Captain’s Woes Ch. 08

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When he went to school the next Monday, Dan suddenly found himself with a great deal of female attention, and he did not mind at all. Asleigh had been petulant as he kept her high and dry the whole weekend. Dani looked at him expectantly, but he could only shake his head slightly, because walking with her was Casey, eating him with her eyes. Miss Kline couldn’t even look him in the eye, something Dan took particular satisfaction. Overall, he wasn’t having a bad time.

That was until he was given a group project in physics.

The project itself wasn’t too bad. Create a Rube Goldberg machine that would last for at least a minute and would eventually shoot off a water propelled rocket. Normally this would be something that would interest him. However, now that he was beset from all sides with available pussy, such a project would seriously cut into his sex life. Also, it wasn’t as if he got to choose his partners.

The two he was assigned to work with would not have been his choices. Alicia, although cute, was an out and out jock, and only seemed to care about soccer. She had wavy blond hair that fell below her shoulders and her arms and legs were tanned a deep bronze. She didn’t date, always wore sweats, shorts, or track suits, and in general only made her appearances at school so that she could be on the team. She was an excellent soccer player and was going to Duke on a scholarship, but Dan figured that he would be hard pressed to get her focused.

In that regard Dan thought he would have the same problem with Jane, the other eithteen-year-old, but for very different reasons. If there was someone who was the exact opposite of Alicia, it would have been Jane. Not that she was homely. But she was incredibly faux-Goth-slash-punk. Her hair, medium length, was jet black with bright green hi-lights. Dark eyeliner accentuated her pale face, as did the dark lipstick she wore. She was almost always in black, usually baggy jeans with the standard skater chain hanging low. A band’s tee-shirt over a long-sleeve shirt normally completed the outfit.

Dan was not thrilled, and he was not alone.

When the three got together, the first thing out of Alicia’s mouth was “I can’t meet until after six.”

“Whatever,” muttered Jane.

“No, not whatever,” snapped Dan. “We all have to get this done. I have practice too, but just like yours, it ends way earlier than six.”

Alicia shrugged. “I stay late and work out with Coach.” Jane actually cracked a smile at this, transforming her perpetual scowl into something almost agreeable. “What are you smiling at?” Alicia asked.

“Nothing,” Jane replied innocently.

“The rumors aren’t true,” hissed Alicia, referring to the commonly held belief that Alicia was fucking her coach, Mr. Andrews (not that he was denying it. Hell, he was proud to be associated with such an alluring young woman. Besides, if it wasn’t for the fact that she was a student and he was a teacher, everything was perfectly legal).

Clamming up as the physics teacher walked by, they all appeared to scribble into their notebooks. When the teacher passed, Dan looked up. “Listen, that shit doesn’t matter.” Turning to Jane, he asked, “When’s the earliest you can meet? I finish tennis at four-thirty.”

“That’s fine,” she said.

“Where do you want to meet.”

“I don’t care.”

“The library?”




“Why not?”

“Don’t like the library.”

“Is there a place you do like?”

“I don’t care.”

Alicia giggled, and Dan shot her a furious look.

“How about my house, then?”

“I don’t know where you live.”

“Do you know where the school is.”


“Then meet me here after practice.”


Dan turned to Alicia.

“And what about you?”

“What about me?”

“Wait,” Jane interrupted.

“What almanbahis now?” asked Dan impatiently.

“Where should we meet?”

“AT SCHOOL!” Everyone in the class looked over at them, and the teacher was about to come over, but Dan shook his head and mumbled an apology. He whispered fiercely “Are you trying to drive me nuts?”

“No, braniac,” Jane said quietly. “I meant where at school.”

“Oh. By my car. Do you know where I park?”

“I’ll figure it out.”

“Good. So?” he asked Alicia.

“How about I meet you guys at your house as soon as I can get free.”

“Fine. If you don’t show up, though, I’m asking for you to not be in the group.”

“I’ll be there,” Alicia said, pissed.



“Fine,” Jane muttered, completing the circle.

Practice went well for Dan, and he quickly showered and walked towards his car. As he crossed the parking lot, Casey sauntered up to him.

“Going home to fuck the brains out of a hot girl?” she asked.

“Yeah, right.”

“What the hell does that mean?” she demanded, not aware that he was not belittling her. “You don’t think I’m hot?”

“Jesus, Casey. Yes, you’re hot. But I can’t fuck you today. I have a group project that I need to get started on. So no, no cock for you,” he said, patting her on her cheek.

“Who’s in this group?” she asked with a slight catch in her voice.

