Cookies and her Milk

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Big Cock

My first ever Literotica Contest submission, enjoy!


All was quiet in Number 7 Greene Drive, the Christmas decor and lights of the Hale family’s suburban home nearly identical to that of all the houses in the entire snow covered suburb. All was still but in one of the bedrooms as one of the members of the Hale family undertook his yearly tradition.

His steps were barely audible on the carpet floor, as the man dressed in a red and white Santa costume, replete with black boots, a curly white beard and hat, made his way down the steps from the master bedroom with wrapped gifts tucked under his arms. He made his way to the living room where the Christmas tree stood in the corner, illuminating the rest of the room in a multicolour of lights. After stooping down and placing the gifts under the tree, he stood up and was just about to make his way back up when he noticed something in the corner of his eye. On the small round table next to the armchair where he usually sat to watch TV or read the papers was a plate of fresh oatmeal cookies. Mr Hale decided to indulge himself and reached for one, but just as he finished the first cookie he noticed that the glass beside the plate was empty.


John Hale nearly yelped at the voice as he spun to where it came from. As his eyes adjusted he recognised his daughter Casey, who had stepped quietly into the living room and now stood before him. She had just turned 18 the week before, and he still couldn’t believe how much she had grown up. His little girl had matured dramatically into this gorgeous young lady, her lithe figure attesting to her role in the local high school’s cheer squad. Her long golden blonde hair was freed of her usual ponytail and allowed to cascade down past her shoulders. Her once round face and adorable baby cheeks were replaced by sharp cheekbones, a small jaw and narrow chin. John’s heart felt a slight pinch as he realised how much she had grown up to look as beautiful as his late wife and Casey’s mother, Mary. It wasn’t easy to lose his wife, but he had done well with his daughter, raising her to be a sweet, kind and caring person.

He noticed that she was dressed in green leggings that emphasised her long and slender legs, a short red skirt around her wide hips, and she was wearing a tight holiday sweater that she had long outgrown of which exposed her midriff. John couldn’t help but notice Casey’s massive breasts jutting out from her chest like a pair of over ripe melons as it strained the fabric tight.

“I hope you liked the cookies I made for you, Santa.” Casey cooed sweetly.

Mr Hale hadn’t expected his daughter to be up this late, not that he imposed curfew in their home. He did dress up as Santa Claus ever since the family started celebrating Christmas, and it had paid off many years Gaziantep Mutlu Son Escort ago when he caught sight of little Casey not doing such a good job spying on him as he placed her Christmas presents under the tree. It was a fun tradition he didn’t mind doing once every year since he knew how much she loved it.

But now Casey had grown up into a beautiful and pretty young lady, but the fact that she somehow didn’t recognise him, or that she still believed in the idea of Santa Claus, Mr Hale decided to follow along with this masquerade.

“They taste wonderful, my child.” John replied in his most convincing Santa voice.

“I’m glad you liked it, Santa. I’m just sorry we didn’t have any milk.”

John was confused. He was certain he had bought a carton of milk yesterday.

Casey walked up to him slowly, her breasts bounced and swayed with each step that involuntarily drew Mr Hale’s eyes.

“That’s alright, dear. Santa doesn’t mind. He’s had plenty of milk from visiting other nice children’s houses.”

Sarah drew closer to Santa, her eyes looking up to his in an innocent but seductive manner, her lips pouty as she tilted her head just slightly to the right.

“But don’t you want to taste my milk?”

John paused, bewildered. What did she just say? As he stepped back she only leaned in closer still until he ended up falling back onto the armchair behind him. He watched as Casey leaned in, bringing her right leg up between his thighs, her knee inches from his tightening crotch.

What is happening, John’s head screamed, his mind buzzing as he watched his 18 year old daughter before him, her enormous breasts inches from his face and separated only by a layer of wool. He struggled to maintain eye contact with Casey, as she bit her lip, smiling as she straddled Santa on her father’s armchair.

Casey shifted position till she was straddling on Santa’s lap, her massive moons level to his face. She could feel his heavy breathing through the thin wool graze her smooth skin, watching his eyes darting between her eyes and her tantalising orbs.

John was panicking in his mind, grasping for every reason to explain what was happening.

“Casey? Are you-“

Before he could finish, he watched as his daughter slowly lift up her tiny sweater, exposing her massive jugs that bounced and jiggled freely, unrestrained by a bra. Her pink nipples were hardened by the cool air as Casey casually dropped the sweater to the side, her face playful as she watched Santa’s eyes grew wide at the sight of her impressive bust.

“What do you think, Santa? Do you like them?”

John Hale could only sit there dumbfounded as his 18 year old daughter had him pinned to his armchair, the sight of her over-large melons transfixing him. The discomfort in his pants was unbearable, his breathe ragged.

Casey giggled at Santa’s silent reply, swaying her breasts before his face as she felt her face grow flush, and an itch develop in her nether region.

