Black Friday 69

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Big Dick

It was fucking cold outside. There was ice all over the roads yet people were camping out in front of Best Buy because they wanted to get the best Black Friday deals possible.

Cody sat inside his tent, reading a novel on his iPad when a person called out to him, “I feel like I’m going to die out here! Mind if I sit in your warm tent for a few minutes?”

It would be hours before the store opened. Cody looked at the man in front of him. He was a good-looking city boy who most likely came to the suburbs to get the sales.

“Yeah, that’s fine,” Cody said as he tossed the stranger a blanket and made some room for him. “I’m Cody.”

“I’m Drew,” he said. They shook hands and began to talk about whatever came to mind. First it was their jobs and their lives. Then it was why there were at Best Buy and then it finally got to the good stuff.

“So, do you have a girlfriend?” Drew asked Cody.

“Not into girls,” Cody whispered.

He wondered if Drew would run out of the tent grossed out and cursing at him for being gay.

“So, you’re gay,” Drew said instead.

He leaned forward. “I’ve always been curious about that kind of thing. I love women and pussy but I always wondered about it.”

Cody smiled and asked “What do you wonder about?”

“Mostly what it’s like to suck a dick and be sucked by a man,” Drew said as he moved closer. “Everyone is asleep out there, maybe you Tuzla Escort could show me?”

Drew’s fingers ran over Cody’s growing hard-on.

“You sure?” Cody asked.

Cody was game for it but also worried about it. He didn’t know if this stranger was just trying to play an evil prank on him or actually wanted to suck his dick.

“We could sixty-nine to keep it fair.”

He shrugged and began to unzip and pull his pants down slightly. His rock-hard cock sprung into sight. Cody licked his lips and began to remove his pants too. He didn’t know how the hell this could happen. One minute he’s just talking to a guy and the next minute he’s about to get his dick sucked. And he’s going to be able to suck dick, too. What a turn of events!

Within seconds, the two men where in a sixty-nine position in the little tent in the middle of the night in front of Best Buy.

There was a deep quiet in the small tent. The only sound that could be heard was the sound of their heads bobbing up and down over each other’s cocks. Drew moaned and hummed with every motion of Cody’s skilled mouth. Cody knew how to drive a man wild with a skilled blow job. His tongue toyed with the tip of his cock while his mouth sucked and moved down the strong shaft.

Drew found himself distant, even as he moved his lips around Cody’s cock. There was something nice about having a long cock Anadolu Yakası Escort in his mouth. He found it uplifting. He didn’t think it was as weird as he assumed it would be. It was nothing like he thought. There was a fresh flavor and a great texture.

The salty flavor of cum was quickly oozing from Cody’s cock. It only made Drew want to suck more. It made him hunger for the full load of cum he was working to get out. His hard work was rewarded within minutes of a deep-throated suck. Cody groaned loudly over Drew’s cock but never stopped his mouth from working the long tool. Drew sucked him dry. He swallowed down the cream that he never saw. He found himself giddy with joy as he opened his mouth and licked away the lingering drops from the very tip of Cody’s cock.

Then his own orgasm hit him. It hit him rock hard. Cody took his cock deep and began to nearly swallow down his cock head. The feeling was unlike anything he ever felt before. Almost like fucking a women in the ass but much more moist. His cum fell into Cody’s mouth in deep shots. The joy on both of their faces was apparent.

“Fuck,” Drew said first as he leaned back onto the nearby wall of the store. Cody licked his lips as he nodded and placed his drained, still moist cock back into his pants.

“What did you think?” Cody asked.

“First, you are a great cock sucker,” Drew said and İstanbul Escort laughed. “I never thought I’d enjoy it that much but I did. I can’t believe I swallowed your cum and loved every fucking drop of it.” A look of shock came over his face “Does this make me gay or just out for fun?”

“Out for fun,” Cody said sweetly with a smile. “It was good sixty-nine fun on a Black Friday…I think the store is going to open in an hour or so.”

Cody enjoyed himself but knew it was something minor and just for the pure hell of it all.

“You’re single right?” Drew asked.

“Yeah. Why?”

“Because I want to do this again.” Drew leaned forward and continued, “Maybe even more things.” He found himself only an inch from Cody’s lips. He didn’t know what came over him. Maybe it was the after-sex glow that had him thinking crazy. Maybe it was the lasting flavor of Cody’s cum on his tongue. Or maybe he had grown tired of women and wanted something new to enjoy.

“I’ll think about it,” Cody said. He’d been through this before and he wanted to be sure Drew was serious. “I want you to think about it, too. You can text me tomorrow if you’re serious,” he said.

Drew nodded and they parted ways as Cody put his tent back together and waited for the doors to open. They were shopping for two different things so there was no more communication or contact between them. Instead, they bought their items and left happy for two reasons.

Cody woke the next morning to a text message that read:

“I’m serious. Let’s fuck tonight.”

It was Drew. He was actually serious. OMG. Cody was going to get fucked by him tonight.

What an awesome Black Friday it ended up being after all.

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