Cabin Medicine Ch. 02

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We left the cabin carrying rifles and backpacks. As we walked through the woods Jon and I discussed hospital medical cases and procedures as if nothing had changed between us. There was no embarrassment, no playful knowing glances; it was as if things were the same as before yet we both knew it wasn’t. I could feel a new intimacy between us and instinctively I knew Jon felt it, too. The Ontario forest surrounding his cabin went on for miles. We walked deeper into the woods and talked medicine for over two hours.

“Jon, do you know where we are? I’m not really too keen on getting my ass lost in the wilds of Canada about now.”

He laughed. “Don’t worry. I’ve been taking this route for years and years. I take it you failed your survival course?”

I snorted. “No, but I’ve never really been a fan of shitting in the woods.”

His laughter rang through the trees. “Why not? Bears do it all the time.”

“Yeah, they do. They also maim and kill assholes like us who walk through their territory like fresh meat.”

“That’s why we brought the rifles with us but we won’t have to use them. I’ve never seen a bear in as long as I’ve been walking through these woods. Lots of other things, but no bears. They’re around, I’m sure, I’ve just never seen one here.”

Jon stopped and unzipped his pants.

“Gotta take a piss.”

He flipped his dick out of his jeans and I watched as a stream of clear urine poured forth. I stared for a moment and then felt the same urgency. I unzipped and joined Jon in his pee. Before our cabin adventure we’d have averted our eyes, maybe even turned our backs on each other. Now Jon surprised me by playfully crossing his piss stream over mine. I laughed and did the same. In those brief moments of lightheartedly making piss circles on the ground, our new intimate relationship became even more obvious.

We zipped up and continued walking for about an hour more before coming upon a small stream. Jon looked over at me and grinned.

“Last one in’s a rotten egg!”

He began to tear his clothes off and after hesitating at first, I joined him in a mad moment of craziness. Of course he got naked first and I watched his bubble ass bounce into the stream. I followed without hesitation and screamed as I plunged into the water. It was cold as ice.

“Fuck! This water is goddamn cold, Jon! Are you motherfucking crazy? I’m getting out of this!”

Jon chortled and grabbed my shoulder.

“Calm down, Josh. You’ll get used to it in a second! Don’t be such a pussy city boy!”

I soon joined him laughing and then we were cavorting naked in the water. We chased each other from side to side, playfully splashing water on each other, and just being two friends having fun. Our bodies brushed against each other from time to time but we were playing around so much I ignored it. Finally, we were exhausted. The sun blazed hot overhead us and I figured it was around one in the afternoon from its position. I shivered from the cold water. I felt Jon behind me in the escort bayan bursa water and his arms surrounded my chest as he pulled me to him.

“You’re cold. Let me warm you up some.”

I could feel the heat from his body. His pubes brushed my ass and I felt his erect penis. My dick wasn’t hard before then but I popped a woody in a flash. I was unsure what was going to happen next but Jon made the next move. He released me and moved to the shore. I watched as he walked out, opened his backpack, and pulled out a couple of big towels. As he bent over to spread them on the rocks, I got a clear view of his anus, a tiny wrinkled pink hole. Although his ass was smooth and hairless, his asshole was surrounded by dark black hairs. I felt my erection jerk and I no longer questioned what was happening to lifetime of straight sexuality. I enjoyed visually exploring Jon’s naked body because he was goddamned sexy.

“Come on out!” he yelled. “You’re the one who was complaining about how cold it is!”

I hesitated a moment to allow my erection to subside but it wasn’t working. Jon turned toward me and his penis was hard and erect, pointed straight up toward his stomach. He caught me looking at it and grinned.

“Get over it, Josh. When you’re naked in the woods, a hard dick is par for the course. Don’t be embarrassed, I know you’ve got one, too. Just get your ass out and lay on this towel. The rocks are like warm ovens.”

Josh laid face down on a towel. Our two towels were next to each other like a small double bed. I jumped out and laid face down on the towel while Josh smirked at me.

“Being naked doors seems to agree with your cock,” he laughed.

We lay quietly in the hot sun for awhile and it felt wonderful. Josh moved his leg and I felt his foot touch mine. I didn’t pull away because his foot was nice and warm; mine was still freezing. I began to doze off and then I felt his lips as he kissed my ass. I jerked and he rubbed my back gently.

“Settle down, okay? You’ve got the most beautiful ass I’ve ever seen and I can’t resist kissing it.”

I wanted to resist him but his lips were so soft; he was so gentle as he kissed all over my ass. I could feel the brush of his shaved beard each time his face touched my body. I’d always longed to have my ass kissed and touched in a sexual way, I’d just never found a woman who was into that kind of sexual play. Then Jon’s hands spread my ass cheeks wide open and I felt his tongue as he licked my anus. I felt an explosion of passion in my body. Jon’s tongue pushed into my asshole and I lifted my ass up in an effort to open myself wider for him.

“Oh, my God!” I moaned. “I’m gonna cum, Jon!”

Jon’s strong arms rolled me over quickly and in an instant my cock was buried in his throat as he sucked it. I could feel the hot breath of his nostrils blowing into my pubic hair and then I felt him slide a finger in my ass.

I screamed. “Uuuuuunnnnnnnhhhhhhhhh! Aaaaaaaarrrrrrrrgggggghhhhhh!”

