Bachelor Party Adventure Pt. 03

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After our afternoon fun, Jake, Steve and I had all headed our separate ways to actually shower and change for our last night out.

As we reconvened for our evening out, I made my way back down to the lobby to meet up with everyone. Exiting the elevator I saw Steve off to the side, smiling as he talked with Joe. The two of them made eye contact with me as I walked towards them, and I could tell Steve was recapping the afternoon’s events by the way Joe greeted me.

“Hey guys,” I said as I approached, “am I interrupting an important conversation?”

Joe, grinning from ear to ear, nodded, adding, “damn dude, I underestimated just how much you would be into this.”

Sensing the others were making their way over to us, and not wanting to have to explain myself any further, I shrugged and gave Joe a nod of acknowledgement.

“Alright guys, are we ready for one last night of fun?!” Joe was enthusiastic as he said it, though now I got the impression his question was directed more at me and Steve than everyone else.

“You know it, buddy! Let’s get to it!”

That night we grabbed dinner at a small barbecue joint, before making our way to one of the beach side bars, intending to let loose and give Joe one last taste of single life. We ended up at a place right on the beach, complete with a couple of pools, some ping-pong tables, and plenty of women. As everyone else grabbed a picnic table by one of the pools Jake and I headed to the bar to stock up on drinks.

“I can’t stop thinking about this afternoon Mike. I mean that was so unexpected but it was fun, you know?”

“Fuck yeah it was” I responded, trying not to let anyone overhear us.

As we waited for the bartender I continued, “Can I tell you something?” Jake, clearly eager to talk more about it, nodded in approval. “Until yesterday I’d never even seen another guy’s dick hard in person. And then Steve and Joe came out of nowhere asking me if I wanted to mess around and next you know I’m sucking their dicks.”

“I’m not gonna lie man,” he responded, “when the two of you got naked this afternoon it freaked me out a bit. I wasn’t sure what was going on, but with a decent buzz and with everything going on with the break up I was a bit curious.”

“I’m just glad we didn’t completely freak you out” I said, pausing to order some pitchers of beer. “I was a bit nervous what you might think, but after last night I’ve been thinking about it almost nonstop and I knew I had to do it again when we were in Steve’s room. But I’m still trying to make sense of it all.”

“Dude, you don’t know how relieved I am to hear that. I was so caught up in the moment I kinda just went along with it, and I can’t believe I just did that.”

“Believe me Jake, I’m right there with you. But in the spirit of discretion maybe we should hold off on the conversation until another time. We wouldn’t want this getting around to the other guys.”

“Totally. Here, let me grab two of the pitchers.”

Taking the beer from the bar, we grabbed some cups and headed to the table.

“Took you two long enough. Let’s get some beer flowing!” Steve poured us all some beers and made a toast to Joe. “Here’s to Joe, one hell of a guy. Enjoy your freedom while it lasts buddy!”

“Cheers!” we said, bringing our glasses together before chugging most of them in a few short gulps.

As we sat and drank, Jay and a couple of other guys started chatting with a few girls hanging out at a table adjacent to ours. They were all pretty good looking, though older than the college girls we’d been talking with at the beach. Catching the tail end of their conversation, I learned that they were there with their friend for her bachelorette party.

“Hey guys,” Jay said, looking in our direction. “Care to play some volleyball in the pool with the girls?”

“Sure thing!” we responded. We split up, bachelor party versus bachelorette party, and hopped in the pool. As we did I noticed two guys get in the pool with the girls.

“Do you guys mind if our friends play with us?” a cute brunette asked, gesturing at the two guys.

“Not at all. The more the merrier!” Steve said, getting ready to serve the ball.

Having shed everything but their bikinis to play, the girls presented a very welcome view. And as we played we couldn’t help but be distracted as their barely covered bodies bounced around, their tits struggling to stay contained by their thin fabric coverings.

As distracted as we all were by the girls, I found myself stealing glances at their two guy friends who were in great shape themselves. They were both a bit younger than us, the taller of the two a well built black guy with amazing abs, while the shorter of the two was leaner, but still very nicely toned. And while the girls were arrayed in bikinis that offered up amazing views of their tits and asses, my eyes continued to wander to the guy’s shorts which were much shorter and and far more snug than any of the ones we were wearing. Chris, Büyükesat Escort as I learned was the black guy’s name, was especially distracting as there was no hiding the way his shorts prominently displayed his massive bulge.

