Bleeding Brakes

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This is a ‘Philadelphia, Texas’ story. It fits between the original and ‘My Two Brothers.’ If you havent read those, they are over in CuteSlaveLisa’s collection. Our three characters are siblings who have graduated from high school and are working the family farm together. The characters are based on Lisa’s cousins although to our knowledge they were not having sex with one another.

Bleeding Brakes

Bleeding brakes was not hard, Diane thought to herself, just dirty. She was under the old pickup truck with a wrench some tubing and a glass jar with a little brake fluid in it. Robbie pumped the brakes and called to her, she took the wrench and cracked the valve open allowing the air and a bit of brake fluid to flow through the tube which ran from the valve to the jar. With the other end of the tube under the fluid the air would bubble up.

Robert called again and Diane closed the valve, then he poured more fluid into the reservoir and they repeated the process until a hard pedal meant that all of the air had been purged. It occurred to Diane that since she knew how to do it, she should have made Robbie crawl under the truck in the dirt with the leaked oil and anti-freeze. Why was she under there?

When Robbie announced that they were done she crawled out from under the truck and removed her old tee shirt, she wasn’t wearing a bra and Robbie was looking at his older sister’s perky breasts and flat tummy. She used the wadded-up shirt to remove the brake fluid splatter that had penetrated the tee when it was a proper garment before removing her sweatpants.

“Going Commando are we?” He said.

The truck was in the garage and although the door was open it was about 300 feet to the street at an angle and she was in front of the truck. Besides she wasn’t going to ruin underwear with grease and brake fluid.

“Seanything you like lil’ bro,'” she said.

“Nah, I like everything I see,” Robbie said.

“Why thank you kind sir,” Diane said, taking a bow.

They were used to seeing one another naked. In rural Texas in the sixties people didn’t wear swimming suits to swim in ponds or lakes on their own farms, so Robert and Diane seeing one another in that way wasn’t a bit unusual, except…

Robbie knew… He knew that Diane and Christopher had sex with one another. It bothered him a little, but not in a way he would have expected it to bother him. He loved his big brother and big sister, there were not two nicer people. In a way he was really happy for them. But he was afraid that whereas they used to be three, Diane and Chris would be closer to one another than to him.

“Let’s go get cleaned up,” Diane said.

“You are ready,” he said, “you can go first.”

When Diane said, “get undressed Robert, you are filthy,” it sounded to him like their mother.


She had closed the distance between them and had yanked his old shorts down.

“You can’t just stand there clothed ogling me,” Diane said.

“I’m not ogling you,” he protested, “you just pantsed me. I—”

Diane pointed at his crotch, his penis was getting hard and sticking out prominently.

“You did that,” he protested again, but he was getting harder.

“So, if I break it,” she said, “I have to buy it. Seems fair.”

“Nothing’s broken—”

“No silly, if I made you get all hot and bothered, then I have to take care of it.”

Robert’s penis was beautiful, it looked so delicious. She took her sweatpants and folded them and sat them on the ground in front of her brother’s feet then she knelt on them with her mouth directly in front of his now fully erect penis. Diane had bursa escort wanted to put it in her mouth, to taste it, since she saw it. She looked up at him and he didn’t move at first. Her eyes asking the unspoken question; may I kiss it, lick it, suck on it.

He placed his hands in her hair and she took him into her mouth. There, in the garage, with the door open, her mouth was around Robert. His shorts were around his ankles, his eyes were closed, his hands were in her hair playing with it and her right hand was moving up and down his dick as she kissed and licked the head. The sounds he made suggesting that he was enjoying it.

She licked the sensitive underside of his penis and ran her wet pursed lips along the length of his shaft. She teased the head of his hard but pliable cock. She ran her tongue over the tip, making him moan with pleasure. He didn’t seem to be in any sort of hurry, just reclining in his lawn chair and jerking his meat at a leisurely pace.

Her hand made long strokes down his penis while her mouth alternated between following her hand and enveloping as much of his penis as she could fit and teasing the head with her lips and tongue. His cock tasted so good, she swirled her tongue around his mushroom shaped head, he was firmer in her mouth, and thicker than when she began.

