Becky’s First Anal

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I was waiting for my girlfriend Becky when she got home from the bar after a girls night, but it was dark and she didn’t notice. She closed the door behind her and walked into the room, and I crept behind her. As she turned on the light, I slipped behind her, my hand clasping over her mouth. “Don’t worry,” I whispered, “This will only hurt for a minute.”

She struggled, but I was too strong for her. My body guided her to our bedroom. As we walked I felt her breasts through her shirt. “I love when you whimper like that when I squeeze your nipple,” I whispered into her ear as I guided her along.

“I was at the bar tonight,” I spit in her ear. “Did you really not notice me or did you just pretend? Of course, you are such a whore when you go out I may have just blended in with the rest of the guys. You are a filthy little whore aren’t you?”

We crossed the threshold to the bedroom, and for the first time she noticed my throbbing erection pressing against her as I pushed her forward. Lost in a fog of alcohol, she tried and fit together the pieces but couldn’t. She had a feeling she knew what would come next, though.

“I was going to let it slide. Then I saw you kissing your girlfriend, and I knew right there I had to have you tonight. I knew I had to have you ass.”

We were up against the bed, and I forced her down, my hand still over her mouth. “I don’t even need this here, do I? You’re such a nasty slut I can have my way with you and you won’t scream.” My hand didn’t move, and she could only murmur in response. Her murmur turned to a moan as she felt my free hand touch her above her knee, slowly sliding up her thigh, under her skirt and between her legs. I moved the skirt over her ass, exposing her black thong to me.

“I know you’ve never had a cock up your ass,” I said, grasping the strip that ran between her legs in my fist, “and I know you’ve always wanted one but were too afraid to actually do it. I’ve tried to give you time. I’m tired of waiting.” The realization of what was coming next dawned on her, and panic overtook her and she started to struggle. Of course she had been curious about letting a guy fuck her ass, but not like this. I was too strong for her, my weight was holding her down, she couldn’t scream for help. This was going to happen.

I start to tug at her panties, and she stopped struggling as the pulling motion drew them tight between her pussy lips. It radiated outward as though piranha are biting all over her body. They started to burn as they pulled tight against her clit. They sawed into her pussy, causing a strange tingling. She started to rock her hips, rubbing against the material, loving the pain I caused by pulling them so tight, until her plan was thwarted by the material snapping. Her pussy was set free.

Devoid Çankaya Escort of the pleasure of tugging her panties into her cunt, my hand looked for other entertainment. It came crashing down across her ass, causing a startled sigh. “That one left a mark on your ass. I should say my ass, because after tonight it belongs to me.” She turned her head to look up at me, and as our eyes met, I recognized her submission. She was not happy that this was happening that way, but she recognized that I was about to take what is mine. My hand continued to rain blows upon her ass.

I released my hand from her mouth. “My little poppet won’t make any untoward sounds now, will she?” My fingers clasped her hair, twisting it in my fist, forcing her head downs sideways on the mattress so I could see her watching me. We both knew what came next.

“No, I won’t make a sound,” she said, putting up a false front of bravado in the face of her desperation. She had never had a cock in your ass before, and though excited at the prospect, she was terrified of what was next.

I fumbled with my belt and zipper, the motion rocking her body and causing excitement to flow between her legs. “After tonight you will be my anal whore. I’m going to fuck your ass so good, you will beg me to do it again. When your wake up in the morning, your fingers will start to dig into your ass, wishing it was my cock. When you go to bed at night, you will judge your day by how many times I fucked your tight little asshole. You will beg and plead for more. Are you ready?”


I yanked her hair, pulling her head back, and dropped my pants. I leaned between her cheeks, and her hands reached back to part them. My tongue extended and touched her asshole, causing her to shudder as shockwaves emanated throughout her body. I pulled back and spit on her hole, still clutching her pulled-back hair in my hand. My tongue reached back down and circled the outline of the hole, before momentarily plunging in. “You taste really good, you nasty little slut. I bet that tastes better than your pussy.”

I stand up, and she took a deep breath. She heard me spit in my palm, and then felt me rub that saliva over my cock, my other hand bruising her ass with sharp smacks. “By the way, I just wanted you to know, I forgot to bring lube, so I hope this is enough spit.”

She was about to protest, but before she could, my cock head invaded her anus. I pressed in until I felt resistance, and then paused. She moaned, and I knew she wanted this so bad. It’s almost like I wasn’t just taking what I wanted. I pressed forward, forcing about half of my cock into her virgin hole. “Does that feel good, baby?”

A sibilant “Yes!” was her response. She had Keçiören Escort never felt so full before, and she wondered if she would be split open. I pulled my cock out until only my head remained in. She started to rock her hips, trying to get a little more inside of her.

