C,A Ch. 01 – It All Started in the Pool

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This is the story of how my wife found her bisexuality for the first time and how we opened up our sex life to include other people. It’s been a long time, but I wrote it to the best of my memory. Andrea has read and recalls things similarly. If reading this, hope those involved don’t get upset with us sharing such intimate details.


We all had so much in common. Jay was transferred into my department from out of state with his very pregnant girlfriend, Randi. I had similarly been transferred from out of state about 18 months prior. Jay and I made quick friends with our similar career paths, love of combat sports, quick wits, and hard partying. We are about the same age, nearing 30, whereas Randi was almost 10 years younger, still technically a teenager. She worked with him as a part-time assistant, so when I first hooked up with the girl in our office who was 9 years younger and already friendly with Randi, everything fell into place. We all came together when Randi came back to the office after having the baby and everything aligned perfectly for us to all hang out together on the regular.

The similarities didn’t end with age gaps and office romances, both ladies were clearly out of our league. Jay and I aren’t exactly lookers. Big, strong, but definitely a little fluffy. I’m a big, corn fed white boy and Jay’s a big, bean fed Mexican (his joke, not mine). Neither of us would look out of place on a football field or a buffet line, frankly. And while the girls were both beautiful, they had very different looks.

My Andrea is always the prettiest girl in the room – 5′ nothing and barely over 100lbs, cute little Puerto Rican bubble butt and perky B cups with headlights that never turn off. Raven black was the hair color of choice at the time and it hung like silk curtains just past her light olive-tinted shoulders. Randi was tall, upwards of 5’10”, straight brown heavily layered hair to her shoulders, and a little bit darker complected. She was pretty and REAL curvy. Enormous tits, big round ass, and narrow waist with just a little bit of belly like a Mexican 1940’s pinup girl.

We were quickly thick as thieves. After work we went out for dinner, drinks, and ended up at someone’s apartments to finish the night. We’d hang out almost every weekend, drinking, watching the fights, playing games, and just having a great time.

About 6 months went by before Andrea and I got very serious and bought a house. Jay and Randi had gotten engaged in that same time and were talking about a 2nd child. With our new house came a pool, afternoon barbeques, and late nights drunk in the water.

The first time something sexual happened, it was a Friday night like any other. It was still pretty early in the evening, but we had been drinking hard for a few hours and were all definitely feeling it. Jay and I were on one side of the pool, bullshitting about who knows what when he gives me an upward nod, “check it out.”

I look over to see the girls, passionately kissing. Andrea was up out of the water, head higher than Randi’s, holding her face with both hands, consuming Randi’s mouth. It was amazing. Both girls, glistening in the moonlight with the sounds of their lapping mouths competing with the sound of the water splashing against the side of the pool. Jay and I slowly made our way over to the girls and it just kept getting better.

Randi was holding Andrea out of the water, both hands under her ass and Andrea’s legs wrapped tightly around Randi’s curvy waist. They were so tight together; Randi’s huge rack was spilling out between them and damn near falling out of the sides of her bikini. The light was perfectly highlighting every curve as Andrea’s legs slipped down, partially taking Randi’s bottoms down enough giving us a quick glimpse her sexy tan lines and a little butt cleavage.

“Nice try guys!” Andrea giggled as they broke free from their embrace. “You guys need to get back on your side of the pool!” We all laughed, but Jay and I weren’t going anywhere. “Seriously guys, give us some space” Randi demanded. We slinked back over to the other side and the girls kissed for a few more seconds, but the moment was broken. Randi sighed, “ok guys, we’re done, I guess you can come back.”

The rest of the night was perfectly normal outside of my half hard cock and a whole lot of lesbian jokes. They left a few hours later and I cleaned up while Andrea showered and hit the sack. She must have passed out as soon as she hit the bed. Curled up with her cute little ass facing me as I walked in the room. I tried to slide in the bed behind her, grinding my cock between her soft cheeks. “hhhmm TOMORROW” she groaned. I rolled over, mind racing with the images of the girls glistening in their air tight embrace, stroking my cock with my left hand, lightly running my fingers up and down Andrea’s petite little body with my right. I passed out moments later.

The next morning, I got up, fired up the coffee pot, and sat on the Sincan Escort couch to nurse my hangover. Andrea got up to the smell of the fresh brew and flopped down on the couch, curling up under my arm. “How are you feeling? Remember anything from last night?” I teased. “Ugh, I drank too much and made out with Randi”, she grumbled with a slight laugh.

