put the envelopes onto the coffee table, and picks up a pair of scissors for the package that was in the mailbox.

It’s been half a month since Merrick disappeared on that day. Jamal has been more than a little aggressive since that day. He apologizes if his attitude becomes too hostile, but Yuri can tell what it is: He blames himself for Merrick’s disappearance, and he feels guilty about not standing up for him. Heck if Jamal, like any other man, ever feels the urge to share his personal feelings with anyone, let alone a roommate. Because of that, he’s been working overtime at the club, just to keep himself busy.

And then there’s Adam’s absence. Yuri received a phone call that Adam has volunteered for various treatment tests, but something’s not right. Both Merrick AND Adam disappeared on the same day. She can’t help but suspect this has something to do with merfolk…

Yuri cut out the package, and pulled out a DVD jacket, with a bare disk in it. She took it out, and slid the DVD into the PS3. It activated, and it showed someone fumbling, and then Adam sitting in front of the screen.

=”Hey guys.” He said. Adam tilted his head back, and scratched into his hair, “So… It’s like, Day 17 since I was…” He shrugged, “I dunno, captured?” He said, “Detained, arrested, I don’t know.” =

Once per week, Yuri and Jamal receive a DVD message from Adam. Of course, Yuri always Googles the mail address, but it’s never the same location. Whoever’s doing this clearly doesn’t want to be found.

= “So uh… Nothing to report, as usual. Just making merchandise for the Fish House, which is ALWAYS long and boring… Oh God…” He moaned, “And knowing the Captain, this isn’t going Etlik Escort to bother changing the rotation of Canning Duty.” He sighed and scratched his unshaven face.

“They still won’t tell me what the hell I’m doing here, still have to beg for a newspaper, let alone a razor. At least they’re nice enough to give me a meal everyday. But one of the guards at least took me fishing once in the middle of the night, so THAT was a big event. BESIDES the part where this random seagull tackled me out of nowhere!” He chuckled, “They’re still taking small blood samples each week, doing some sort of study and all, but have no idea what’s going on. They’ve had me doing a little exercise in these weird labs, having me swim laps in an indoor pool for some reason, while attaching some suction cup things on random places of my body.” He blushed at that recalling that each time he goes into the labs for strange tests, they have him either strip naked or down to white brief underwear that they provide for him, “Really wish you were here, Yuri. You can at least tell me what they’re doing – as no one here will tell me jack-squat.

“Anyway, just letting you guys know I’m ok, and still alive. Yuri, keep up with your studies, even though you’re already an amazing medic. Jamal, make sure you have plenty of condoms, I’m sure Nick will be waiting for you when you screwed all the girls at the Waltz. And Merrick,” He smiled, “I love you, sweetie. I’m keeping you in my thoughts every single day that I’m here. I miss you so, so much… Jamal, if he’s not watching this, give him this for me, please,” Adam put two fingers to his lips, kissed them, and put them to the camera’s lens for a second.

“I miss you all. Hope everything’s ok on your end. Bye”=

Yuri sighed as she put her hands on her forehead. Roxas mewled as he hopped up on her lap, to whom, Yuri wrapped her arms around, and held her cat close. With Ryo busy with his own schedule, Jamal taking on extra work, Adam and Merrick both missing, it gets so lonely around here nowadays.

-27 Days Of Captivity-

“Rrrrgggh… HHHRRRnngg… HHHnnngg…” With his feet tucked under the cot, his hands behind his head, his bottom to the floor, Adam passes the time by working out by himself. Not that he ever went to a gym to keep in shape, but his arms and legs have been feeling restless.

‘297… 298… 299… 300…’ He huffed as he laid himself down, panting. He breathed in and out for several minutes before getting up, and rolling into the cot, exhausted. He slowly dozed off, still confined in his stuffy white inmate uniform.


Faceless colors whirl and dance to unheard sounds and rhythms in the darkness. Adam groans as he feels himself flow down a slow river of wind. He feels as if he is falling through the void, endlessly speeding through nothingness, yet it feels as though he’s going nowhere at all. Nothing makes sense, it’s all a bottomless blur.

Within the entire blur of infinite space and clouds, Adam can make out a bright streak of light. He smiles peacefully as he can recognize the light as his one and only love. His angel of the sea drifts in the endless void, glowing a brilliant golden light.

Adam reaches for his love, but from just one move of the arm, he just seemed to move away. Bright blue droplets twinkle from his love’s closed eyes, and his color immediately changed. His golden light shimmered into silver, shrouded in blueness. His legs extended into a fish-like tail as he fell through this empty sky.

Adam gasps as bits and pieces of his merman sparkled as they broke away. The merman swam slowly through the void as his form drifted and vapor away into the spiraling mist of naught. Adam opened his mouth to call for Merrick, to tell him he’s turning into diamond dust, yet nothing came out. His body can’t move, he’s falling headfirst into an endless darkness, with Merrick continuing to whither into starlight.

The merman swam around, and spoon spotted Adam. His eyes lit up like a pair LED light bulbs. A vicious aura overcame the merman before he suddenly shot to the human. Adam screamed in silence as his love’s jaws pried wide open to ravage him!


“Hhh!!” Adam awoke suddenly. His heart is pounding rapidly in his chest as he distinctly remembers the flash of terror in his sleep. He can feel himself sweat while tears brimmed around his eyes. Shaking, he rolled onto his back and looked at the ceiling. He closed his eyes, and groaned sadly, “Nnnnnhhh… Merrick…” He held back a little cry, “I miss you, baby…” Whenever he had a bad dream, he could just cuddle up close to Merrick, and find comfort in his fear.

The door of his room clicked, and opened up. He quirked up, and saw an older man step in. He kept down his impulse to stare at the obvious bandages that occupied half of the man’s face. Outside the doorway is a woman in office attire, and short blond curly hair, and another a skinny, orange-haired security guard. “Good morning, Mr Bryant.” Said the older man.

Adam turned his head, and looked at the old man standing at the doorway, with his face half bandaged. He moved his legs over on the bed, and sat up, looking rather irritable, “Hi… Who are you?” He asked.

“My name is Nigel Quinlan, and I am the head of the Agency of Oceanic Research.”

“So you’re the boss here?” The young man asked, standing up.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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