My cum blasted bursa sinirsiz eskort into Jon’s mouth and he drank it greedily. I’d never cum so hard in my entire life as I did in his mouth. My entire body quivered and jerked as if I was possessed. He sucked my cock ravenously as his finger plunged in and out of my ass. When my last shot of cum had dribbled onto his tongue, I just collapsed. Jon pulled me up and kissed me on the lips. I was so entranced by his lovemaking I not only allowed his tongue to enter my mouth, I returned his kiss passionately. After several minutes of wild kissing, Jon’s moved to my ears, to my neck, to my nipples.

“I want to fuck you, Josh. I want my cock in your hot ass pussy,” he whispered in my ear as he nibbled my lobe.

I didn’t verbally reply but as he continued to kiss me I seized his hard cock in my hand and slid the foreskin up and down over the thick mushroom tip. I could feel the wetness of the precum on his dick. Jon stopped and reached into his bag to retrieve a tube of lube.

“You had this seduction planned out, huh? How could you know I’d go along? I’ve never had sex with a man before in my life.”

Jon kissed me on the lips. “Let’s just say I did a lot of hoping and wishing you’d come to want me as much as I want you. And do you?”

I giggled nervously. “I haven’t killed you yet, have I?”

I let Jon lower me on my back and raise my legs to my chest. He kissed my feet and sucked my toes as his fingers slid in and out of my asshole prepping it with the slippery lubricant. Then Jon smeared it on his erect penis. He leaned over my body as if he was doing pushups and kissed me. As we kissed I felt the head of his cock press against my asshole. I could hear the smacking suction sound as he entered my ass pussy.

I screamed like a maniac. “Goddamn! Motherfuck! Take it out! It goddamn hurts!”

Jon’s lips covered mine and I continued to scream into his mouth. It was killing me. I’d never felt such incredible pain. I felt like he was shoving a watermelon up my ass and I was so stretched he was tearing me apart.

“Ssssshhhhhhh!” he whispered in my ear as he licked the lobe. “Just push out like you’re taking a shit. It gets better, I promise. Then I swear you’ll be begging me to fuck you harder.”

I didn’t think so but still I tried to shit his cock out of my ass. Within seconds I felt relief and he slowly began to move, sliding his cock further in until I felt his hairy pubes and nuts against my ass. I opened my eyes and he was looking at my face. We held each other’s gaze as he slid his cock out and poured more lube on it before pushing it in me again. I felt a flush burn across my chest and my dick was already hard as a rock again. Unconsciously, I pushed down into him, meeting his cock thrusts and demanding deeper penetration. Jon grinned at me, a devilish look in his eyes.

“I told you, didn’t I? You love my big cock in you, don’t ya?”

I didn’t reply, just grabbed his soft escort bayan black hair and pulled his face to mine so I could kiss his lips.

“Fuck me harder,” I moaned into his mouth.

After the first couple of pushes it still felt like I had a log getting forced up my ass. Then he withdrew completely and inserted again completely. I yelled in pain but he kept repeating the fucking motion, inserting and withdrawing completely, then suddenly he was fucking me like a jackhammer. It felt incredibly good and I melted in his arms as he fucked me completely. He cursed, said aloud every sexual thought he had, uttered every sexual vulgarity he knew as he took me. And I was like a bride on the wedding night. It was my first time with another man and as he fucked me I knew it could not possibly be the last. I had to have him again and again.

I squeezed his head in my hands and kissed him forcefully. I felt his body shaking as he laughed softly and returned my kiss.

“What’s so funny?” I whispered in his ear.

“You,” he laughed. “I never, ever dreamed you’d have such fire, that you’d fuck me back like this.”

I wrapped my legs around his ass and pulled his dick deeper into me. Suddenly, he withdrew his cock completely before again slamming it in my hole. He did this over and over again. My prostate was being constantly massaged by his dick and then I felt the boil of cum inside me. I could hear the slippery sucking sound his cock made as it completely exited and re-entered my hole. I was rocking with sexual abandon, meeting his thrusts with my own, attempting to impale his cock as deep as possible in my ass. I moaned and for the first time I had a full body orgasm, quivering all over. I’d had an orgasm earlier so I didn’t expect the same fireworks as the first but it was better than before. My asshole squeezed his cock tight with each ejaculation.

Jon grunted loud, arched his back, and pushed his dick as deep in my ass as he could. As he reared up on his arms, I lifted my head and bit his nipple hard. I grabbed at his ass, inserted my middle finger into his asshole, and his fuck rhythm became frantic. I could feel his testicles slapping against my butt cheeks and his thick pubes covered my own cock. Within seconds, he began to jerk wildly as I felt the hotness of his cum shooting in my ass. When at last he finished pouring his seed in my body, he collapsed onto me and buried his face in my neck, kissing and licking it softly. I wrapped my arms around him and held my lover close to me. I must have lain under his body for almost an hour as he fell asleep. The warmth of the sun burned my face and I felt totally content after his love making. I never dreamed I could feel such bliss having sex with another man.

Finally, Jon awakened and smiled at me.

“That was wonderful, Josh. Thank you.”

I lifted up and kissed his face.

“Thank you, Jon. I never knew it could be so wonderful.”

Jon grabbed my hand and pulled me to my feet.

“Come on, let’s take another quick swim and wash off. Then we’ll go back to the cabin and I’ve got some fabulous steaks to throw on the grill.”

I watched this beautiful naked Adonis dive into the stream and I was getting hard again thinking about tonight. I’d definitely sleep in his bed with him. Well, sleep part of the night…

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