Cooling Off at the Lake Ch. 02

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Shari attempted a few times to catch her neighbor at a good time to repay him back for the pleasure she was given, but failed. It only took a few rejections to find out that it was a one time thing. It didn’t help matters that a few weeks later, her neighbor was taken away in handcuffs. As she watched his face dropped while walking to the patrol car, she thought to herself that her ability to release her inhibitions was going with him as well.

It was a few weeks of normal vanilla living as Shari and her husband went back to normal. Shari caught herself a few times looking towards her neighbors house for a sign of life. She even went outside a few times to cool off in the drizzle in her skimpy bikini to try to bait him out. But there was no luck. He was gone. The newspaper told her he was busted for distribution of a controlled substance and was locked up for fifteen years. Shari’s loins hurt for more than her husband’s quickies.

Shari spent her free time volunteering at the library to pass the time and to meet new friends. Mostly she spent her time filing away books back on shelves. There had been times that she caught herself looking at the cute guys and cute girls walking in. Shari’s own sexual tension was getting harder and harder to control. Most days, even pushing herself to three orgasms with her trusty vibrator didn’t help the situation. In Shari’s mind, she thought that she would never get pushed again.

One day, she walked into her back yard where the lawn chair sat and sat down just to relax. The sight of a small boat caught her attention. As she walked over to the fence, she noticed the boat a little closer. It was a normal small passenger boat. Blue awning and blue trim covered it. It also wasn’t until she looked toward the bow of the boat that she noticed as she got sprayed with the bursa eskort bayan garden hose that it was getting cleaned.

“I am sooo sorry,” a male voice said as Shari closed her eyes and opened them to clear them. A dark Latino with short black hair stood before her. He wore a pair of skimpy khaki shorts and a pair of blue sandals. Shari was stunned. As he kept mouthing words, Shari’s mind was somewhere else, imagining Latino cock pounding her desperate pussy. A sharp yell from the Latino hunk caught her attention.

“I’m sorry,” she said. “I was quite distracted.” She smiled at him and was rewarded with a sleek toothy grin from him. The sound of someone coming from the house caught her attention. Both looked as this blond walked towards them. Shari saw her shoulder length blond hair and how it cascaded over her ample rack. Her hips were tiny which struck Shari as odd. But she was cute. As she slipped her hand around the Latino hunk, she spoke.

“Did Tony spray you with the hose?” Her expression was part smirk, part smile as her smile broke into a gentle laugh which Tony joined in before Shari started. Tony then introduced his wife Mychelle to Shari. Shari took her hand and shook it gently before Mychelle asked if she wanted a beer. When Shari accepted, Mychelle went back in the house while Tony and Shari chatted a little. Their conversation started drifting towards the boat more as Mychelle waked back out with a few cold beers in hand. They started talking more until Shari heard her husband pull up. As they exchanged pleasantries, Mychelle invited Shari to go with them to the lake the next weekend. Mychelle even said to invite her husband if she wanted. Shari let them know that she would tell them the next day and ran off before her husband got too far into the house.

Shari bursa merkez escort and her husband talked that night about the next door neighbor’s offer. Her husband let her know that she was able to go, but he was stuck on his shifts that weekend and that he needed his rest. In a way, Shari wasn’t surprised. Her husband wasn’t much of a weekend person anyway. As Shari laid down that night again without any sign of interest from her hubby, she thought about Tony and how he looked. She started imagining his package and what he could possibly do with it. As she started thinking more and more about Tony, the vibrator that was buzzing her pussy suddenly died because the batteries went out. Shari started cursing to herself as she headed towards the kitchen to get a few more. As she opened the drawer, she looked out the window to see Tony on his boat. There was a light on and it looked like Tony was undressed.

Shari attempted to look better and thought she heard the sounds of Mychelle screaming. Looking a little forward of where Tony was, she saw a head of blond hair thrashing about. Mychelle was on her hands and knees and Tony was taking her from behind. Shari could barely hear the words Mychelle was saying, but she could see how Tony was gripping Mychelle on her ass and pounding her. It wasn’t long until Shari saw Tony pulling out and spraying a healthy dose of cum all over her wonderful tone ass. Shari found her fingers exploring her wetness as they performed in front of her until she had a healthy climax. She then found her way back to her bed and fell asleep.

The next morning, she awoke to find herself underneath her husband as he started trying to pound her pussy with his half hardened erection. After thinking for a moment, she imagined it was Tony fucking her instead. bursa sınırsız escort bayan The mental switch helped her pussy to become wetter and allowed his prick to stiffen before entering her. The total fucking time was only like three minutes, but her husband’s measly sperm deposit barely did anything for her pussy. As he rolled over and began to snore, she snuck off into the living room with her vibrator and attempted to get herself off. It didn’t take long before her pussy began to quiver as the vibrations began to work closer to her spot. As she began to allow her mouth to open and let the moans come forth, there was a ring of the doorbell.

Shari absentmindedly went straight for the door unaware that she was still naked from the night before until she opened the door and saw Mychelle standing there. Mychelle’s eyes scanned Shari’s nude form and noticed the vibrator in her hand still showing moisture. It was then Mychelle walked in and pushed Shari against the wall and began to kiss her as her hand found a nipple and began to twist it. Shari’s lips opened more and their tongues began to rub against each other as Mychelle’s hand found its way to Shari’s sopping pussy. Mychelle inserted one finger inside and Shari’s moan went straight into Mychelle’s mouth as they continued kissing. Mychelle pulled back, asking if her husband was home. When Shari nodded yes, they proceeded to the couch where Mychelle grabbed a sheet nearby and began to tie it around Shari’s head to make a gag for her mouth in an effort to keep her quiet.

Mychelle then made a beeline for Shari’s pussy as her tongue dove deep inside and began to lick around. Her eyes looked up and saw Shari begin to thrash about as she struggled to keep quiet. Mychelle then wet her finger and reached underneath to slide it through Shari’s anus when she realized how tight Shari was there. As she eased it inside her, Shari erupted with orgasm and covered Mychelle’s face with her juice. It took a moment for Shari to calm down before she reached up and undid her gag. Shari then told Mychelle she was going that weekend with them before they exchanged kisses again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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