Finishing up the game we decided we all needed a drink break and headed back to our tables, both parties now intermingling.

Sitting with Jake we struck up a conversation with a couple of the girls and the two guys.

“So where are you all from” I asked.

The girl, a petite blonde, with a bubbly personality, said they were from Georgia. “We actually come down here once a year together, so this kind of a ritual for us now.”

“That’s great,” I said, turning my attention to Chris. “What about you guys? How long have you been coming with them?”

Before they could get out a word, the cute blond, Megan, and another one of the girls broke out in laughter, “oh no! They’re locals. We met up with them yesterday and now we can’t get rid of these queens!”

At that the two guys laughed, and it dawned on me that they were together. “Oh that’s cool. So you all just met?”

This time Chris spoke up. “Yup. Daniel and I couldn’t help ourselves when we met the girls the other night and learned it was a bachelorette party. We love a good girls party!” Looking at me he gave a sly shrug and said, “no offense guys!”

Jake and I laughed, before I casually added “awww that’s no fair. You guys don’t even know us. I bet we’re a lot more fun than you give us credit for.”

I raised my glass and cheered our little group, eyeing Chris in the process. Catching my gaze, he returned it with a smile as he began looking me up and down.

As we talked I could tell both guys were now checking Jake and I out, making me feel hornier than I could have anticipated. I began to steal a few glances at the bulges in their shorts when I could tell they were caught up in conversation, though I made no attempt to hide my growing cocklust as I did so. The previous two days had made me far more open than I could have ever imagined, and the thought of these two hot gay guys checking us out was getting me very turned on.

“You guys want to take the conversation into the pool?” Megan asked. We all agreed, and after Jake and I refreshed our drinks we got in a small circular pool where most of our group had already settled in. I sat down next to Megan who flashed me a little smile as I did so.

“So are all of you guys married, except your bachelor friend?” she asked, emphasizing the all, as she turned to face me.

“Most of us are” I answered, showing her my ring. She gave me a smile, though her demeanor was far from disappointed as she seemed un-phased by my answer.

“What about you girls? Are you all in relationships?” I asked.

“Most of us have boyfriends, but only Stacey is soon to be married,” she said, motioning towards their friend, the bachelorette. “It’s too bad you’ll are married,” she continued with a hint of something sinister in her tone, “you seem like a fun group of guys.”

As she said this I felt her hand touch my leg, slowly sliding it under my bathing suit and taking my now growing cock in her hand.

Biting her lower lip she continued to play with me, whispering “mmm, looks like I was right. You guys are ready for some fun. You think your wife will mind?”

I wasn’t sure if anyone else could see what she was doing, and while it felt amazing to have this gorgeous blonde stroke my dick in the pool, I also didn’t want to get caught. As I was contemplating what do, Chris got up and made his way towards us.

“Hey, mind if I join you two?” he said, looking at me, a huge grin across his face.

“Not at all” I said, trying not to draw attention to myself or Megan, who was still stroking my dick as he squeezed himself between me and Jake.

“So what were you two talking about?” he said leaning towards me.

“Well” Megan spoke up, “I was just telling Mike how much fun I think the guys are, and what a shame it is they’re all married. What do you think Chris?”

“Honey, I could give two shits if these boys are married!” he said chuckling, as he looked at me. “In fact, I’ve noticed you being married hasn’t stopped you from letting this cute little thing stroke that cock of yours.”

The realization that he could see what she was doing made me panic briefly, but not before Steve drew the attention away from us on the far side of the pool.

“Who wants to do some shots!? he said, and without question everyone yelled and cheered, slowing making their way back to the table and bar.

Slipping her hand from my shorts Megan bounded out of the pool, looking back at me with a smile.

Distracted as I was I almost didn’t notice as Chris placed his hand in my lap, rubbing my now throbbing cock through my bathing suit.

“Ohhhh” he said, gripping my dick harder, “she wasn’t joking. Maybe you guys are more fun than I gave Elvankent Escort you credit for.”

