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Head spinning, I stumbled into an alleyway and landed behind a nearby dumpster. I’d had a few drinks, and some ecstasy. I’d told my friends that I’d had enough for the night, called a cab, but once I was out of eyeshot, zipped back towards an infamous gay club id been dreaming about ever since I’d heard rumours about exactly what goes on inside.

Like a fly to the light, I made a beeline through a quiet alley, towards the club and ended up sitting behind said dumpster, mentally preparing for what I had convinced myself to do.

Across the road I could see it, ‘The Snare’. The bright neon logo of a rabbit banging on a drum, shed ominously onto the entrance, bathing everything in a surreal sea of red. I made my way across the street and into the club. After a brief argument with the doorman over the authenticity of my ID, I slipped into the inky darkness of the entrance.

I followed a flight of narrow stairs down to a booth where I met a gorgeous dark tan shemale perched cross legged on a stool with such a feminine posture and physique, you would never have guessed her “little secret” were it not for the noticeable “little lump” in her panties peeking out under her legs.

“Welcome to the snare.” She says over the rumbling bass of trance music. “Entrance is 20 dollars.”

I stand there stunned, having seen my first real shemale and feel a stirring in my cock as I stand there awkwardly ogling her gorgeous features, trying hard not to stare.

“Thank you.” I manage as I hand her a 20, she takes my hand and stamps the rabbit logo onto it.

“You new honey?” she asks knowingly, a smirk appearing across her full, beautiful lips.

“Yeah, I heard about a… ‘Fox Hole’?” Her smirk breaks into to a full blown smile.

“Go to the bottom floor, and then try the last cubicle in the restroom.” She winks. “Look for the Fox.”

I nod at her in thanks, and walk further down the stairs, her dark eyes watching me as I go, passing 2 floors – a nightclub and a lounge – on my way to the basement. I make my way through a single glass door at the base of the stairs, and walk between two long rows of locked cubicles that appear to be unoccupied. At the very end lies a door slightly ajar and identical to the ones before it, but bearing a red stencil of a fox caught in what appears to be a bear trap.

I push open the cubicle to find no toilet, but a large circular hole in its place in what appears to be a door with no handle. An eye appears suddenly at the hole.

“Strip.” the eye commands.

With the ecstasy’s warm glow starting to kick in, I hesitantly obey, removing my shirt, jeans and briefs and stand shamelessly before the scrutinizing gaze of the eye. My cock now semi-erect at around 7 inches, excitement sending waves 1080 porno of butterflies through my stomach and down into my loins.

“Good. Now, time to pay entry.”

Without warning, the eye vanishes and is replaced by a slick uncut cock. At 6 inches it wasn’t huge but it looked well used and very solid. Following my instinct I dropped to my knees and began to lick and knead the stranger’s balls. The salty musk of saliva, sweat and cum from a sticky used cock filled my senses as I moved up and down the shaft with my tongue gradually moving to the tip. I slipped my mouth over to the head of his cock, gently bobbed my head down pulling his foreskin back with my lips and sucked gently on his bulbous cockhead. The feeling of a hot swollen cockhead on my tongue was incredible and I was soon rock hard.

I noticed him pushing his entire length through the hole and making slow fucking motions as a signal for me to go deeper, so that’s exactly what I did. I slid his cock down into my mouth, guiding it along my tongue to my throat and began to rhythmically suck as he slid his cock in and out of my mouth. He began slowly at first, and then increased his tempo till after a few minutes of gagging, sucking and face-fucking, I felt his cock spasm, go rock hard and I knew my entry to the Fox Hole had just been paid. A few gobs of hot salty cum shot out of his cock and hit the back of my throat, which I easily swallowed. I realized there must have been quite a few people who had sucked the same cock to get in here; this realisation filled me with sudden filthy desire and hunger for more cum, more cock.

The door opened with a click and I got to my feet, cock still rock hard. I took a step down into a large dimly lit room that bears a striking resemblance to a hotel lobby, except dirtier, darker and ultimately sexier.

“You better find somebody to take a look at that for you” The doorman said, running his teasingly hand down my chest and onto my hard cock.

“There’s plenty of like-minded guys and ‘girls’ here — oh and we’ll hold onto your clothes” he bends down to eye level with my cock, then disappointingly reaches for my clothes instead. With a kiss on my cockhead, he releases my manhood and throws my clothes into a vacant box on the wall then hands me an ankle strap bearing the number 28. “You’re slut

8. Wear it with pride.”

Clearly not going to get anything in return for my efforts from the Fox Hole doorman, I make my way through the first door, eager to have my needs tended to. As the door closes behind me I’m suddenly enveloped in darkness. I can hear the muffled moans of erotic pleasure coming from somewhere in front of me. The sound of a hot tight hole being stretched for all it’s worth was almost enough 2 k porno to push me over the edge, as I leaned against the nearest wall and began to slowly pump my cock, listening to the delicious sound of skin on skin and feverish groaning. After summoning all of my willpower I manage to stop myself. In the darkness I inch forward; naked, horny and hungry.