After breakfast and a nap, we both felt a lot better and started making plans for the rest of the day. Andrea was wearing her heavy fleece pajama bottoms that were little too big, barely hanging off her hips and exposing the top of her black silk thong. Hair in a messy bun and a short t-shirt that’s just a little too small, her perky little tits and erect nipples were leading her around the kitchen. I felt my dick filling up as she emptied the dishwasher.

Moving in behind her, slipping my hands down the front of her pajama pants, I ask, “another pool night with friends?” “Yesss, but less beer” she cooed as I grazed her silky panties, licked up her neck and began nibbling her ear. She swayed slowly back and forth when I pulled her into my member, growing thick in my boxers.

I ran my fingers up and down her silky panties alternating between light and heavy pressure. I continued kissing and biting her neck and ear, while she slowly gyrated her ass up and down on my now fully erect cock. She moaned as I slid my other hand under her shirt and up her body firmly squeezing her one of her perfect breasts, pinching her big hard nipple, I could feel her soaking through her underwear.

“God I want that dick!”

Andrea spun around, grabbed my head and jammed her tongue in my mouth like she was trying to choke me with it. Our teeth gnashed as I moved my hands up the back of her shirt and then down her pants, squeezing her soft ass with both hands and pushing my hard dick against her pubic bone. Our lips and tongue glided back and forth aggressively. I crouched down slightly to lift her to my level, when she pushed me back, “I said I want that big dick!”

She dropped to her knees and pulled my boxers down in one swift motion, my thick cock flopping out into her face. Before I could breathe, she had me deep in her mouth, stroking hard with one hand and digging her nails into my ass with the other one, pulling me in. It looked as good as it felt, but as I put my head back and closed my eyes, my thoughts were still on the girls in the pool.

I’ve never seen her kiss another girl like that. And she just kissed me just like she kissed Randi, their glistening bodies, Randi’s tanlines, Andrea’s… “FUCK ME!” Andrea clapped, as she stood up and spun around towards the counter, snapping me out of my distraction.

I grabbed her by the waist, lifting her up and bending her over the island counter while her loose pajama pants fell almost completely off. She kicked off her pants as her feet dangled off the floor, presenting her round ass to me. I pulled her thong to the side and reached under to rub her perfectly smooth, bald pubic area as I gently circled her ample, dripping lips with my thumb. I plunged my thumb in, pushing down on her G-spot, while strongly gripping her hilt with my fingers. She reached out and steadied herself on the other side of the island as she wiggled around, cumming all over my hand in just a few minutes. “OOOOHHH YEAAAH!!!”

My hardon was raging as I pulled my soaked hand off Andrea’s trembling pussy and gave myself a sloppy stroke. Up on my toes, I slammed my cock deep into her tight little pussy so hard I swear we thought the island was going to flip over. Alternating between short and long hard strokes, I watched the cream build up on the base of my cock and could feel her juices running down my legs. It didn’t take long before it was all too much. Andrea, sensing my excitement, “remember I don’t have my IUD anymore!”

Too late.

I flooded her womb with the biggest load I’ve ever produced. Each pulse shot more and more hot spunk into her tightening slit. It was almost never-ending. I pumped harder and deeper until I couldn’t cum anymore, collapsing onto her. I drop down off my toes as my softening cock slipped out, both of us spilling our juices onto the floor. I nearly slipped on the wet tile as Andrea lay motionless on the island, still dripping onto the floor.

“I can’t move” she whispered breathlessly.

“Smells good guys!” Randi exclaimed as she walked through the door carrying a 12 pack of Bud Light Lime and a bag of ice with her massive tits nearly jiggling out of her little yellow bikini top. Jay’s right behind her with two 18 packs and another bag of ice, “Hope you’re thirsty!” Grinning as he drops both cases on the counter, “Bud Light for me, that bullshit Miller Lite for you, homie!” I shrug my shoulders, give a glance to Andrea, “I guess we’re going hard again tonight.”

Jay and I head outside to tend to the grill as the girls chat in the kitchen. “So, the girls last night… right?” Jay inquires as I start flipping the burgers. “Man, I know. I’ve seen Andrea Etlik Escort play around and kiss girls before, but never like that” I say with wide eyes.

“Well, Randi has hooked up with other girls before. Before we were together, she actually dated a couple of girls.”