“Are you jealous?” Dan asked, amused.

“No,” she answered, unconvincingly.

“Well, first of all, I don’t think we’re at a point where you should really be jealous of anything I do.” Not waiting to see her shocked expression, he plowed on. “Second, even if you should be jealous, don’t worry. Jane Thomas and Alicia Dinaro.” He picked up his pace. “I’ll see you around,” he called over his shoulder. She called some things back.

“That’s an awfully dirty mouth on such a pretty face,” Jane said, leaning up against Dan’s car.

“Get in,” he said, opening the door for her.

“Ooo, ever the gentleman.” He got in and began the trip home. They traveled in silence, because just as Dan turned on the radio, Jane quickly snapped it off. Dan was about to yell, but thought he just wanted to get through with this.

Dan pulled into his driveway and drove to the back. They came in through the back door and entered the kitchen. Dan put down his bag and went to the fridge. “Want anything?”

“No thanks.” Dan shrugged, took a Gatorade and motioned with his head for her to follow. He went downstairs to the basement, which his dad had finished into a den, a bar, and a work area that very rarely got used for work. Dan flopped down on the sofa and indicated for Jane to find a seat where she liked. She liked as far away from Dan.

For a while they just kind of stared at each other, but finally, Jane took out her notebook and started showing Dan sketches she had made for the different machines she thought might be useful. She was an excellent artist, and soon she and Dan were discussing the various components, coming up with ideas, arguing, and trying to get an overall design. Before they knew it, the time was after six and Alicia had yet to show.

“I can’t believe her,” Dan said. He was angry, but at the same time, not as much as he should have been. Part of it was the fact that he had been so engrossed in the project. Another part was that hanging out with Jane for the first time ever was surprisingly enjoyable. He sat back and looked at her.

“What?” she asked. “I didn’t tell her to not come.”

“No,” he said, shaking his head. “I was just wondering something.”

“About why I dress like this?”

“Yeah,” he replied, surprised.

Jane sighed. “Why do you want to know?”

“It’s just, I’m sitting here, working with you, and it’s like, you know, you’re just this normal girl.”

“I am a normal almanbahis yeni giriş girl. I just wear different clothes and listen to better music.”

“Well, you got some of that right,” he smiled. He kept looking at her.

“Stop that.” She was blushing under his scrutiny.

“I’m sorry,” not stopping. He moved closer to her, and pushed her hair back off her face.

“What are you doing,” she demanded.

“I never noticed how pretty you are,” he said.

“Get the fuck out of here,” she said, pushing him away.

“No, seriously.” He turned her face towards him. “If you wore normal clothes, let your hair grow or something, you’d be hot.”

“Dan, you’re starting to piss me off.”

Dan took that as an invitation and moved in for a kiss. Startled, Jane kissed back, but quickly gained her senses. She pushed him back and slapped him in the face.

“Get the fuck off. . .”

He moved in again, kissing her. He was aggressive but not forceful, and this time Jane struggled at first but before she realized it, had her arms around his neck and was pushing back into his mouth with her tongue.

As much as Jane wanted nothing to do with Dan’s set, with girls like Casey who fucked jocks and went to “cool” parties, she was nevertheless a girl and Dan was very good looking. Part of her was screaming that this was wrong, that doing this with Dan went against everything she believed in, but her nipples and pussy were telling her otherwise. She may not hang out with Dan’s clique, but she sure as hell heard the rumors about him, and Jane had a healthy sexual appetite.

She ran her fingers through his hair and gasped as he broke off the kiss and began licking her neck. Nibbling up and down, sucking on her ear lobes, Dan was producing good sounds from Jane. Deciding to try his luck, he ran his hand up her stomach to her breast and started playing with her tits through the tight material. Her nipples were poking out, and he pinched them.

Jane loved having her tits played with, and not wanting to waste any opportunity, she practically threw Dan back onto the couch and tore off her shirts. Her skin was almost gleaming pale, and her breasts were small, with long, dark nipples. She rubbed herself, unable to resist, and then jumped onto Dan. Grabbing his shirt, she frantically took it off revealing his muscular physique. Leaning forward, she kissed his chest and licked his nipples. Dan lay with his head back and his eyes closed, breathing heavily. Jane crawled forward a bit so that she could rub her tits against his hard chest, in turn grinding her pussy against he stomach. He ran his hands all over her smooth pale skin, surprised at how warm it was but how cool it looked. He was amazed at the intensity Jane was working with, and he could feel himself in need of at least a little relief.