When my eyes finally adjust to the gloom, I realize I’m in a maze. Following the sighs and moans, I reach a dead end and find the source of the verbal debauchery. A shemale is on her knees, face down arse up, being pounded relentlessly by a young blonde twink, not much older than me. The sound of his thighs and balls slapping against her arse as her hole is violated sends me into overdrive and without thinking, I move toward the sluts head.

She sees my approach, gets on her hands, looks up at me meaningfully and opens her mouth wide, begging for my cock. I don’t need a second invitation. With one hand on her forehead and holding the base of my cock with the other, I push my cock deep into her throat and the sensation is nothing short of incredible. This whore must have been a professional cocksucker because even while she is getting repeatedly rammed from behind she still managed to do things with my cock that I could only ever dream of. Her throat muscles flexed in perfect rhythm to my strokes as I plunged in and out of her smooth warm gullet sending spasms through my balls. The guy fucking her ass suddenly speeds up and I hear him let out a sigh as he drops his hot load in the tranny’s fuckhole. The whore moans and shoots a thin jet of cum out of her petite cock which lands down with a nigh inaudible splat on the ground. By now I’m ready to blow so I pull my cock out of the slut’s mouth and blow my load all over her face. Thick sticky ropes of cum drape across the tranny’s mouth, cheeks and hair as my balls empty their contents. She licks me clean and I get up and walk away, leaving her covered in my cum and fingering her sloppy hole on the floor.

I eventually find my way out of the maze and end up in a hallway with a series of rooms along the length. I see lights flickering through the cracks in the doors and realise these must be theatre rooms. I notice a few doors open with older men inviting me in, but that’s not my thing – not yet anyway. Eventually I notice a room with its door ajar and peek inside. I’m rewarded with an amazing view of the receptionist T-Girl from upstairs sitting on a long black dildo, slowly sliding it in and out of her perfect ass.

She stares at me while she lifts her high heeled leg, sliding the latex cock all the way inside herself, her beautiful breasts and cute little tranny cock swaying to the side.

“How do you like the fox hole?” 3 k porno

I don’t waste time talking, instead I practically jump on her, lifting her feminine body with ease onto a nearby bench and passionately explore her mouth and those beautiful lips. I tear out the fake dick and replace it with my very real and very hard cock. She moans like a bitch on heat as I push my shaft into her tight warmth and with my hands on her tiny waist, pin her up against the wall.

I slide out of her and she turns around, bends over and grabs the end of the bench. She moans in delight as I tease the tightness of her asshole, placing my cockhead just within her entrance and refuse to budge any further. She begs and moans for my cock so I spank her ass hard, leaving deep red marks over her juicy bubble butt. With each slap she tightens up around my cockhead until she is just like an innocent anal virgin again.

Well, almost.

With my cock lined up with her ass I push again into her soft warmth, slowly pushing deeper until I feel the tight ring of her asshole right at the base of my cock. Balls deep. Once I’m in I start pumping with slow steady strokes feeding her my cock from the inside. Every time I plow into her she relaxes her hole and as I pull out she squeezes my cock, leaving me on the verge of climax in a matter of minutes. I feel like I’m about to burst so I push in as deep as I can and with a final bout of strength I lift her with one arm, sit on the bench, reach around to stroke her swollen clitty.

Precum oozes from her slit while I jerk her, like an extrension of my cock, my cock still deep within the heat of her body. Her moans turn to maddened squealing while she grinds down with reckless abandon and I know she is close to orgasm so I release my grip from her shaft and cup my hand over her cockhead.

Her asshole erratically swells and spasms as she lets out a jet into my waiting hand. I bring my cum covered hand to her beautiful breasts, kneading and massaging the slippery mess over her hard nipples. My balls tighten and bring my hands back down to her waist, pushing her sore body down hard onto my tool and with a final thrust; my seed spews deep into her bowels. She collapses on my chest and thanks me by gently kissing and breathing on my neck.

We are both completely spent from this fuck session but she continues to massage my shrinking cock with her ass until she milks every last drop of cum out of my balls.

When my cock finally recedes I find the large black dildo from earlier and push it inside her. The slippery mucus mess from the fuck session acts as a great lubricant. It slips in with a pop and does a nice job of keeping my seed inside the whore, marking my territory.

She leads me back to the lobby, I return my ankle strap and get dressed. With one hand under her skirt and cupped on her perfect ass we leave the club and take a taxi back to her apartment. We fucked til daylight and then some. I’d not need to find another whore for some time.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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