Jay was so casual about it, but my brain caught fire. This wasn’t just a fluke thing? This could happen again. This might happen again. This is probably going to happen again. This is going to happen tonight!

Just as I was about to start scheming with Jay on how to get an encore, Randi and Andrea bounce out of the house, giggling like they often do, each carrying an 18 pack. “You guys didn’t think to put these on ice?!” Andrea quips as she kicks open the cooler. “Jay, grab those Limes and the ice” demands Randi as she bends to open the other cooler. Jay makes his way through the sliding glass door, he glances back, “lookin’ good ladies!” teasing them as they’re bent over loading coolers.

Looking good for sure.

Andrea was wearing a basic black and pink bikini. Full black bottoms cut perfect so you could see a hint of her cheek crease with every step and the strapless pink top that didn’t quite fit right, but ‘makes my boobs look good.’ Randi was wearing her tiny yellow bikini top with matching string bottoms she sometimes wore. She had a flowing white coverup top and tan khaki shorts that barely fit, exposing the strings on sides of her bottoms.

They both looked back, Andrea wiggled her perfectly round ass in the air, slapped Randi’s swaying booty and both girls giggled.

We ate, we drank, we swam, we drank and swam more. Andrea and Randi were a little flirty throughout the afternoon into the evening, but there was nothing indicating anything more was going to happen.

It was getting late and we were all dying down. The girls were floating around in the water on pool noodles, chatting it up. Jay and I were discussing how to deal with our annoying boss in the corner. Jay gets out of the pool, stumbles into the house for the bathroom and I step around the side of the house to relieve myself as well.

I come back around and don’t see the girls at first. Then I focus, realizing they’re on the other side of the pool, but my view was mostly obstructed by the patio umbrella. I make my way over to the pool and see them kissing.

Unlike the last night, they were much less forceful and passionate, and much softer, more seductive. They moved slowly, probing their mouths with darting tongues and nibbling lips. Andrea had her arms wrapped around Randi’s neck, while Randi was gently caressing her back. They moved so slowly they were almost motionless. I slowly dip myself back into the deep end of pool right as Jay flung open the door, “alright, who needs another bee…”

We caught eyes, like two hunters that just stumbled across their perfect prey, intent on not spooking it.

The girls didn’t even move. They just kept slowly kissing, exploring each other’s mouths, Randi gently caressing Andrea’s back. Learning our lesson from the prior night, Jay silently dropped back into the pool next to me and we kept our distance. They drifted toward the side of the pool in the shallow end, never breaking, just slowly kissing like careful and deliberate lovers. The pool noodles slipped from underneath them and floated away as they bumped the side continuing their soft embrace.

Andrea lowers her arms and begins exploring the sides of Randi’s curvy body. Despite the lack of a pool light, we could see Randi’s leg move between Andrea’s underneath the water, pressing her against the side of the pool. Andrea reciprocated by pushing her leg between Randi’s and wrapping her other leg around. They began slowly grinding on each other in a very subtle, almost teasing manner.

Randi began kissing Andrea’s ears, down her neck and onto her chest reaching back and undoing her top. She reached up and cupped Andrea’s perky breast with one hand, and kissed down to suck the erect nipple on the other as Andrea’s bikini top floated away. Randi was so much taller, she was a bit contorted so she moved up, kissed Andrea’s panting lips and whispered something in her ear. In flash, Andrea was sitting on the edge of the pool kissing Randi with passion like the night before.

Randi’s hands continued to roam as Andrea’s legs pulled her in and they kissed passionately. Randi began licking, sucking, and teasing Andrea’s hard nipples as the light highlighted her amazing petite body. Andrea unwrapped her legs, leaned back on her hands and arched her back, nipples pointing at the sky looking like two caps from a Chapstick. Randi was rubbing herself under the water as she slowly worked her way down Andrea’s body, taking time to kiss, lick, and nibble every quivering inch and deftly teasing and squeezing Andrea’s shimmering tits. Andrea moans loudly as Randi kisses her inner thighs, “OoooOOOHH.”

Andrea shakes as she lifts her butt off the ground so Randi could pull down her bottoms.

Just then I feel something Çankaya Escort brush up against my arm. It’s Jay’s swim trunks. He’s completely naked and stroking himself under the water. I didn’t even realize, but by that time I was stroking myself as well. I was so enthralled in the show, it was totally involuntary. Standing there, next to my friend and coworker, each with our hard cocks in our hands was a little awkward, but as soon as I noticed…

“OH MY GOD!!!”

