Auction of Promises Ch. 04

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“I want this…all of this…to wait until our wedding night. Which will be very soon, I promise!”

Amazingly, it did happen as William predicted. He seemed to have an endless supply of people to help, to make phone calls and to get things scheduled.

The only thing that didn’t go well was Kathryn. Penny had been unable to reach more than voice mail in months. It was important to her to share her happiness, but she always seemed to just miss everyone in that very busy household. She did leave multiple messages, trying to express her joy and contentment. She also made very adamant calls to assure Kathryn that she was the only person who could possibly be her matron of honor and she wanted Meg to be her flower girl. So, she called frequently, leaving detailed information of what she was doing, how the plans were going, and how incredibly happy she was. Unable to reach Kathryn, Penelope and Julie spent hours looking through magazines, going shopping, and talking to all of the married women in the company for ideas and suggestions.

Penny had read about ‘Bridezillas’ and didn’t want to become one. With William at her side, it seemed unlikely she would. Everything went so smoothly. Sometimes, she felt she only mentioned something and it happened. The small church on the lake was immediately booked for the ceremony. The flowers she didn’t know the name of, but loved, were actually in season just in time. The best caterers were secured for the reception. After scouring every bridal magazine and store in the area, the very dress that she fell in love with was available in her size and didn’t even require alterations. One by one, the items on the list were checked off, moving her wedding day, and wedding night, closer.

William was invaluable. He seemed to have a never-ending supply of great ideas and delighted in all the wedding planning. They saw each other daily, always returning to their own beds every night. It seemed right, somehow, to wait to share lovemaking until after they were married, to spend their first night together after pledging their vows.

That doesn’t mean they weren’t tempted. Soon after his first proposal, William came to Penny’s office and fell to one knee, proclaiming his love for her in front of all her very curious co-workers. He held out his hand and a small velvet box. Inside was the most perfect ring Penny had ever seen. The band was a delicate gold filigree, the stone sparkling. It fit exactly. She blushingly accepted his proposal again and he placed the ring on her left ring finger, bending to kiss her hand softly. All the women oooohed and aaahed. All the men rolled their eyes. But Penny and William were oblivious. After being congratulated by everyone, they slipped into her office, closing and locking the door, creating a private world for just the two of them.

William pulled her close, wrapping his arms around her, inhaling her scent, and bending to kiss her. The problem seemed to be that one kiss was never enough. Soon, they were entwined on her roomy leather couch, kissing and touching, trying to get even closer. Her clothes had a way of falling open, or off, when she was alone Gaziantep Yabancı Escort with William. Today was no different. Within minutes, her shirt had come open and her bra was undone and William’s face was buried against her, making her moan and arch her back. He ran his tongue up the shallow space between her breasts, sliding playfully up and down the slopes of her full orbs. She could feel his warm breath on her flesh, and her nipples reacted to his nearness, hardening and aching for him. His fingers closed over one distended nipple, while his mouth fed on the other. By now, they were lying on the couch, William over Penny, their bodies mashed together from the waist down. He took her hands and held them over her head, and began teasing her breasts; one, then the other. He sucked and nipped, licked and kissed, moving his head back and forth as if torn between them. Penelope watched him with passion-drugged eyes, tiny moans escaping her open mouth. This was something they did frequently, but it never ceased to excite her almost beyond control. She could feel his erection against her and pushed up to it, rubbing her fevered body along the length of it. Her rational mind knew they were waiting for their wedding night, but her body wanted more now.

“Just let me touch your face, love. Please? Release my hands so I can touch you. I need to hold your face, touch your beautiful face,” she pleaded. William released her hands and, true to her word, she caressed his cheeks and hair. Then, she slyly slid one hand between them, trying to capture the hardness of his cock in her palm. She almost made it, but William knew it would be his undoing. If he felt her sweet, innocent hand on his erection, there would be no stopping. He pulled up and away so quickly it startled Penny, leaving her alone on the couch.

He moved to the window, looking out at the lake, allowing her some time to compose herself. Soon, she walked up behind him and embraced him, holding him close, her lips on his back. She softly whispered to him, words of love and passion. They stood that way for a few minutes, then William turned, and pulled her close, resting his chin on her head, inhaling her singular fragrance. They separated and began to discuss their supper plans, both trying to ignore the episode on the couch.

William left soon after that and Penny sat at her desk, admiring her ring and still feeling William’s questing mouth on her breasts. She knew they had decided to wait, that they both really wanted to wait, but she also wanted to know the next step, feel the next step. Her thoughts were completely focused on William, the things they did, and the things they didn’t do.

After work, she went home and pulled off her office clothes, running a warm bubble bath and settling in to soak. Vanilla scented the air and the room was warm and muggy. She leaned back in the tub, her mind and fingers drifting. She thought of William, his mouth and hands touching her, and she had to feel him again. Her palms slid over her slick breasts and her nipples hardened. She brushed her thumbs lightly over the engorged nipples and felt the ache begin deep inside. This was the same ache that William created every time he touched her! She continued touching, exploring, testing her body. It was amazing that the feelings were rushing back, the incredible sensation of going to a precipice and not being sure what would happen next.