She slurped his penis, enjoying the reaction Robert mad, the way it made him gasp and moan.

“I’m in heaven,” Robert said barely audibly as she wrapped both her hands around the base of his manhood and pushed her head down even further, taking the tip, and then his head, and a bit of shaft into her throat. She vibrated her throat around his head. She adored having him inside of her, his delicious cock felt so good. She loved Robbie, it was heaven to have his dick in her throat, her mouth, her hands. She moved her head up and down, trying to stimulate his appendage as much she could.

“Oh… Oh… Oh… Ahhh,” Robbie exclaimed as his sister sucked hard on the part of her brother that was in her mouth. She made her cheeks hollow and looked up at him. His face was a face of unrestrained pleasure, his expression an expression of pure joy, he was moaning and running his fingers through her hair. His hips started to move, and he began to grind into her.

Diane reached up and moved his hands and put them on the sides of her head giving him more leverage. She nodded, her mouth still on his hard cock. He began slowly, gently using his hands to pull her mouth onto his dick. Then he became a little more comfortable and started to slowly fuck Diane’s face, all the while moaning in pleasure.

“Oh dear God, I love you,” Robert said softly.

Diane closed her eyes and let her brother fuck her mouth. He showed a truly loving combination of unbridled abandon and self-control as he fucked her mouth. He never pushed himself into her throat, instead he relished the heat and wetness and the stimulation his sister’s tongue was providing. Robert cared; he didn’t try to cram it all into her mouth.

Robert fucked her mouth for what seemed like a wondrous eternity for each of them. Slowly moving his penis in and out of her, until he paused and shuddered and came in her mouth. It was savory and delicious, and she swallowed every drop before she licked his deflating penis to remove every drop and he finally withdrew from inside of her.

“Let’s go take a hot shower,” a naked Diane said, while leading her half-naked brother through the back door of the garage and into the kitchen.

Christopher was sitting at the table having a glass of water. From his clothing he had obviously been out working bursa escort in the orchard.

Robert stopped in his tracks, surprised to see him.

“Hey, I see you guys have been talking,” he said.

“Uh—” Robbie started to speak.

“I thought that the three of us could talk after a shower.”

“Okay,” Christopher said, “you guys can have the upstairs.” And he rose to walk down to the basement and shower, placing his glass in the sink.

It was a little bit before noon on a hot West Texas morning. “Come on Robbie, get in,” Diane directed after starting the shower.

Robbie stepped into the warm water.

“You know, it has always been the three of us together,” Diane said as she lathered her younger brother’s back, “Us, looking out for each other.”

“Uh, huh,” Robbie said.

“I thought it could always be the three of us together, looking after each other. You know and I know that Christopher has kept this place running. Because he was being good to us, letting us have our time, he has no time. Nothing except for this place and us. We have something really good here. Mom and dad are away, fighting to keep it. Of course, they have each other.”

“Yes,” Robbie said, he was listening, but he was also getting hard again as his sister washed his butt and his legs.

“We need each other, and we love each other. Robbie, you and Chris are the best guys on earth,” She said before she handed him the soap and wash cloth, “do me now.”

Robbie looked at the washcloth and then at her confused.

“Soap my back, dear brother,” Diane said.

As he started to, she continued, “Afterward you can fuck me on the bed,” Diane said, “the way a man fucks his woman.”

When they walked out of the bathroom Christopher was sitting on the edge of the bed, he had showered and was naked.

Robbie looked confused again.

“I’m going to get her all warmed up,” Chris said, “you can watch, Robbie. Then you can finish her off.”

“Sounds like a great plan,” Diane said.

Christopher patted the bed next to him and Diane shed her towel and sat down next to him.

Robert watched as his older brother kissed their sister’s neck, as he cupped and then gently kneaded her breasts and rolled her nipples between his thumb and forefinger. As he placed the little barbell studs that extended from each one in his mouth and flicked them moving them a tiny bit from side to side. Her body shivered; she was obviously enjoying what Chris was doing.

