Caught in the Act Ch. 02

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This story is fictional. All persons depicted are over the age of 18. All names have been changed to protect identities.

This is the sequel to my previous story. If you haven’t already read it, you may want to.



This story DOES contain instances of shit, piss, and vomit. If you’re not into that, DO NOT read this story. If you are into that, please continue reading, my delightfully filthy friend.



Arielle had a hold of my fully erect cock, and stands up. “I have a filthy idea. Let’s go to the bathroom.” She grabs her black & mild cigars and lighter, and tells me to grab our clothes. She takes hold of my cock once again, and takes us into the bathroom.

She locks the door behind us, then goes to the tub and plugs it.

My mind is racing with the possibilities of what she might be thinking and planning. She sits on the edge of the tub, with her deliciously fat ass over the tub, and her soaking wet pussy facing me. She tells me, “Get on your knees in front of me.” She lights one of her cigars, takes a good long draw of it, then blows the smoke right into my face.

Arielle then says, “Ron, I’m gonna take a dump in the tub. I’m gonna be smoking my cigar, and you’re gonna be licking my sopping wet cunt. If I start pissing, just drink it all down.” So I place my mouth directly on her pink pussy, and start licking up and down her lips, occasionally flicking my tongue across her super sensitive clit.

At Casibom this point, she starts pushing shit out of her pretty brown hole. And it smells terribly delicious. After another drag of her cigar, she informs me that she’s about to piss. So I clamp my mouth over her pussy hole and ready my throat to swallow her warm golden piss. It takes just a second or two, but soon my mouth is filled with Arielle’s warm golden nectar. I swallow as quickly as possible, cause she’s not stopping.

I swallow a few more mouthfuls of Arielle’s golden piss before she’s done. Then I act as toilet paper, and lick her pink pussy clean. Arielle tells me to stand up and piss on her while she’s shitting and smoking her cigar. So I stand up, hold my erect penis in my hand, aim it at her face, and let my piss drench Arielle’s face and tits.

After that, Arielle tells me that she’s finally done shitting in the tub. I look down into the tub, and see a huge load of dark brown mushy shit. I tell Arielle to get fully in the tub, and to squat down. Arielle takes a long drag of her cigar, then kisses me. I immediately taste the smoke as it rolls from her mouth into mine. Then i taste my piss on her lips, and she tastes her piss on my tongue.

After a long smokey kiss, she squats into the tub. I reach down into the load of shit and grab a handful. It feels warm and soft in my hand. I plop the poop onto the middle of Arielle’s chest. I grab another mushy handful of her shit and plop it right Casibom Giriş with the first handful. Then, using both hands, I smear her warm poop all over both of her huge tits. I grab another handful and put it right above her pussy. Using just my right hand, I smear that shit over the opening of Arielle’s wet cunt, then I shove some of the poop into her pussy. Using my hand as a scoop, I shove as much shit into Arielle’s pussy as I can.

Arielle lights another cigar, and takes a very long drag. Before she can blow the smoke out, I lock my lips onto hers and swallow all the smoke. Then she tells me to stand up. She repositions herself to where she’s kneeling right over what’s left of her pile of shit.

Arielle takes another drag of her cigar, grabs my hard cock, and blows the smoke over the head of my dick. Then she licks the underside of my cock for a second, just cause she knows it’s sensitive there. Then she reaches down, grabs a handful of her shit, and plops it onto my cock. Using one hand, she smears the shit all over my hard cock til it’s completely covered all the way to the base.

Arielle takes another long drag of her cigar, holds the smoke in her mouth, then takes my shit covered cock into her mouth. Arielle opens her throat, allowing my entire 8″ cock into her mouth. I feel her nose touch my pubic area, and her tongue flicks out and she licks my balls a couple times. I grab the back of Arielle’s head with one hand, and her throat with the other, and hold her down, choking her with my hard shitty cock. After she gags a few times, I let her go.

Arielle takes the last drag of her cigar, blowing the smoke up into my face. I grab some shit from the tub, and drop it on her face. I smear the smelly shit all over her face and neck, even into her hair. I grab more shit and smear it onto her huge tits, making sure they’re covered. Then I shove my hard cock between Arielle’s shit covered tits, squeeze her tits tight around my cock, and fuck them like I’m fucking one of her slutty holes. She’s lit another black and mild cigar, and is alternating blowing the smoke up into my face or down onto my dick as it fucks her boobs.

Because of the shit covering her boobs and face, and her sexy smoking lips, it doesn’t take long for me to be close to cumming. I pull away from fucking her tits just in time to shoot my hot cum all over them. Multiple thick ropes of hot cum shoot out and land on Arielle’s huge shit covered tits.

I lean down and start licking my thick cum off her shitty boobs. After two or three licks across her huge fun bags, I feel a retching in my stomach, and puke all over Arielle’s face and body. Thankfully, it all landed in the tub. Unfortunately, my vomit makes Arielle puke as well. She turns her head sideways and spews her vomit into the tub as well. A few minutes later, we’re both done puking into the tub. Arielle takes another drag of her cigar, and my mouth meets hers before she can blow the smoke out.

Arielle pulls away from the kiss and says, “We’ve gotta do something about this mess.”

With a naughty grin I reply, “I’ve got a great idea.”


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