“How would you like a taste of my milk now?”

“Your milk?” John only managed to blurt out before Casey leaned in, pressing her soft pillowy breasts to his face as she guided in one of her nipples to his mouth. A light squeeze of her hand and John’s eyes shot even wider when he felt something liquid running down his tongue. Breast milk? Something instinctive in him made his mouth clamp down on her nipple and to take a tentative suck, eliciting more breast milk to leak from Casey’s nipples into his mouth as well as causing her to moan slightly.

“I’m sorry Santa. I swear I’ve been a good girl.” Casey mewed sweetly, noticing Santa’s bewildered eyes looking up at her and begging for an explanation as she pressed her breasts more.

“My boobies started to ache last year, but it was this year as the first snow fell that something started to leak out. I got so scared, Santa, that I didn’t even tell Daddy.”

“I didn’t know how or what to tell him, and I was afraid that he would think I had been a bad girl, and that he would kick me out if he thought I was naughty!” Casey sniffled slightly, drops of tears falling from her eyes as she moaned lightly.

“I swear I’ve been a good girl, Santa! I swear I haven’t done anything with anyone, none of the boys at school, I swear!”

John was slightly relieved to hear that, though his mind quickly snapped back as he realised he was still sucking on his 18 year old daughter’s lactating breasts!

“But I remember you, Santa. Only you really know who’s naughty or nice, and you know I haven’t been naughty, right?”

Casey pulled back, her breast no longer pressed to Santa’s face. Her milk had dampened his white beard, her sweetness lingering on his lips. She watched him intently, and John hesitated for a second at those baby blue eyes that begged for his answer. HIs mind raced, his feelings conflicted by what had just happened.

“Of course, my sweet Casey. Santa knows you’ve been a good girl.”

Casey beamed, tears streaking down her rosy cheeks as she leaned down and kissed Santa on both cheeks repeatedly, her massive breasts pressed against Santa’s fur coat.

“Oh thank you, Santa! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” Casey repeated over and over.

Suddenly, Casey stopped, her nose inches from John’s as their eyes locked. Does she know? John thought, panic rising inside him.

Without warning, Casey leaned in, kissing Santa in the mouth. John was once again caught off guard. He brought his hands up to try to pry her off, but instead he only placed them on each side of her head and held her there as their tongues joined in a dance. Every instinct as a father screamed at him to stop, but something deeper had taken over him as if unleashed by the taste of her sweet breast milk, the fragrance of her hair, the feel of her soft skin, the weight of her breasts and the unabashed intensity of her kiss.

Casey pulled off, and she seemed to have a moment of doubt, a spark of panic as she grew aware of what she was doing.

But John grabbed one of her breasts with his hands, his fingers sinking deep into those her massive tits, and brought her trembling nipples to his mouth. Casey moaned as Santa sucked on her heavy breast, his firm but gentle squeezes causing more breast milk to stream out and get lapped up by his tongue. He took turns with each nipple, excess droplets of breast milk lightly staining the carpet, the armchair and Santa’s coat. He brought both nipples into his mouth, lightly pinching them between his teeth which caused Casey to arch her back, her head lulled back as she groaned with pleasure.

After a brief respite, Casey felt Santa lift her up with his powerful hands grasping her sides, her legs instinctively wrapping around him as he got off the armchair, turned around and gently placed her down on his seat.

“Santa wants to be extra sure that my little Casey has been a good girl all year.”

John could barely believe the words coming out of his mouth, but the sight of his sweet 18 year old daughter, her breasts pressed together by her arms, her teats soaked by his spit and her milk, as his eyes cast down to the growing stain in her crotch area, her green leggings stained by her pussy juices as Casey kept her legs apart for Santa’s inspection.

“I’ve got to make sure you’re on the Nice list, Casey. Have you been a good girl for Santa?”

“Yes, Santa. I’ve been good, I promise! None of the boys have gotten close, cuz I needed to be a good girl for Santa!” Casey’s eyes followed Santa’s hand as he fumbled with the zipper on his strained trousers.

John finally unzipped his pants, letting them fall between his legs as he grasped his thick cock in one hand, the other hand slowly pulling down Casey’s leggings to expose her sex to the cool air. His thumb lightly flicked her tensed clit before running his fingers all along her trembling nether lips, wetted with her own juices.

“Santa’s going to be absolutely sure you’ve been a good girl.”

Casey watched transfixed as Santa positioned his massive cock against the entrance of her tiny wet pussy, its length reaching as long as the candy canes she used to suck for hours, but with a girth nearly as wide as the meat loafs her daddy used to make. The warmth of the bulb-like head felt like a hot iron pressed on her delicate skin.

Casey’s eyebrows furrowed as she watched Santa slowly pull his hips back, both hands grasping her slim waist. Her body tensed as she realised what was about to come.


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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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