Christopher turned towards her and he helped her roll all the way over and lay face up in the center of the bed. He stood and turned facing her before he climbed into the bed and crawled so that his face was between her legs. Christopher sniffed their sister’s pussy and gently kissed her furry mound, then he kissed her lips and nibbled on them softly. He ran his tongue through her valley and she lifter her legs putting them on Chris’ shoulders.

Robert stood there at the foot of the bed with his hand holding but not moving up and down on his cock, filled with sexual desire. He had been promised a turn, and he waited although it was so hard to. Chris took his time. He licked and kissed Diane’s lips and slipped a finger inside of her, tasting her and savoring her flavor.

He played with her introitus, her pussy opening. He kissed the folds protecting her sensitive clit, teasing the nerves in her glans below, making Diane gasp. Robert smiled as he watched Chris moving around kissing, licking and loving every part of her cunt. Then he switched gears and with his thumb on her clit, he slid two, then bursa eskort three fingers into her pussy, curving them upwards to press against her hidden shaft from the inside.

She was panting as he licked her glans while his pinky rubbed her perineum between her vagina and ass, and he fucked her with his fingers for all he was worth. Twisting and curling them this way and that way until she screamed in orgasm and his hand was dripping wet with Diane’s pussy juice.

“Your turn, Robbie,” Chris said, as he stood up and licked Diane’s ambrosia from his fingers.

Robbie crawled onto the bed, and top of his sweet, sweet sister.

“She has come once,” Chris said, “try for three more, one for each of us.”

Lying on her back, Diane thought, as Robbie positioned himself to enter her, that what Chris had said made no sense whatsoever, but she loved it anyway.

Robbie pressed the tip of his cock against her pussy and start to push inside. It wasn’t hard, well he was hard, but it wasn’t hard to gain entry she was soaked in her own juice. The feeling of penetration was totally different, being opened by fingers is one delicious flavor and being opened by a penis was a different equally delicious flavor.

Like Christopher, Robert took his time. Instead of just thrusting into her he pulled her hips onto him and rubbed his m head enticingly against her introitus. He bumped it against her sensitive clit which Chris had enticed out. The million nerve endings there making Diane gasp. He smiled and slid his entire length slowly but authoritatively into her vagina.

Robert’s pubic bone bounced against her mound and teased Diane’s clit head and he compressed her spongy insides on the in stroke, then he drug his cock head across the anterior of her vagina to press up against her buried clit shaft and stretch everything out before pushing hard and starting the cycle again, this time just a little harder, just a little faster.

“I’m safe,” she said as he was really getting up a head of steam.

“What—” Robbie could barely utter so invested in their coupling.

“She is in a safe period,” Chris said. “That means you can shoot your load inside of her.”

Diane moaned again and swayed her hips to try and vary the sensation made by his dick deep inside of her. He fucked her for what seemed to be a heavenly eternity, at times he slipped out and then he would just push his bulbous tip inwards against her pussy, the lips and the introitus, and applying more and more pressure, pop it back inside.

Diane’s eyes were glazed over and wide open. She gasped, she truly loved him and knew he loved her, she knew he would try, but this effort was way more than she expected.

His movement stretched her pussy nicely, she was so very turned on. She made a noise, a squeak or a squeal with every one of his thrusts, feeling her pussy stretch to accommodate her brother lovingly penetrating her pussy, becoming one with her.

Robert adjusted their position and moved Diane’s legs, so they rested over his shoulders, causing her to bend in half, then then he bore down with his full weight concentrated on the tip of his penis as it penetrated her.

His entire shaft was inside of her soppy wet cunt. Being so tightly filled was incredible. She imagined him hitting the back of her pussy. Every movement he made dragged at her pussy walls, making her body twitch around the invader within. “I love you,” she moaned.

“You’re so beautiful, so perfect,” Robert said breathlessly.

Diane was wordless in her intense pleasure. He pulled out almost all the way. Diane felt her pussy muscles instinctively clamp down, trying to keep her brother’s penis inside of her. Robert sighed and pushed hard against her eager twat as he thrust himself all of the way back inside.

Diane screamed as her pussy spasmed and her Amygdala exploded with a series of bright flashes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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