Husband in Panties

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Blindfolded, my birthday boy was naked except for a pair of hot pink, lacy girlie panties bunched about his knees. His bottom was obviously red from spanking. With his hands bound and tied above his head, his long body swayed there in front of me. A small silver chain connecting a pair of nipple clips swung between his small male tits. Jutting out from his vertical torso, his swollen cock twitched in the glow of the morning light. I was enjoying that he was unaware of his impending fate at least as much as I was enjoying the sight of him standing there naked while I stood there fully dressed in my jeans and a tank top.

The story that follows explains how my sweet hubby became the unlikely protagonist in a true story detailing his unexpected predicament.

Let me back up. For some time I’d had a sneaky suspicion that my husband liked panties just a bit more than he might let on. For practically every holiday and when he was away on trips, he would purchase extraordinary and unusual, not to forget sexy, panties for me. Ironically I tend toward the cotton-comfortable, more practical “underwear.” I loved looking at the others but considered them way too over the top for everyday wear. I remember, from our early marriage days, the vinyl thongs with the buckles on the side, and the tiny ones with the multiple thigh strings and the small mesh animal print triangle in the front. And then there were the lacy green with pink polka-dot numbers sporting pink ribbons around the waist.

So here in my lap was a the opportunity to test out my theory that my husband coveted my lingerie…plus a chance for me to finally fully enjoy them…but because HE would be wearing them instead of me, for once!

So anyway, one morning not so long ago, after I had spent a fruitless 15 minutes searching the Lit erotica story site for a fun new story to read with my morning coffee, my search results for “husband in panties” indicated there were no items found.

Well there soon there will be, I thought to myself. I’ll make sure there’s a fun new story for like-minded mistresses–and their pantyboys–to read. I couldn’t help smiling as my mind wandered into an image of how cute my guy’s tight little buns would look in a pair of lacy girlie panties. His birthday was only a week away, and I delighted in imagining how I would get him into some skimpy panties on that special day. Although there was no doubt in my mind that he would find himself enveloped in elastic and lace, I hadn’t decided just exactly how I was to accomplish it.

I was lucky that this was only Monday and with his birthday being the very next Saturday, I had time to plan a birthday outing to a nearby small city for the day. He always enjoyed traveling there so he could visit his favorite woodworkers store. But best of all there was a large mall with a Victoria’s Secret store. After a busy week, the day finally arrived and we left for our outing. Little did he know that when we returned home that evening he would be in different—very different—undies than those he’d left home in. An entire gender’s worth of difference.

At our first stop in the city, I suffered through the piles of lumber at the wood store as he searched for just the right boards in the stacks of white and red oak. (What the heck’s the difference anyway?) He also [groan] had some mahogany he had in mind for his projects. As I sat in the storefront waiting for him to finish out there in the warehouse, my mind was already wandering to my plan….the Victoria’s Secret store plan, that is. I bided my time as he safely secured to the roof rack the boards that he had so carefully selected. Getting into the car, he apologized for taking so long searching for just the right ones. I really hadn’t minded much, but it now gave me the opportunity to spring my trap.

“So, are you feeling a little guilty for poking around?” I asked.

“So sorry,” he replied.

“And just how sorry are you, then?” I persisted in a whimsical tone. Kidding me, he added, “Now I’ll do what ever you want,” which was just the lead I was looking for. “Reeeely,” I luxuriated, stringing out that little word. In response, he squirmed a bit as we backed out of the lot and headed onto the highway. I think he was getting my drift, but he didn’t say anything more about the extent of his contriteness. Instead he said, “The mall is just ahead. Let’s stop in there. There’s a food court and a Starbucks.” I knew he was in for it, now, and smiled, happy in my little secret.

We found a seat in the food court and enjoyed our late breakfast snack and a cup of Short links coffee, chatting about nothing in particular. Clearly, to his wife, he was still thinking of his woodworking projects. I determined that his train of thought was unacceptable.

“Let’s window shop and wander the mall for a little while,” I said as we finished our coffee.

“Which way,” he asked as we got to the center of the mall.

“I want to go down this way,” I said, waving vaguely to my left. “But I want you to head down to the JCPenney’s store.” He looked puzzled. I replied before he had a chance to respond, “Remember, my love, not 30 minutes ago you said …hmmm…what was it you said? I’ll do what ever you want now. That’s what you said.”

“Well, now,” I said, pausing dramatically while I had his complete attention, “I want you to go down to the Penney’s store and buy five pairs of panties, one for each day of the week.” I studied his expression. I knew he was wondering why I didn’t want to go and buy my own panties, but I continued. “They must be very girlie and of course sexy, in peaches, pinks, salmons, or animal prints.” Then I hit him with it, saving the best for last. “Lacy is good, low cut, and of course sheer–all the better to see your package through them.”

That got him! His expression was priceless. He protested, as I imagined he would, but to no avail as I sternly reminded him of his promise. Interestingly, however, I also noticed a bulge rising in his jeans. His secret was out–he was getting into this, too! As he turned toward the store, I added, “Have fun, dearest. I’ll meet you back here in about half an hour, but don’t rush.”