I know that sound. That was the sound of my girlfriend cumming. Randi hadn’t been licking Andrea’s pussy for 5 seconds and she was cumming, and cumming hard.

She let go of Randi’s hair, released her head from the thigh death lock, threw herself back, splashing her legs out of the pool, and with a thud, hitting her head on the concrete. It sounded terrible. I rushed over, but as soon as I started moving, she was already laughing. “I came so hard I gave myself brain damage!” Randi was in a panic, “Holy shit, I’m sorry! are you ok?!”

We all laughed a bit as Andrea plunged back into the pool, retrieving her bikini and slipping it back on. “Damn, it’s late… I guess that’s enough excitement for one night” Randi balked.

Everything went back to normal after that night. It was strange. We didn’t have many more pool days in the season and we all seemed to get busy. When we did get together, we always had other friends around and nothing else happened. Nobody talked about it. Months passed. Nothing.

Well, not nothing. Every time Andrea I would fuck, we’d reminisce. “Is that how Randi licked your little pussy?” “You made me cum harder than Randi!” Sex was so good for so long, we never imagined it could be better. It was amazing. It was always there like a little sexual muse just demanding we cum longer and harder every time we had sex.

It had been more than 6 months after that night in the pool when we ended up alone together after watching a PPV fight at our house. Everyone had been drinking, but Jay had way, way too much.

“Oh and you just want to fuck Andrea! I fucking hate you!”

Jay was belligerent. Randi was struggling to take everything in stride, trying to calm the situation as I came in from taking out the trash. Something set him off and he was taking out his frustrations on Randi. Andrea and I had never seen Jay get like this in more than a year of friendship, but we had heard the stories.

“I’m fucking leaving, you stay here and fuck Andrea!”

Jay stormed past me and I grabbed his arm, getting between him and the front door. He stepped back, tears in his eyes, “just let me go man, LET ME GO!” In shock, hands up between us to keep him back, I tried to reason with him, “man, I don’t know what’s going on, but you’re wasted and aren’t driving anywhere.”


I’m not a tough guy. I’m just not that kind of dude. Jay however, is. In his teens and early 20’s, he lived for parking lot brawls and sidewalk scraps. “No man, I definitely don’t want to do anything and I don’t think you really do either. I just want make sure everyone is safe and ok.”

Jay’s posture broke. He turned around and stormed out to the pool saying he needed some air, slamming the sliding glass door behind him. I was dumbfounded and took a second to make sure the girls were ok. Andrea was shaken and holding Randi who was crying on the couch. She gave me a wide-eyed look and mouthed ‘WHAT THE FUCK?’

As I stepped out onto the patio, I could hear Jay sobbing. “She’s a fucking lesbian, man. I mean, I knew she was before we got together, but I thought it was a phase or she was bi or whatever. But she’s a fucking lesbo.” I had no idea what to say, but I tried to appeal to his better senses. “Hey man, I don’t know what’s going on here, but all I do know is this isn’t the way. Seems like you guys need to have a conversation when you’re both sober and figure things out.”

We sat in an awkward silence for 5 minutes or so, then Jay broke the tension with a huge burp. We both chuckled quietly. After a couple more awkward minutes, Jay appeared to sober up. “We better get outta here… don’t worry, Randi’s driving.”

After the goodbye hugs the door closed behind them, erasing the tension in the air. “What in the actual fuck was that?” I asked Andrea. “Seriously. Randi and I were in the kitchen dancing around and she started rubbing herself up against me and Jay freaked out.”

She went on to tell me that Randi told her that they had been having some problems. Randi wanted to start having some relationships with other girls on the side. She wanted Jay to be involved, but he was not happy about it. Jay told her he was comfortable with what had happened in our pool, but didn’t want her to have real relationships. Playing around with girls sometimes was one thing, but actually dating and forming relationships was another.

A couple of weeks go by and everything is very normal. Business as usual at work, a couple of dinners, a couple nights out at the bar, but no hard partying. Nobody talked about it. Jay came into my office one afternoon, “Yo… fight this weekend, I think we’re going to chill at home and watch it, but you and Andrea should come over and we’ll get hammered. Don’t worry, things are much better with Randi, and I’m not going to get crazy again.” We share an uncomfortable laugh and go back to work.

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