“Then this should feel amazing,’ I grunted, cramming all eight, thick inches of cock inside her. It hurt so bad, burning deep inside her, but she had never felt so good. She felt like my massive cock was going to split her in two- she had never felt so full before. She realized she was holding her breath, and exhaled another “Yes.” Then she was mine.

I pull my cock most of the way out of her ass, and slammed it back home. “Does my little anal whore like it?” I asked, pulling back out.

“Yes,” she responded as I crammed it back inside you.

“Will you let me fuck your ass whenever I want,” I asked, “my little anal whore Becky?”

“Yes,” she responded as I tore my way back deep inside her. My balls started to slap her clit as I pounded her, each thrust deeper and harder than the one before.

“Are you my anal whore? Does you ass belong to me? Will you let me stick whatever I want up there, be it my cock, toys, vegetables, objects, or other people’s cocks?”

“Yes. Yes. Fuck yes!!!!”

I felt her ass spasm around me, and knew that my little whore was cumming so hard from being taken. I kept pumping into her ass, finally pausing to hold my cock buried balls deep, and she was violently moving her hips in a circular motion, her hand reaching between her legs to rub her clit as her orgasm took her to another dimension.

She collapsed in exhaustion, struggling to regain her breath. “I hope you don’t think you are finished,” I said, snapping her back to reality. “There is a cock that owns you that still has not cum yet. Why don’t you come here and suck my cock, so you can see how good your ass tastes.”

I climbed up on the bed, and positioned my cock in front of her face. She dutifully clasped it with her hand and put her lips to the head, unsure how to proceed as this was so new to her. She had never done ass to mouth before. My hand was still in her hair though, and as she tried to ease into the situation, the control was taken away from her. I pulled her head quickly to my body, driving my cock deep into her throat, impaling her on my cock. I pulled her back up and pulled her back down, using her mouth and throat to masturbate, sliding her warm wet vessel along my engorged cock. I heard her moan and knew she was getting off on pleasuring me.

I had a free hand and undid her shirt, sliding her breasts out from her bra. I started to smack them, mostly because I could. She started to moan in pleasure Etimesgut Escort around my cock, swallowing her ass cum from it, and I started to leave marks across her breasts. Soon they turned from lily white to crimson, she still choking and gagging on my magnificent cock.

“I hope that is good and wet for you, because it’s going back up your ass.” I pulled her off of the bed by her hair, and threw her back down, this time on her back. I heard her moan and now she was getting off on being treated like the sex toy that she is. I released her hair, and grabbed her legs. Her heels still on, I yanked them until they rested on my shoulders. My cock searched for her back door. I found it, and my hands grasped her thighs as I lined my prick up. “Do you want more?”

“Yes. Use me. Take me. I’m a filthy whore and want your cum. Cum in my virgin ass. Please fuck me hard, like the nasty, filthy dirty slut that I am. My ass is yours. Please Master, cum in my ass.”

My hips moved forward, as I easily slammed into her. She thanked me by moaning, clutching the sheets below her, her mind drifting into a higher plane. She was aware that I was pulling all the way out, and her hole was closing up, and that I thrust back forward painfully, splitting her open as I buried my war spear into her soft fertile land. All she cared about was making sure I came, and taking that cum inside of her.

“Harder. Harder. Harder,” she chanted, and my assault on her ass intensified. The pain was starting to seep into her consciousness, but she cared nothing for that now. She had a higher purpose- bringing me pleasure and making sure I came. I said I wanted her ass, and she gave it to me.

“Oh god Becky, your ass feels so good.” I was panting and grunting, and she knew it would not be long until she had my gift to her. “Are you ready for it, whore? Now that I popped your anal cherry, are you ready for my cum?” Harder and harder I thrust, more and more brutal, savagely I assault her tender ass.

“Yes please. I live to please you. Please cum in my ass. I want it so bad. Please, Master, cum in your dirty, nasty, filthy little anal sluts tightest hole. Take my anal virginity. Fuck your little slut.” Knowing that she knew exactly what she was, and hearing her verbally submit to the power of my cock, I found new reserves of energy, thrusting harder and deeper than I thought possible, tearing her apart, filling her and fulfilling her every desire.

I hammered into her, until I told her, “Becky, cum like he filthy whore you are. Cum from being ass fucked by your big cocked Master.” Once again her ass muscles expanded and contracted, milking my enormous cock for very drop it had in it. I groaned once, twice, three times, and she felt the burning sensation of me spurting my cum into her worn out and abused asshole. I left my cock buried inside her as I filled her ass with my sticky white cum. She was screaming in pleasure, screaming my name, screaming she wanted me to fuck her ass every day. My orgasm subsided, as did hers, and I looked at the playful look her eyes. She asked, “What can I do so that we can do that again?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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