Birthday Anal

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Tonight was his birthday. His present was my ass’s virginity. I’d prepared it for him, stretched my back entrance with my fingers and toys so as soon as he came home he could have me.

I heard him open the door and call for me. I didn’t answer, I wanted him to see me how I was. My ass high up in the air with a large plug in it. Hanging from a ribbon around the ‘neck’ of the plug was a card saying “Happy Birthday” on it, with a tube of lube close behind me — I’m sure he’d get the hint.

I heard his footsteps on the stairs. The idea of him seeing me like this, giving myself to him, the thought of him using me drove me wild. My heart throbbed with each footstep, my pussy ached with anticipation as my wetness slowly trickled down the insides of my legs. He opened the door, I could feel him staring at me, I turned my head and smiled at him, “Happy birthday my love, it’s all yours.”

He slowly pulled the plug out of my ass, watching my tight hole stretch around the fattest point as it exited me before quickly discarding it to one side and spreading my cheeks so he could look at my gaping ass. He began kissing my cheeks, his lips forever getting closer to my open asshole, teasing, never quite close enough, the desire for him to taste my ass was killing me. I begged him to taste my ass, “Please baby, taste my ass, and push your tongue deep inside my gaping asshole!” Thankfully he obliged, filling my ass with his tongue.

Feeling the tip his tongue flick against the walls of my ass felt incredible, my head went light as pleasure over-took my body. I needed his cock in me; I needed to have him fill my ass. Demetevler Escort As if to grant my wish, suddenly he removed his tongue from inside me and I felt the lubed head of his cock against my asshole. What was I thinking? There was no way he was going to fit back there! But I wanted it; I wanted it more than anything else in the world. I played with myself as he pushed his cock against my back entrance, trying to relax — but I was scared. His head was easily as wide as my wrist and the thought of taking all 8 inches of him back there seemed impossible. My ass began to open; I could feel his massive head slowly entering me.

My ass ached, a strange pleasurable pain as I felt myself stretch around him. It felt as large as an apple, though obviously wasn’t, as my ass expanded against his invading cock. And then, without warning my ass tightened around his cock as his head “popped” fully into my ass. I screamed out in pure ecstasy at the sensation and thought of having his large head in my ass. I panted, exhausted. He stared down at my cock-stuffed ass, spreading my cheeks so he could see how wide he had stretched my hole. He stayed still for a while, letting my ass get used to his size. It felt amazing to have him inside my ass. After a while, I nodded and said “Ok” signalling for him to start pushing the rest of his cock into me.

The feeling of his cock entering me was neither pleasurable nor unpleasant, but the sensation of fullness was incredible. Inch after inch the feeling grew more immense. I grunted for him to stop, he was only half way but Otele gelen escort I needed to rest, to let my ass get used to this new intrusion. He gently moved back and forth, very lightly fucking my ass. I wanted him to fuck me so hard, but I knew my ass wasn’t ready so I resisted asking, letting him tease my hole with his monstrous cock.

I motioned for him to continue, he gripped my cheeks tightly as he resumed pushing his cock inside my ass. As his body pressed against me, his balls lightly tapping me as I fully took him – I came. My ass was over-taken with pleasure as orgasm unleashed throughout my body, my pussy throbbed repeatedly, dribbling my wetness down my legs and splashing his balls. I felt his cock stiffen further to the sound of my screams. He felt huge inside me, as if his cock head was pressing against my belly button. Eventually he pulled back, and began to slowly fuck my arse.

Feeling his cock slide back and forth within my ass drove me to ecstasy, it ached slightly as it stretched to accommodate his size but the feeling only added to the sensation of fullness and sheer lust of taking him there. His speed began to pick up, and his low hanging balls slapped pleasurably against my soaking cunt with each of his long strokes. He gripped my waist, and began to powerfully fuck my ass, slow but pressing himself hard against me with each thrust, letting me feel his full length within me.

As his cock pressed deep within my bowels I came repeatedly, I could feel my own wetness splashing against his balls as he fucked me. I was going Balgat Escort light headed with pleasure, everything but my constant orgasm felt distant — only the moment existed. “Please babe” I asked him “I want to feel you cum in my ass.”

He began fucking me faster, perhaps too fast. My eyes watered slightly as he began to furiously shaft my ass. I could feel his cock growing, he was close, so close to filling me with his cum and then… I felt his first long spurt of cum shoott up inside my rectum. His cock pulsing as he unloaded inside me felt divine. I could feel each spurt of cum travelling inside me as it hit and splashed against the walls of my ass. I had the most powerful orgasm of my life as he emptied his balls into my anus, my body a slave to the complete and utter pleasure of feeling his cock pulse inside my rectum.

After a while he pulled out, spread my cheeks with his hands, and looked down at his new well-used fuck-hole. He told me to push it out, at first I hesitated, unsure of what to do, before emptying myself of his seed. I felt his cum bubble and dribble out my ass, trickling over my pussy lips before landing on the bed. Large wet splats hit the bed sheet as I pushed all the cum I could out of me. He pushed his tongue into my ass; the sensation of its heat against my thoroughly fucked asshole was painfully fantastic as his tongue flicked within my gaping hole.

The stain on the bed afterwards showed how much I had squirted. The sheer amount of white sticky mess on the sheets looked as if I had pushed a pint of cum from my ass, but I could still feel some deep within me, slowly working it’s way down long after we had finished. My ass ached with emptiness, I felt so incomplete now his cock had exited my asshole and knew I would have to take him there many times in the future.

I wished him a happy birthday, and deeply kissed his cock — mixing the sweet taste of his cock and cum with the bitterness of my own asshole… and loved it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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