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I just walked in the door from a long day on the job. Lifting pipe and manually putting it in place was very taxing on my body. Twelve hours a day started to feel like forever. The only thing that gave me relief was seeing my love at the end of the day. As I walked in she was on her laptop doing some shopping. I was slowly walking in towards the shower dropping an article of clothing at each step. I mumbled something about picking them up when I got out of the shower.

As the hot water bounced off my back I lathered up with my soap. The white bubbles running from my neck down my shoulders and split over my chest and back. Getting clean usually made me feel better and today was like any other. I could feel NY energy raising as I washed myself. After the suds made the way to my toes I was good. I could smell food cooking even through the steam that bellowed around the bathroom. The sauna like heat had me beginning to sweat so the shower was almost a waste of time. I rinsed again and cut the water off.

As the final drip of water fell from the shower head I heard the crack of a whip. It sounded like thunder echoing through the house. I stuck my head out of the bathroom door to see what was happening. What did I see? It was Erika standing in the middle of the floor in her black leather cat suit and her Catwoman mask. Her batman returns stitched together mask like Michelle Phiffers mask. The level of sexy that oozed from the center of that room was more than any list on any magazine. Her golden skin glistened lightly with sweat and her whip tapped her thigh and rippled down to her 7 inch stiletto with the chrome heels. Her calf muscles in the leather legging were completely cut. The top was unzipped down to her belly button. Her breast full and firm pushed against the zipper of her suit top. The copper tone of her skin peaked through the the skin spots. Her lips were bright red with sparkles and wetness almanbahis shimmering.

“Come here.” She said as she rolled her R like Eartha Kitt. She knew I had a thing for Catwoman. She decided tonight was the night to fulfill my fantasy. As I stepped out of the bathroom she walked to me clicking with each step as her hips twitched and the heels tapped. The water was still on my chest and shoulders as I stood there grinning she started to lick me dry and purr softly. The sudden blood flow to my immediately hard dick sent a rush through my whole body as if my dick pull from every inch of me. Her crystal tipped nails trailed through the water on my chest. Her tongue and lips trailed down my body. It felt so good. Her other hand slightly welped my chest as she dug in.

The pleasure out weighed the pain sending goose bumps running down my back. She crouched down still on her heels places her right hand on my damp hip and slid her other under my balls. Her green eyes peered up at me as her bright red lips parted and she slowly licked the side of my dick from the base to the tip. Her eye contact never broke. My mouth dropped and the look of my dick pressed against the sparkling red lips made my hand shoot up like I scored. She smiled and opened her mouth all the way and took my head in. Swirling her tongue around it just before taking the whole thing. She growled as she took every inch. Her lip pressed against the bottom of my dick where her tongue made its way out to lick in between my balls. She purred as she took it and held her gaze up at me. I almost fell down.

The visual was as stimulating as the soft rumble of her throat from the purring. I had to grab the wall and exhale loudly. She had me figured out. Her techniques changed up a little as she took her eyes off of me long enough to pull her face back off my dick and let the saliva dangle off and let it droop down to my balls and drip almanbahis giriş on the floor. She looked up and smiled at me. Her saliva ran on her chin and dripped on her breast and down her suit. She stood and made a pose. Some how, the lipstick was still in tact, she unzipped the cat suit a little more revealing her pelvic line. She put her high heeled boot on the bed and pointed to her vaginal region. I smiled big showing all my teeth as I dropped to my knees. She pulled the suit off her shoulders letting it drop to her hips. She had to pull the rest of the way out to get it past her full cheeks. Putting her leg down so the suit could hit the floor.

I crawl over to her and in one stroke I licked from her knee to her sweet smelling pussy lips. The scent of strawberry filled my nose as I began to taste her. I started slowly taking short soft licks at it. As her body started to randomly flex I started to make longer strokes spreading my tongue to cover more area I slightly started to speed up. Her hands slid over my scalp and locked behind my head. Her grip was tight pulling me as close as she could. Stepping out of the suit that was at her ankle she wrapped her leg around my neck. Her juices were sweet like berries. She was grinding on my face with her hands on the wall.

As the flavorful juice ran off my chin I slid one hand between her legs so my shoulder was scooping her ass. I planted my hand on the wall behind her and lifted slightly. Her back went up about four inches. I placed my other hand in the same position and lifted her all the way in the air. Her hands gripped the back of my head and she leaned forward. I backed up until I felt the bed against my leg. As I sat back on the bed I leaned back letting her end up sitting on my face. The juices rushed out of her I could taste her cum as it rushed into my mouth. I ran my finger tips down her back and grabbed her shoulders. She rolled almanbahis yeni giriş her hips grinding on my chin getting that last bit out. She reached back grabbing my now throbbing dick. When her gloved hand touched it I flexed so she knew exactly what I was feeling. She took the hint extremely well.

Being a former Olympic gymnast she changed the hand placement and somehow ended up back bridging and giving my dick one long slow lick from the top to the base. She the proceeded to do some type of move where she lifted her feet over her head and ended up in a split with her still dripping pussy hovering over my dick. It was impossible but oh so sexy. As the pussy dripped wetness like it was drooling on my dick, I arched my own hips up a little grazing her lips. With a short smirk she raised her hips and as I settled back down she dropped on it.

Every time we made love it was like the first time. But this time, it was different. Like someone else in our bed with me. As I watched her breast bounce while she rode me doing a side split I enjoyed the view of the rest of her. The little things like how I could see her eyes rolling in the back of her head and her red top lip as she bit her bottom lip through her mask. The elbow length gloves that looked like leather but felt like satin. I could feel the smack of her ass hitting my thigh as she rode me fast and wild. I tried to fight but her pussy was too strong. I could feel the pull as she lifted herself almost all the way off my dick and slammed herself down. The tip started to tingle and I knew there was no fighting it.

I stammered out “I’m…” And before I could get the word “Cumming!” out, she lifted herself into a perfect handstand on the mattress and swallowed my entire dick. I shot a load so hard and big into her throat I thought she was going to fly off me. Instead she began doing handstand pushups while sucking every drop out of me. When nothing else came out she lowered herself to the bed. Winked, smiled and climbed off the bed.

“Happy birthday babe.” She said as she walked to the bathroom still wearing the mask and gloves. I laid there in amazement and smiled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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