As he stood to get out of the pool I found myself staring straight at his enormous bulge, now no more than 6 inches from my face. He was clearly turned on, the outline of his very large cock framed beautifully by his tight shorts.

Offering a hand to help me up I grabbed hold of his arm with one hand while I desperately sought to contain my swollen cock with the other.

As Steve and some of the other guys grabbed a bottle from the bar I sat down with everyone else back at our table. Megan, having clearly set her sights on me, came gleefully over to sit next to me.

“I hope I didn’t scare you with that little incident,” she said, flashing her big green eyes at me. “I just thought considering we’re all here to have some fun, the two of us might as well have some fun.”

The way she ended her statement gave me no doubt of her intentions.

“Just think about it, ok?” Sliding even closer to me, she leaned over, her mouth right next to my ear whispering “you won’t regret it.”

With a wink and a smile she turned her attention to one of the other girls, striking up a conversation.

I could barely control myself at this point. Between the advances by both Megan and Chris, and the afternoon with Jake and Steve I was doing everything in my power not to explode right there at the table. Fortunately Steve came by passing out shots which were soon refilled with seconds, and thirds.

Talking with Jake and Joe, and spending the next hour alternating between shots and beer, I fell into a comfortable lapse only to be startled to as everyone started getting up from the tables.

“Alright guys,” Steve said. “We’re headed back to the hotel to continue the party. Ladies,” he said, addressing the now very tipsy girls, “you’re more than welcome to join us.”

Needing no encouragement, the girls immediately proceeded to follow us as we headed back down the beach towards the hotel. Back at Joe’s suite we handed out beers, and picked up where we’d left off at the bar.

Only now, in the privacy of the room and with the alcohol flowing it became apparent why we’d left the bar. Not more than a minute after we got to the room I spotted Jake in the corner of the room making out with a cute brunette. As she straddled him, we watched as he untied her top first, followed shortly afterwards with her bikini bottoms.

“Get a room,” Joe hollered as we all proceeded to cheer our friend on, only to be surprised by the girls who encouraged their friend to even the playing field and pull off his shorts. Enlivened by her friends, and now standing naked before us, April proceeded to untie his bathing suit. As she loosened his waistband, we all broke out in a chant of “Suck his cock! Suck his cock!”

Fixed on the scene, we watched as she dropped to her knees, springing his dick free in the process, and immediately swallowing it to our collective delight. As I watched her work his cock in and out of her mouth I began to feel myself swell up in my shorts just as Megan came over and sat down on my lap.

“Well, hello!” She said, adjusting herself to settle on my now raging hard on. “I love watching a nice big dick get sucked. I bet you wish that were you, don’t you?” She asked, her arms now draped over my neck.

“Fuck yeah it’s hot,” I softly moaned, enjoying the way she rubbed her ass on my dick. “Looks like shes giving Jake an amazing blowjob.”

“I don’t know” she said, giving me a smile as she ground her ass even harder into my crotch. “April knows her way around a cock, but I think we can do better than that. Here,” she said, now standing and pulling me up with her, “you ready to have some fun?”

Before I could stop her she was on her knees pulling off my shorts, exposing me to the room. She began stroking me with one hand while her other hand massaged my balls. I looked up to find all eyes on us as Megan took my cock in her mouth and started slurping up and down the length of my hard shaft. I was in heaven as she deepthroated my cock, sucking harder and faster, clearly eager to impress our crowd and make me blow my load.

Having been teased all evening by her, I decided I wasn’t going to let her get off that easy and after a few minutes I stopped her, adding “why don’t we head back to my room?” With a gleeful smile she nodded, and we made our exit to the delight of our friends.

Only a few doors separated our rooms, and we had almost made it before a voice called out behind us. “Hey you two! You didn’t think you were gonna have fun without me, did you?” Turning, Chris was quickly making his way towards us.

Megan, with an innocent look in her eyes and biting her lower lip, looked up at me and asked, “what do you think, would you mind if Chris joined us?”

My adventures with the guys over the last couple days had solidified my desire for more dick, and since we Beşevler Escort got out of the pool I had developed a growing desire to play with Chris’s massive piece. Pausing momentarily to give Megan the impression I might say no, I smiled, and rather innocently added, “if it means some more fun with you, I don’t see why he can’t join us.”