I waited until he was well down the mall before I turned and headed off in the other direction to the Victoria’s Secret store.

There were of course lots of great panties to choose from in that most famous of lingerie stores. The young salesgirl thought I was getting them for myself, as one would expect, directing me toward the matching panty and garter sets, which was something I hadn’t thought about until then. Hmmm…a very interesting idea…and maybe some stockings too. I told the hovering girl (it was a slow time for Victoria) that I was getting them for my husband, but she didn’t catch on, I could tell. This is the Bible Belt, after all. “I bet he’ll like these,” she said teasingly, still thinking I was buying for myself as she held up a lovely garter for my approval. I laughed, savoring my private double entendre. Since the store was quiet, I had lots of help finding just the right items. I found what I was looking for: a pair of completely over-the-top, lacy, pale pink bikinis–so cute! What sold me was the mesh back that would give me an excellent view of his behind. The matching garter belt and stockings would complete the look. I paid for my purchases and headed back to meet my guy. This was gonna be fun.

As he approached, I could see he had a bag in hand. “So you were successful, handsome?” I asked coyly. He was blushing as he spoke. “Well…er, yes. The damn-nosy saleslady kept asking me what size my wife was. I think she knew, or at least suspected. I know I had the red ear thing going.”

“Silly boy…who cares, anyway?” I told him.

“Well it was a bit awkward.”

I handed him my bag to carry and took his. He didn’t quite get the exchange at first. “I can carry both bags,” he offered.

“That’s ok, I’ll hold this one while you go to the restroom.”

“Restroom?” He replied quizzically, since he didn’t need to use the restroom.

“Yes, I want you to go to the restroom and put on what you find in that bag. Then I want you to bring it back with your guy underwear in it.”

He started to open the bag and peek in. “No, no, you have to wait until you get in there because it’s a birthday surprise.” I pointed down the mall in the direction of the restrooms I had seen. “Now get!” He hadn’t a clue, well not exactly, but there wasn’t a big protest. I sat down on a bench to wait. He was gone for a little while; he had a few thing to do, tee hee, and his tasks would probably be easy to accomplish in a bathroom stall.

When, finally, I saw him coming, I went to meet him. “Did you do as you were told?” I gave him a big hug when he blushed and nodded meekly.

“Happy birthday!” I told him as I took the Vicki’s bag from him. It wasn’t empty–I could tell from the weight. As we passed a trashcan I dropped it in. I thought I detected a faint groan as I did. So much for his boy underwear! This was his birthday, and my husband was in panties. Short link

We had a great day. I couldn’t help but intuit that a more submissive feminine side had replaced his usual male dominance now that he was in panties. We did our usual favorite mall things: we checked out our favorite bookstore and went stopping at the thrift stores, where I found a few other fun items to add to his new wardrobe. Then we finished with dinner at one of our favorite Thai restaurants. I was so tired, on the way home I fell asleep imagining how to finish his special birthday weekend. I was definitely planning on seeing him in only his birthday suit and the new panties he had selected.

In the morning I was awakened with the smell of fresh coffee. Opening my eyes I was treated to the blurred sight (I am extremely nearsighted) of my husband in his lovely new Victoria Secret panties and a camisole I had picked it up from the thrift store the day before. As I sat up sluggishly (I’m a slow riser), he proffered the cup. “Your coffee, dear, ” he said with a huge grin.

Aren’t you a sight to wake up to, I remember thinking about my transformed husband as I sat up and carefully took the steaming coffee from him. “Still enjoying your panties I see.” I said this partly in response to the panties, but also from the easily observable bulge in the front of them. “After breakfast we’ll have do something about that, ” I warned.

It was a lovely fall morning as we left the house for a walk in the woods. Under his shorts my hubby was still wearing the cute Victoria Secrets panties. He knew that I had something else planned for his birthday weekend, but he would never have guessed just exactly what it would be. He was in for a surprise.

I carried a small bag with everything I would be needing hidden in the blanket I was carrying, so when we arrived at a clearing in the woods, I spread out the blanket, pulled out a blindfold and slipped it over my husband’s eyes. I quickly had his shirt off and pinched and pulled his nipples. He loves this, and he moaned in delight. That was all I needed. He was mine. A few twists with a scarf and his hands were bound. As he sat there on the blanket I passed a length of rope up over a nearby branch. He was soon standing, his hands over his head tied to the tree branch.

So smoothly had my plan worked that almost before he realized his dilemma he was quite stuck. I stepped back admiring my handiwork. It was still and quiet except for a few birds chirping. All in all a lovely morning–it was going to be great day to be out in the woods. Unable to resist me, he stood there in the clearing stretched into the air, not able to see what I doing. He was very quiet. This was very unlike him.

Eventually he spoke: “I hope you’re pleased. Now untie me.” His tone was not too concerned…but unacceptably bossy.

“In due time my dear,” I remember saying.

I took out the nipple clamps as I chatted about what a beautiful day it was and the fun we were going to have. Poor guy, he had no idea it was coming. I got close, kissed him on the cheek, and playing my fingers across his chest and nipples, I quickly clipped one of the clamps onto his right nipple. He lurched and moaned loudly….”woooo.” I quickly followed with a second clamp on the other tit. The rope over his head was twisting and it appeared he might lose his footing. I steadied him as he whimpered, reminding him to do so quietly as someone might hear him.

