Did You Miss Me?

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He waited for her sitting on the corner of the bed. In the dark room the shadows played, chasing and stalking one another as if mirroring the thoughts that haunted him all week.

She knew he was here, he told her he’d be there first. Sent her a note to get ready and she’d better do as he said, he really wasn’t in the mood for punishments. Not tonight.

He waited all week for this. Planning, playing and re-playing the scenes in his mind wishing he could make the time go by faster.

How does she do it?

He loves keeping her waiting.

Feeling her anticipation ooze out of every cell in her body. Tormenting her with his words and his games.

How the fuck does she do it?!

One more day of this waiting would have surely killed him, or have him kill some one else out of frustration.

This week was the most time they ever spent apart and he hated almost every day of it. She had to go out of the country for work but now that she’s back he’ll make her pay. In the nicest way he can, no pain, not tonight. Not ever. That’s not how he does things. But he’ll make her beg. Oh how he’ll make her beg!

Everything is ready. And now the door slowly opens. She walks in, quietly looking around and when her eyes fall on his silhouette, a change begins.

She looks taller somehow, more confident. She looks amazing that’s what she looks.

He knew the change happened but he never saw the moment it did. She was always the one waiting. Now that he saw it he was even more grateful for her submission to him, and that made him even harder.

She kept looking at him without moving and without saying a word. “You know what to do” he said. His calm deep voice doing a wonderful job of hiding his emotions. He could barely hold back from just taking her right now and instructions be dammed.

But he wouldn’t.

Not right now.

Seeing her slowly approaching, taking her clothes off as she does and hearing her shallow rapid breaths in the quiet room, made all the waiting worth while.

She dropped to her knees beside him, her naked body shining in the moonlight. And Ümraniye Ukraynalı Escort he got up from the bed standing behind her taking her hands and cuffing them, then blindfolding her.

He stood in front of her taking her head in his hands and pressing his hard cock to her lips. As she slowly took him in deeper and deeper, her tongue swirling around caressing and teasing as her soft lips milked him, he wished he could stay like that forever. But he knew he wouldn’t last long. He knew what she was doing, it was her little game – get Sir to lose control. Make him cum when I want him to. It was her little mind game, her little tease. She never managed to, of course, but he loved that she tried. His little teasing bitch.

He had to break her concentration or tonight she might actually succeed so he started moving her head faster, then slower, then faster again, changing the pace and eventually moving her head away. “Up” He said as he helped her to her feet and then walked around her slowly moving his fingers over her skin. He could feel her small shivers as he moved his index finger up and down her spine hearing her muffled moans as she became wetter and wetter from his little touch.

Then he grabbed her from behind, his hard, wet cock pressed firmly to her back. He had one hand on her neck and the other playing with her breasts, pulling and squeezing her hard nipples. Moving her head to one side he started driving her crazy with his mouth, kissing her neck, sucking and biting her ear.

She loved to feel his hand on her neck. Feeling his power and knowing she was safe. There is something raw and primal in that act and it drove her crazy. He knows how to push her buttons and tonight he was going to push them all.

He pushed her top half on to the bed so she stood next to the bed, bended over, her face on the bed and her ass in the air. Her ass… he really wanted to take her ass tonight but he won’t. He can’t trust himself not push too hard, go to fast and ruin this whole thing. So her ass would have to wait. He smacked it a few times. Hard. Harder than she expected.


“Yes?” Ümraniye Üniversiteli Escort He asked in a tone that carried just the tiny hint of a warning.

“Nothing Sir. Sorry.”

He didn’t answer back. He just kept playing with that wonderful ass of hers. Massaging, pinching, caressing and kissing it while expertly avoiding getting near her really wet hole. That one will have to wait a little longer. He really wanted to take that ass. So he should better move on now. After inserting the small but plug he prepared he freed her hands and told her to get on the bed.

She lay on her back, the butt plug pushing in to her, filling her, making her crazy with want and desire. She was so wet, so crazed and aroused that she could feel her mind packing up and getting out of the way leaving only instinct to guide her. He did everything slowly tonight and it drove her crazy.

He took his time tying her hands and feet intentionally pressing his body to hers, letting her sense him, smell him and feel his breath on her skin as he stretched from one corner of the bed to the other. She just wanted him to take her, to fuck her fast and furious. She wanted the waiting to be over. This slow pace was killing her and he knew it.

The bastard!

Her bastard! The one she couldn’t wait to see again. The one who preyed on her mind this whole week and kept her wet even during the most difficult of meetings. The man who knew exactly what she wants and what she needs. And right now he wasn’t giving her either of those.

The bastard!

After tying her up he took off her blindfold, went over to the end of the bed and just stood there staring at her naked body spread on the bed before him. His wonderful toy, just waiting for him to come and play. She met his gaze “Please S…” she started to say but he raised his finger to his mouth and shook his head.

Not yet, he thought as he enjoyed the view wanting to soak in as much as he can. Not yet. Her tiny twitches and quiet moans are what dreams are made of. Those dreams that wake you up Ümraniye Vip Escort soaking wet and painfully hard. And he was painfully hard right now.

Slowly he got on the bed aware of her eyes following his every little step wondering what he’ll do next. He positioned himself between her legs, putting a pillow beneath her ass and pushing a little on the butt plug, making her moan and squirm. He wanted to cover her in slow kisses from her legs to her neck just driving her even more crazy with desire but it would be too much for both of them. So he just went straight in. All the way. In one quick thrust.

Her body arched and her lips parted to let out a wonderful moan of pleasure. This is what she was waiting for. She was ready, ready to feel him fuck her, hard and fast. Ready to feel his desire and need pour into her and feed her hunger. But it didn’t work like that. Not with Him anyway. The bastard!

He started fucking her slowly, moving in and out in long slow movements and after a few times, as he was all in he stopped. Just staying there without moving. Her cunt and ass full, her mouth open and her eyes pleading, begging… “Pl…”she gasped, moving against her restraints “please sir. PLEASE…”

“Don’t move!” He warned her. “If you move again I’ll come on your tits and tonight will be over”. Don’t move – he thought. If you move again I might cum so fast that your tits will have nothing to worry about. So please don’t move.

He took a deep breath and felt her body immediately respond, strung high with anticipation. But he didn’t move. He waited for the rush to subside, so he could continue for a little longer.

Her eyes were starting to fill up with tears of need and desire and he just couldn’t take it anymore. He fucked her hard, lost in his need to claim her, her moans and cries edging him on. And then his hand went to her throat. In an instant she came so hard that her shivers brought on his own climax.

As he lay on top of her, his body pinning her to the bed, his heart racing as if he just finished a marathon seconds before hitting the wall, she gently moved her head towards him and quietly whispered in his ear “Did you miss me?”

Did I miss you?! You wonderful, amazing, teasing bitch! Did I miss you?! – He thought as he slowly prompted himself on his arms above her. Looking into her deep brown eyes with a wide wicked smile on his face he said “Nope. Not even for a second.”

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