The three of us entered my room, and Megan wasted no time picking up where she’d left off, barely getting my shorts off before stuffing my cock back in her mouth. As I leaned back to enjoy the way she massaged my dick with her tongue I watched as Chris began stripping off his clothes. In no time at all he had slipped out of his bathing suit and was stroking his dick as he watched us.

Chris’ cock must have been nearly a foot long, with veins bulging along the length of it, all leading to a perfectly shaped mushroom head. As he worked his dick to it’s full hardness his head began glistening with the first traces of precum.

I must have stared at him stroking himself for a few minutes, not noticing that Megan had stopped blowing me and was smiling up at me.

“Mmmm. You like that big black cock of his don’t you?” She asked, as she continued to stroke me, bringing her free hand up to play with my balls. “I bet you’d love to feel him inside your mouth wouldn’t you, you dirty boy?”

All I could do was moan in delight and nod as her teasing was making me more and more turned on.

Clearly enjoying herself, Megan began stroking my cock harder and faster, as she alternated between sucking my dick and balls which began to tense in anticipation of my climax.

“Cum for me baby,” she said, pulling herself from my cock as she looked up at me. “I want you to think about sucking that nice big cock as you blow your load all over me.” Megan’s encouragement was the icing on the cake and I proceeded to unload a torrent of jizz all over her lips, chin, and tits, before she wrapped her lips around my cock and swallowed the last of my cum.

“Yes!” she screamed, collapsing beside me on the bed, her face covered with my cum. “I knew we would have some fun before the night was over. Now it’s your turn,” she said, with the same naughty smile she’d given me earlier in the evening.

Standing up she reached out and pulled me up with her, leading me over to Chris who was still working his hard dick. “On your knees!” she ordered with a giggle, pushing me down to the floor in front of him. “I saw the way you were drooling over his cock all evening. I wasn’t sure if it was true but now, well, now I can tell just how badly you want that cock. So grab it,” she said kneeling down next to me, “and start stroking him.”

Doing as I was told I reached up and took hold of his shaft with both hands, feeling the heat of his massive cock radiate through my hands as I did. His dick felt amazing, and I couldn’t believe how massive he was, both my hands barely covering the whole of his shaft.

“You like stroking that big cock of his? Yeah? I bet you’ve always wanted to suck a big black cock, haven’t you, you dirty little slut?” Megan’s taunts were only serving to get me more turned on as I was eager to wrap my lips around his massive cock. Rubbing his head I squeezed out a bit of precum, and rubbed it around in circles as I looked over at Megan who was smiling as she played with herself.

“Now I want you to take the tip of his cock in your mouth and run your tongue all over that nice fat cock head of his.”

Looking up at Chris I gave him a little smile and without breaking eye contact proceeded to take him into my mouth. As I sucked and licked the tip of his cock Megan moved behind me and put her hands on the back of my head.

“Open your mouth as wide as you can and take that cock like a good little slut.” As she said this she began pushing me towards Chris, forcing his cock farther and farther down my throat until I couldn’t take any more of it and started gagging. As I forced myself off his dick, Megan only laughed and continued her taunts.

“Damn. You took more of his cock than I thought you would. You’ve done this before, haven’t you, you dirty little cocksucker?” With a smile I looked over at Megan, who gleefully smiled back at me, even more content now that she knew my secret.

“Put his cock back in your mouth and start sucking. Now the fun can begin!”

I was enjoying myself too much not to do whatever she wanted me to, and I began to vigorously suck his cock. Taking him as deep as I was able to, I still only managed to get half his cock in my mouth. I continued sucking him, as Megan began forcing me to suck faster and harder, before I was again forced off his cock, gagging for air.

“That’s a good boy,” she said as I gasped to regain my composure.

Standing up and motioning to Chris to follow her, Megan led him to the bed and whispered something to him as he sat down, his cock at full attention, glistening with my saliva.

“Come here my little cockslut,” she said, pulling me over and pushing me towards the bed. “Get up there and lay down. We wouldn’t want to deprive Chris of some cock, now would we?”

I did as I was told and waited as Chris climbed up on top of me, throwing his leg over my face so we were in a 69 position. As he began sucking my rock hard dick Megan came over and helped guide his cock back into my mouth.

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