Sensing Dan squirming, Jane slithered back, looking up at Dan’s face her whole way down. Rubbing the bulge trying to force it’s way out of Dan’s jeans, she heard Dan moan. She slowly, teasingly undid his belt, pulling it out of the loops unnecessarily. She popped the button with an aching deliberateness, and as she pulled the zipper down, Dan was almost thrusting up with need. After that even Jane couldn’t wait anymore, and she quickly helped Dan out of his pants and underwear in a quick motion.

Jane knew the rumors were not even close, and she licked her lips. Dan’s cock was beautiful, and she dove for it. Jane knew what she was doing, Dan felt, and it turned him on even more that she locked eyes with him the entire time. He grabbed her hair and pulled it out of her face so that he could get a clear look at her giving him head. She changed rhythms and tempos, using her hands and mouth on his shaft, his swollen head, and his heavy balls. She especially liked to put one nut in her mouth, suck on it, and then draw almanbahis giriş her head back, causing the testicle to pop out of her mouth. Dan didn’t complain. Feeling himself coming close, he knew he needed to back down, so he sat up. They kissed again, and his hands went to her pants, blindly undoing buckles and buttons. Pretty sure he had created enough space to pull her pants down, he was caught completely off guard as he uncovered a pair of bright yellow and pink lace panties.

He knelt down on the floor, and turned her so that she was sitting on the couch with her legs spread, facing him. He grinned at her panties, and Jane blushed. He traced her pussy lips through her panties, and could feel how wet she was. He spread her legs wider, and moved closer. His tongue followed the same trail as his fingers, and he began licking her pussy through the lace. She moaned quietly and played with her nipples. She wanted him so bad, and pushed up with her hips to anticipate his tongue on her clit.

“Damn, girl. Calm down.”

She looked up. “Calm down? Why don’t you do us all a favor and shove your cock inside me?”

He grinned and took hold of her panties. Sliding them over her ass, he was taken aback when he saw light-blonde pubic hair.

“What, you’ve never seen a pussy before?” she taunted.

“Oh, you’re gonna get it now,” he laughed. Grabbing her hips, he slid her down the couch. Kneeling between her legs, he took hold of his shaft and began rubbing the tip up and down against her clit and pussy lips. Teasing her like that, he could see her pale body squirming.

Feeling he had gotten her more than excited enough, he slowly pushed his cock-head into her box.

“Oh. . .” she groaned, “Yeah, right there.” Dan took hold of her hips again, and instead of pushing his dick in, pulled her pussy around his cock. Once he was finally in, he began moving in and out at a calm pace. He reached forward and pinched her hard nipples. She yelped out.

“Holy fuck!” Smiling up at him, she started pushing back into his cock, gyrating her hips so that his cock head was working her other sensitive parts inside her pussy. She also reached forward to play with her clit. Her movements coupled with Dan’s grunting thrusts were definitely moving her towards an orgasm. Panting heavily, she grabbed Dan’s hair and pulled his face close to hers.

“Stop being such a fag and fuck me,” she hissed.

Surprised at her vehemence, he stopped pushing for a second. Only a second, though, because he was himself getting pretty close, and he wanted it as much as she did. Her legs wrapped around her and he put his arms underneath her shoulders for support, his head next to hers.

“You want to fuck?” he gasped. “Let’s fuck!” With that he pushed deep inside of her, thrusting into her hot, wet pussy with abandon. In and out, in and out, he was fucking her as hard as he could. Still on his knees, his cock was practically holding up Jane, and he pounded into her with her ass in the air. Her hands clawed at his broad back, holding on to his muscular shoulders and screaming with each thrust of his big cock.

“Oh God!” Dan yelled out. “I’m gonna fucking come soon!”

“Don’t come inside me,” she gasped. “I’m not on the pill!”

Hearing that, he pulled out of her as quickly as he could. Grabbing his dick, he gave it a few jerks and began spraying his cum all over Jane’s face and chest.

“What the fuck!” she screamed, scrambling to get off the couch.

“I’m sorry,” he grinned. “You’re not too bad at fucking.”

“You’re an asshole! You came all over me, you dick!”

“Get over it,” he shrugged.

And then the door bell rang.

“Now she comes,” she muttered.

“Maybe I should just leave her out there.”

Jane sat up, reaching for her clothes. “Why bother? I’m out of here.”

“Where the fuck are you going? We still need to do this project.”

“After what you just did?”

“Do you want to fail?”

She cursed at him. He smiled sweetly.

“The bathroom’s upstairs. Go clean up.”

“Fuck you!”

“Not with that attitude.”

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