I sensed he was now steadier and his nips were becoming accustomed to the clamps, so I reached down and unbuttoned his shorts, allowing them to fall to the ground. He looked cute in just his panties. His cock was pushing at the lacy fabric and trying to burst free, but the bulge in his new panties was betraying him.

I had to chuckle, “Looks like he wants out of those panties,” I said.

“Real funny…please let me out,” he said, stopping as he realized how he had mistakenly misspoken, meaning to say “untie me” or the like. But I grabbed the elastic waistband and pulled the panties down to his knees in one motion. “You mean like this, don’t you, Hun?”

Another moan, and a long “oooOH,” from hubby as his very rigid member sprang free in the morning light. I couldn’t help myself: I extended my index finger and flicked it several times watching it bounce up and down beyond his control. His cock was mine to use. He also had no idea how vulnerable he looked just now…I could tease it as I wished, and he was powerless to stop me.

I won’t bore you with his frantic prostrations and arguments for my freeing him from the ropes, which he now began in earnest. I put an end to that with the small whip I had thoughtfully added to my toy bag. His ass was becoming a lovely red color before he finally got the idea that he had better quiet down and play my way.

“Your responses are to be only–yes Mistress–from now on,” I said….”or else,” and I swatted him again a few more times for good measure.

Now with a well-lubed dildo in one hand, I took his engorged cock in the other. I was about to violate his ass with the large dildo. But first I whispered in his ear, “I’m going to fuck you now?” His cock twitched and became even firmer, if that was possible. He knew what I meant, and there was a pause as he tried to gather his thoughts. His breathing was now more rapid…..”Yes, Mistress.” He had gotten the point of my whipping.

I lubed a finger and teased his rose bud mercilessly. I sensed it was exciting him–he now didn’t know what to do… He was panting as I licked the tip of his cock with my tongue. It was twitching and leaking precum. I moved my oiled finger in and out of his ass until he couldn’t stop moaning, and then I pressed the large dildo against his opening. I took my finger out and pressed the large dildo against his asshole. It began to slowly enter him as I continued my tease: “Tell me you want it, tell me to fuck your boy pussy. Say it!”

I didn’t have to wait long. His reply was urgent.

“Oh, fuck me…please fuck my pussy,” he now breathlessly whispered. In reply I plunged the dildo up into his ass. He trembled, moaning as his body adjusted to its violation.

I kissed him, then. He was wantonly passionate in return. The dildo had set him on fire. “I’m going to free you shortly my dearest, but now we’re going to play a—well, we’re going to play a new game. I’m going to wander around the nearby woods and hang the panties you just bought on tree branches. When I come back, you will go and find your new panties.”

“But I’m naked!” he exclaimed in protest.

“I’d be quiet now until I return in case someone discovers you here.”

“But mistress….” I heard him saying as I left with him hanging there. I hoped for his sake that no one really would come along while I was gone, but I doubted we’d have anyone taking a walk on our private land although it’d been known to happen with a few of our neighbors.

It didn’t take long, maybe half an hour or so, to hang the five pair of panties around the woods on limbs by the trail. I enjoyed the quiet of the woods, the various birds chirping as I walked. If he looked carefully when it was his time to search, he should see their colorful contrast to the lush green of the foliage. When I returned he was quiet, listening for me I imagined… or for others, perhaps.

“Hi love I’m back,” I called to him as I approached the clearing, so as not to frighten him unduly.

“Please let me loose now, Mistress,” he pleaded sweetly. I think he was really ready to be untied.

“Ok, I’ll just quickly explain how the rest of the game is going to be played and then you will be free.” I proceeded to explain the game I had made up. ” When I release you, you will run and find a pair of panties, put them on and return to the clearing here where I will wait for you on the bench. You will then model that panty and show it off to me in your sexiest way, and then you’ll strip out of them. I want to see a fun show,” I explained. “I might even take a few photos to remember the fun. Then you will leave and go to find another pair and repeat the process until all the pairs are found.”

“But I’m butt naked!”

“I hadn’t planned on you being naked dear, just in your birthday suit. Just for the occasion I brought along that lovely garter belt and thigh highs I got for you yesterday and you looked so cute in those.” I chuckled at my play on words.


“Yes, dear?”

“I’ll still be mostly naked, maybe even worse!”

“So then you had better find those panties quickly, honey… or maybe you’d prefer to be left here like this until someone comes along?”

“errr…….Oh No, no!”


“Yes Mistress.”

“Now that’s much better my little panty boy. “It’s agreed, then, no more argument?”

“Yes Mistress.”

He knew he really had no choice.

With his agreement I untied him and slipped off the blindfold. It was fun watching him scurry to get the garter and stockings on. I think he knew that time was passing and he had best get to searching and finding those panties.

As I watched his plugged bare bottom head down the trail out of sight, I wandered over to the park bench, took out one of my new books to read, Little Birds, and relaxed, waiting for his return.

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