Her eyes were closed and she became unaware of everything except the blood pounding in her head, the heat coursing through her tense body. She continued to move her palms, sliding them down her fevered flesh, moving to the epicenter of the heat. She slowly moved her fingertips into her damp curlies, combing them and sending shivers of delight throughout her body. Slowly, her fingers slid up and down the swollen slit she discovered there. She moved so slowly, so carefully, wanted to stay on this edge, this dangerous edge, as long as possible. Taking a deep breath, she slid her finger deeper, deep into the pinkness she imagined there. With her eyes still closed, she began to explore. A tiny bump, an area of silken tissue, an opening that led into her deepest place. She began again, allowing her finger to slide into the opening, feeling fullness there for the very first time. She knew enough to know that this was where William would be, filling her, making her a woman for the very first time. It was pleasant enough, but not earth-shattering. She wondered what all the excitement was about. Then, she moved her finger to the little bump. Again, she knew the terms and the hype, but it was, after all, just a little bump! Her hesitant fingertip circled it, moved over it, then circled it again. Hmmm, that wasn’t too bad. She did it again, a little faster. With her eyes closed, her entire being centered on the tiny bump, she began to understand. Her hips were moving slowly in the water, the bubbles seeming to sway. She added a second finger, moving more knowledgeably over the little piece of flesh that held so many sensations. Around and around, her fingers began to twirl. Then, when she thought she couldn’t stand it any more, she flicked it, like a light switch. That made her jump! She couldn’t stop now, she had to see what the outcome would be, what would happen if she continued playing with that tiny bit of flesh. Her entire body was tense, tight, ready for what would come next. Her fingers kept up their play, moving faster now, the water whirling over her. She wasn’t sure what would happen, but she knew she couldn’t miss it.

She held her breath, concentrating on the movement of her fingers and the incredible sensations that were flooding her previously innocent body. She felt herself tighten even more, she felt her legs lock in place, knew her heart was pounding, and still her fingers flew over that button, her clit. Then, unexpectedly, it happened. She was overtaken by waves of pulsing joy, her entire body caught up in the pleasure that overcame her. Her other hand moved to her chest and she found her nipples even harder, tighter and aching. As her breathing returned to normal, she continued to move her hand over her clit, continued the stimulation that was giving her such pleasure. Her body moved rhythmically in the water, and she heard herself moaning aloud from the sensations. She slowed her fingers, now lightly stroking that tiny mound, not ready to completely stop stroking.

She took a deep breath, her hand still resting lightly between her legs. Amazing! This is what she had ahead of her, only with William taking the lead, William’s hand there, touching her so intimately. She blushed at the thought, suddenly wishing they hadn’t agreed to wait. The wedding was still several weeks away and now she was unwilling to be deprived of the pleasures that William promised her.

As she began organizing her thoughts, trying to make a plan to include William in this joy, she finished bathing and climbed from the tub. She wrapped herself in a thick towel and looked into the mirror. Her cheeks were still flushed, her eyes bright. Yes, she wanted more of this, and wanted to share it with William. She just had to figure out how.

She decided that her best chance was to go slowly. William loved her breasts, loved suckling on them, and making her moan with pleasure. He had great control, and seemed content with just that. She had been too, when she didn’t know what else could happen. Now she knew, and she wanted more. That night, she dressed slowly, her mind on the desire she had for William and the things she wanted to learn.

For weeks, she and Julie had been shopping for her honeymoon finery. Penny had a drawer full of beautiful, gossamer clothing that she had selected with William in mind. Tonight, she decided she wouldn’t wait to share a few of the items. She touched the dainty lingerie gently, her heart pounding at her thoughts. She began dressing, imagining William watching her. First, she dressed in delicate, creamy underthings. A demi-bra, all lace and promises and satin panties that emphasized her lush curves. She hesitated in front of the closet, trying to decide what could be removed faster, a dress or slacks. Penny wanted the natural passion that she and William shared to carry them further, to not stop as it usually did.

Tonight was take-out and a movie, William’s choice. He would arrive soon, his arms full of goodies, smiling to see her, making her heart pound with absolute joy. She didn’t really have to dress up, she could wear something easy to remove, something that might even entice the stalwart William. She finally chose lounging pajamas, made of creamy silk, soft and cool against her fevered flesh, with buttons for William to open; draw-string pants for him to untie.

Penny blushed at her thoughts, but was resolute. She wanted William and wasn’t content to wait any longer. She wanted to feel him touching her, making her quiver with delight.

She moved around her apartment, lighting candles and dimming lights. She set out plates and silverware for dinner, she fluffed the pillows on the couch. Then she curled into the corner of the sofa and imagined the night ahead. She felt her body responding to her erotic thoughts and couldn’t wait for William to arrive and the evening to begin.

Promptly at 7, the doorbell rang and she looked out on William’s beaming face. Her heart raced, her body heated and she stiffened her resolve. Tonight she and William would continue the seduction, she would feel his hands touching her, losing herself in him.


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